Sara panics when she hears the front door of the villa open. Could the CEO have returned? Frightened recalling the scene on the bed earlier she quickly turns to run up the stairs but stops when she hears Patrick’s voice. “Miss Song, we should leave.”

  “ you get in?”

  Patrick looks around surprised there are no bodyguards, “We can talk in the car, let’s go.” He signals to the several muscular men dressed in black behind him to leave.

  “Okay.” Sara follows Patrick out the door wondering why Li Tian’s bodyguard didn’t stop them when they entered the villa.

   Once they are outside Sara shivers from the cold wind and Patrick frowns glancing at the men’s clothes she is wearing. He takes off his gray long coat and puts it around her shoulders. Sara instantly feels warmer wrapped in his soft cashmere coat.

    When the driver opens the car door, Sara and Patrick get into the backseat of the black Bentley. Noticing Sara is still shivering Patrick instructs the driver to turn on the heater.

    Sara blushes and shyly says, “Thank you, I really appreciate you coming to get me .”

    She starts to take off the warm coat and Patrick puts his hand on her arm. Smiling at her cute appearance bundled up in his coat he responds, “No problem. Keep the coat on, it will take a few minutes for the car to heat up.”



   “I made a reservation at a small Inn outside of Paris. Could you have your driver drop me off there?”

   He stops looking at an email on his phone. “Don’t you think Li Tian will check the surrounding area hotels?”

   “Well,even if he does there’s nothing he can do.”

  “ Are you sure about that?”


   “You should stay at my apartment until the International Jewelry Competition. I can protect you.”

   “I can’t impose on you.”

   “What good would coming out and picking you up in the middle of the night be if tomorrow morning you end up back at his villa?”  I won’t embarrass you by saying back in the cold bastard’s bed.

   Sara clenches her fists under the long coat sleeves, he’s right, it would be easy for the CEO to find me with his resources. She decides she will find a way to repay Patrick for his kindness and accept his offer. Sara smiles brightly, “Thank you Mr. Sloan. I will trouble you then.”

  She leans back on the seat staring out the window at the rain, I hope I can avoid CEO Li until I go back to China. He will most likely be at the Jewelry Competition but with so many people there it will be difficult for him to accost me. I can arrive immediately before I need to model the Midnight Lover Necklace then avoid him and leave quickly. I doubt he would want to cause a scene at such a prestigious event. I must have been out of my mind..I never should have used such a dangerous and deranged man to relieve the effects of the aphrodisiac!

She glances over at Patrick who is reading a long email from his brother concerning his recent real estate investment. He obviously is helping me because he hates Li Tian,  I wonder what happened between them? He doesn’t seem worried in the least that  CEO Li  will retaliate against him. I know he is a world-renowned chef but I detect a dark and dangerous aura surrounding him when the CEO  is mentioned. Also, Mr. Sloan brought quite a few formidable elite bodyguards. Well, I have enough problems I don’t need to worry about their relationship. Haha ..he seems capable of taking care of himself from what  I observed at Mr. Navarre’s apartment. I wonder how long it will be before Li Tian  notices I  escaped.

   Li Tian is at the hospital speaking with Long An’s doctor. He glances over at Long An who is pretending to be asleep. Irritated that she had the nerve to put the blame for her fall on Song Sara, he sounds agitated when he questions the doctor,”How long before she can travel?”  I want this  pest to get the hell back to Catang City as soon as possible.

  The  thin gray-haired doctor feels slightly overwhelmed by the extremely frigid atmosphere surrounding Li Tian. The man appears more angry than concerned about the woman and from the expression on the woman’s face and tone of voice when she woke up she was frightened.The doctor pushes up his thick glasses while reviewing Long An’s chart,“The patient should stay at the hospital overnight for observation. I will know more in twenty four hours after we run some tests again. Mr. Li, at this time it wouldn’t be wise for the patient to take a plane anywhere.” He decides Li Tian’s attitude seems suspicious as do the circumstances surrounding Long An’s head injury. “I want to inform you when a patient is admitted with this type of injury and the details surrounding the accident are not clear, the police must investigate.”

   After Tang Qiang  informed him of Long An’s hysterical behavior he assumed the police might become involved. Li Tian calmly replies, “ I wasn’t present at the time, Miss Long and her bodyguard can answer any questions the police might have. Here’s my business card should the police need to contact me. After I speak with my fiancee I have pressing matters that can’t be delayed.”

  The doctor accepts the business card, he can tell by Li Tian’s domineering and powerful presence that it would be useless to attempt to detain him. “Very well, I will give your business card to the police if they have any further questions.” The doctor starts to walk away then turns around telling Li Tian. “ Keep your visit short and the patient shouldn’t be agitated.”

