Unlucky Star

     Picking up the conservative cream colored dress on the couch Li Tian tosses it to Sara and barks, “NOW! We are leaving. I will take you to Chloe Design. You can’t represent LTJ in this cheap dress. ” I want to tear it off of you and press you down on the bed right now. So hurry up! He puts his hands in his pockets clenching them into fists.

   Sara looks down at the beautiful couture gown ??? Cheap dress..the price tag is six figures!

  When Li Tian sees Sara standing there motionless he walks over to her and suddenly turns her around unzipping the black silk dress that is clinging to her body. Before Sara can protest the dress slides down her legs onto the white carpet.  Flustered and embarrassed Sara’s face turns bright red as she quickly pulls the dress from the floor, “YOU! YOU GET OUT!”

   Sara is bending over in front of him and her pert round bottom is raised in the air only covered by a small pair of white lace  panties. Li Tian’s Adam apple rolls gazing at Sara’s seductive pose but he restrains himself as he lazily strides over to the small couch then sits down. He leans back with his arms behind his head while watching Sara hold the dress up trying to hide her petite body that is flushed red. He teases Sara, “Isn’t it a little late to be shy?”

    Sara curses his eighteen generations of ancestors as she scurries into the bathroom When he hears her muttering he has an amused expression, she has the cutest expressions when she is angry at me.

   When Sara comes out of the bathroom she has regained her composure and ignores Li Tian she walks towards the bedroom door. Li Tian grabs the black silk dress from her hand, “I will take care of this.”

  Sara angrily follows him down the hallway. Under her breath she complains about his overbearing personality then nonchalantly responds, “Whatever.” If the stupid tyrant had given me a chance I would have told Mr. Bernard I thought the dress didn’t suit me. Why is he so damn annoying!

  When they enter the living room Bernard has a confused expression looking at Sara “Did the dress not fit?”

  Navarre has a smirk on his face as he lounges on the couch, in the hallway Tian’s face turned black when he saw how sultry Song Sara looked in the low cut dress. He is curious to hear Sara’s explanation. 

   Li Tian playfully pats Sara on the head, “She is a little..well..lacking.” He stares at her chest then tosses the dress on the couch. “Not suitable for this dress.”

  Sara puffs out her cheeks as she knocks his hand away. Pfft!The dress fits perfectly! It was just a little revealing.  She rolls her eyes and clenches her fists at her side. Who can understand this man’s brain circuit. He is crazy. 

   Li Tian continues in a cold and indifferent tone, “Since Song Sara will be representing LTJ I will ensure the dress is appropriate. We won’t be needing your services Bernard.”

   ??? Bernard is stunned, Since when does CEO Li care about a little model. Bernard is extremely arrogant and not used to being treated in such a dismissive manner but he knows he can’t afford to offend Li Tian. He swallows the words he wants to say. In his opinion Sara would look stunning in the black silk dress with her flawless snow white skin. He points at a rack of designer gowns,“CEO Li, I assure you I brought several dresses for Miss Song to try. If you are dissatisfied with the Chanel I also brought..” Li Tian interrupts him, “No need. I contacted Chloe, she knows my aesthetic. Julien, we will see you at the Competition.” Without leaving any room for an argument he takes Sara’s hand and walks towards the door. Sara struggles to remove her hand but his grasp is too tight. He really is a domineering tyrant. 

   After they leave the apartment Sara glares at Li Tian, “CEO Li, please let go of my hand.”

   Li Tian reluctantly loosens his grip and releases her warm hand, “Miss Song you should learn to speak up for yourself. Don’t be such a coward in the future. You knew the ill fitting dress was not appropriate. Yet, you obediently put on the cheap dress and would have worn the ugly piece of shit if I didn’t intervene. You should be thanking me. Well, I did reject the dress for selfish reasons, so LTJ wouldn’t be embarrassed by you at the International Jewelry Competition.” Actually , I did it because I don’t want other men seeing your body. You belong only to me.

   The hair stands up on the back of Sara’s neck listening to his convoluted reasoning. The dress was beautiful! I looked great wearing it! She sneers, “Thank you CEO Li for your care. When you need me to try on the dress you choose, call me.”

   Li Tian looks down at Sara, “We can go now.”

  Unhappy that he wants to screw up her plans to go sightseeing Sara scrunches up her nose and blurts out,“I thought you have a meeting.”

   “Not until one.”

    Sara wants to cry,  No I am not going to spend one more minute today with this man or I will go insane. What did I do in my past life, Buddha please! Help me get rid of this unlucky star. I don’t work for LTJ! I told Mr. Navarre I would model for him. He is the one paying me not you! Sara takes a deep breathe as she musters up her courage,“CEO Li I didn’t want to mention anything in Mr. Navarre’s apartment but I don’t work for LTJ. Mr. Navarre is paying me so I only need to answer to him. I have plans this afternoon.”

