Navarre’s Apartment

Sara stammers, “CEO.. we..we should go. I told Mr. Navarre I would hurry over to his apartment with the missing jewels.” 

   Li Tian chuckles at her flustered appearance, so cute! Song Sara you can try to deny your attraction to me but your body is honest.  He playfully touches the tip of her nose with his finger, “Let’s go.”

   Sara’s heart skips a beat as he teases her, she quickly stands up then picks up her purse from the table. When we are in the car I am going to ask him about the antidote for the aphrodisiac. I’m sure that is why my body is reacting to his touch. Sara follows him out the door keeping a short distance between them.

   Kang Mingshun is waiting outside leaning on the Land Rover smoking a cigarette. Li Tian is pissed Adrien took off he snarls,   “The meeting is at one. Have you heard from Noah’s man? I need someone who speaks fluent French. ”

   “Yeah he will meet us there. Noah had a rush job for him that is why he left the hospital suddenly.”

   “Has Long An been discharged?”

  “I talked to Tang Qiang and he said she will be released from the hospital later this afternoon.”

  “Call Tang Qiang and instruct him to take her directly to the airport for a return flight to China.”

 “Will do.” He opens the back door of the White Land Rover staring at Song Sara behind Li Tian. 

  Once inside the car Li Tian tells him to drive to Navarre’s apartment. Sara wonders how she should bring up the subject of the antidote. Recalling the effects of the drug Sara blushes choking back the questions she wants to ask. I will find a solution on my own, it would be too embarrassing to remind him and ask for his help. Uncomfortable sitting so close to Li Tian she looks out the window, we should be at Mr. Navarre’s apartment soon.

   Li Tian is spending the time in the car looking at emails on his laptop. While he is typing he has a faint smile looking at the bandages on his fingers. Sara sneaks a look at him and notices the strange smile on his face. When CEO Li smiles he looks very handsome, his aura isn’t as dark and dangerous. I wonder what he is thinking about right now? She quickly turns her head before he notices her peeking at him. None the less he is a bully and being around him drains my positive energy.

   He closes his laptop as they arrive at Navarre’s apartment. Kang Mingshun opens the door and he steps out of the car. When Sara exits she says, “What are you doing?”

  “I’m coming with you.”


  “I want to talk to Julien about the Jewelry Competition.” He raises his eyebrow, “Do you have a problem with that Miss Song?”

  “” What can I say! Of course I have a problem! I want to get far away from you!

   He looks at his watch then turns to Kang Mingshun, “Call Yang James to make sure everything is ready for the meeting.”

  Kang Mingshun nods and gets back into the driver seat as Li Tian and Sara enter the apartment building. When they arrive at the apartment Li Tian knocks on the door and Navarre’s assistant Michelle Dupont answers. Her eyes light up when she sees Li Tian. “CEO Li.” He is more handsome than in the pictures I have seen of him in magazines. The tailored designer suit he is wearing highlights his strong physique and his face… Up close I feel like I can’t breathe.His facial features are flawless and his cold and indifferent expression makes him look unattainable..yes, that indolent expression on his face is heart stopping. Mr. Navarre didn’t mention the CEO was coming only the little eyesore Song Sara. She comes back to her senses ,“I will tell Mr. Navarre you have arrived.”

  Sara notices the subtle change in Michelle’s expression from when she was looking at Li Tian then at her. Pfft! She is almost drooling while staring at him… Well I guess that is to be expected from any woman that doesn’t know the real Li Tian will be blinded by his good looks but his character is the worst! The worst!  I would caution her but I doubt she would listen.Sara shrugs her shoulders, whatever.. She follows Michelle and Li Tian into the living room watching the woman flirting with him.

   Li Tian notices Sara frowning while the woman is obviously admiring him, he lowers his head and in a low voice only she can hear teases, “Jealous?” Then he brushes his finger across her ear tucking back her loose back hair. His touch and his face so close sends a tingling sensation down her body. Damn you Li Tian! Narcissist!

   Sara ignores him as she walks towards the couch, no I just think some women are too superficial.

   He raises the corner of his mouth gazing at her irritated expression, the little fool shows every one of her varied emotions on her adorable face. Haha.. I think this is my favorite look when she scrunches up her nose and slightly opens her pink lips wanting to say something but restraining herself. Her cheeks are puffed out and she has a habit of twisting her clothes between her slender fingers when she is aggravated.

  Navarre hears them and walks out from his studio, he has a surprised expression when he sees Li Tian. “Tian. I didn’t expect you.”

  Sara shakes her head as she gives Li Tian a dirty look. Didn’t you say you spoke to him earlier?

  Li Tian quickly replies, “I need to speak with you about the Competition.”

   Sara takes out the diamonds and sapphires wrapped in the handkerchief and hands them to Navarre. “I’m sorry to have delayed you. I had no idea these jewels were caught in the bottom of my purse.”

