Don’t Go

This extra chapter is late..sorry! I indulged in too much holiday fun! I hope all my loyal readers ❤enjoyed your holidays also!

another extra chapter coming soon…

   LiMei is in a deep sleep but through the dense fog clouding her mind she hears Rui’s soothing voice,LiMei, when I count to three you will wake”

    She yawns and slowly opens her eyes, stretching her slender arms out towards him. LiMei  flutters her curled black eyelashes and her soft voice sounds coquettish, “ Rui, hold me… I’m so cold.”

  Staring at her glistening eyes filled with affection Rui’s heart starts pounding. He greedily pulls LiMei into his chest tightly wrapping his arms around her slender waist.  He buries his head in her neck, inhaling her intoxicating fragrance he can barely control his desire. Baby, I have missed you so much.   LiMei brings him back to his senses when she asks,  “Where are we?”  Glancing at the strange clothes they’re wearing and around the dimly lit cabin she has no recollection of coming here. My head is bandaged and I have some pain in my shoulder. “Rui, what happened to me?” 

    Rui hasn’t had time to think of an appropriate explanation yet so he hesitates, “I will explain but for right now we need to concentrate on warming you up.”  He can feel her entire body shivering and wonders if it would be safe to use the stove to heat water for tea.  I haven’t heard any movement outside… Maybe they are giving up until the morning to search for us. 

    LiMei notices his worried expression, “Tell me what’s wrong?”

     He doesn’t answer her question and lays her down on the bed covering her with the blankets. Rui tenderly kisses her forehead, “Be good and stay under the covers. I’m going outside to get some firewood so I can make you some tea.”  I don’t want her to get a fever. Hopefully the stove won’t generate too much smoke. It is very possible they called off the search until the morning, they could assume we have nowhere to run .If  those men do find the  cabin… well, I will figure something out.  If LiMei catches a cold…I don’t know how fever would impact her recovery.

      She silently watches Rui stand up and lean over then brush her hair behind her ear. LiMei’s heart is racing as he affectionately caresses her cheek. Suddenly her heart skip a beat, she has an uneasy feeling. I don’t know why but I am afraid. LiMei grasps Rui’s hand.“Don’t go.”

    He smiles. “I’m not going far. I saw a pile of firewood out back.” I want to check out the canoe I saw when I went to the well also. 

  She breaks out in a cold sweat and tears start forming in LiMei’s eyes from the strange premonition. Afraid he won’t come back her voice is shaking.“NO! Get into the bed.. stay with me. I don’t need  tea… ahh… you can use your body heat.”


      LiMei’s long black eyelashes are quivering like butterfly wings and her face is flushed an alluring pink. Crystal teardrops are hanging on the corner of her peach blossom eyes making his heart tighten. She looks like a frightened little rabbit curled up under the covers gripping his hand with her tiny paw. Rui is mesmerised looking at her vulnerable appearance … So beautiful… like a delicate and fragile fairy. Rui’s scorching gaze is locked on her beautiful face and his Adam’s apple rolls.  Unable to resist the temptation his voice sounds hoarse, “Well, won’t go.”

    LiMei happily turns down the blanket and yanks him towards the narrow bed. “Hurry.. I’m cold.”

    Rui’s lips curl up as he obediently gets under the covers. LiMei’s deep green eyes are sparkling while riveted on his handsome face. Rui really is the most handsome man I have ever seen. He has flawless facial features and a perfect body. LiMei sighs, Such a beautiful man..

   Rui can’t help but laugh when he sees LiMei’s infatuated expression. He teases, “Good looking?”

   LiMei blushes and bites her bottom lip, “Mmm..very good looking.”

   Ru leans on top of LiMei, their noses almost touching. Staring into her beautiful green eyes he wants her only to see him… only be with him.  He is consumed with lust as he licks and sucks on her sweet lips. LiMei wraps her arms around his neck and opens her soft pink lips inviting his tongue to enter her small mouth. Excited by LiMei’s eagerness, Rui’s tongue invades her mouth sweeping and tasting every corner. Pressing her petite body underneath him he slips his large hand under her sweater as his kisses move down her swan like neck. His breathing becomes heavy as LiMei softly moans when his hot palm touches her breast. “Ahh..Rui…”

   Listening to LiMei purring in pleasure Rui’s body reacts. His warm breath tickles LiMei’s neck as he whispers in a low seductive voice , “ LiMei.. Baby..I want you..” He nibbles on her ear, “You are so beautiful.”

