Trust Me

     Leaning over him her beautiful green eyes are filled with killing intent, “ Who are you handsome? Where are we?” The last thing she remembers is she and Kuang Bo were in the Washu Mountains on assignment.  When he doesn’t say anything, Qin Daiyu has a threatening tone as she hits his accupoint immobilizing him, “Answer me.”

     Stunned Rui doesn’t know what to say. He just stares incredulously at LiMei who has a murderous gleam in her eyes as she runs her finger down his cheek, “If you want to live tell me…where is Kuang Bo?” 

    “Don’t know.”

    “Then why shouldn’t I kill you right now.”

   Rui remains calm, “Wouldn’t that be hasty. I’m sure you have other questions you’d like answered.”

    Looking into his dark eyes and listening to his familiar deep voice LiMei’s head starts throbbing, images of Rui flashing through her mind. She shakes her head trying to concentrate while still holding him down. ‘Who are you?”

    Rui notices her discomfort, she is furrowing her brows and her face has a pained expression. “ My name is Qao Rui, I am your fiance.”

    “Yeah right..”

   “Take my phone out of my pocket,there are photos of us together. The gold ring on your finger I gave you when I asked you to marry me. The ring was my mother’s, the inscription on the inside reads ‘Forever’ .” 

    LiMei stares at Rui, I do have jumbled memories of him but is he telling the truth? Since she hit his acupoint he’s unable to move so she takes her arm from its neck then rolls off of his body. Sitting on the edge of the bed she reaches into his pocket taking out his phone. She takes his finger and presses it to unlock, LiMei has a complicated expression looking at the screen, it is obviously her sitting on his lap smiling at him. Flustered she takes the delicate gold ring off her finger and looks at the inscription…what is going on?

   Gazing at Li Mei Rui’s Adam’s apple rolls up and down. She is so beautiful ..Dammit I’m going go crazy if she doesn’t remember me ! Overwhelmed by the desire to hold her tightly he surprises LiMei by hugging her into his arms. He was never immobilized because of this high level of martial arts; he just let LiMei  believe he was unable to move  in order to assess the situation. I will make you understand how much I love you. I will never let you go.  Obviously ever since she woke up from the operation she has not been herself. I never realized she was hiding such a big secret.

Shocked by his sudden embrace she tries to push him away, but Rui tightens his arms around her thin waist then kisses her on the forehead resisting the urge to press her under him to make her remember him. He smoothes her hair and tenderly confesses,“ I love you LiMei and before you lost your memory you felt the same.”

  When she hears his confession her heart skips a beat. Could it be true ? No..he called me LiMei. He’s a target or he would know my real name.

   When she  doesn’t respond he continues, “I need you to trust me. You obviously aren’t aware of the present situation. There are extremely dangerous men chasing us, I’m not positive as to why but I believe they want you.”  He recalls the male nurse calling LiMei a lab rat so he assumes it has something to do with her ability to heal quickly. Rui noticed her rapid recovery when he checked her  injuries. “I want to help you.  You mentioned Washu Mountains, is that the last memory you have? You were with Kuang Bo at the time?”

   “You know Kuang Bo?”

   “ Acquainted. I saved his life once.”

   “ You are a doctor?”  Since hitting his accupoint didn’t work, the handsome man has a high level of martial arts. Maybe he is from a different organization in the Underworld.  Kuang Bo would never go to a regular doctor or Hospital.


  “Do you know how I got injured?”

   “ You were shot when you were with Nikolai Naralov.”

    “Huh?” Why the heck would I be with that lunatic?   

     Rui lifts his eyebrow, “You don’t remember being with Nikolai Naralov and being shot?”   


      He lifts LiMei’s chin, “If you trust me I can try to help you regain your memory.We might find out why the Chronus Consortium is after you.” I could use Xixin’s technique to unlock her memories. I don’t care what else she remembers… her connection to Kuang Bo or the Chronus Consortium.  I only need LiMei to remember me. I will keep her safe and deal with those  mother f****rs.She is the only person that has been able to enter my heart… I can’t lose LiMei … I won’t!

      She focuses on his eyes attempting to discern if he is being deceitful, but Rui’s unfathomable dark eyes are unreadable . I don’t know if I can completely trust this man. She panics at the thought the people after them are sent by Gunnar Hedwig. Wuuuuu.. the Chronus Consortium? How did Kuang Bo get me involved with them! Where is he? Li Mei feels dizzy, I am too confused right now, I can’t think straight.

