Uncle Xinghi Arrives

   Xinghi and Dr. Woo walk down the hallway to Dr. Silva’s office, as they arrive at the door Xinghi says, “Let me do the talking.”

  “Do you think he will agree?”

  “I can persuade him. He admires my work and considers me a genius..haha..”


  Dr. Silva has just showered and is putting on a fresh set of clothes when he hears a knock at the door. He walks out into his office after he adjusts his blue and gray silk tie, he sits at his desk, “Come in.”

  He looks surprised when the two men enter the office. I don’t have any appointments on my calendar for this morning. “ Can I help you gentlemen?”

  Xinghi wears his latest face mask that is virtually undetectable so it is no wonder Dr. Silva doesn’t recognize him. He moves closer to Dr. Piero and in a low voice informs him of his identity, “Piero, I am Xinghi. You know I can’t travel freely.” He holds up his visitor’s badge. “Please call me Jiang Shiting.” 

   Dr. Silva has an astonished expression,  “I didn’t expect you until later this afternoon.” 

   “Well after you described the patient’s injuries I felt she would be a good candidate for my experimental treatment. I didn’t want to waste time. Of course I will get the patient’s permission first. You said she is a young girl who was shot in the head and shoulder?”

  “Yes, the patient came through the operation well and the last I checked on her before the end of my shift she was stable.”

  “Did you use your latest nanobot during the operation?”

  “No, I felt it would be premature since the process to certify its effectiveness hasn’t been completed.”

  “Can I see the patient’s chart?”

  “Of course.” He brings up LiMei’s information on his laptop turning it in Xinghi’s direction then stares at Dr. Woo thinking he looks familiar, “Who is your associate?’

  Xinghi introduces him, “This is Dr.Woo,he has been working with me in the development of the experimental drug.” He doesn’t want to say LiMei underwent regeneration therapy and the Phoenix Breath Serum drug will merely stimulate and quicken the process. “I have full confidence that the drug therapy will hasten her recovery time.”

     Dr. Woo stands silently listening to Xinghi lie without batting an eye.He is well aware LiMei has already received the injection from Dr. Lumbert. What if Dr. Silva wants to watch Xinghi administer the Phoenix Breath Serum. He has no clue that Xinghi has considered this possibility. Xinghi knows Dr. Silva is open to innovation but cautious when it comes to implicating Blessed Spirit Hospital. If that weren’t the case he wouldn’t wait to use his new nanobot until it was cleared for mainstream use.

    Dr. Silva has to consider the hospital, if anything went amiss they could be held liable.”You know I respect your abilities but…” Xinghi interrupts him, “I am aware my methods are controversial and wouldn’t expect you to put the hospital at risk. I propose to move her to my associate Dr. Lumbert’s Private Clinic for the patient to receive the treatment and recuperate.”

  While waiting for Dr. Silva to make a decision the phone rings. When Dr. Silva answers he frowns, “Brother, what can I do for you?”

  His brother raises his voice, he woke up this morning to a call from his grandfather. “Did you perform an operation on a young woman last night who had a gunshot wound! Brought in by fucking Nikolai Naralov!”

  “Obviously you are aware I did.”

  “Do you know the problems that could cause our hospital’s reputation if the media found out we treated a gangster’s whore! Grandfather called me this morning furious over the matter.”

   “How the hell did Grandfather find out?” He shakes his head, Of course… he has spies among the staff. “I had no choice except to perform emergency surgery. The patient was in critical condition.”

  “I want her out of the hospital now! Before any media outlets looking for a sordid story find out Naralov’s little girlfriend is here.”

  Dr. Silva tightens the grip on the phone then looks up at Xinghi, if she can be safely moved I can avoid a confrontation with Grandfather. Unfortunately I need his financial support for my research. Dammit!

 He continues speaking with his brother, “ If the patient can be safely relocated to another facility I will do it. But, if it will endanger her recovery I won’t agree to it. If the woman suffers any serious setbacks or dies, it would be dangerous for the hospital in more ways than one. Nikolai Naralov seemed very attached to the patient. I will check and get back to you.”

 Dr. Silva’s face darkens as he hangs up the phone. He looks at Xinghi with a serious expression, “Well I’m sure you caught the gist of that phone call. If Feng LiMei agrees and it is safe to move her after I check her condition I will release her into your care. But, if I deem it medically necessary for her to remain in this hospital I won’t be swayed by you or my brother.”

