I’m Sorry

    Andrea enters the VIP room carrying a tray with the dishes Rui ordered for LiMei. He smiles when he notices LiMei’s eyes light up as she excitedly looks at the food on the tray. The little girl really does love to eat . When his cold expression softens both LiMei and Andrea stare at the obviously pampering look on his face.

  Facing the nurse his expression becomes indifferent again, in a monotone voice he tells her to put the food on the side table close to the bed. “Leave. I will feed her.”

   Andrea’s face shows her obvious disappointment, her plan was to stay and help LiMei so she can spend time with Rui. Instantly regaining her composure she complies and walks towards the door. After his cold treatment of her earlier she is aware of his aloof temperament and wants to avoid unnecesarily irritating him. I will have time to find a way to seduce him. I shouldn’t rush. She turns around and politely warns him, “It is very hot so be careful.”

   LiMei has a confused expression: she was sure the coquettish nurse would find a way to stay. You obviously like him, why are you giving up so easily? LiMei watches the nurse’s back as she leaves then turns to Rui, “I can use my left hand if you move the tray in front of me.”

   Rui has already picked up the bowl, “Let me.” LiMei is too hungry and doesn’t want to be out of character if she is in a romantic relationship with him. She observes him with his head lowered scooping up some of the steaming porridge. He really is an incredibly handsome man. Those long black eyelashes slightly curled covering his dark eyes  and those thin lips..definitely sexy. He looks up to see LiMei staring at him with an intense gaze, he doesn’t say anything but he blows on the spoonful of porridge and brings it to her lips. She obediently opens her mouth while nervously wondering why he is taking such good care of her.

  LiMei decides to not to converse with him afraid she will make a misstep. Kuang Bo taught her if she isn’t sure what to say to remain quiet and observe the situation. Rui notices her awkward expression but quietly feeds her, occasionally wiping the corners of her mouth with a napkin. When she finishes she sighs and rubs her stomach with her hand, “So full.”

  Rui is reminded of the first time they had a meal together in the garden of his hospital in Pushong City, at the time he thought she looked like a satisfied kitten. He pushes the call button for the nurse to retrieve the empty dishes. LiMei seems distant and he doesn’t like the feeling. Reaching over he gently brushes the loose hair on her cheek back behind her ear. He has a serious expression on his face and his deep voice is tinged with heartache, “You don’t remember me, do you?” When she doesn’t answer and gazes at him with a complicated expression he holds her in his arms. Gently lifting her chin his dark eyes filled with desperation lock on hers. Filled with pain they seem to suck her soul out. “ I love you LiMei..you can’t forget..you love me..”

  Looking into his bottomless dark eyes LiMei doesn’t feel like lying in the face of his sincerity. Whatever the mission this man appears to genuinely care for me. I don’t think I have the mental energy to keep pretending. I have so many questions and my head is buzzing with different images flashing across my mind. 

  “I’m..I’m sorry…” LiMei doesn’t know why but when she sees the undisguised sadness in his eyes at this moment her heart tightens. She experiences a sharp pain in her chest and tears form in her eyes. Suddenly her face pales and she falls unconscious.

“LiMei!  LiMei!”

  He lays her on the pillow then immediately checks the heart monitor and takes her pulse both are in normal range and her breathing is normal. He opens her eyes and her pupils constrict so he breathes a sigh of relief. Forcing LiMei to be honest with me; it must have been too much of a shock for her mind to handle. But he has been thinking of LiMei night and day since she disappeared and his mental state is not good. Crushed she has amnesia his mind is in turmoil and he loses his rationality. I will take you back to my hospital immediately. I will make you remember me LiMei! 

   Rui glances at LiMei then takes his phone out of his pocket as he walks into the side room. Sitting on the edge of the bed he calls Ming Jian.  “I want my plane ready to leave in an hour. I am taking Feng LiMei to my hospital in Pushong City.” 

  Ming Jian was sound asleep and it takes him a minute to respond. “ Boss, the little chick..she can be moved so soon?” Didn’t the tell me she just get out of surgery last night?

  Rui’s face darkens, “Forget it.” He hangs up the phone and rubs his temples. Dammit! LiMei shouldn’t be moved yet. He runs his fingers through his hair, I can’t think straight. He lays back on the bed and his eyes slowly close.

  LiMei wakes up and looks around, the dirty dishes are gone and no one is in the room. Where did the handsome man go? The last thing she remembers is telling him sorry. Maybe he left afterwards. She yawns, I feel much better than before I went to sleep. I barely have any pain and although it feels stiff I seem to be able to move my shoulder. She slowly gets off the bed and walks to the bathroom. Sitting on the toilet she tries to piece together the fragments of her memories.Nope..Nothing about that handsome man. But why did my body react to him, his touch felt calming and familiar.  She gets up and washes her hands in the sink, afterwards she looks in the mirror. When is Kuang Bo going to come to find me? 

   When she leaves the bathroom she walks to the side room where Rui is sound asleep on the bed. Curious she quietly enters the room, if I could look at his identification I would at least have an idea of who this man is, maybe his name will trigger a memory. She slowly approaches the bed, standing over him she is momentarily mesmerized by his face. It wouldn’t be a stretch to call this man beautiful. Distracted by his flawless features she has the urge to touch his hair that is messy and hanging onto his forehead. She smiles reaching out a slender finger then hestitates, retracting her hand she sighs, I need to check his identity, his wallet is probably in his back pocket. 

   She carefully slips her small hand under his back feeling around for his wallet in his back pocket. Yes! Once she has the black leather wallet she silently steps away from the bed. Looking in it she pulls out his ID,  Dr.Qiao Rui..hmm..he is a doctor.. A few business cards, CEO of Qiao Corporation.he has a black card.. looks like he is super rich. ..well I guess if he is a doctor and a CEO. Does the mission have something to do with this Qiao Corporation? LiMei glances over at Rui, he doesn’t seem like a corrupt businessman.

   Leaning over Rui to put the wallet back her body brushes against his and he reacts. Reaching his arm wrapping it around her thin waist he pulls her onto the bed. In a deep sleep he hugs LiMei to his chest. When she attempts to wiggle out of his strong arms, without opening his eyes he whispers, “Be good. Sleep.”

    Inhaling Rui’s distinct scent LiMei comfortably rests her head on his broad chest as though she has been intimately held by him before. He smells so good..She listens to his heartbeat and instinctively nestles into his warm chest. A strange tingling sensation goes through her body and her heart is messy. This feels so right..Although I don’t remember him my body is naturally responding. LiMei can’t resist and runs her finger over Rui’s cheek and across his lips, I need to know…


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