This extra chapter was sponsored by my beautiful friend Lily.❤I hope you enjoy reading it!

   The greasy looking man sitting next to Sara grimaces because he is squeezed tightly in the back of the compact car. Dissatisfied with the driver’s decision to kidnap Sara he bellows, “ You fuckin asshole, if the Boss gets mad that you acted on your own I swear I will beat the living shit out of you for dragging me into it! We were just supposed to follow the prick to find the location of the meeting.”

   The driver swerves around a crumpled blue sedan then turns the steering wheel to change direction from the chaotic accident scene. Cursing he barks, “Shut up!” as he sideswipes several cars that are at a standstill. While he weaves in and out of traffic he looks in the rear view mirror to see the white Land Rover attempting to maneuver out of the traffic jam. Shit! We need to lose that fucking bastard. “Nick, that is why I’m gonna move up in the organization and you are small time. You have no ability to see a golden opportunity right in front of you!”

   The man in the passenger seat motions for the other gangsters to be quiet while he is on the phone. Looking in the rear view mirror he frowns, Sara is uncomfortably wedged between the two husky men in the narrow backseat. Dammit! I can’t believe while I was dozin off they grabbed the woman.

    Listening to his boss Harry has a chill run down his spine, Fuck! The Boss sounds pissed! He has a serious expression as he respectfully responds to the man on the phone. “Yes Boss.” When Harry gets off the phone sweat is pouring off his forehead wishing he had stayed at the warehouse. He sounds distraught as he glares at the driver,“ Go to the Boss’ nightclub.”

   The driver makes a sharp turn. Sounding excited he turns to Harry as he hangs up the phone, “What did the Boss say? Is he going to reward us?” He has a pile of gambling debts he was calculating he could clear when he gets paid for delivering the woman. 

    Sara almost falls into the smelly man’s arms next to her when the car makes the sudden movement. Oh my God when was he last time these men took a shower! She gags and puts her hand over her nose feeling as though she can’t breath inhaling the stagnant air in the cramped car, “Ah, could you please roll down the window.” The stinky man next to her has no idea what she is saying and tells her in a raspy voice to speak French. 

    Agitated after the conversation with his boss the man in the passenger seat tells him to shut up then speaks English. “Sorry Miss, we can’t.” Alexandre told him to treat the woman with respect, she better not have a hair out of place. He was extremely angry when he was informed they abducted a woman who exited Li Tian’s car. Worrying he might be punished, Harry glances at the driver who is smiling as he lights a cigarette. Pauly is not going to have a good ending for grabbing the woman. I can feel it in my bones…when the Boss sounds that calm he is about to explode in rage. I hope the Boss doesn’t fucking kill me. Damn.. why wasn’t I paying attention until they threw the little woman into the backseat.

  Kang Mingshun is having trouble maneuvering the Land Rover and Li Tian’s aura is suffocating he feels as though he can’t breathe. Li Tian bangs on the seat  when he sees the car blocking their path and bellows, “Fucking ram the car! If you lose them you are fucking dead!” Kang Mingshun has never seen this degree of terrifying darkness emanating from the man. Fuck it! He plows into the deserted Audi next to them moving it enough to get out into the next lane and follow the  fleeing car.  Li Tian is on the phone, “A compact black car license plate number AC-614-ET headed south on Rue de Vaugirard.” When he hangs up he takes out a gun from under the seat, I will kill every one of those motherf***rs!

   Meanwhile in a fashionable restaurant Alexandre is having lunch with a distinguished looking man and a beautiful blonde woman. After he hangs up the phone he taps his wine glass with his fingertips then picks up an exquisite pink diamond bracelet from a velvet box on the table. He meets the man’s expectant gaze, “I am satisfied with the quality of the diamonds.” The woman’s eyes sparkle thinking the bracelet is a gift for her and anxiously waits for Alexandre to put it on her delicate wrist. The beautiful illusion shatters when Alexandre picks up the bracelet and carelessly puts it into his suit pocket as he pushes his chair out from the table. He stands up, “I have urgent business that needs my attention.” He bends down and lightly kisses the beautiful woman’s cheek, “I will see you at the Jewelry Competition.”

   “…” She watches him leave and her face turns red from embarrassment that he didn’t gift her the beautiful bracelet. Marie nervously smiles at the thin man sitting opposite from her at the table who now has a fierce expression. “Alexandre probably wants to have a romantic dinner then give the bracelet to me.”

   The man furrows his eyebrows as he closes the empty velvet box left on the table and he has a bad feeling. His voice is low so only she can hear him. “Slut, you assured me that he would be giving you the bracelet. What happened?”

     Marie twists the napkin on her lap but  her face remains expressionless, “I don’t know. I am the only woman he is seeing right now and my assistant takes care of any woman who approaches him.” Using her acting skills she remains calm not exposing her turbulent emotions. When Alexandre asked me to meet for lunch he said he had a surprise for me. “Don’t worry.”

    Arthur isn’t a patient man and he reaches over squeezing Marie’s hand tightly completely abandoning the mask he was wearing while pretending to be a gentleman. “The debt must be paid. You understand what will happen if the pink diamond bracelet is not returned by Friday?” He has an evil smile as his eyes linger on her breasts. “I was told your skills were better than this.”

    Marie flinches from the pain she feels is it as though he is crushing every bone in her hand but she doesn’t dare resist. She forces the tears back that are ready to fall, “Don’t worry the bracelet will be returned before she comes back.” If I have to steal it from him or the woman he gifts the damn bracelet.

