The Inn Part 2

     Rui’s eyes shine with a demonic light as he tenderly brushes his fingers across the side of LiMei’s shorn head. Baby, I promise I will eliminate anyone who knows about your body’s unique ability to regenerate. I won’t let anyone take you away from me… I will keep you with me and  protect you forever. You are everything to me and the only woman I want in this life. He caresses cheek then kisses her pinks full lips, my sweet little fairy.

      LiMei hasn’t stirred but Rui isn’t worried; he thinks her deep sleep must be due to her body repairing itself. The regeneration process most likely drains her internal energy. I will concoct a ginseng and lotus root medicinal soup for her when we get to the chateau to replenish her qi. He slides her pants off then with a worried expression he gently touches her flat stomach, LiMei has gotten thinner. He loops his finger into her lace underwear pulling them down her slender legs suppressing his desire to possess LiMei. We need to hurry, Hedwig is not to be underestimated.

Rui’s Adam’s apple rolls as he lifts her naked body to carry her into the bath. Once he places LiMei in the warm water he tenderly washes her body, as he touches her soft skin his breathing becomes heavy and his body begins to react. Dammit!  He quickly finishes washing her hair then wraps her in a towel. I need to get her dressed then take a cold shower, not being able to make love to her right now is fucking torture!

   After he dresses LiMei in the black track suit he lays her on the bed then returns to the bathroom to take a shower. The icy cold water sprays on his face as he runs his hands through his hair, thinking about LiMei he slams his hand on the tiled wall. How can I get close enough to that bastard Gunnar Hedwig to kill him? He is always surrounded by his elite bodyguards when he is in public. I could have Xinghi make a face mask for me then arrange a meeting at Exdon. It is conceivable that Hedwig would lower his guard down if our meeting concerned his legitimate business…Xinghi! Fucking Xinghi! He was in LiMei’s hospital room with Xixin. Motherf****r! That crazy bastard! He is the only man who could have done the regeneration enhancement on LiMei! No one has more expertise in the field of biotechnology, but why would he use Feng LiMei or rather Qin Daiyu as a subject. Rui knows his assumption is correct, as soon as I get a phone I need to contact him. I must find a way to prevent Chronus from capturing LiMei. He finishes his shower and hurries out of the small bathroom to get dressed. 

   Cheng and Morgan are outside the door talking when the old innkeeper comes up the stairs carrying a tray of food. Cheng knocks on the door, “CEO, lunch is here.”

     Rui opens the door and instructs the old man to place the food on the table. The old man looks at Rui, “If you need anything else send your man down. My wife and I will be outside working in the garden.”


   Rui walks over to the table, the old man brought a Caesar Salad, two pasta dishes and a plate of roasted chicken. He sits on the edge of the bed while affectionately gazing at LiMei’s cute appearance, the little girl must smell the aroma of the food she is scrunching up her cute little nose and licking her lips. He kisses her forehead then in a doting tone says, “LiMei Baby, wake up… lunch is here.”

    LiMei opens her eyes when she hears his voice. She rubs her eyes then looks up at his handsome face, “Rui?” She smacks her lips and wipes the drool from her mouth on her sleeve hoping Rui didn’t notice. She was dreaming of eating a spicy chicken leg with Chang at the small restaurant by her apartment in Pushong City. Disoriented LiMei slowly sits up on the bed while blinking her eyes a few times to clear her blurry vision. Rui is leaning over her but she doesn’t recognize the quaint looking room. “Where are we?”

  “We are on our way to Paris and stopped at an Inn to rest. Let’s eat.”

  She nods when she glances over at the small table with the steaming dishes, “Okay.”

  Rui scoops her up into his arms and LiMei laughs, “What are you doing..haha..I can walk.”

  He kisses her head and doesn’t say anything. When they get to the table he sits down with LiMei on his lap. She affectionately gazes up at him with her green eyes sparkling, “Looks delicious.”

   Having his beloved woman in his embrace Rui can’t resist his impulse to kiss her tempting lips. After they kiss Rui brushes the loose strands of hair behind LiMei’s ear then nibbles on her earlobe whispering, “Very delicious.”

  LiMei blushes as she giggles, “Rui…We should eat while the food is hot.” 

  Rui feeds LiMei a piece of the roasted chicken. After she swallows she takes her fork, “Oh! So flavorful, here try it.” Rui smiles then opens his mouth. She gives him a bite. “Really tasty.”

   While Rui and LiMei are enjoying their lunch, Gunnar Hedwig is in a private room at an exclusive restaurant in Paris when he receives the news from Frank that LiMei has escaped. He throws his wine glass at the wall then in a fit of rage sweeps all the dishes off the table, the plates break and the glass wine goblets shatter. Both his bodyguards stand motionless by the door wondering who upset the Boss. whoever it is they won’t have a good ending.

Gunnar Hedwig stands up kicking away the heavy wooden chair then angrily paces around the luxurious room. Gritting his teeth he snarls, “How did six of you let an injured woman escape?”

   After the helicopter went down and the canoe was out of sight Frank had no choice but to inform Gunnar. He and the other mercenary had to walk out of the forest to call. A thin layer of sweat forms on his forehead. We are fucked! Frank flicks away his half smoked cigar, “I don’t know what happened with the rest of the team but..” Gunnar interrupts Frank, “I don’t want your goddamn excuses. Bring me the woman!” Blue veins bulge on his neck, UNBELIEVABLE! He can barely contain his rage as he rips the paintings from the walls smashing them onto the floor. He tells his bodyguard, “Tell the manager I am not satisfied with this room. I want a different one immediately.”

   The bodyguard doesn’t dare make eye contact and rushes out of the room. Gunnar takes out his phone, “Find Qiao Rui, Subject 456 is with him.”