  Dr. Woo has a faint smile,  as to be expected Xinghi isn’t one to leave something to chance. The sly fox hedged his bet by alerting Dr. Silva’s grandfather Feng LiMei had a gunshot wound and was brought in by Nikolai Naralov. He didn’t mention Henri Armand was there or that she is Qiao Rui’s fiancee. 

 Dr. Silva stands up, “Well, let’s go see how she’s doing. Will you be in town long? I would like to show you the new research facility. “

  “If no unforeseen complications arise in Milan, I should be here until at least the end of the week.I would like to see the new research facility and the progress you’ve made with nanobots.” 

   When they arrive at the elevator  the door opens, Doctor Turino greets Dr. Silva, “I thought you went home. “

   “I slept in my office. Have you seen my brother?” He wonders if she told him about Feng LiMei.

   “No. I haven’t seen him since last week. I thought he was in the Maldives with that German woman.”

   He doesn’t respond and when the elevator opens  the three men exit the elevator. Dr Turino gives him a strange look as she watches him leave.She didn’t recognize the two men with him and is curious  why he suddenly asked about his brother. 

 “Piero, why do you still work in your family’s Hospital? If you devoted more time to your research I think you could make a breakthrough with the additional time to devote to your projects.”

  “I have considered it but I do owe my Grandfather. Also,I enjoy performing intricate brain surgery.I feel it would be a waste of my skill to simply do research.”

   Dr.Silva opens the door to LiMei’s room and they see the empty bed. He has an angry expression on his face. Instinctively he looks towards the side room where he sees a faint light coming through from under the side room’s door. The arrogant bastard wouldn’t have put the girl in his bed would he… she is recuperating from fucking brain surgery!

   Xinghi and Dr. Woo follow him as he angrily strides across the room.He opens the door to see LiMei curled into Rui’s embrace, his arm is resting across her waist and her leg is wrapped over his thigh. Both are sound asleep and don’t stir when the door is opened.

  “…” All three of the men stand there staring at the couple on the bed.

    When Dr. Silva doesn’t move Dr. Woo slowly strides over to the bed then taps Rui on the shoulder to wake him up. Rui slowly opens his eyes, “Xixin? What are you doing here?” Then he notices LiMei wrapped around him and he smiles as he lifts his arm from her slender waist. He moves her leg and sits up when he sees Dr. Silva and Xinghi by the bed he raises an eyebrow. Who is the other man with Dr. Silva? Rui runs his fingers through his messy black hair trying to recall how LiMei got into the bed with him. He lovingly gazes at her beautiful face as she sleeps, then black lines form on his forehead that his time with LiMei is interrupted by their intrusion.

  Furious LiMei isn’t in the hospital bed Dr. Silva suppresses his anger and quietly says in a deep voice, “You are a doctor why…” Before he says anything else Xinghi stops him knowing Rui’s temper could flare at any moment and that could present a problem.

  Dr. Woo has a tacit agreement with Xinghi he will handle Rui. “Rui, if Feng LiMei is up to it we  are going to move her to a facility that can better deal with her injuries.”

  Rui trusts Dr. Woo implicitly and nods, he glares at Dr. Silva, “I know what you are thinking but LiMei came into my bed while I was sleeping.”

  LiMei hasn’t stirred and Rui walks around the bed and lifts her into his arms. He gently kisses her on the forehead as he carries her to the hospital bed to be examined.

  Dr. Silva has a confused look on his face, so she didn’t lose her short term  memory? She recognizes Qiao Rui? As Rui carefully places her onto the bed Dr. Silva can’t resist asking, “So the patient remembers you… as her fiance?” If so that would be unusual for a patient after being injured in that particular area of the brain.

  Rui doesn’t hesitate to answer although he is rather sure LiMei doesn’t totally remember him, she did willingly come to his bed. “Yes.” Then he possessively kisses her lips and brushes her hair behind her ear with his finger.

Before Dr. Silva examines LiMei he remarks to Xinghi,“I would like to accompany you to Dr. Lumbert’s Private Clinic and follow Miss Feng’s progress.”

    “…” Xinghi can’t refuse, “Do you know where the Clinic is located?”

   “I am familiar with the area but have never been to the Clinic. Is it off Corso Venezia behind the park?”