    He lightly runs his finger down her pale cheek, “I would never hurt you. Please trust me. I can see that you are having painful headaches caused by your mind trying to process fragmented memories. The technique is simply inserting a couple silver needles. I will ask a few simple questions to jar your memory. Be assured as a doctor it is my responsibility to maintain strict doctor-patient confidentiality. You don’t need to be afraid of me revealing any of your information. What you say and remember would be strictly between us. I believe once you’re able to restore your memories you’ll have the answers that you need.If we know why these dangerous people are after you, it will make it easier to deal with them“

    LiMei has a complicated expression while twirling the gold ring on her slender finger considering what Rui said. The handsome man has a point. I’m curious as to why the Chronus Consortium would want a little fish like me. Am I bait for them to snare Kuang Bo?

   “Have you used this technique before?”

   Rui answers honestly, “No.”


  “I’ve seen Dr. Woo use the technique. I have confidence if you cooperate and don’t fight the process, I can successfully help restore your memories.”

  Dr. Woo? He is Uncle Xinghi’s friend. If he knows him maybe… LiMei’s intuition tells her that she is in over her head if the Chronus Consortium is involved. She’s also worried if something happened to Kuang Bo,he would never leave me to face danger by myself. She makes up her mind to allow Rui to treat her memory loss. It is essential I get my memory back if I’m going to deal with the situation.

“Okay, but I warn you if you are lying to me I will find a way to kill you.”

    Rui has a faint smile as she threatens him, she looks like a fierce little kitten.  He releases her from his embrace and gets up off the bed then walks over to his suit jacket hanging over the chair. He takes out two silver needles from a leather case in the pocket. He pours some water into a glass then brings it to LiMei. “Drink. Relax.” He reassuringly pats her head. “I promise I won’t hurt you.” After she drinks the water he says, “Lay down and close your eyes and I’ll begin.”

 “No.” Feeling she will be too vulnerable she questions him, “Why do I need to close my eyes? I changed my mind, I don’t want to do this.” LiMei sits up on the bed.

  Rui starts laughing, “I thought you decided to trust me. But, if you want to keep your eyes open you can. I  thought you would be more comfortable not watching me insert the needles.”

  “I don’t mind.’

  “Then I will begin.” Rui inserts the first silver needle in the side of LiMei’s neck and then the second in the middle of her forehead. LiMei involuntarily closes her eyes which is why Rui didn’t insist he knew she wouldn’t be able to keep them open. He manipulates then removes the silver needles. Let’s see what secrets you are hiding.

“What is your name?”

“Qin Daiyu.”

What the hell? Qin Daiyu not Feng Li Mei? “How do you know Kuang Bo?

LiMei listens to Rui’s soothing voice, for some reason she has a sense of security. “He is my…my…” She sweetly smiles exposing her cute dimples while picturing Kuang Bo teasing her. “My friend.”

My friend! My friend! Why is she smiling so beautifully at the mention of that fucking bastard? He is a cold blooded killer! He takes her soft hand in his large palm trying to compose himself and not overreact. I need to question her calmly. He takes a deep breath, my voice needs to sound detached and emotionless.

“How did you meet Kuang Bo?”

Li Mei’s smile fades and she doesn’t answer right away , “After my mother and grandmother died in an accident I had to live with my father. He had debts.. when I was in high school he sold me to The Black Sky…well..” Tears start forming in the corner of her closed eyes and are caught on her black eyelashes, her soft voice quivers, “Kuang Bo was the only person who was nice to me. His brother Kuang Fu locked me in the metal shed without food and water, Bo gave it to me secretly… I was left in the forest..” LiMei starts sniffling, then suddenly clings onto Rui with her face on his chest. She thinks she is back in the training forest at the Black Sky Compound, her entire body is shaking, “Bo, I am so scared.”

Rui’s heart tightens as he gazes down at LiMei snuggled into his embrace. What the fuck! She was sold to a killer organization by her own father!

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  1. Ok, so I love how you started off the chapter clarifying that the current persona was Daiyu and not LiMei! And her response again Rui really threw him off and I laughed a bit. I’m not surprised he took advantage of recovering her memories to learn more about her, but I also feel like it’s a huge violation and it’s a trauma Daiyu isn’t ready to discuss with Rui yet, so I’m interested in how she’ll respond to that once the dust settles. Also, I know for Rui this is gonna be very difficult for him, once he finds out more about the real LiMei and just how important Bo is to her overall psyche. But I hope he’ll be more understanding after learning that if it wasn’t for Bo, she wouldn’t have survived her years with Black Sky.


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