Too Rough

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   As he lays Sara down onto the luxurious bed she drowsily flutters her long black eyelashes while opening her hazy blue eyes. She seductively clings onto him looking like a lazy kitten that just woke up. “Don’t go.”

   Li Tian is momentarily dazed gazing at her charming and flirtatious expression. Sara’s sweet and innocent face glazes over with a seductive blush as she pleads with him. When he sees this expression he finds her exceptionally tempting and it brings out the beast in him. He wants to press her underneath his body and never let her go. He kisses her deeply as she wraps her arms tightly around his neck afraid he will leave. His lips curl up, “I’m only going into the bathroom to start a bath for you.”

    She reluctantly nods and in a soft voice responds, “ Umm..okay.” She woke up to a wave of heat running through her body and desperately needs him to relieve her distress.

 “I won’t be long.” He lightly brushes his fingers through her hair then  kisses her lips before he goes into the bathroom.

    Sara watches his back as he leaves and feels feverish. I am burning up…She takes off his suit coat then puts the collar to her nose smelling his distinct masculine fragrance. Her heart starts beating faster as the fire within her burns hotter. She fidgets while gripping the coat in her hands looking towards the bathroom.. I can’t wait… maybe a cold bath will help me feel better.I honestly feel like I’m going to dieee!  She quickly takes off her ripped dress then walks to the bathroom .

    When he hears the door open Li Tian looks that direction. Sara is standing in the doorway naked, her messy long black hair hanging down onto her snow white breasts. As his eyes travel down her seductive body he gulps. Sara is staring at him, her eyes filled with undisguised lust, her body is completely flushed red. She lifts her hair up, coquetishly biting her lower lip, “CEO Li..I… I am so hot.” then touches herself, her delicate plump breasts tremble and her pink buds become erect. Li Tian’s heart beats faster watching her enticing movements, her slender hands rubbing against her tender looking skin. He feels his body reacting to her wanton behavior.

   He stretches out his long arms pulling Sara into his embrace. His nose almost touches hers as he teases, “Naughty girl.” Li Tian leans down kissing  her soft lips as his hand roams down her curves. 

  They are both breathing heavily and Sara is moaning from his touch. Agitated from the effects of the aphrodisiac she begins unbuttoning his black silk shirt as he unbuckles his belt. He notices the spacious shower behind Sara and has a devilish grin on his handsome face. Sara’s body is quivering in anticipation as she frantically removes his shirt then boldly puts her hands on his strong waist as he unzips his pants. The feeling of her soft fingertips lightly brushing across his skin causes his Adam’s apple to roll up and down. He places her small hand on his growing manhood while kicking off his pants.

Li Tian’s heart is pounding in his chest as Sara takes the initiative to wrap her small hand around his thick shaft. He kisses her as Sara moves her hand up and down like he showed her last time. Getting aroused he continues kissing down her neck leaving red marks down to her delicate collarbone, then picks her up so her legs are wrapped around his waist. He takes Sara into the shower, holding one arm around her tiny waist he uses his free hand to press a silver button, warm water sprays down on them as he pushes her back to the blue tiled wall. 

   Li Tian can’t restrain his overwhelming desire when she tightens her thin arms around his neck. Sara’s blue eyes are sparkling as she eagerly presses her soft pink lips onto his, pushing her small tongue into his mouth. Holding her petite body wrapped around him, he tangles their tongues together savoring her delicious flavor. When they are both breathless he leans down suckng and biting on her snow white breasts. Tasting her sweetness he loses all self-control wanting to immediately bury himself deep inside of her alluring body. He holds her hips, spreading her petals he abruptly inserts his hardness and begins rhythmically thrusting in and out. Sara’s perky breasts bounce from his movements and both their breathing become heavy. He squeezes her soft round bottom as he continues to plunge deeper and deeper. The spray from the shower barely reaches them but when he notices water droplets hanging off Sara’s lush black eyelashes he puts her down from his embrace turning her body to face the wall.

Pressing his strong chest onto her back he pulls her tangled wet hair over her shoulder exposing her swan like neck. He kisses her feverishly while playing with her soft breasts. Sara can feel her heart thumping as he nibbles on her earlobe, “Baby, you are so beautiful.”  He slides his hand up between her slender legs spreading her thighs apart with his hot hand, then rubs her sensitive bud with his thumb.He expertly takes control of her body causing Sara to shudder and lewdly moan as a waves of intense pleasure travel down her body. He bends her over and her small hands firmly grip a small protruding ledge where the shower gel is located on the wet shower wall. She uncontrollably whimpers, “Ahh..ummm..” When the incrediblely strong sensation makes her body shudder, her beautiful face is turned sideways revealing her pink lips parted as she gasps. He notices some drool at the side of her mouth and her trembling from his touch, he shamelessly teases, ” So sensitive.”