    “En.”  Li Tian ignores the doctor’s contemptuous look and walks over to Tang Qiang. “I will need you to stay here with Long An, the police will be coming.I am going to talk to her now so your stories align, make sure she complies by saying she fell at the hotel. I don’t want Song Sara to be implicated.”

  “Got it. It would be a lot easier if that asshole Adrien hadn’t left. I mean…shit.. I don’t speak French.” What the fuck! Great! I am left here to deal with a crazy woman!

  “I’m sure you can handle the situation, most likely someone will speak English. I just need that bastard Adrien in the morning to deal with the shipment.” Maybe Noah ran into some problem and called him back but he should have fuckng told me. I will call him on my way to the villa. Now to deal with Long An so I can get back to taming the disobedient little thing .  He opens the  curtain by her bed, “Stop pretending to be asleep.”

    Long An heard  Li Tian’s conversation with both the doctor and his bodyguard, she digs her long polished fingernails into her palm. I want Song Sara arrested and for the scheming bitch to rot in jail! He didn’t even bother asking about my condition only if I could  take a plane.  He is such A cold and heartless  bastard! Why did I hit my head instead of that little slut. I bet if she was hurt urghh…fine.. I’m not going to let that little btch off.Haha I will tell him what he wants to hear and then when the police come I will say she pushed me. What can he do about it? Grandpa Li would never let Tian hurt me or my family over a little no name btch like Song Sara.She composes herself then opens her eyes and smiles, “ Worried about me?” 

  “No. You brought it on yourself.”

   “You lied to me and said there was nothing between you and that slut.”

  “There isn’t.”

  “Do you think I’m stupid she was wearing your pajama top and nothing else.” 

  “We worked late. I didn’t want to take her back to her hotel. I have many guest rooms here. Is it because you slept with my bodyguard, you have such a suspicious mind?”

  She suddenly sits up and her head starts throbbing.“ You set me up! You know I had nothing to do with your bodyguard!”

  “Well the pictures tell another story. If you don’t want me to send them to Grandpa and release to the media you will do as I say. You were at your hotel rushing down the stairs, you tripped and fell. Your bodyguard Tang Qiang was the only person with you and he brought you to the hospital. Got it?”

    Overcome by jealousy she purses her lips then with a determined voice screams,“ No! I won’t do it! Expose me! What do I care!” Tears form in her eyes, “If I’m dumped by you for a two-bit gold digger I  become laughingstock anyway. I rather have people think I put a green hat on you…how would you like that?” She begins laughing hysterically as tears roll down her face,”How is this for a headline? ‘The great CEO Li Tian’s fiancee cheats on him with his own bodyguard’. Who I have to say is far more handsome than you are and very  good in bed!

    Li Tian puts his large hand over her nose and mouth then lowers his head staring into her eyes sending a chill down her spine. He whispers in her ear, his voice is low and threatening, “How about I solve the whole problem right now. The doctor will believe your injury was worse than initially identified… or are you going to do as I told you?”

   Unable to breathe she tries to pry his hand off her face, frantically nodding her head in agreement. 

He has a sinister smile as he removes his hand and sneers, “Don’t ever think you can threaten me.”

   Tang Qiang Is standing outside the curtain and can hear their conversation. Fuckng sht why did the crazy woman drag me into it… does she want to get me killed?

    Li Tian is satisfied with Long An’s frightened response as he leaves her bedside, assured she won’t implicate Song Sara.Now to get back to the villa and punish th little kitten for being disobedient . He is walking over to Tang Quang when his phone rings, “Speak.”

    Kang Mingshun has sweat trickling down his face as he tightens the grip on this phone. “Boss.. ah..Boss..the little chick is gone.” 

Kang Mingshun dozed off while looking at the monitors in the villa, when he woke up he didn’t see Song Sara in the living room. He didn’t panic until he looked at all  the room monitors and she was nowhere to be found.When he looked at the footage of the last hour it was like she just disappeared.

   Li Tian thinks Sara left by herself and says, “Didn’t you follow her? What did you lose her, how could that happen?”

“Someone disabled the monitoring and security system and well..Miss Song..she is gone.”

“Check the camera pointed at the gate which runs on a separate system. The realtor mentioned it was recently installed. I can’t access it on my phone. I’m on my way back to the villa let me know what you find.” Who the fuck does the little thing know in Paris that has the ability to disable the high tech security system at my villa! He rushes across the parking lot furious she escaped. SONG SARA! WHEN I FIND YOU…!

Kang Mingshun looks at the separate security monitor. Two black SUVs and a black Bentley entered the gate then within 10 minutes left again but there was no other evidence anyone entered the house or left. It would take someone extraordinary to be able to bypass the monitoring system so whoever came and took Song Sara… doesn’t make sense…if they could override the main system why not disable the camera by the gate?


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