The man finishes his wine, “It would be a shame for that pretty face of yours to be ruined.”

Marie straightens her back and ignores the throbbing pain in her red and swollen hand. She confidently meets his gaze, “I will meet you Friday at the hotel. I expect you to bring me the contract.” She tosses the napkin on the table then stands up touching her stomach. When she walks away from the table a young girl timidly approaches her, “Could i have your autograph?”

Maries smiles brightly and bends down, “Of course what is your name cutie?”

 Alexandre walks down the street to where he parked his car and wonders if he should call Li Tian or wait until he sees the woman first. He has no intention of pulling the tiger’s tail. The men were ordered to follow Li Tian and report back when he acquired the merchandise, that was to be the extent of my involvement. Now those stupid idiots have complicated matters. If she is really Tian’s woman I don’t want to think about what he will do. He won’t believe I had nothing to do with the kidnapping. He gets into his Limited Edition Rolls Royce Phantom and heads to his newly opened nightclub, Alexandre’s.

    When he reaches into his pocket for a cigarette he touches the pink diamond bracelet worth millions. I will give this bracelet to his woman as compensation and send her back to Tian. After Alexandre lights his cigarette he pulls out onto the road and he receives a call from Gunnar Hedwig. He touches his Bluetooth,  “Did you secure Subject 456?”

   Gunnar walks across a luxurious garden to a sparkling pool where his father’s illegitimate daughter Ning is reclining on a lounge chair. She is reading a fashion magazine relaxing under a blue and white umbrella. He stops a short distance away staring at her as she sips a drink. He responds to Alexandre, “Soon.”

   Alexandre is stopped at a stoplight not far from his club. “Li Tian has a meeting at one to pick up the merchandise. I haven’t been able to find the location but..” maybe I should use the woman to negotiate. Well I will assess the situation.  I won’t cross Tian’s bottom line even for Hedwig.

   Gunnar impatiently looks at his Limited Edition Cartier watch, “Continue.”

    “Don’t worry the artifact will be in your possession soon.”

   “You have never disappointed me in the past. I will leave it to you.” Gunnar hangs up and moves like a cheetah approaching its prey staring at Ning. He takes a drink of her orange juice she is holding then leans down, “I hear your lover will be here soon.”

     Ning stretches her thin arms and wraps them around his neck, “Brother, are you trying to ruin my mood.” She is wearing dark sunglasses that conceal her eyes that are filled with complex emotions.

    Gunnar smirks then kisses the tip of her nose, “As expected of a selfish little bitch like you.”

    She lets go of his neck and flips her wavy burgundy colored hair. “But, I could never compare to you.” She stands up and removes the floral sarong wrapped around her body revealing a tiny red string bikini. Narrowing his icy blue eyes he recalls how she got the long scar on her stomach… an unpleasant reminder of her relationship with his enemy. He  roughly grabs her slim waist pulling her into his arms then whispers in her ear, “I look forward to welcoming your special guest.”

    Ning pushes him away then touches his heart with her long red fingernail. Provoking him she retorts, “Gunnar, I am not the only one with a weakness.”

  He laughs as he puts his large hand lightly on her creamy white neck, then arrogantly reminds Ning , “The difference between you and me little sister is I am capable of protecting the woman I love.” Gunnar releases his hand and she stumbles backwards, “You are the devil!”

   “So don’t make me force you to hell.”

  Ning dives into the pool splashing water on Gunnar’s navy blue designer suit. He walks away chuckling, Childish!

   Alexandre arrives at his Club. It is closed in the afternoon and he seldom comes before eight o’clock so his arrival startles the middle aged cleaning woman who is mopping the dance floor. He walks over to the woman, “Leave.”

   She has only mopped half the floor, “Sir, it won’t take me but a half hour to finish.”

   He frowns looking at the scrawny gray haired woman holding the dirty mop, “ If you still want this job,leave.” or should I say if you want to keep your life… leave.

    Moving as fast as her short legs can go she takes the mop and bucket running towards the back. She doesn’t bother emptying the dirty water then tosses the mop and rolls the bucket  into the closet. Patting her chest she opens the back door, Oh my goodness! So handsome but scary!  After the woman hurries down the alley a small black car pulls up to the back door of the club.

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  1. Oh there are just sooo many questions I have…where to begin? I’m curious about this little half sister of Gunnar’s…I love the little heist but with Marie and it looks like she’s in deep shit, and poor Song Sara gets stuck with the bracelet. Gosh, I’m just loving the tie-in with all the characters converging in Paris! Now all we need is Nikolai, Leng Shuai and last but not least…Sun Peizhi!


    1. Yes the bracelet is a hot potato haha..The Jewelry Competition coming up will have some action with several confrontations. Do you rember Ning? Patrick is looking for her.


      1. Ahh!!! Such a twist. Was Gunnar referring to Patrick, when he said Ning can’t protect her own lover? Will we meet Gunnar’s mysterious lover?! Lol your stories have officially become my soap opera replacements 🤣👏🏽.


      2. Haha thank you! And yes she and Patrick have a complicated past from Uni. Gunnar is a wierdo lol..that storyline is strange. I have one more sponsored chappie coming tomorrow. I’m really glad you like my story! ❤


    2. And I’m really looking forward to seeing Sarah and Leah. I hope it will take place. Besides LiMey doesn’t have a girl friend and she could use one 😁😁😁


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