In Hospital Room

    LiMei feigns sleep hoping the handsome man who is gently holding onto her hand will leave soon. I don’t know how much longer I can keep up does pretense, my nose is itchy. Rui watches her subtle movements as she scrunches up her nose, Rui’s his lips curl up, he can tell that she is awake. Still pretending? He tries to coax her, “Baby, I know it was my fault please forgive me.” He is about to lean down to kiss LiMei  when the door opens and two nurses enter the room.

    One of the nurses approaches him, her eyes light up when she sees his flawless face. She sweetly says, “We are here to move the patient to the VIP floor.” She sighs while staring at Rui, my God he looks like a celebrity.

   The other nurse takes the IV bag off of the stand to hook on the side of the bed. When she finishes Rui has a doting tone instructing her, “Be careful not to jostle her when you move the bed. I will come with you.”

   Once they arrive at the VIP room Rui looks around satisfied, the room is spacious, there are a few landscape paintings on the creme colored walls and the large windows will allow natural sunlight to brighten the room during the day. The flowers and color scheme have a calming effect and the side room with a bed looks comfortable. Much better than the cramped room LiMei was in previously.

   He gently fixes the covers over LiMei then tells the nurse who is staring at him with an intense gaze, “You can leave.”

  She snaps out of her daze, “You can use the call button if you need anything and I will come immediately.”

  He has a cold expression on his face, “En.”  Annoying woman. How many nurses have I seen with that look on their face , so obvious.

  When the two nurses leave, as they walk down the hallway the dark haired nurse who is interested in Rui excitedly pulls on her friend’s sleeve. “ Bea, did you see how handsome that man is?”

   “Andrea, don’t get any ideas. Did you see the affectionate way he was looking at the woman. I don’t think you will have a chance. You will just get yourself in trouble.”

  “I overheard Dr. Silva say she might have amnesia when she wakes up. She might not even recognize him.”

  As they continue walking Bea laughs, “This isn’t one of those dramas you watch. The inredibly handsome male lead falls in love with the caring nurse because he is devastated his wife no longer recognizes him.”

  “I could easily play the part of the beautiful villainess and break them up. He is so good looking and must be extremely wealthy. I also heard him say he would buy the hospital if he wasn’t allowed to be with the patient.”

  “You idiot doesn’t that tell you something? That right there shows he obviously is deeply in love with the patient.” I don’t want to say this but the woman in the bed looks like a beautiful fairy. You are pretty but there is no comparison.

  They get closer to the nurses’ desk and Andrea confidently says, “He is the most handsome man I have ever seen. I want him. I will get him.”

  Neither nurse notices a tall man who exited the elevator a moment ago. When he hears their conversation he raises his eyebrow, with a devilish grin he sarcastically comments, “You don’t have the ability.”

  Startled Andrea blurts out, “It is impolite to eavesdrop!”

  “I think scheming to take a man from a woman in a coma might be considered more impolite don’t you think?” He glances at Bea whose face is red and is trying to distance herself from Andrea.

  Undeterred Andrea gives him a dirty look, “This VIP floor is restricted how did you come up here anyway.”

  Henri Armand waves his visitor badge then lazily walks down the hallway towards LiMei’s room.

    They are getting close to the nurses’ desk so Bea pulls Andrea over to the side, checking to make sure the older nurse at the desk can’t hear. Worried she can feel her palms getting sweaty,  “What if that man says something? You will be suspended! You know the rules!”

   Andrea sneers watching him enter LiMei’s room. “He won’t say anything.”

  “How do you know?”

  She has a smug expression, “It is the middle of the night and he is going to visit her, his name badge has a different surname so he isn’t a relative. The arrogant man likes the patient too. I could tell from the look on his face when he said ‘ you don’t have the ability.’ he has a high opinion of the woman.”

  Bea thinks about what she said, makes sense but I don’t want any fallout. “Just don’t get involved, aren’t you seeing the x-ray technician on the third floor?”

