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    LiMei starts sniffling, then suddenly clings onto Rui with her face on his chest. She thinks she is back in the training forest at the Black Sky Compound, her entire body is shaking, “Bo, I am so scared.” 

   Rui’s heart tightens, LiMei’s fragile appearance while snuggled into his embrace has his emotions in an upheaval. He wants to kill her despicable father and Kuang Bo. What the fuck! She was sold to a killer organization by her own father! While he is trying to decide how to continue, LiMei gazes up at him with a pleading look in her misty green eyes. She sounds pitiful as she whimpers, “ Bo, help me… help me please! I want to escape from Kuang Fu… I want a new life…I..I can’t do this anymore.” 

   Rui tenderly wipes her tears with his finger then takes his hand away calming his emotions. Should I pretend to be that bastard Kuang Bo?  No.. I need to bring her to the present. He lays her back down on the bed and brushes some loose strands of hair behind her ear. Rui’s voice doesn’t reveal the inner turmoil he is experiencing at the moment, “You don’t need to be afraid. You are no longer at the Black Sky Compound. My name is Dr. Qiao Rui. You are suffering from  selective amnesia and I’m going to try to help you recover your memory.”  I can’t comfort LiMei although I want to tell her not to be afraid, I will always be here to protect her.Where should I begin…maybe with her arrival in Pushong City.

   “Try to remember, why did you come to Pushong City.”

   “Pushong Cty?  I am in Pushong City?”

  Rui lies to simplify matters, “ Yes.”

   LiMei scrunches up her nose not immediately answering him. Rui doesn’t proceed with his questions waiting for her mind to adjust.

  Suddenly she remembers, “ The Old Man…the Old Man.. he… he helped me. I was on the rooftop…I couldn’t pull the trigger when I saw the target and his pregnant wife on the dock through the scope of my rifle. They looked so happy when he patted her huge stomach while they were laughing.  I envied the woman…I was jealous of how obviously in love they were. I wanted a normal life… the life my father and Kuang Fu stole from me.  I had been hesitating to make my escape but I realized I had to take the chance, I was by myself on an assignment in Bashu City and it was my best opportunity. So I packed up my rifle then dumped it in the water by a freighter at the end of the dock. I ran to the old man’s house. I knew after not completing my mission there was no going back anyway. Kuang Fu would be extremely angry.He might even kill me.”

   Holy fuckng shit!  “The old man gave you a new identity …Feng  LiMei?” When I met LiMei I investigated her background and didn’t find any discrepancies in her background information. The old man she mentioned must be an expert forger.

   “The Old Man gave me three different identities in case Kuang Fu found me. I chose Feng  LiMei, Feng because it is a very common surname and LiMei means ‘Pretty Rose’…my mother loved roses.” LiMei sighs, “I came to Pushong City because it is located far away from Kuang Fu’s compound. I thought I could get lost in such a big city and live an ordinary life.” LiMei’s forehead is covered with a thin layer of sweat as recent events flood her mind. She appears agitated as she frowns, “ But.. I… I can’t be Feng LiMei any longer… he found me.”

    “Who found you?”

    “The Devil.” 

    “Kuang Fu?”

     LiMei shakes her head, “No..The Devil.”

     “ Do you know the man’s name?”

     “No. That is what Uncle Xinghi called him. He is the powerful head of Chronus making him the most feared man in the Underworld. The man disguised as a male nurse had a tattoo on his chest that signifies he is a member of Chronos.”

   “Do you know why he wants to capture you?”

   “Yes. But I can’t tell you.”


   “ Uncle Xinghi said If anyone finds out my secret I need to kill them. I don’t want to kill you.”

    Rui’s mood improves, “You remember me?” 

   LiMei unexpectedly opens her eyes. Rui is mesmerised by her deep green eyes with the sparkling specks of gold. Her eyes are curved like small crescents and her cute dimples are exposed as she smiles up at him. “You are the incredibly handsome doctor from the hospital.”

    “…” He gazes hungrily at her beautiful face desperately wanting to hold her in his arms and kiss her pink and tender lips. Dammit! I don’t care if what I am thinking about doing is wrong! I want my LiMei  back! I don’t care who she was or what she did. I only want her to be Feng LiMei…my woman.  I want to hold her in my arms and hear her call my name as I press her soft body under me.We don’t have enough time for the extensive treatment it would take for her to completely recover her memories. I am going to make her forget her painful past as Qin Daiyu..the Kuang brothers and the Black  Sky Organization.

 He takes a couple minutes to try and recall the profile information he received from his investigator. While he is considering what memories he should implant in her mind Rui picks up the glass of water on the table by the bed. “Drink some water and then we’ll continue.” 

He gently lifts her head and holds the glass while she sips the water.But if I only implant her falsified  background and erase her past as Qin will I explain the present situation… she will become more confused. It will take some time to eliminate the people who know her true identity. Well, they are aware she is having issues with her memory. It might make sense to them that she only recalls her identity as Feng LiMei.  Fuck it! I will find a way to deal with them.  I will make LiMei happy and protect her from those bastards.Once we get away from the men following us I can take her to my chateau outside of Paris until I can figure out the next step. No one knows I purchased the property last year under the name of one of my subsidiaries. 

  He reaches into the leather case holding his silver needles and takes out a very thin long needle. I have only seen this  technique used once but I think I can properly place the needle. “ Okay, close your eyes and we will begin again.”  LiMei feels relaxed and comfortable with Rui so she obediently closes her eyes. Without asking permission or any warning he inserts the thin needle and she quickly enters into a deep trance . Rui then begins to slowly manipulate her memories, first by giving her Feng LiMei’s background information then directing her along to recall her life after she came to Pushong City.  LiMei’s mind is like a sponge absorbing all the information and his prompts help  LiMei  to fill in the blanks of her life in Pushong. Rui makes sure to reinforce her memories that revolve around him and their relationship. When he is satisfied that  he has accomplished reviving her memories of him and her life in Pushong City he smiles. I will make your wish of having a normal life come true. I won’t let anyone hurt you ever again I promise.  “LiMei, when I count to three you will wake”

    LiMei yawns and slowly opens her eyes, stretching her slender arms out towards him She flutters her curled black eyelashes and her soft voice sounds coquettish, “ Rui, hold me… I’m so cold.”


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  1. On the one hand, Rui wants to protect his beloved. On the other hand, he takes a part of her life from her. LiMei is unlikely to like it.


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