   Navarre holds up one of the diamonds in the light. He smiles at Sara relieved he doesn’t need to replace the diamonds and sapphires. “ I will need to examine them with my loupe but they don’t appear to be damaged. The stylist should be here shortly for you to try on the gowns I selected.” He instructs Michelle,  “Get Miss Song a cup of tea while she waits, CEO Li and I will be in my studio.”

   Michelle is upset at the request, I’m not a fucking maid!  but reluctantly responds in a pleasant voice, “Yes Mr. Navarre.”

   Navarre and Li Tian go to his studio and Navarre examines the diamonds first. “It is fortunate these gems were recovered. I will be able to finish repairing the necklace today.” He takes the necklace out of his desk drawer to start reattaching the sapphires first.

   Li Tian sits on the couch and lights a cigarette, “ Phillipe has bribed three of the judges. Do you want me to deal with them or wait and expose them at the event.”

   “Wouldn’t it be more fun to expose their subterfuge the night of the Competition? I would enjoy seeing that bastard Phillipe and his arrogant son humiliated.”

Lian Tian picks up a water bottle from a nearby table. “I’m surprised he would take the risk.”

Navarre smirks,”I saw him on the plane. Everytime he sees me he is reminded of his wife’s infidelity.” He examines the other jewels while they continue to discuss the Jewelry Competition.

Meanwhile in the living room the stylist has arrived with the gowns.

   Michelle can’t help but feel jealous when she sees the beautiful designer dresses. The eccentric stylist is famous for working exclusively with several elite families. Unlike people in his profession who cater to celebrities he won’t take any celebrities as clients, only women from the wealthiest and most powerful families. Michelle can’t help but wonder how her boss enticed him to dress Sara for the International Jewelry Competition. Michele greets him in a deferential tone, “Monsieur Bernard, Mr. Navarre has a meeting. I am his personal assistant Michelle Dupont. If I can be of help please let me know.”

  He walks over to Sara, Julien’s description of the young woman didn’t do her justice. The model is breathtakingly beautiful. Her exotic facial features combined with her beautiful azure blue eyes is very captivating. “Miss Song, my name is Bernard, I brought several different styles of gowns for you to try. Do you want to begin?”

   Sara stands and bows, “My pleasure to meet you, please call me Sara. I am honored you would consent to be my stylist for the Competition.”

   Bernard is pleasantly surprised by Sara’s attitude. He waves his hand, “Little Jules is like a son to me.This is the first time he has asked me to dress someone.”

   “…”  Both Sara and Michelle– Little Jules.

  Bernard hands Sara the dresses. “Come out and show me after you change. I think now that I see you in person with your delicate face and petite body the black strapless gown would be the best choice.The contrast between your snow white skin and the black silk will be eye catching. He dramatically waves his hands, “Creating a bewitching sight when you add the Midnight Lover Necklace ”

   “I will go with your suggestion.” Sara turns to Michelle who has been in a trance looking at the gowns. “Miss Dupont where should I try them on?”

  “Follow me.”

   Once inside the guest room Sara asks Michelle to leave because she isn’t comfortable changing in front of another person. Michelle happily agrees and after she leaves Sara slips the black strapless gown and the 10cm matching heels.

She looks in the full length mirror and her face turns red. This dress is stunning but too revealing! I can’t wear it. Besides how it barely covers the top of my breasts the slit on the side goes all the way up my thigh. I will talk to Mr. Bernard I don’t think this is suitable.

Sara comes out of the bedroom and notices the strap on her right shoe is loose. Li Tian and Navarre are walking out from his studio. Li Tian gulps as he gazes at Sara. Her cheeks are still flushed an alluring red and she is bending over fixing the loose strap on her heels. She seems oblivious to the fact her entire leg is exposed and her breasts look like they will pop out of the strapless dress at any moment. Sara’s long black hair is hanging down onto her delicate clavicle creating a mesmerising picture.

He angrily takes two long strides to where she is standing and grabs Sara by her arm yanking her up. “What the hell are you wearing!” He has a murderous glint in his eyes as he glares back at Navarre. He takes his suit coat off then covers Sara.

“…” Navarre thinks Sara looks beautiful in the dress Bernard brought.

“CEO Li! What are you doing!”

He picks Sara up and carries her into the guest room. Li Tian has black lines on his forehead and his aura is the color of the darkest obsidian. He growls, “Change back into your dress.” When he sees she is still motionless, his eyes narrow as he feels his desire growing while staring at her seductive appearance. The black silk clings to her petite body and accentuates her tender looking white skin.Goddamn little demon! Do you think I would let you model in front of a room full of men wearing that! What was that fucking idiot Julien thinking! Picking up the conservative cream colored dress on the couch he tosses it to Sara and barks, “NOW! We are leaving. I will take you to Chloe Design. You can’t represent LTJ in this cheap dress. ” I want to tear it off of you and press you down on the bed right now. So hurry up! He puts his hands in his pockets clenching them into fists.

Sara looks down at the beautiful couture gown ??? Cheap dress..the price tag is six figures!

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      1. Haha it’s only cheap if it’s easy to rip apart and that’s all that was going through Li Tian’s mind.


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