The Inn Part 1

    Rui motions for Morgan to be quiet as he gently puts LiMei into the back seat. LiMei hasn’t awakened and Rui puts her on his lap, he kisses her then tells Cheng, “Drive to Paris.”

    Looking at LiMei safe in his arms Rui breathes a sigh of relief. He touches the few strands of hair hanging loosely down on her cheek. Playing with her soft hair he relaxes and leans his head back closing his eyes. LiMei once we get to my chateau you will be safe. I will deal with the scumbag who wants to experiment on you. I don’t care how much blood is spilled or money spent I will never let Gunnar Hedwig touch you.

   Morgan looks in the rear view mirror at Rui holding LiMei on his lap recalling when she escaped from him in Cambodia. You would never know the little fairy like girl the boss is holding could be so cunning. He thinks about LiMei hitting his accupoint so he would loosen his grip enabling her to run away.  Well at least Qiao Rui found the little chick… if he didn’t I can’t imagine what he would have done. I have never seen the Boss so enraged as when he found out she was kidnapped. Well,whatever it takes I will make sure to keep her safe this time.

  After they have travelled for over an hour Rui feels it is safe to stop at a small store on the side of the highway. He has Cheng inquire as to where a hotel is located closeby. The  middle aged man at the counter tells Cheng that his Uncle owns a small Inn about 3km down the highway and gives him the address. Cheng gets back into the car and informs Rui. He nods, “ We will change clothes and have lunch then immediately continue to Paris.”

   Cheng puts in the address then proceeds to follow the directions. When they arrive at the vine covered Inn Rui is satisfied with the location. The Inn is situated on a back road about 2km off the main highway. The two story building is set back surrounded with large trees making it hard to see from the road. Cheng drives down a short distance then pulls into a small parking lot. Rui notices there are no cars and the Inn looks deserted. Are they open?

   “Morgan, go check it out.”

   Morgan gets out of the car and heads towards the entrance of the Inn. Before he reaches the door a plump elderly woman comes around the corner of the building. She jumps back holding her chest looking at the muscular Chinese man dressed in an expensive looking black suit. Speaking Italian she blurts out, “Who..who are you?” The old woman stands back assuming with his oppressive aura Morgan is one of her grandson’s creditors. Now that hoodlum Johnny employs Chinese gangsters? Frightened because the loan sharks have ransacked her small Inn before looking for any valuables she quickly holds up the rake she is clutching in her hands. “Franco..I haven’t seen the little bastard in three months.”

   Morgan doesn’t speak Italian but it is obvious the old woman is terrified of him. “Do you speak English?”

   She nervously looks at him only understanding the word English she replies“No.”

   Her husband ,Guido heard her scream and rushed from the vegetable garden out back carrying a hoe. He swings the hoe towards Morgan and he easily dodges it then clamps his hand onto the handle. The man can’t loosen Morgan’s grip and he yells in Italian, “Fucker! I will call the police.”

  Morgan is at a loss, I just want a goddamn room what is wrong with these people. No wonder there are no cars in the parking lot. Cheng gets out of the car as the woman swings the rake at Morgan’s back and he quickly snatches it from her weak grip. Tossing it onto the ground he speaks in Italian, “What is the problem? We just want a room.”

   Guido looks at his wife then at Morgan and Cheng, “ Johnny Trachino didn’t send you?”

 ??? Who is Johnny Trachono? “I don’t know this man. Do you have any rooms available?”

  Guido glares at his wife who has a dumbfounded expression on her round face. “Luisa!” He brushes the dirt from his hand on his shirt then politely responds, “Si..Si..come this way.” The old man doesn’t want to explain the situation to two strangers. 

  When her husband reprimands her the old woman recovers from her fright and  knowingly smiles looking at the two handsome men. Morgan is tall and muscular and Cheng’s soft facial features make him appear slightly feminine. The old woman’s imagination runs wild as her eyes roam over them. They must come here because they want a secluded place for their tryst.  “We have a very nice room for the two of you.” 

    Cheng notices the old woman’s perverted expression glancing back and forth between him and Morgan. He shudders then looks at Morgan who seems oblivious to the situation. He furrows his eyebrows together sounds annoyed, “The room is not for us. It is for our Boss and his wife.”

