His Weakness

Today is my amazing friend’s birthday who inspired me! I never would have tapped into my imagination…so happy fate had our paths cross!

   Li Tian rushes across the parking lot and is furious after hearing the news that Song Sara escaped. SONG SARA! WHEN I FIND YOU…!

    Kang Mingshun looks at the separate security monitor. Two black SUVs and a black Bentley entered the gate then within ten minutes left again but there was no other evidence anyone entered the house or left. It would take someone extraordinary to be able to bypass the monitoring system so whoever came and took Song Sara…But..it doesn’t make sense…if they could override the main system why not disable the camera by the gate?

   Speeding along the highway back to his villa, Li Tian slams his hand on the steering wheel, dare to run away again, you ungrateful woman! Do you want to keep your little life? I warned you not to cross my bottom line. He considers the possibility she called Navarre then rejects that idea, he wouldn’t upset the balance of our partnership over a woman, he is too ambitious. The upcoming Jewelry Competition means too much to him.  Julien still needs my help to replace the Sapphires and Diamonds that were lost when the necklace got broken at the Bellini reception. Who could she call in the middle of the night, no taxi would come out here. He takes a cigarette out of his pack and lights it while trying to calm down. I had Yang James check the whereabouts of that bastard Sun Zhi and he is in New York City…who would have the balls and ability to come to my villa and take my woman away? He presses his foot down on the accelerator increasing his speed as he exits the highway onto the country road leading to his villa. Kang Mingshun better have the answers that I need to find Song Sara and a damn good explanation of how he let her slip away. He finishes his cigarette then tosses it out the window. 

   Li Tian pulls into the driveway and screeches to a halt then jumps out of the car anxious to find Sara’s whereabouts.  Kang Mingshun sees the black lines on Li Tian‘s forehead and feels the suffocating dark aura surrounding him as he opens the front door. He resigns himself to the fact that he won’t be able to avoid punishment for losing Song Sara. “Boss..” Before he can tell Li Tian  what he discovered on the security monitor Li Tian‘s phone rings. He doesn’t recognize the number, “Speak.”

    Patrick waited until Sara went to the guest room to call  Li Tian. He smiles maliciously as he taunts Li Tian, “Did you lose something?”

    Li Tian’s phone is almost crushed in his hand when he hears Patrick’s voice. He realizes that Patrick is the person who picked up Sara, he knows Patrick definitely has the ability to enter the villa without being detected. But he is surprised that Sara would call him in the middle of the night. What is their relationship ..Is the little  whore fucking him too? He doesn’t want Patrick to know how important Sara is to him so he suppresses his jealousy and anger. “Nothing that can’t be replaced.”

 “Really?  I got the impression you are quite attached.”

 “I think from past experience you are well aware how easily I get bored. No matter how precious or one-of-a-kind to someone  else…Well.. I think you know where I’m going.” 

  Patrick’s face turns black recalling the past, “Then you won’t mind if I keep this delicate little treasure of yours that fell into my hands. I’m looking forward to enjoying the peerless beauty…so perfect reminds me of the highest quality mutton jade…creamy white, smooth to the touch, flawless… absolutely dazzling.”

Li Tian wants to rip Patrick apart with his bare hands but maintains his cold and indifferent tone, “ But… this little treasure… I don’t recall saying that you can have. Even though I don’t want anymore that doesn’t mean I would give to you. Once I have touched… no one else can touch …if they want to keep their life. So, I will come take my property back.”

   “No, I rather like this little treasure…  being the Barbarian that you are, you don’t know how to appreciate the delicate and fragile nature of the little treasure. Obviously, you were too rough causing a great deal of damage…  so I can’t return to you. I would feel responsible if you totally ruined such a rare beauty.” Patrick abruptly hangs up and starts laughing, he could sense Li Tian’s jealousy and anger through the phone. Serves you right asshole for being such a heartless prick. I have an idea, although it’s not something  I would normally do but I want Li Tian to go crazy from jealousy. This woman must mean a lot to him, I’ve never seen him crack his calm exterior. Well, he should learn he can’t play with people’s feelings and emotions. Let him feel the  intense pain of watching  the woman he loves with another man. I have the perfect way to infuriate him..haha.