Excited by Sara’s reaction and her seductive expression he can’t wait to feel his throbbing manhood back inside of her tight body. What a little hussy… Like a deranged beast he roughly penetrates her from behind plunging into Sara as far as he can. The sudden violent intrusion into her tight tunnel makes Sara scream in pain,  “Ughh..Ahh..Too big!” One hand is pressed on the shower wall, the other grips the small ledge as Li Tian ferociously rams into her depth ignoring her pleas. He slaps Sara’s perfectly round bottom leaving large red handprints on her tender white skin as he rampantly thrusts in and out at a furious pace. Sara can’t help but tense up when he slaps her bottom, “Owww! Ahh..Stop! Too rough!” A stinging pain radiates through her from head to toe from his rough treatment. Oblivious to her response he is caught up indulging his dark desires, he craves her unique pure essence. Greedily wanting Sara to release her pure yin so he can experience the euphoric feeling again he relentlessly penetrates deeper. Sara feels as if she’s being ripped apart and bites her red and swollen lip trying to control the urge to cry. Unable to hold back she cries out as tears form at the corner of her eyes, “Ahh, too fast..too fast..Mmnnn..stop…CEO…pleassse…”

   Panting heavily he has completely lost his mind as he ruthlessly drills deeper and collides with her sensitive spot.  When his huge hardness bangs into her walls, mixed with the pain is an indescribable sensation Sara has never experienced before. She quivers and can’t help but moan as her nectar uncontrollably flows out, “CEO…Ahhh..Ummm..Mmmm.”

  While he is wildly taking possession of Sara his mind is in chaos wanting to devour and absorb pure Sara’s yin. There is a touch of insanity reflected in his deep dark eyes, Little demoness..You are mine.. only mine.. He puts his hands on her breasts pinching her pink buds and bites her shoulder as he moves inside of her like an insatiable demon without any conscious. When he can’t hold back any longer he growls, releasing his seed deep within Sara’s wet tunnel, mixing her pure yin with his dark yang. When he reaches the heavens his body convulses from the extreme ecstasy. In a trancelike state he doesn’t want to leave her body, he tightens his arms around her and buries his face in her neck. Addicted to her sweet body his eyes have a strange gleam, You can never leave me Song Sara..I won’t ever let you go. When he finally returns to reality he pulls out then turns Sara around to face him. Hugging her tightly he affectionately kisses her red and swollen lips. He has a determined look on his face as he carresses her cheek.Staring at her beautiful face his mind drifts back to waking up at the Inn and Sara was gone. You are my woman. Don’t think you can run away from me again.  

   Feeling as though she is about to pass out from his merciless attacks Sara’s legs are weak and her body is shaking. She can only cling to him so she doesn’t fall down. He takes a washcloth and begins to wash Sara’s limp body.

  Li Tian has a satisfied smile gazing at her exhausted appearance. “Tired?”


   He chuckles as he puts shower gel on the washcloth and teases, “ Who told you to drink?”

   Sarah doesn’t have any energy to respond, if I had known alcohol would activate the aphrodisiac I certainly wouldn’t have had any wine!

 When they finish showering he wraps a towel around Sara then carries her to the bed. Once she lays down on the comfortable bed Sara closes her eyes unable to stay awake.  Li Tian takes out a pair of his pajamas from a drawer then gently puts the  gray silk pajama top on her. Seeing how big the top is on her petite body he decides not to bother with the  pajama bottoms.

   In a good mood and feeling relaxed he is about to get into the bed with Sara when his phone rings. He grabs the phone off the desk.What the fuck does he want. “Speak.” 

  Tang Qiang just opened a beer and was about to watch a movie when there was someone banging on the front door. He couldn’t believe his eyes when he looked at who it was on the monitor. Not that psycho bitch …Fucking Long An! “Boss,there is a problem.Miss Long is at the door and she won’t leave.”

  “Get rid of her.”

  “I tried. She said if you don’t let her in you can kiss the Waterfront Project good bye . She was waving some papers around.”

  “Have her fucking wait in the living room.” Fucking shit! How did she find this villa!

Tang Qiang takes a big gulp of his beer, I can’t let that crazy woman see me after what happened between us in Milan! She will start bitching and throwing shit! “Hey! Kang Mingshun! ” He is half asleep on the couch, “The Boss said for you to let Long An come in. Have her wait in living room. I’m off duty.”



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