  Andrea smoothes her hair, “I am, but that doesn’t mean I am not looking for a rich man. I don’t want to work twelve hour shifts for the rest of my life. Why do you think I spent so much energy sucking up to that bitch Dr. Tuirino so I could get moved to the VIP floor?”

They walk behind the desk and sit down. Andrea tells the woman looking at the computer, “The patient in room 8906 requested me as her personal nurse.”

Bea shakes her head listening to her friend lying, then asks the older nurse. “I’m going to the snack room do you want anything?”

“Get me a coffee, I have two more hours until my relief gets here.”

Andrea reaches into her pocket and gives Bea some money, “Get me some mints.”

 Dr. Piero has finished the emergency surgery and gone to LiMei’s room to check on her condition. When he sees the room is empty he storms out to the nurses’ desk, “Where is the patient that was in room 4589?”

  “She was moved to the VIP floor.”


  The nurse nervously drops her pen and stammers, “Dr. Knight…he..he gave the order.”

  Dr. Piero can barely control his anger, he takes long strides down the hallway to Dr. Knight’s office. He enters without knocking, “Tony, who gave you the guts to move my patient?”

  “Calm down.”

 “I specifically gave the order that she was not to be moved until her condition stabilized.”

 “ Piero, those instructions were not written on the chart. I wouldn’t jeopardize a patient.She was stable and Dr. Qiao requested her to be put in a VIP room.  I saw no reason to decline his request.”

  Dr. Piero remembers he didn’t write it on the chart but..I specifically told Dr. Qiao. Dammit! 

  Dr. Knight looks at his blood shot eyes, “You look exhausted. I can assure you Miss Feng is resting comfortably. Why don’t you go home and rest, those were two extremely complicated surgeries you performed. I am here and so is Dr. Tuirino.”

  He does feel his energy level has been sapped and needs sleep. “I am going to my office to take a shower and sleep. If there are any complications with Miss Feng I want to be alerted immediately.” Although I don’t like that bastard Qiao’s attitude,he is a competent doctor.

    Henri enters LiMei’s room, Dr. Lumbert called him and said he administered the Phoenix Breath Serum but was unable to take her to his lab. He wants Henri to monitor the situation in case her rapid recovery causes any suspicion. There is a rumor in the Underworld swirling around Xinghi’s experiments finally achieving results. Different organizations are searching for the person named Subject 456.  “How is she?”

  Rui let’s go of LiMei’s hand and stands up, “Her vitals are good and..”  He glances at LiMei to see if she reacts, “She woke up.”

  LiMei hears him and realizes her act wasn’t working. The Frenchman’s voice sounds familiar. Well I can’t continue this charade is giving me a throbbing headache. She flutters her eyelashes and Rui smiles waiting for her to open her eyes. He doesn’t have to wait long until she blinks a few times then slowly opens her eyes.

   Excited Henri tries to move closer but is blocked by Rui, Henri glares at him, “LiMei.” He gazes at her frail appearance and doesn’t know what to say.

   LiMei can feel the awkward atmosphere and smiles.  Her throat is extremely dry and her voice sounds weak as she softly says, “Could I have water.’

   As Henri reaches for the water pitcher Rui quickly grabs it away and pours a glass of water. He pushes a button on the bed so she is elevated, “Is this alright?”

  LiMei nods her head slightly and is surprised she doesn’t feel any pain. The painkillers they gave me must be really strong. My head hurts but not terribly, what happened to me?

  Rui gently puts the glass to her lips and she takes small sips. He wipes the water from her chin with his finger then gives her another some more water.

  The water soothes her throat and she thinks she should find out about her situation. Now seems as good a time as any, “Wh..What happened?”

  Rui holds her hand,”You shouldn’t try to talk.”

  She observes the two men’s expressions, the really handsome guy looks guilty and so does the Frenchman. “I want to know.”

  Rui reluctantly answers, “You were shot. But you shouldn’t think too much right now you have only been out of surgery a few hours.”

  LiMei wants to know what her relationship with these two formidable looking men could be. How can I find out without being obvious I don’t have recent memories. Where is Kuang Bo, shouldn’t he be around somewhere? I have never been sent on a solo mission.

