Man Behind Viktor

    Nikolai finishes speaking with Sun Zhi, “Zhi, I look forward to our cooperation”

    “Niko, as long as you follow through with the plans as we discussed, I will invest. Should anything change before the signing of the contract I won’t hesitate to cancel our agreement. I won’t be involved if you still have any ties to the Naralov Family.”

  “Trust me I have no intention of remaining a part of my father’s despicable family, as of this evening all relationships have been severed.”

 “What about your engagement to Martina Rushnikov?”

  Nikolai laughs thinking about Martina killing her father. “She is no longer my fiancee. As a matter of fact soon..well… nevermind.. Haha..should we have a drink to celebrate our partnership?”

  Sun Zhi looks at his watch wondering what the girl he likes is doing. “I don’t have time but I will see you in Catang City next week. Remember my investment hinges on two things, no illegal activity and you don’t disclose I am your silent partner. I will have a reliable third party handle the arrangements.” He pats Nikolai on his shoulder, “I am happy to see you break away from your family and pursue a life as a legitimate businessman.” Sun Zhi has a faint smile on his handsome face remembering Nikolai when they were in school in England together. Breaking away from Viktor is something Nikolai should have done when we graduated. The man never treated Nikolai as a son the way a father should. “I’m looking forward to seeing the look on Diego’s face when he finds out you stole Crescent Moon Productions out from under him. ”

  Nikolai is in a good mood as he leans back in the seat. “Diego will regret hesitating. But,that is his problem he let the opportunity slip away delaying his entrance into the Asian market.”

   Sun Zhi gets out of Nikolai’s car, “I’m leaving, see you in Catang.”

    Satisfied now that he and Sun Zhi reached an agreement Nikolai lights a cigarette, now I will be finally free.  He starts the car to drive back to the hospital to see LiMei when his phone rings. He glances at the caller, “Is it done?”

   Anton only a moment ago finished talking to the two bodyguards outside the door who were supposed to bring old man Rushnikov to the room. He looks at Martina and Ivan sitting nervously on the bed then at Karin. She is passed out on the floor covered with a quilt Ivan tossed over her naked body. Anton steps out onto the balcony,”Boss, old man Rushnikov disappeared after the auction, he never exited with the other men.”

  Nikolai believes the two bodyguards because they could have fled rather than returning to report to Anton. He frowns, “Let me talk to one of the bodyguards.”

  Anton walks back outside the room, as he does Ivan stops Martina as she is about to say something as the door shuts. “Wait.”

  The bodyguard takes the phone from Anton and he sounds anxious, “Mr. Naralov, we waited outside like you said but Mr. Rushnikov didn’t exit, neither did his brother.”

  “Give the phone to Anton and wait for his instructions.”

   The bodyguard’s hands are sweaty as he hands the phone back. Anton has a puzzled expression on his face, “Boss, what do you want me to do.”

   Nikolai tightens his grip on the steering wheel, he just promised Sun Zhi he wouldn’t engage in any illegal activities. He slams his hand down, Motherf***er! I can’t let Martina go for harming the Little Assassin! He has an idea, “Knock out Ivan put him in bed with Karin. Tell Martina’s bodyguards to take Martina to Diego Bellini, tell them to say she is a gift from me.” My guess is he already has her father and uncle for disrupting his auction.  “Once done meet me at the Blessed Spirit Hospital.”

   Anton tells the bodyguards what to do and the three of them go back into the room. Martina’s bodyguards without speaking grab Martina, she resists while clutching onto Ivan’s arm. Terrified she screams, “What are you doing! Nikolai said we need to wait for Daddy.” When they were alone in the room Ivan said that their father definitely would bring his hidden guards and she would be rescued.

  They drag Martina kicking and screaming out the door as she pleads with Ivan to help. He ignores Martina only selfishly worried about himself, crossing his long legs he calmly says, “Anton, call Nikolai I want to speak with him.”

  Anton plans on following Nikolai’s instructions, “Nyet.”

  “Don’t you think Nikolai would like to know Viktor’s plans?”

  Anton momentarily hesitates, Nikolai’s father is a treacherous man. When I went to the hotel he seemed too confident even though he was imprisoned in his room by Nikolai.

