Long An

    Suddenly disturbed from his peaceful sleep Kang Mingshun instinctively pulls out his dagger from his sleeve putting the sharp edge on Tang Qiang’s neck. When he sees the person looming over him is his friend he pushes away the hand on his shoulder,”What the fuck Qiang!  Do you want to die?” 

   “The Boss said you got to answer the door.”

  Kang Mingshun put his dagger away, fully awake now he sits up. Black lines form on his forehead as he listens to the banging on the door and a woman’s high-pitched voice screeching outside.Glaring at his friend he curses, then through clenched teeth he spits out, “Asshole, why didn’t you just get the goddamn door? Did you have to fuckng wake me up?” Goddammit! I was having a good dream… surrounded by half naked beautiful women… sitting on the beach with nothing to do..The Blonde was massaging my temples while the Red-headed slut was handing me a beer while the third one was...He looks down at the slightly wet tent that formed in his pants. SHIT!

  “It’s the Boss’s crazy fiancee, Long An.”

  Kang Mingshun picks up his water bottle on the coffee table by the couch. Staring at Tang Qiang’s face he smirks, “Why do you have that stupid look on your face?”

  Tang Qiang’s face turns red, he doesn’t want to tell Kang Mingshun what happened between Long An and himself in the Presidential Suite. He holds up his half-empty beer, “ Cuz.. cuz I’m off and I don’t want to have to deal with any of her bullshit. You have seen how unreasonable she is when she is pissed off at the CEO. She’s a big pain in the ass. Just get the goddamn door before the Boss comes downstairs.I’m going back to my room, I was in the middle of watching a movie.” He hurries down the hallway hoping to avoid any uncomfortable interaction with Long An.

   Kang Mingshun reluctantly stands up from the leather couch and runs his fingers through his messy brown hair then stretches his long legs. He takes out his shirttail to cover up his erection.What is with Qiang? He looked more terrified than if he was facing a group of assassins. Kang Mingshun slowly walks across the living room to open the front door, when it opens Long An comes flying into the villa.Clutching the papers that Jiang Wenli faxed to her earlier at the Lattorio Hotel in Milan,she stomps across the marble floor. Her heels make a clicking sound as she angrily moves towards the living room. Her brown eyes are bloodshot as she screams. “ Where is the little bitch?” Not caring about her image she decides to find Song Sara and confront her. Think you can steal my man! You will pay for sedicing him! Long An storms over to the winding stairs leading up to the Master bedroom.O nce Tian sees this damning information he will get rid of that little whore! He might even kill Song Sara!

  Before she can take the first step Kang Mingshun blocks her way. He politely says, “Miss Long, CEO Li said he would meet you in the living room. You can’t go upstairs.”

  “Get out of my way!” She uses all her strength to try to push past him but he doesn’t budge at all. She puffs out her cheeks and puts her hands on her hips, “I’m warning you…If you want to keep your job you will get out of my way.” He looks down at the noisy woman in front of him and is tempted to pick her up by her scrawny neck and toss her into the living room, if you take one step up those stairs I will lose more than my job! Kang Mingshun’s face darkens, recalling when he first started the job as Li Tian’s personal bodyguard. He mistakenly listened to Long An’s gibberish convinced she was important to Li Tian .He allowed her to barge into Li Tian’s office where she proceeded to interrupt an important meeting spouting nonsense.Kang Mingshun shivers,the punishment is still vividly etched in his mind.

  He composes himself replying in a monotone, “Miss Long, please go have a seat.”

  She purses her lips while staring at Kang Mingshun’s hulking appearance. Dammit! With his broad chest and muscular body there is no way I will be able to make him move. Why didn’t I bring those idiots Giorgio and Gino or is it Nino..whatever.. Tomorrow I will have Mommy send me two bodyguards that are twice as big…no three times as big as this bastard! “Go get Tian then” She has a sinister smile as she glances at the crumpled documents in her hand. Once he reads this report he will toss out Song Sara, then I will send people to deal with the little slut so she can never appear in front of him again.

  “…” Kang Mingshun is out of patience, he wants to go to the bathroom to relieve himself.The annoying pest really doesn’t give up.He has a complicated expression while trying to decide what he should do with Long An.Should I just drag her to the living room and throw on the couch?

  When he doesn’t move she pulls on his thick arm trying to turn him around,  “What are you waiting for..go..”

  Li Tian stands at the top of the stairs irritated that she followed him to Paris. He has a harsh tone as he rebukes Kang Mingshun,  “Didn’t I tell you to have her wait in the living room.” He starts walking down the stairs, “ Long An, I told you not to come to  Paris. Mingshun, fix me a whiskey on the rocks.” Li Tian grabs the papers out of her hand and continues lazily walking down the stairs.“What’s this?”

  Long An stands on the step in a daze mesmerized by how incredibly handsome Li Tian looks wearng form fitting casual attire. He is wearing black athletic pants that accentuate his long muscular legs and a light gray Cashmere v-neck sweater that exposes a hint of his chest and hugs his eight pack. Although he still has a domineering aura he doesn’t look as cold and aloof as usual. He must have just got out of the shower his hair is still slightly damp and he didn’t comb it back.The way his hair hangs on his forehead is very sexy,  he looks unruly and wild. As he passes her on the stairs the scent of his shower gel drifts into her nose.She has been in love with him for as long as she can remember, believing he is the most handsome man she has ever seen. He is insanely wealthy… powerful and his looks are better than any male idol. Long An’s face shows a fierce look of determination, there is no way I’m going to let another woman have him. I will do whatever it takes to marry him.

