Alexandre’s Club

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  The greasy gangster gets out of the backseat then forcefully pulls Sara out by her arm. The man in the passenger seat hears Sara exclaim, “Ow” and wince in pain as she falls to the ground. He reaches over pushing the greasy man away, “Asshole!”  He picks up Sara then looks at the glaring red mark on her thin white arm and bloody knee. He sounds concerned as he helps her stand, speaking English with a heavy French accent he asks,“Are you alright Miss?” while brushing off the gravel on her scratched hands.

   Sara quickly withdraws her hand and steps back from him responding by nodding.

   The greasy man doesn’t understand what the big deal is, he scratches his head as he responds, “ What the fuck! I was just helping the skinny little bitch out of the car. It isn’t my fault she is so fucking clumsy.”

   Harry glares at the man who is leaning up against the car, “ Stupid! The Boss said don’t touch the woman!”

    “…” Sara has remained silent, afraid of what they might do if she causes them a problem. Although the men’s auras are only a gray color and they don’t emit any murderous vibes she is still cautious. She is a little surprised by the rugged looking man’s attitude, his aura seems to be the least dangerous. She can sense from the fluctuations in his aura that he is not comfortable with the situation. He sounded genuinely worried about me.

    Sara laughs to herself,sure enough they want to use me against Li Tian. Probably if he agrees to their demands I will be safe. Wow.. how unlucky am I? Why do all these people want to coerce CEO Li using me? I am just a little disposable secretary! I am beginning to doubt the fortune teller’s prediction I will have a long life… Of course she definitely was right predicting I would be bound to an unlucky star.

   The driver is eager to take credit for bringing Sara to Alexandre so he rudely shoves her towards the Club’s back door. Harry certainly doesn’t want to be in the forward position after speaking with Alexandre but he warns the driver, “Listen, for your own good don’t be rough with the woman. The Boss said not to touch her and she already has a couple injuries.”

 The driver doesn’t like a young guy like Harry giving him advice. “Fuck off! You don’t think I know how to handle the Boss?” He pushes Sara into the darkened Club. She isn’t able to adjust her eyesight coming from the brightness outside and trips as she enters the dimly lit club.

   Alexandre and his partner Leo are looking at the security monitor and see them at the back door, the air condenses around them when the ugly fat man pushes Sara. Alexandre has black lines on his forehead, didn’t I make it clear to treat the woman with respect. He crushes out his cigarette as he calls down to the kitchen, “I am having a guest make lunch featuring both Western and Chinese food.”

  Harry hangs towards the rear of the group of men trying to diminish his presence when he notices Alexandre’s associate Leo coming down the stairs.  Leo is wearing a crisp white shirt with the sleeves rolled up, a pair of black tight fitting jeans and black leather boots. He pushes up his gold rimmed glasses as he smiles at Sara with a gentle expression on his face. Sara thinks he looks like a handsome University student. But as he reaches the bottom of the stairs Sara’s face pales and she feels her knees weaken from his extremely strong oppressive aura. Leo notices her body trembling and he suppresses his overwheming killing intent. He was in Alexandre’s office getting briefed on the situation when he saw Sara being manhandled. The killing intent isn’t directed at Sara but at the greasy man who grabbed her delicate arm causing her to fall onto the pavement and the man who rudely puts his hands on her as they entered the Club. They must die for hurting the delicate little beauty. As for the other two men they don’t seem to have any greedy or malicious intentions they can be punished.

   Leo balls his hands into fists in his pockets restraining his urge to immediately kill them so as not to frighten the beautiful girl. Speaking French he tells the men to have a seat. He will be back to reward them.

   Harry knows from the cold and murderous gleam in Leo’s crazy eyes that the devil has no intention of ‘rewarding’ them. The stories he has heard about Leo’s cruel methods make his skin crawl thinking about what is going to happen. He realizes he has no choice but to sit and wait for the consequences of working alongside men with such low intelligence.

  Leo can tell Sara is terrified. The little girl has tiny sweat beads on her forehead and she is nervously clutching the sides of her dress. Distressed looking at the beautiful injured girl he decides, I must reassure her immediately. He speaks fluent Chinese and has a reassuring tone, “Miss, there has been a mistake. The boss means you no harm and will contact CEO Li immediately to pick you up.”

  Sara’s crystal blue eyes widen, “Really?”

  “Really. The Boss is waiting upstairs for you.”

  Sara can sense the man isn’t lying and his aura is not as frightening as when he first approached. “He will call CEO Li?”

  “Yes. Follow me.” He can barely contain his rage staring at her scraped knee and the red fingerprints on her slender snow white arm.

  Of course Sara is aware she has no choice but to follow Leo so she nods in agreement. This is a strange turn of events. 

   Leo escorts her into a lushly decorated private room with retro furnishings. She has seen quite a few luxurious private rooms but this particular room has a unique appeal. Sara can’t help but admire the designer’s eclectic style. She spins around taking in all the beautiful accents. “This room is awesome. Who is the interior designer? I absolutely love the 70’s vibe!” 

   Leo isn’t a talkative person and doesn’t want to say that he is the designer so he nonchallantly answers, “Not familiar.” He looks down at Sara’s delicate and youthful appearance as she touches the large porcelain statue of a leopard. After I told the little girl Li Tian would come and get her she seems to have disregarded the fact she has been kidnapped. Really a naive and stupid girl! Does she have no sense of danger?

    Disappointed the man doesn’t know the designer Sara sighs, “Oh, well he has a unique vision.”

   “I will return with the Boss.” Leo always refers to Alexandre as the Boss but he is actually Alexandre’s hidden partner. He keeps a low profile so no one is aware of his involvement. The only reason he is at the club today is to handle the final preparation for the club’s charity event tonight. 

  Sara’s throat feels scratchy and is very thirsty, “Ah would it be okay if I had a bottle of mineral water on that table? My throat is a little dry.”

  Leo has a complicated expression looking at Sara’s slender arm stretched out with the glaring red mark on her snow white forearm. He loves beautiful things and finds the only imperfection on her otherwise perfect appearance to be disturbing. “Of course. Wait here.” He leaves and goes to his office to retrieve medicine to treat Sara’s injuries instead of getting Alexandre.

Left alone in the room Sara drinks the water while admiring the expensive furnishings. This is definitely an exclusive Club, why would those gangsters bring me here? Who is the ‘Boss’?

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