  When Rui looks into her green eyes that don’t have her usual sparkle when she looks at him he is worried. Is she that angry at me or does she not even remember me?

  Henri has remained silent observing LiMei. She has a blank expression on her face and doesn’t seem to be affectionate towards Qiao Rui. Could she have lost her short term memory? If so she might think she is Daiyu and have no recollection of escaping from the Black Sky Organization and taking the identity, Feng LiMei. How can I test her to find out. Come without my face mask as myself, Kuang Bo, possibly dressed as a doctor? That might be worth a try. He makes a decision, “Feng LiMei I wanted to make sure you are recovering but I see you are very weak. You should rest. I will come back later today to visit you.”

  LiMei looks distracted, Feng LiMei…my cover is Feng LiMei… She smiles her voice weak she softly says,“Thank you for coming.” and giving me one hint anyway, how can I get more information out of Handsome?

   Rui ignores Henri and concentrates on watching LiMei for a clue. “Are you hungry?”

   “A little.”

   He pushes the button and Andrea eagerly tells the other nurse sitting behind the desk, “I will see what the patient in 8906 needs.” 

  Her friend Bea rolls her eyes, my words fell on deaf ears obviously.

  Rui lightly touches LiMei’s cheek, “Are you in pain? I know you don’t like painkillers but for now you need to take them. I can bring my silver needles later today but i don’t want to leave you.”

   The touch of his hand on her cheek makes LiMei’s heart beat fast, what is this, am I attracted to him, how long have I been on this mission? He knows a personal detail about me, how? Is he a doctor also? I feel like I am going crazy. Suddenly a burst of pain goes through her head and her face pales, “Ahh..hurts.”

  Rui holds her hand, “What is wrong!”

  LiMei grits her teeth, “I just had a pain in my head it is gone now.”

  He debates on whether he should call Dr. Silva, “LiMei, on a scale of one to ten how bad was the pain?” Some pain should be normal.

 She thinks oh about a level of twenty. “Don’t worry, the pain passed.”

  The nurse, Andrea comes into the room and walks over to the bed. “You needed something?” She had unbuttoned two of her top buttons before she entered the room. She leans over to straighten LiMei’s cover exposing her cleavage. Rui ignores her provocative posture. His voice is cold and he has an indifferent expression.“Miss Feng is hungry. Bring her some congee with two soft boiled eggs and sliced fruit.” He gazes at LiMei, “And a glass of pineapple juice.”

The nurse stumbles as though she is going to fall onto his lap and he doesn’t attempt to help her, he moves away. Embarrassed she blushes innocently, “I think there is some water on the floor. Be careful.” She goes and gets a cloth to wipe up the nonexistent spill. When she finishes she politely says, “I will be right back with your meal Miss Feng.”

   LiMei has a complicated expression, he knows how I like my eggs and I prefer pineapple juice, he is dismissive of the woman’s attempt to flirt with him. I need to be more responsive until I figure this situation out.

  Rui can see LiMei’s behavior is unusual he sits on the edge of the bed, “LiMei are you angry with me or do you not remember me at all?”

   Shocked by his blunt question she flutters her eyelashes and pouts, “I am a little angry.”

   Rui can’t resist. He has been going crazy  since LiMei disappeared in Cambodia. He kisses her forehead then whispers, “I will make it up to you I promise. I love you LiMei.” Tenderly holding her face in his hands he gently kisses her lips. “You are everything to me.”


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  1. Haha Daiyu’s acting skills sucks when it comes to Rui 🤣👏🏽. I’m curious how she’ll react to meeting Kuang Bo again after such a long time. And how Bo will take advantage of her amnesia?


  2. Well in her defense she just woke up from brain surgery and is confused. haha. I do❤Rui..he only has eyes for LiMei..
    Guess who pops in soon..bad boy Nikolai


    1. Oh, what awaits us!!!
      Rui urgently needs to take control of his emotions and act thoughtfully. Otherwise, with so many rivals, he could have a nervous breakdown, and LiMei is unlikely to like it. ha-ha


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