Sara happily walks towards the kitchen, her voice sounds melodious as she sweetly says, “Smells delicious, can I help?”

   Looking at the handsome man in an apron standing by the stove  Sara’s mouth drops open. Li Tian has his sleeves rolled up exposing his muscular arms as he stirs the sizzling vegetables in a pan. Once she snaps out of her daze her blue eyes widen while pointing a trembling finger at him. She exclaims, “What..what are you doing here?”

   Li Tian has a devilish grin, “Making breakfast.”

       Sara’s body stiffens but she doesn’t to make a scene in Patrick’s apartment. She glances around and her voice is tinged with worry as she questions him,“Where is Patrick?” Her heart skips a beat wondering where Patrick could be and why he would let Li Tian into his apartment. CEO Li  didn’t do anything to him… did he ?

     Li Tian displays a bit of anger between his brows when she mentions Patrick but then quickly composes himself. “ Have a seat and the food will be ready soon.”

    Sara doesn’t move, remaining motionless standing at the entrance of the kitchen. She timidly repeats herself, “ Where is Patrick?’

    Amused at the complicated expression on Sara’s face he smiles as he waves the spatula in his hand. “ He had an emergency.Go. Sit.”

    Sara doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry as she clenches her small hands at her side.I have never met such a thick-skinned! Shameless ! Arrogant man in my life! How can you have the audacity to stand there as if nothing happened after the way you bullied at your villa.Why wouldn’t Patrick tell me the CEO is here? Why would he leave without a word? Hmmph! Well.. for whatever reason I’m leaving. Angry that Li Tian is in Patrick’s apartment and feeling Patrick betrayed her trust under her breath she mumbles, “Men..” Sara suppresses the urge to throw something at Li Tian’s obnoxious face and calmly tells him, “ CEO Li, I won’t be joining you for breakfast. I have an appointment to meet Mr Navarre and I need to leave.”

   “I spoke with Julien and I said I’d drive you over after breakfast.” Li Tian had no idea she was going to Navarre’s.Why does Song Sara need to go to his apartment? Julien is still repairing the necklace I haven’t located the replacement jewels yet. She must just want to get away from me. Well, that’s not happening. “Help me carry the dishes into the dining room.”

     Li Tian hands her a bowl of Eight Treasures Soup the chef from the exclusive Red Phoenix Restaurant made.The chef left only moments ago instructing him on how to finish the dishes he had prepared. “Patrick left.”

   I don’t believe him! Such a liar! Mr. Navarre would have mentioned something to me. But I don’t want to contradict him since we are alone in the apartment together. I am afraid he will get angry. She shudders thinking of Li Tian’s demonic appearance when he was out of control in the bedroom at his Villa. He was a beast! It was terrifying!

   He casually walks past Sara and puts the dishes on the table. “ If you keep standing there the breakfast will get cold.”

   Sara is starving and decides she might as well eat. She picks up the remaining two dishes and carries them to the dining room table. Breakfast looks delicious. I wonder where he learned how to cook? Once she sets the steaming dishes on the table she sits down across the table from Li Tian.

   Li Tian takes his chopsticks and places sweet and sour pork with vegetables on her plate, “Eat.”

   Sara doesn’t understand how he can be at ease, acting as though everything is normal between them. She inwardly sighs as she eats a mouthful of the soup, he is insane why waste energy to figure him out.  I guess if he can pretend nothing happened between us so can I!  I will just have to use the acting skills I have learned being an unwanted member of the Song family.  I will get a ride from him to Mr. Navarre’s apartment to drop off the jewels, then I will take a taxi to go  sightseeing. He’s a busy man he can’t have that much spare time! 

   Sara smiles at him as she tastes the pork dumplings, “Delicious. I wouldn’t have thought you knew how to cook.”

  . “I know a little.”  Why did I just lie ? When I heard you get up I sent the chef away. He watches Sara as she raises the spoon to her mouth unable to take his eyes off her slender hand.  So beautiful..her hand is as white as the finest jade, delicate and smooth. He gulps recalling her hands touching his body when they were making love. 

   Sara continues to eat the fragrant soup. Pfft.. I know a little..  I bet Patrick made these dishes before he left. There is no way a spoiled arrogant man like Li Tian could make this breakfast ! Eight Treasures Soup..come on ! Sara giggles, he must really think I am an idiot.

   Sara keeps her head lowered not making eye contact until Li Tian’s phone rings. She looks up as he abruptly walks away from the table. “Speak.”

    Yang James warns him,“Boss, take extra men with you to the meeting. I was just informed there is another buyer interested in the merchandise.”

   “We already have a deal. That little rat bastard Pierre knows the consequences if he were to try and fuck me.” He looks towards the dining room table then walks out to the balcony. “Who would dare.”