   An extremely delicate looking man wearing a white lab coat stares at a wall filled with high tech computer screens. He has a sinister smile. Qiao Rui? His usually vacant amber eyes have a dark murderous gleam as he responds speaking with a distinct German accent,“Can I have him?”


  The sinister looking man smiles as he lifts his left hand that is missing three fingers. He calculates the time it will take to locate them while staring at his hand. He then responds in a decisive tone, “Twenty four hours.”


  After he hangs up Gunnar’s phone rings, he adjusts his tone as he exits the room that is shambles. His voice is soft after listening to the other party for a minute,“Yes Mother I will attend the Jewelry Competition to support Phillipe’s son. Have you been listening to the doctor?”

  His frail mother coughs as she holds her chest, “It is a cold. Nothing for you to worry about, cough cough.. I want you to take Dina with you, she asks about you all the time.”

  “Mother, I don’t want to encourage Dina. You know it will get her hopes up if I take her as my date.”  He rolls his eyes, Dina Barton…fuck no! I would suffocate from boredom.. that superficial woman is too annoying.

  “My Darling Boy, you know Dina is studying fashion design in Paris, she would enjoy seeing the latest jewelry trends. You could introduce her to Phillipe’s son Claude or that lovely man Julien Navarre if you aren’t interested.”

  He is surprised his mother isn’t pushing her on him, “I can get Dina a VIP invitation then if that is the case. I have a date.”

 His mother’s eyes light up, “Who is she? Anyone I know?”

  Gunnar touches his throbbing temple, “Mother, I need to hang up, my business meeting is about to start. Listen to the doctors. I will be in Brussels on Friday and come see you.” He hangs up, hmmm.. the Jewelry Competition, Li Tian should be attending. He smirks as he walks down the hallway away from the private room he destroyed, I can’t wait to see his reaction after I snatch the merchandise. Suddenly his mood improves, Subject 456 will be mine in twenty four hours and I nfinally will have the upper hand with that arrogant bastard Li Tian

   At the Inn Rui and LiMei have finished lunch, LiMei sighs as she rubs her stomach. “I am so full now! We should take a walk around the Inn.” Rui smiles and holds her small hand that is resting on her stomach, “We don’t have time.” It is strange, she seems to have forgotten we just escaped from Hedwig’s men. 

   LiMei wraps her arms around his neck and acts coquettish, “Please, just a short walk?”

  Rui can’t say no when he gazes at her beautiful green eyes pleading with him. A half hour walk should be fine. “A short walk.”

  LiMei gets off his lap, “I am going to the bathroom then we can go.”

  Rui lifts his eyebrow as he watches her walk into the bathroom. It is as though when she slept she forgot the danger we are facing. LiMei’s behavior is very strange. She has a carefree attitude seemingly oblivious to the situation.He begins to regret tampering with her memories. Tapping his long slender fingers on the table he frowns, is that from the brain injury or my acupuncture? 

   Once inside the bathroom LiMei brushes her teeth then sighs as she leans on the bathroom sink. What is going on with me? I don’t want to worry Rui but I have no memory of recent events. I have no recollection of coming to this Inn. The last thing I remember clearly is we were in a hotel in Cambodia. After that my mind is blank. We are on our way to Paris? Why? She splashes water on her face, I need to ask Rui but I don’t want to alarm him. She stares into the mirror with a confused look, why is my hair shaved ? LiMei shakes her head, This is too weird. I think I have no choice but to ask Rui. 

  When she comes out of the bathroom she smiles, “Ready.”

  Rui replies, “I am going to use the bathroom also.”

  LiMei sits on the couch, “Okay.”

  While Rui is in the bathroom LiMei considers how she will bring up her memory loss. Feeling nervous at the prospect she stands up and walks to the window. She can see two white haired people working in a vegetable garden down below. Smiling watching the plump old woman hit the man on the head with a handful of weeds she starts laughing.

  Rui glances over at LiMei standing by the window bathed in the sunlight. Mesmerized by her charming laugh and cute expression exposing her dimples he thinks she looks incredibly carefree and beautiful. He comes up behind LiMei and wraps his arms around her thin waist. Resting his head on her shoulder Rui’s warm breath sprays on her neck. ” What are you looking at?”

  LiMei points to the garden where the old woman is chasing the man while waving her chubby arms. The old man seems to be laughing at his wife as she runs behind him throwing weeds at his back, “They are so cute.”

Rui turns her around the kisses LiMei. She wraps her arms around his neck responding to his kiss. She can feel a familiar heat in her body as his tongue enters her mouth. LiMei’s heart races as their tongues tangle and both their breathing becomes heavy. Rui knows they have to leave but he is unwilling at the moment. Breathless and filled with desire he loses his reason as he picks LiMei up and carries her to the bed. Rui’s voice is hoarse as he whispers in her ear, “Baby, I need you.”

Once they are on the bed Rui leans on top of LiMei unzipping her jacket as LiMei gazes up at him with her face flushed as he presses her petite body underneath him. Rui’s eyes are full of lust as he seductively whispers, ” Baby, you are so beautiful.” He licks and sucks on her soft lips then pries them open inserting his eager tongue into her mouth. LiMei feels as if she is floating on a cloud as he touches her breast and a surge of heat flows through her body. When his lips move down her neck nibbling and sucking on her tender skin she wraps her slender arms around his neck, “Rui..”

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      1. Ah ok, so more of just stealing Xinghi’s work. And he still doesn’t know just how potent her regenerative abilities are yet.


      2. Lol it was such a surreal moment, and I was like, “whoa, Gunnar’s mom is really nice, since she’s not forcing him to marry a girl.” 😂


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