Gunnar Hedwig

    Nikolai worries when he finds out LiMei is in the ambulance that left the hospital as he entered the parking lot. He has a bad feeling when the nurse informs him LiMei was  transported to Dr. Lumbert’s Clinic. Nikolai doesn’t trust him and wonders why she was suddenly moved so quickly after her intensive surgery. He walks away from the nurses desk looking for Anton who is supposed to be monitoring LiMei. Dammit! I need to be in Paris tomorrow to sign the paperwork for the  purchase of Peshing  Entertainment . I wanted to make sure the Little Assassin was recovering well before I left Milan. I can’t delay or I might miss my opportunity.  The CEO of Peshing Entertainment, Jack Carstan will be in Paris with his wife for the International Jewelry Competition and scheduled  the meeting for 3 p.m. tomorrow.

   Annoyed because he missed LiMei, he dials Anton’s number. “Wherethe fuck are you? Why didn’t you call to tell me they were transferring Feng LiMei”

  “Boss! Boss! I have been calling you. I was following behind the car with Xinghi and the otjer doctor, someone forced their vehicle off the road. I slowed down to avoid a collision and when I caught up to the ambulance it was abandoned on the side of the highway about 2km south of Bergamo. Parked behind it were two black SUVs.I am there now.The back door of the ambulance is open inside there’s a dead man..his neck was broken. He was the male nurse I saw  putting Feng LiMei into the ambulance earlier. Boss.. he has a tattoo… he was a member of  Chronus.”

  “What the fuck!”  Did the Little Assassin kill him then escape?

 “There is no sign of Feng LiMei?”

 “No. I think she and Qiao Rui  escaped into the forest.”

 Nikolai narrows his eyes  and the temperature surrounding him drops at the mention of Rui’s name.“The Good Doctor was with her in the ambulance?”

  “Yeah, I saw him get into the ambulance.” Anton looks at the forest on both sides of the highway. . “I don’t know where they would run, the highway is surrounded by a dense forest. It should be getting dark in an hour. What do you want me to do? Should I follow and see if I can track them?”

  “Do it.” Does that bastard Hedwig know that Feng LiMei is Subject 456? Nikolai looks at his watch, “ Take care of the situation but don’t let anyone know I sent you. I need to catch a plane in two hours. I expect to hear you have safely recovered Feng LiMei  or the punishment you receive will be doubled.” When Nikolai hangs up he tries to control the rage boiling up inside of him. He wants to destroy Gunnar Hedwig  but his hands are tied because of his promise to Sun Zhi to not engage in anything illegal.  Motherf****r! I need to figure out a way… what is that lunatic’s weakness?

   Anton remembers his last punishment and shivers as he heads into the forest. 

    Gunnar Hedwig is sitting on a leather couch in a private room of the exclusive Xanadu Club in Paris. He swirls the expensive Cognac in his glassas he looks at the meticulously dressed older woman sitting across from him, “That is your best offer? You must be joking.”

   “Don’t be greedy.” 

   “ Olga,  I overestimated your motherly love. This is your daughter… not a truckload of weapons. You want to negotiate?”

    Her son Rashid who is nervously sitting next to her stands up glaring at Gunnar  with his fists clenched. Madam Olga puts her hand on Rashid’s arm, speaking in Russian she barks, “Sit down!” Madam Olga inwardly sighs, why did I bring this hotheaded moron? 

    Gunnar laughs as he waves to his several bodyguards not to move on Amir, “ It seems Karin’s brother is more concerned than her own mother.”  He slowly sips his Cognac, “You should try a glass. It is much smoother than the nasty vodka you are drinking.” His phone rings, he doesn’t want to take the call in front of  Madam Olga. “ We can continue in a moment. enjoy your vodka.”

    He leaves the room and answers the phone, “Are you on the plane?”

    “Mr. Hedwig we encountered a problem. The woman ..” He begins to sweat, “She.. ahh.. escaped.We are tracking her now.”

