Must Escape

An extra chapter .. My loyal readers I hope you enjoy! ❤

   After Li Tian leaves the bedroom Sara sits on the bed apprehensively clutching onto the other pillow muttering to herself, “Errr..Psycho! Pervert!!” Furious Li Tian could so easily overpower and humiliate her Sara pounds her small fists on the pillow cursing him then hurls the pillow at the closed door. I need to get out of here as fast as possible.

She wraps the white quilt around her naked body then tiptoes across the bedroom to the door. Pressing her ear up against the carved wooden door Sara listens for any movement. He probably left a bodyguard but he doesn’t seem to be right outside the door.

She trips on the quilt as she hurries over to the closet to find some clothes, there’s no time to take a bath. Frowning while examining Li Tian’s clothes she picks a black silk shirt and a pair of black pants. Sara rolls her eyes looking at the ridiculous quantity of black shirts on the hangers. The capitalist lunatic really likes black… Well…black does fit his demon like personality. Opening a dresser drawer she takes out a belt and some socks.

  Sara’s hands are shaking as she slips on the oversized clothes.When the belt doesn’t work she takes one of his designer ties and tightens it around her waist. Sitting on a chair in the spacious walk-in closet Sara rolls up the long pant legs. Once the warm cashmere socks are on her feet Sara stands up and looks in the full length mirror. She sighs gazing at her reflection,Song Sara, how do you get yourself into these situations then has a serious expression, Well girl… pull yourself together! Now is not the time to feel sorry for yourself. You need to find a way out of this villa.  

  Walking out of the closet Sara sees her purse on the table. I should empty the contents and put in my pocket so I don’t have to worry about carrying this purse around. Spilling the contents onto the bed she picks up her phone, wallet and her ID putting them in the pants pocket. Something sparkles stuck in the bottom corner of the purse,caught in the fabric. What is that? She reaches in and pulls out two diamonds and three sapphires. Oh my God! The jewels must have got stuck between the fabric in the crease when I put the broken Midnight Lover Necklace in the purse… turning the purse upside down exposed them. Sara smiles looking at her discovery. As soon as I get to a hotel I will call Mr. Navarre, he will be very excited he can quickly fix his beautiful necklace. Sara doesn’t want to have the rare gems loose in her pocket so she wraps them in one of Li Tian’s handkerchiefs. Okay ready!

   Li Tian is driving along the highway laughing while watching Sara on the computer screen as she changes into his clothes. Damn she looks so cute,what is that expression as she looks at herself in the mirror? Fierce determination? hahaha.The entire villa has a monitoring system so he can watch Sara’s every move.He made a decision when he left the bedroom to see what she would do. If she stayed obediently in the bed he would reward her but if she escaped there is no way to avoid punishment. He purposely left a set of car keys on the coffee table in the living room and instructed Kang Mingshun to follow Sara should she take the bait and escape.

Originally, he thought he would be angry if she chose to run but watching Sara he can only laugh.I can’t wait until the little fool thinks she is safe and hooks up with that bastard… then I can kill him and show her there is no escape. Although with Yang James’s ability I can find out his identity, this will be more enjoyable, when she realizes she led me directly to him and caused his death. You want to run from me? Hahaha..Song Sara, let’s see if you have the ability. 

    He turns into the parking lot of the hospital and parks the red Maserati. Sitting in the parked car Li Tian takes a cigarette from his pack, as he lights it he continues to observe Sara on the computer screen slowly moving down the stairs. This will make the game ever so much more interesting. 

    After he gets out of the car he finishes his cigarette then throws it on the pavement crushing it under his leather shoe.

Approaching the hospital entrance a young nurse walks by Li Tian and can’t take her eyes off of his flawless face. The woman walking next to her shivers from the cold atmosphere surrounding him. She tugs on her infatuated friend’s arm whispering in her ear, “Stop staring. The man is handsome but seems extremely cold and unapproachable.”

     The young nurse just got off duty and her last patient was Long An. She can’t help but gossip, “Do you think he came to see the pretty Chinese woman with the head injury?”

     “Could be. Why?”

     “The patient was hysterical and screaming in Chinese when she woke up. No one could understand what she was saying so Dr. Marmont sent someone to find a person who understands Chinese. When an x-ray technician came to the emergency room to translate she wouldn’t talk. The woman’s expression was strange, she looked pale and very frightened. Do you think that handsome Chinese man is her husband and caused her head injury? Now that he’s coming she doesn’t want to say anything.”

She starts giggling, “Tina, you watch too many dramas.” Hugging the young nurse’s arm pulling her along the sidewalk she changes the subject, Tina will get herself into trouble the way she likes to gossip about the patients at the hospital.”I’m hungry, let’s get something to eat before we go home.”

     Tina looks towards the hospital door curious about the situation with the Chinese woman, I will need to ask Dr. Marmont  tomorrow. “ I didn’t get a dinner break either, what do you want to eat?” 

    While Tang Qiang rushes over to discuss the situation with Li Tian, in the villa Sara stands at the bottom of the stairs. Afraid she will be discovered she furtively glances around as she walks towards the empty living room. 

Zang Mingshun is in the shadows observing Sara’s movements, I didn’t think the little girl would have the nerve to try to escape from the Boss. Shit! All the women that tried to crawl into his bed… I can’t believe he’s fucking obsessed with the only one that doesn’t want him…and the little chick looks like she’s barely out of high school. 