   Slightly disappointed Cheng shattered her illusion she looks around,  these two must be the bodyguards, where is the couple? They must be rich, I will give them our best room. “Where are they?”

   “Waiting in the car. We need to make sure the accommodations are suitable.”

   The old lady grabs Cheng’s arm and smiles, “Come I will show you our finest suite.”

  “…” Morgan chuckles seeing how uncomfortable Cheng appears as he removes the woman’s meaty hand from his sleeve. 

   They follow the elderly couple into the Inn, the lobby is clean with simple furnishings. When they look at the room on the second floor Cheng nods, “We will take it.”

   Luisa still has hopes for Morgan and Cheng, “What about you two? Do you want to see the other room on this floor? It has a very nice sturdy King size bed.”

  Cheng thinks if the fat old woman continues he won’t be able to shake the terrible images he has in his mind right now. “Just the one.”

  Morgan and Cheng walk out to the black Maybach to tell Rui the Inn is adequate. Rui carries LiMei into the lobby. The elderly woman is leaning on the desk expecting to see a wealthy couple dressed in designer clothes with expensive jewelry.When she looks at Rui and LiMei in the dirty ordinary attire they are wearing she frowns. Luisa’s dream of making a big profit goes out the window as she watches them go up the stairs to their room. Oh well, at least the Inn has customers. Ever since Franco took off and the gangsters regularly come to disrupt business… no one will stay here.

     After Rui lays LiMei down on the small couch in the room he walks outside to the hallway and  instructs Cheng to bring the clean clothes from the car then order a light meal. He turns to Morgan, “You stay and guard the door.” 

   Rui goes back into the room and walks to the bathroom. He is pleasantly surprised at the size of the bathtub. While the bathtub is being filled with warm water he walks out to the small bedroom and sits on the arm of the couch waiting for Cheng to come back with the clothes. When he hears a knock at the door he answers and takes the clothes. Cheng tells him he ordered the food and the old woman said she would send her husband up when their lunch is ready.

   Rui has been thinking about how powerful Chronus is and warns Cheng,“I don’t know what Hedwig’s tracking capabilities are so don’t use your phones. When we leave we will need to get burner phones. I’m sure by now the bastard is aware we escaped from his men.”


   Rui steps back into the room and sets the casual clothes on the bed. Good. These casual clothes are simple so we won’t attract any attention. He walks over and sits on the couch to remove LiMei’s clothes. When he slips the sweater over her head his eyes widen, there is no trace of the injury on her shoulder except a slightly reddish tinge on her skin. This is fucking impossible! He gently removes the gauze covering her head. The reality LiMei has been genetically enhanced hits him as he stares at the side of her head. No evidence she was heavily injured remains from the gunshot wound and subsequent surgery. Fucking shit! No one could tell LiMei had a bullet lodged in her brain a mere three days ago, even her hair has begun to grow back.

    Rui holds her petite body tightly in his embrace and kisses the top of her head. LiMei do you know how much this advanced biotechnology is worth to some people. That cold motherf****r Gunnar Hedwig will drain  every ounce of your blood and perform countless procedures on your body to recreate this priceless biotechnology. Rui’s eyes shine with a demonic light as he tenderly brushes his slender fingers across the side of her shorn head. Baby, I promise I will eliminate anyone who knows about your body’s ability to regenerate. I won’t let anyone take you away from me..I will keep you with me and  protect you forever.

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    1. Well Rui won’t let anyone take LiMei from him. He was in the Underworld long enough to acquire certain deadly skills. Plus his martial arts he learned from his Master when he was younger.


      1. Very true, especially seeing what LiMei is worth. I wouldn’t be surprised if he swallowed his pride and teamed up with love rivals to keep her safe.


      2. He will definitely need help to eliminate Chronus. His goal now is to hide LiMei at his chateau in the French countryside. No one knows he owns the property. Bonne chance Rui haha


      3. Hehe…if Rui and Nikolai start working together I’m gonna laugh during the entire arc! And props on creating a Morgan and Cheng CP.


      4. Nikolai will be conflicted since he told Sun Zhi he will not comprimise their partnership by doing anything illegal. Haha..but alot of people very soon including Li Tian will wants Hedwig dead 😰


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