   The elevator opens and they enter then Li Tian pushes Sara up against the back, “Really. Only need to answer to him? Who do you think sponsors his work?”

  Sara feels dizzy in the enclosed space when he leans into her body. Inhaling his unique masculine scent her heart starts pounding. She pushes his chest with her hands, “What are you doing?”

   Li Tian has a stuffy feeling in his heart, why does the little thing always want to run away from me?  He suddenly backs up and doesn’t say anything. When the door to the lobby opens he concedes, “I will have Chloe call you.”

  Sara is surprised he acquiesced so easily and his aura isn’t as dark. So unpredictable. “Okay.”

  When they walk outside of the apartment building he turns to Sara. “Where are you going? I will take you there.”

  “ No. I can grab a taxi. I want to do some sightseeing.”

  “I can drop you off on the way to my meeting.”

  “Well I actually want to go to the 6th Arrondissement. My friend told me there is a unique Modern Art gallery I should check out.”

   “Not a problem. My meeting isn’t until one o’clock.”

    Kang Mingshun crushes his cigarette on the ground by the car then looks towards the sidewalk where they are standing. Boss, we need to meet the men at the Paris headquarters at 12:30.

  Sara knows it is useless to argue with him, “Alright. I will trouble you then.”

  They get into the Land Rover and Li Tian asks, “Have you been to Paris before?”

  “When I was a student in Italy I came a couple times with my friends.What about you?”

   Li Tian is gazing out the window.“I have been here many times but I am usually too busy working to enjoy the city.”

   Sara glances over at Li Tian’s serious expression, that’s a shame to come to such a beautiful city and only work. She suddenly feels sorry for him and impulsively invites him to go out with her later. Sara sweetly smiles,“If you want after your meeting we could explore the city together.” Jeez what am I thinking! 

   Li Tian raises his eyebrow as he turns his head towards Sara. Is she caring for me? Upset for me working too hard? He inwardly laughs that he has never wanted to spend any extra time in a foreign city. It is his choice.  He surprises Sara with his answer, “I have plans.” After he gets the merchandise he has an appointment with an expert to evaluate the authenticity.

  “Oh.”  Sara shakes her head, maybe I am overreacting..haha..I thought he liked me and would want to spend time with me..haha. This is for the best though.. I should stay away from him he really stirs up some strange feelings in me.

   Li Tian thinks Sara sounds disappointed and he has a faint smile as he takes out his laptop.

   As they turn the corner Kang Mingshun slams on the brakes. Li Tian instinctively holds his hand in front of Sara so she doesn’t bump her head. What the fuck!

   Kang Mingshun turns around, “Boss,it looks like an accident up ahead.”

   Sara realizes she would have banged her head on the back of the driver’s seat and softly says, “Thank you.”

   Four French men in a nondescript car behind Li Tian’s vehicle are waiting for instructions. 

  Sara is getting fidgety sitting in the car wondering how long they will be stuck in traffic. Being in the backseat with Li Tian she is enveloped with his unique scent and it is starting to make her feel itchy. She looks at the street sign then at her phone. The gallery she wants to visit is only about six blocks away, “CEO Li, we aren’t far from the art gallery I want to check out so I am going to walk.”

Li Tian isn’t listening to Sara because he is immersed in reading the disturbing content of the email Yang James marked urgent. Motherf****r this is some fucked up shit !

Sara doesn’t wait for his answer and opens the car door quickly exiting the car. Li Tian is deep in thought because of the serious content of the email. He looks up from his laptop when he hears the car door close. Where the hell is she going? Li Tian is deliberating if he should get Sara back in the car when he sees two musculer men grab her by the arms. He unbuckles and jumps out of the car as the men shove her into the backseat of a small car. FUCK! He grabs onto the car door handle unable to open the car door. He can see Sara’s terrified expression as she looks out the window at him as the car screeches away.

   The driver of the car smirks, we just got lucky snatching the stupid woman, she will be a good bargaining chip. He tells the man in the passenger seat, “Fatty, call Alexandre tell him we grabbed that bastard Li Tian’s woman.”

Sara thought her abduction was random. She doesn’t understand French but when she hears LiTian’s name she feels like her head will explode.


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  1. It seems that Sarah is beginning to fall in love with Li Tian. She’s so sweetly worried about him. Even so, she shouldn’t let him treat her like this.


    1. Sara is too compassionate. It really isn’t in her nature to be forceful or mean.While in the car she noticed the fluctuation in his aura and momentarily softened. She thought maybe she was reading too much into things. That is why she seems ‘stupid’ Now she of course regrets getting into his car..haha


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