  “I don’t know. I received the intel anonymously a few minutes ago.”

 “Anonymously? Who would give up that kind of info without wanting to be paid.”

  “The man had a Russian accent. He hung up immediately, I had no chance to question him. I don’t know if the information is credible and with your meeting set for one o’clock there isn’t much time to check out the situation. Do you want to change the meeting time?”

  “No. It would be better to go at the scheduled time. Let them think I am unaware of their plan. Arrange the men to meet me at 12:30 in the underground parking lot at the Paris office.”

   “Boss, when are you returning to Catang City? Now that Li Group received the Zoning Commission’s approval we can move forward.  There have been several offers coming in for the retail space at the Waterfront Tower.” Yang James looks at the pile of paperwork on his desk,  “The Mega Mall Project also needs your attention. Zhou Group has been exerting pressure to begin construction now that the land has been acquired. He said he will seek another partner if you aren’t back in Catang City by Thursday to finalize the arrangements.”

  When Yang James mentions Zhou Jason Li Tian kicks the wrought iron table on the balcony. Who the fuck does he think he is to make demands! “I will call Zhou Jason. I should be back by Thursday but I’m not going to let that asshole dictate terms to me. Old man Zhou and I reached an airtight agreement he has no leverage.” He leans on the balcony railing then takes out a cigarette and lights it. “Anything else that needs my immediate attention?”

  “You received an invitation for an Engagement Banquet from the Tsu family. Should I send a gift in your name? Li Group did partner with them last year.”

  “The Tsu family?”

  “Yeah, haha…” He looks at the invitation. “Yibo is finally getting married to some little Miss from the Song Family. She must be the old man’s illegitimate daughter… I thought Song Yichen only had one daughter, Song Ziyi.”

   Li Tian crushes the cigarette between his fingers as he growls, “What’s the woman’s name?”

   “Song Sara. Hey… isn’t that the little chick who works for Zhou Group? You brought to Milan as your assistant?”  

Li Tian’s eyes narrow and the aura surrounding him darkens. He tightens his hand on his phone then hangs up.


He angrily knocks over the heavy table on the balcony and the thick glass top cracks from the impact. Fuck! That’s right! I forgot the information on Song Sara mentioned the little thing is engaged to that playboy Tsu Yibo. He snickers as he walks back to the dining room,  Well that will be easily taken care of when I return to the city. If the Tsu Family doesn’t want to go bankrupt they will break off the engagement. 

     Sara has finished eating and is washing the dishes. She turns around when Li Tian comes into the kitchen. She heard the noise coming from the balcony a few moments ago and worries he is in a bad mood because of the phone call. I don’t want him to vent on me. I should have snuck out when he went to take the call…She decides not to provoke him because as he approaches Sara finds breathing difficult from the oppressive aura surrounding him. She acts as though she doesn’t notice his bad mood and sweetly says, “When I finish can we go to Mr. Navarre’s?”

   He motions to Sara and with a harsh tone he replies, “Leave the dishes. Let’s go.”

   She notices his fingertips are red and blistering, did he burn them while smoking on the balcony? Sara dries her hands and obediently follows him to the living room. “CEO Li..” Sara stops talking unsure if she should say anything. “Wait just a minute.” She goes down the hallway to the bathroom and returns with burn cream and a couple bandaids. “Sit. Your hand will get infected if not treated.”

   Looking at the burn cream in her small hand he curls up his lips in a faint smile, does she care about me? He sits on the couch watching Sara. She has a serious expression on her face as she carefully holds his hand gently cleaning his fingers and applying the burn cream. She puts on the bandaids and feeling his intense gaze Sara looks up to meet his eyes. Sara’s heart starts thumping while unabashedly staring at him. Li Tian’s beautiful dark Phoenix eyes are shining with a soft light. The corners of his sexy thin lips are curved in a slight smile. Sara swallows her saliva, he looks like a male god and he smells so good. Inhaling his unique scent and  mesmerized by his flawless features she suddenly thinks he looks incedibly handsome. Bewitched Sara doesn’t realize she is still holding onto his hand while gazing into his eyes.

  Li Tian can sense she is attracted to him right now and wants to kiss Sara. He impulsively leans down, as his lips come closer she suddenly lets go of his hand and jumps up from the couch. What was that! I wanted him to kiss me! It must be some residual effect from the aphrodisiac. I don’t like him..I don’t like him at all! He is a beast! A beast! It must be that damn aphrodisiac, I was too close to him and his pheromones..yes his pheronomes! Sara blushes as she holds her chest, her heart is racing. She stammers, “CEO.. we..we should go. I told Mr. Navarre I would hurry over to his apartment with the missing jewels.” 

   Li Tian chuckles at her flustered appearance, so cute! Song Sara you can try to deny your attraction to me but your body is honest. 

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