   She runs her slender fingers through his messy ink black  hair. “Rui..”

   LiMei’s green eyes are hazy, reflecting an irresistible soft beauty that brings out the beast in him. He slides his hand into her pants rubbing his thumb on her sensitive spot. LiMei shudders as a wave of pleasure runs through her body from his touch.  They are both caught up in their desire as Rui deepens his kisses her leaving LiMei breathless.

Suddenly the whirring sound of a helicopter hovering above the cabin can be heard. Rui stops kissing LiMei. Holding her tightly he calmly says, “Baby, you need to do as I say.” Fuck!

  LiMei feels dizzy from his passionate kisses, her voice is soft, “What?” 

  He doesn’t want to frighten LiMei but they need to leave quickly. It will only take a short amount of time for their pursuers to climb down from the helicopter. He lifts her chin and looks deep into her eyes, “You trust me don’t you?” 

 LiMei nods her head as he straightens her clothes. 

  Rui quickly puts on his wet shoes and holds her small hand then grabs his suit coat off the chair  “We need to leave.” He kisses her, “Climb on my back.”

” Rui I can walk.”

 ” Please LiMei, just do it.”

  LiMei climbs onto his back and he rushes across the room. Once they leave the cabin he takes LiMei down to the stream hiding her behind a bush.” I saw a canoe, I will be right back.” The stream must get deeper as it flows into the river. He has a serious expression, “Do not come out for any reason. Promise me.”

   LiMei has no idea what is going on but it is obvious her intuition was right. We are in danger. Why? In a daze LiMei doesn’t answer right away and Rui’s eyes darken, he grips her thin shoulders, “Promise me.”

  “I..I won’t.” LiMei’s fingers are trembling as she grabs his sleeve, “Don’t..don’t go. I will go with you..I am scared!”

  He kisses her forehead, “I will be right back.”

  He can see the helicopter, there are two men climbing down. Fucking shit! When he gets to the back of the cabin he frowns at the dilapidated condition of the canoe. This piece of shit better float. It is our only chance to escape. Sweating he uses all his strength to move the canoe through the thick underbrush to the edge of the stream. LiMei sees Rui approaching  and runs out from behind the bush.

   ??? I specifically told her to stay behind the damn bush. Frustrated Rui looks towards the helicopter. The men aren’t on the ladder, they must be on the ground,  it won’t take long before they arrive. He grabs her by the arm and his voice is harsh. “I said stay behind the goddam bush! Get in the canoe.” He pushes the old canoe into the dark water and guides it out into the middle where the water is deeper before he jumps into it.

Shocked because Rui never raises his voice to her LiMei’s face turns crimson red and her face feels like it is on fire. Embarrassed she turns her head away from him staring into the dark forest. I only came out because I saw him coming. Why is he so angry?

  The men from the helicopter approach the cabin. The cabin door is off the hinge and the leader carefully pushes the door open. There is a lit kerosene lamp on a small wooden table and a half full glass of water. FUCK!  He motions to the other man dressed in black, “They must have heard the helicopter and left. They couldn’t have got far. Let’s go.”

  The mercenary points to the ground where the weeds and underbrush have been smashed down. “Frank, It looks like they dragged something through here towards the stream.”

  Frank runs towards the stream speaking into a small high tech radio transmitter, “It looks like they are in a small boat. The stream connects with the Adda river about half a km from this location.”

  The other mercenary runs behind him. When they get to the stream they can see the canoe not far away. Shit! Frank runs along the edge of the stream then takes out his gun. I know that the Boss wants the woman alive but if I can kill the man who is rowing the canoe or shoot a hole in the boat…He aims at the canoe and fires.

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    1. Idk how I feel about this version of LiMei. It’s not the LiMei I’ve come to love. I hope Rui realises she’s missing a big piece of what he loved by altering her memories


      1. Don’t worry..he didn’t erase her memories only reinforced her identity as Feng LiMei and suppresed her memories as Qin Daiyu deep into her subconscious. This Feng LiMei. I think will be cute. Spoiler It will take a traumatic event in the future for Qin Daiyu to surface again.Enjoy sweet clueless LiMei leaning on Rui haha.


      2. I had a feeling something traumatic needs to happen. Maybe it’s because she has no clue what’s happening but her instincts are warning her that something bad is happening and Rui is just treating her like a doll.


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