  When he notices Long An still standing on the stairs he impatiently turns around.“Why are you still standing there?  Hurry up.” He wants to find out what she is up to then get rid of her quickly.If ot weren’t for his grandfather’s warning about the Zoning Commission he wouldn’t have even let her into the villa. I will listen to her nonsense then send her to the hotel. Picturing Sara curled up on the bed Li Tian wants to get back to the bedroom as soon as possible.  The image of Sara laying on the bed in his pajama top is lingering on his mind.

     Kang Mingshun hands Li Tian the glass of whisky as he begins to read the report. He assumes that the contents pertain to the Zoning Commission and his Waterfront Project.When he first saw Long An clutching the documents he figured her mother sent the paperwork to intimidate him when she heard he was sending her daughter home from Milan.

    Long An absent-mindedly follows him to the living room.Tian,when you read this report you will see that woman is no good. She doesn’t deserve you. Song Sara is nothing more than a dirty little gold digger.

    By the time Long An arrives in the living room he has already read the first page. He controls the rage brewing inside of him as he gulps down the whiskey. He is well aware Long An expects that he will lose his temper faced with this information.While he flips the pages of the investigation the grip on his glass tightens and his knuckles turn white. Hiding his jealous reaction, he crosses his long slender legs then smiles as he tosses  the report onto the coffee table.”You rushed all the way to Paris for this?”

    She picks the document off the glass table, “Tian ,did you read the third page? She has a mysterious backer who purchased the rooftop restaurant for her in your Waterfront Project’s Tower. Do you think any man would spend that much money if Song Sara wasn’t sleeping with him?”

   There is a turbulent storm brewing behind his dark eyes thinking about Song Sara in bed with another man. He wants to throw the glass in his hand at the wall listening to Long An chirping in his ear . It takes all of his internal energy to suppress the rage he feels right now. Li Tian wants to strangle Long An for giving him this information ruining his good mood. He wants to find the man and kill him while forcing Sara watch him die a miserable death. Restraining the urge to do either he smirks, “What do I care about who my assistant sleeps with? When we return to Catang City she will go back to the Zhou Group.”

  “But..but..Isn’t she here with you now? Didn’t you bring her to Paris with you?” She expected him to throw a fit when he read the report showing Song Sara has another man besides him.

  “Navarre brought her to Paris to model his Midnight Lovers Necklace at the International Jewelry Competition.” He doesn’t want to give her any reason to complain to her mother and his grandfather until he can get the pictures of her and Tang Qiang.

  Long An studies his face, he doesn’t look like he’s lying. but the way he treated the little bitch at the Bellini reception…

  “Where are you staying? I’ll have Kang Mingshun drive you back, then you can return to China tomorrow. I have work to do. There was a problem at LTJ Paris so I will be in France for a few days until after the jewelry competition.”

  She noticed the size of the villa, it should have several bedrooms. “Your villa is huge, I’ll just stay here with you.”

  “No, your mother wouldn’t approve.It would ruin your reputation.” 

   “Who would know?”

   “There could be a Paparazzi I’m doing an interview tomorrow.”

   Long An does like to maintain her pure reputation, “Well I’m going to stay in Paris for a few days so we can spend time together. I would love to see the International Jewelry Competition.I spoke to Grandpa Li  and he agrees.”

   “…”  He just wants Long An to leave so he can read the rest of the report then call Yang James. I need to find out who the bastard is that Song Sara is involved with it in Catong City.Could it be that mother f**** r Sun Zhi? His blood boils picturing her opening her slender legs allowing another man to taste her sweetnes. I need to block the sale of the rooftop restaurant…The only way she will get  that restaurant is if she becomes my woman. 

   “Kang Mingshun take Miss Long to her hotel.”  Li Tian walks to the bar getting another glass of whiskey and Tang Mingshun walks towards the door assuming Long An is following him. 

  Long An realizes she was overreacting because Li Tian didn’t seem to have any reaction to the investigative report. His tone is normal and he doesn’t seem angry at all. She glances at him as he takes a cigarette out of his pack. Knowing him he doesn’t want anyone to touch what belongs to him.  If Song Sara was his woman he wouldn’t be calm his temper would be out of control.  Why did I listen to that stupid Jiang Wenli she was just instigating a problem because her boyfried wanted the rooftop restaurant. Then again if Song Sara owns the restaurant she and Tian  will come into contact often. Dammit! She realizes it would be inappropriate for her to stay at his villa but doesn’t plan on returning to Cantang City. “I will go to the hotel but I expect you to pick me up tomorrow to go sightseeing. Grandpa Li told me to call him if you refuse to spend time with me.” She reluctantly picks up her purse to leave.

   Upstairs Sara wakes up and is very hungry.I wonder if it would be all right if I went down to the kitchen to see if I can find something to eat. Her mind still groggy from the after-effects of the aphrodisiac she doesn’t consider what she is wearing,the only thought on her mind is filling her empty stomach.

    When Sara is halfway down the stairs Long An notices her and becomes infuriated screaming, ” Tian! You liar!” Li Tian is across the spacious living room ignoring Long An, sipping the glass of whiskey thinking as soon as she leaves he will call Yang  James. When she  calls his name he doesn’t immediately look in her direction then he hears the commotion on the stairs. Before he can reach Long An she is already up the stairs grabbing Sara by her hair. Forcefully slapping Sara twice across the cheek while cursing her,”You dirty bitch! Shameless little whore!”

Stunned by Long An’s sudden attack Sara loses her balance as Long An yanks on her long black hair. Sara’s blue eyes cloud over with tears from the stinging pain on her face. Before her trembling hand can grasp the wrought iron railing, Sara’s foot in the oversized slipper slides off the marble step.


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