   ”Are you fuckng serious? How can a woman who just came out of surgery not that long ago escape?” Blue veins pop out on his forehead,  “You incompetent asshole! What am I paying you for if you can’t handle a simple job?”

    “We will find her and the man, I have a helicopter coming and we are tracking her on foot.”

    “Find the woman or you are dead.” 

     Gunnar comes back into the luxurious private room, “ I have pressing business, either you meet my price or you don’t.You have five minutes to decide.”

     Madam Olga wonders why his attitude has become more aggresive.  He appears unusually flustered after taking that call.

  She softens her tone coaxing him,  “ Gunnar honey, you seem to have a problem. Maybe it is something I can help you with to show my appreciation for rescuing Karin.”

    He grimaces being reminded of when he was young, Olga was his father’s favorite mistress. “Are we that familiar ? You now have three.”

    Madam Olga gulps down her glass of vodka, “The problem…but your second condition…”

    “Non Negotiable.” 

    “Don’t be unreasonable.”


   Madame Olga frowns as she looks at Rashid then back at Gunnar thinking how lacking her son is in comparison. “Dr. Samman is quite well hidden.” She knows that Rashid isn’t aware of the doctor’s whereabouts and if he betrays Amir Malouf  and is discovered… “It will be difficult.”

   “ Not my problem.”

   “ I will need twenty four hours.”

    “MOTHER!”  Rashid can barely restrain himself from attacking Gunnar. If Amir finds out I turned over Dr. Samman to the Chronus Consortium ! Fuck !  She has to realize I am as good as dead. Does the old bitch want to exchange my life for that little idiot she dotes on?

   Madam Olga Raises her hand then slaps Rashid twice with a great deal of strength, speaking Russian she screams in his face,“Mother? Now I’m your mother? You remember you have a family. Useless brat! If you had sent competent men to protect your only sister,I wouldn’t have to clean up your mess! ”

      Rashid can barely restrain himself from attacking Gunnar after he receives the humiliating slaps from Madame Olga. Arrogant bastard!.I will find a way to repayThis motherf****r in the future! Amir won’t always be in charge one day I will take over his organization then I will have my revenge. 

   Gunnar lights a cigarette, “I don’t have time for the Hamid family drama. You have exhausted my patience.I will give you twelve hours if you want your lovely daughter back in one piece.” He blows a smoke ring watching it rise into the air  then he sners,”  Every minute you delay… well you can imagine…”

  Madame Olga  understands his ruthless and cold personality is very similar to his  father, he does not make idle threats. She picks up her phone, “Go ahead and deposit.” After she hangs up she has a serious expression on her face as she  walks to the door of the private room. “I will contact you as to where your men can pick up Dr. Samman. Since we have struck a deal I know you are a man of your word so you won’t let what I have to say influence you returning my daughter to me. A word of advice Boy, if you continue making enemies at the rate you’re going you will end up like your father.”

   Gunnar crushes the half smoked cigarette into the ashtray and his lips curl up, “ I guess as one of my father’s many mistresses you think you knew him. Old Woman, don’t delude yourself into thinking I am anything like that insufferable son of a bitch.If you underestimate my power you will have more to worry about than reclaiming your daughter from me.”

     After they walk down the hallway past several private rooms to an elevator Rashid confronts his mother, “How am I supposed to find Dr.Samman’s  location in twelve hours without alerting Amir?  He is a paranoid fuck, he doesn’t confide in me any information I don’t need. I am only in charge of picking up the synthetic drugs at the drop off. I don’t know where his lab is located. Why does that bastard want him anyway? I’ve never heard of Chronos dealing in designer drugs.”

    Madam Olga looks around, “ Shut up you idiot! Let me think.”

   Alone in the private room Gunnar Hedwig  thinks about his current setback.I wanted all my pawns collected by tomorrow. I guess I will need to change my plans .Crossing his legs he then leans back on the couch, Qin Daiyu, I am looking forward to meeting you,your ability to escape my men is impressive. 


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  1. Ah the wheels are turning and I’m liking how this coming together! I’m happy to see Nikolai back, now for Leng Shuai.


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