    Li Tian’s veins are bulging on his neck when the call ends suddenly, motherfucker I will fuckng kill you! He can’t control his rage and sweeps all the liquor bottles and crystal glasses off the bar onto he floor. The bottles crash down onto the white carpet spilling everywhere. “KANG MINGSHUN!”

  Kang Mingshun looks at the mess on the floor and nervously responds, “ Yeah Boss.”

   “Call Yang James to find Patrick Sloan’s Paris address.” I need to get Song Sara back now! I know that bastard was just fuckng with me because he prides himself on being a gentleman. He would never touch Sara. I heard he is still in love with that conniving bitch.  He wants revenge for what happened at University,… haha.. if he only knew the whole story… what a joke!

While he is convincing himself Patrick is not a threat he receives a text with a link from him. What kind of game is he playing anyway?  Li Tian opens up the link and his heart starts pounding… a video of Sara in a luxurious bedroom coming out of the bathroom with only a light blue towel wrapped around her petite body. Shocked, his eyes are riveted on his phone as he watches Sara. Song Sara! Do not take that towel off! Sara walks over to a table and picks up a bottle of water and takes a drink then remembers Patrick said there is a camera in the room. He told her after he was robbed his insurance insisted on increasing security. He said no one watches the monitors, the surveillance tapes are only reviewed if there is a problem.  But Sara wishes she had remembered that before she walked out in the towel.She hurriedly picks up a white nightgown that is laid out on the bed and returns to the bathroom to change.

    Li Tian breathes a sigh of relief when she comes out of the bathroom in the nightgown. Even though he realizes Patrick is intentionally provoking him he dials Patrick’s number. Patrick was expecting his call and has a faint smile, “Something?”

   “I never thought you were a fuckng pervert!”   

    Patrick starts laughing, “ Worried?”

  Li Tian’s eyes are completely black and look like a bottomless abyss. Emitting a strong killing intent, he growls in a low voice tinged with unveiled hostility, “Bastard! I am not fucking around.. turn off that goddamn camera in her room! Give me your address now I’m coming to pick up Song Sara.” He doesn’t have the patience to wait until Yang James finds the address.

    Patrick figures he has plenty of time for his revenge now that he knows Song Sara is Li Tian’s weakness. He only came to pick up Song Sara at the villa to piss off Li Tian and confirm she can be used against him. Patrick was shocked when he saw Li Tian’s possessive attitude towards her at Navarre’s apartment. He is known for his inability to get involved on an emotional level with anyone which is what makes him so dangerous. A cold bastard with no emotional ties or weaknesses is extremely dangerous and difficult to bring down. Li Tian has reached the heights he has because he is ruthless and is impenetrable. Patrick lip curls up when he hears the jealous rage in Li Tian’s voice, “ You can come… but will she leave with you?”

   “Give me the goddamn address.”

   Patrick continues to goad Li Tian, “You obviously know nothing about women, let me give you some advice. She is still very angry, wait until she calms down before you come rushing over here.” 

  “Address.” Leave Sara with you? Never!

  “Very well.. 1879 Avenue Montaigne.” This should be fun...I wonder if she will go with him?


7 thoughts on “His Weakness

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      1. Ah give poor Sara a win of ruthlessly rejecting him at first. Than let the usual mean-spirited Li Tian explode on her, forcing her back with him 😂


      2. Hurray 🤗! Lol I wanna see Song Sara slowly start training Li Tian to at least be mindful of her feelings in all this.


  1. Haha. Does anyone really dare to kick Li Tian’s ass? Although Patrick doesn’t seem like such a good person to me. I hope Sarah won’t get hurt by their showdown.


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