   Sara wonders where the garage is located and if there would be any keys. This place is too far out in the country to get a cab at this time of night. I only counted three bodyguards and two went with Long An to the hospital.  I don’t hear anything, hopefully the bodyguard CEO Li left at the villa is sleeping.

She walks to the kitchen, usually the garage is located behind the utility area and I saw a hallway. Also, if the bodyguard hears me I can say I came down to get something to eat. She peeks around then goes down the adjoining hallway. Yes! There’s the garage!

Sara’s heart is pounding as she opens the door to the garage looking at the several cars inside. She begins to falter thinking about stealing one of his cars. Considering the alternative Sara boldly walks over to the least conspicuous car in the garage and tries  the door hoping the keys are in it. She has a self-deprecating laugh, of course it’s locked. I’m sure they all are, well… I need to get out of here, I will just have to see if  a taxi will come pick me up. Sara has an idea,  if I weren’t desperate I would never do this but I can’t trouble Mr. Navarre because he partners with Li Tian but maybe Patrick Sloan would come get me. He seems to dislike CEO Li . I can’t just obediently wait for the crazy man to come back and torture me. God knows how he plans on humiliating me next. He was so angry and out of control because I seduced him. I would rather be embarrassed by asking a man I just met for a favor then to subject myself to CEO Li’s abuse. That’s what I’ll do if he says no he says no it is at least worth a try. 

   Kang Mingshun wonders what Sara is doing in the garage because the car keys are still sitting on the coffee table. The keys to the other cars she would not find easily, they are hung in a hidden cabinet in the garage. Should I put the keys to the BMW on the kitchen counter so when she comes out of the garage she sees them?

   Sara leans on the car devising a plan if Patrick Sloan will pick her up at the villa. Really I could just wait in the living room and have him come to the door. What could CEO Li’s bodyguard do, say no you can’t leave? Hahaha..maybe I am just being too melodramatic because of what happened in the bedroom. She takes his business card out of her wallet and dials his number

   Patrick Sloan is standing  on his balcony that overlooks the city with a glass of wine in his hand thinking about the past when his phone rings. He doesn’t recognize the number so he ignores the call. Who would call me from an unknown number at this time of night? Feeling melancholic he drinks his wine then sets the glass down on a small wrought iron table. He leans against the railing carefully removing a worn photograph from his wallet of a beautiful young Chinese woman in a garden wearing a wedding dress. Zhao Ning, why didn’t you listen to me?  His phone rings again, annoyed when he sees it’s the same unknown number again he answers, “Oui.”

   Sara can tell by the tone of his voice he is irritated, speaking English Sara says, “I am very sorry to bother you at this time of night but I didn’t know who I could call.”

     When he recognizes Sara’s voice he softens his tone, “Miss Song, is there a problem?”  He is curious, we just met why would she call me instead of that bastard Li Tian or Julien.

   “Well yes.” She thinks it would be best to tell him a half-truth, “I am stranded at CEO Li’s villa outside Paris, he had to leave, his fiancee is in the hospital. I  don’t know anyone in Paris and I can’t get a taxi at this time of night. You may wonder why I didn’t call Mr. Navarre but because he has a working relationship with CEO Li   I wouldn’t want to put him in an awkward position. If it would be inconvenient for you I completely understand.” 

  “Not at all. Give me his address I will leave now.”

   Sara scrunches up her nose realizing she doesn’t know the address, “ Ahhh..hahaa I don’t know the address.”

   “ Don’t worry I can find it. I will call you when I’m on my way.”

   “ Thank you so much.” Relieved he will pick her up, Sara hangs up the phone confident that calling Patrick Sloan was the right decision. When he and CEO Li had a confrontation at Mr. Navare’s apartment he didn’t lose in terms of momentum to Li Tian at all and the enimity between them was obvious, so he is the perfect person. Okay, don’t panic if you see the bodyguard. He won’t know what’s going on until Mr. Sloan is at the door then there’s nothing he can do to prevent you from leaving.

    Suddenly not afraid anymore Sara walks out of the garage down the hallway to the kitchen.  He said he would call when he is on the way so it should be a while, I’m going to get something to eat. I’m starving. She opens up the  refrigerator and takes out a bottle of orange juice. Kang Mingshun watches Sara from around the corner. The little chick decided not to leave? I think she made the right decision, people that mess with the Boss don’t have a good ending.

After Sara finishes eating she drinks the rest of the orange juice, I wonder if Mr. Sloan found the address he hasn’t called yet. She stands up from the table, carrying the empty bowl to the sink she begins to worry, he said he would call when he was on his way. Washing the bowl she questions her decision about calling him, then shakes her head. He seems reliable, I’m not going to worry. I just wonder how much longer the CEO will be at the hospital. I don’t want any confrontation. Sara feels her phone vibrating in her pocket,  she dries her hands then takes out her phone. Smiling when she sees a text message that Patrick is on his way and will be at the villa shortly she softly says, “Yes!” then walks to the living room to wait for him. 

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  1. btw..Did CEO Li took any countermeasure with Sara ..I mean his bed activity … And I don’t think he is a guy who can considerate with his sex patner.. He did a lot of sex with other women but they are all under his arrangment so he can do whatever he want but no need to worry about their pregnecy …But sara is another story .. And he did a lot of sneaky attacked before and sara herself didn’t even realized it either.. Every single time he released inside her … 😖😖😖 I’m really worry about it…


    1. Sun Peizhi is in Catang City unaware of poor Sara’s plight lol..she will see him when she returns to the city. ( remember he is the hidden investor for her bakery cafe)


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