  Ivan studies Anton’s expression, noticing he is wavering, “It wouldn’t hurt to at least call Nikolai, if he doesn’t want the information, only wasted five minutes. If he doesn’t listen he could lose his life this time instead of simply being imprisoned.”

  “Asshole if you are lying, your fate will be worse.” Anton has known Ivan since they were boys and doesn’t like him. The way Ivan watched as his sister was taken away without even a ripple of compassion across his face. He shakes his head, such a weasel..coward.

  “I have no reason to lie. I want to save my ass, fuck those two old men.”

 Nikolai finishes his cigarette then tosses it out the open window. I will let Madame Olga deal with hands will be clean. His phone rings, “Is there a problem?”

  “Well no. But..” He looks at Ivan’s smug expression, “Ivan says he has information about Viktor.”

  “ANTON! Viktor is locked in the hotel room surrounded by my guards. What can he do?”

  “Niko, I mean Boss, I think you should listen.”

  “Give the bastard the phone.”

  Ivan takes the phone from Anton, “First we need to negotiate.”

  “You aren’t in a position to. If the information you have is of use I won’t call Madame Olga and tell her you raped her precious daughter.”

  “If anything Karin raped me.” Ivan laughs looking at Karin sprawled on the floor barely covered by a cover. “You and I have never had enmity, I had nothing to do with my idiot sister sending someone to kill your girlfriend.”

  “I still have my doubts about the warehouse.”

  “Once again I was in New York and had nothing to do with the old man’s plan.”

  “Spit it out what about Viktor.”

  “Nikolai, I know you are a man of your word so tell me I can walk out of this room unscathed and I will gladly tell you what I know.”

   “It better be worthwhile.”

  “Definitely is. Do you want to know who was behind Viktor and my father wanting you imprisoned in that Bosnian hell hole?”


  “The head of the Chronus Organization hates you for some reason and wants you to live a life worse than death. He bribed Viktor and pulled my father into it, to be honest my old man didn’t want to cooperate but no one can say no to that megalomaniac. He thought you would rot inside that rat infested cesspool for years.”

  “I have never had any dealings with the Chronus Organization. I don’t believe you.” He takes out another cigarette from his pack, “This is something that would be difficult to check, you are trying to buy time.”

  “You want to leave your family right? Cut ties? Become a legitimate businessman? Viktor plans to secretly release information about your Underworld dealings, complete with the list of assassinations attributed to you when you announce whatever company you purchase. You know… let someone rise to the clouds then watch them fall.”


  “You heard me. I was in the next room when Viktor was laughing telling my father after you escaped you told him you wanted to take over the family so you could reorganize the Naralov Organization right? He said he didn’t have to worry about you because an extremely powerful man had his back and would never let that happen. 

  Nikolai’s face blackens and he is about to explode in rage listening to Ivan. He restrains his murderous aura and sarcastically replies, “So you had this information for a month and never thought to contact me? The person who dove into the freezing Volga River and saved your sorry ass from drowning when we were ten?”

  “Niko, I’m not going to lie, I believe in this life it is every man for himself. Do I want to make an enemy of the head of Chronos by telling you what I know? Absolutely not. But to save myself from Madame Olga I will take the chance by telling you. It is self preservation, nothing more… nothing less. I know when this slut wakes up to preserve her innocent image in front of her crazy mother Olga she will definitely say I raped her. When the reality the drugged up bitch was hanging on my body like a Koala bear with her hand on my d*ck begging me to fuck her all night.”

  Nikolai knows Ivan’s personality well so he knows he is telling the truth. “You are an asshole but you don’t pretend to be otherwise..haha..”

  “So I can go?”

  “Forget we had this conversation.”


  “Give Anton the phone.”

  “Let him go. Put Karin on the bed Pick up Mikhail and meet me in the lobby of the hotel.” 

  Anton hangs up the phone then has a disgusted look on his face as he tells Ivan, “You can go.” What a piece of shit! No sense of loyalty at all, just worried about saving his own skin.

  Ivan ignores his disdainful tone and picks up his tie off the floor and puts on his shoes. When he reaches the door he impulsively turns around, “Remind Niko to neutralize the Chronus Organization or he won’t live a good life.”

  Anton nods as the door closes.  Hmmm..The Chronus Organization. He looks down and scowls as he picks up Karin. What a fat cow!

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