   “Let me check the patient to see if she can be moved.” Dr. Silva checks her vitals then as he opens her eyes to check her pupil LiMei suddenly awakens pushing Dr. Silva’s hand away, “Wh..what are you doing? Where am I?” She looks around at the unfamiliar faces then touches her head. That’s right I am in the hospital. LiMei takes a deep breath and composes herself, smiling she stares at Dr. Silva,“Ahh..sorry I was disoriented for a minute.”

  “Miss Feng, I am Dr. Silva, I performed your surgery, this is Dr. Jiang and Dr. Woo, and of course you know Dr. Qiao.” He watches LiMei to see if she actually remembers Rui. She has a shy smile, “Thank you Dr. Silva for saving me.Sorry you can continue your examination.” Who are these other doctors? Why are they all looking at me with such weird expressions? Still no Kuang Bo..what a jerk leaving me here to fend for myself. I will just try not to say anything ..I felt Dr. Silva’s eyes were probing me when he said of course you know Dr. Qiao… keep it together LiMei..

   Dr. Silva completes his examination then asks LiMei some questions about her pain level and if she is experiencing headaches or memory problems. When she answers she admits her head is throbbing and her shoulder hurts but denies having any memory problems. He is satisfied she won’t be in danger if she is moved and gives his permission to transfer her immediately to Dr. Lumbert’s Clinic. He then asks LiMei, “Miss Feng, do you have a problem with being transferred to a different clinic? They are more suitable to take care of your recovery.”

   Rui has been listening to the three of them discuss her situation and since Dr. Woo knows Dr. Jiang and recommends the transfer he doesn’t object. He still wonders why Dr. Woo is in Milan but decides he will wait to question him. For some reason Dr. Jiang seems familiar but he can’t place where he might have met him before. Maybe at a Medical Conference…Hmmm..

  LiMei hesitates then looking at Dr. Jiang he gives her a signal that only she, Kuang Bo and Xinghi know. Relieved that he is  Xinghi in disguise, her expression changes and she readily agrees. Oh my God he is Uncle Xinghi, I am saved! Kuang Bo must have sent him! Uncle will never let anything happen to me! That is one of his best face masks I have ever seen! If he didn’t give me the secret sign I never would have guessed.. I’m saved! But Kuang Bo I am still mad at you!

Outside the Blessed Spirit Hospital four rough looking men sit in a black Land Rover. The driver is on the phone while looking at a photograph in his hand, “Are you positive the woman in the photo is fucking 456?”

“Positive and she is fucking Naralov’s girlfriend. The Boss gets a two for one when you grab the little guinea pig.”

“You are sure they are moving 456 to that asshole Lumbert’s Clinic?”

“Positive. My source is very reliable.”

The driver takes a gulp of his coffee, “All we need to do is deliver the bitch ..nothing else?”

“Fucking shit! What is with all the goddam questions!”

“Hey Louie, man.. I just got out of fucking prison! I don’t want to go back even if I owe you a goddam favor I ain’t fuckin whackin nobody!”

The man on the phone scratches his beard, he sounds impatient, “How many times do I gotta tell ya.. you just need to deliver the woman to the Boss then we are square. I won’t never ask ya for nothin again.”

The driver nervously looks at his watch, “It’s fucking freezin out tonight… Okay your contact told ya she will be in ambulance coming out from the back of the hospital?”

“Yeah. Fucking grab 456 before they get to the Clinic less trouble if Lumbert’s not involved.. He spits out a wad of tobacco then winks at a man standing nearby giving him a thumbs up.

“Gotcha.” The driver hangs up and finishes his coffee then crushes the paper cup tossing it outside. Fuck it’s cold tonight!

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  1. Ahh!! The action is about to begin!!! Lol, everyone’s response to seeing Rui and LiMei in bed together was priceless 🤣👏🏽! And I find it just golden, how Nikolai has now taken the role of LiMei’s ‘star of doom’ from Chen Jianyu 😂😂!


  2. Lol true, but he hasn’t caused her this much trouble since she got shot during the auction. And Nikolai beats him out since she got shot twice because of him, nearly sold off for his schemes and now is a target of a Chronus, not only because she the Subject 456, but also because she Nikolai’s ‘girlfriend’. Oh and she got kicked out of the hospital because people have mistaken her for his girlfriend 😅!! I feel like Leng Shuai is a much safer disaster star at this point.


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