Milan Airport

   Sara enters the airport looking for a shop where she can purchase a toothbrush and some toothpaste. When she locates one she wanders through the aisles picking up some personal items. Once she purchases the various toiletries she slowly walks to the restroom to freshen up, afterwards she plans on having some breakfast. Entering the restroom she walks past two women to look in the mirror, when she sees her reflection she lets out a gasp then touches her neck. How embarrassing! I spoke to the woman at the Inn…no wonder she gave me that strange look… and the delivery driver, Carlo, never mentioned anything either. Sara frowns, they must have thought I knew and didn’t care. Sara’s face turns red, I need to buy a scarf to cover these horrible red marks. She notices the two middle aged women staring at her and nervously pulls up the collar of the sweater.

  Looking at her reflection in the mirror Sarah sighs,  I have Panda eyes! She touches the dark circles under her eyes. I’m a mess. I am so glad I left before CEO Li woke up for so many reasons! When I get home I’m going to sleep for an entire day…no a week! Taking out the soap she purchased she washes her face, then pats some face cream under her eyes. Looking at her red and swollen lips she wishes she had purchased medicated lip gel. Exhausted and her nerves on edge Sara sighs while brushing her tangled hair. These last couple of weeks have been like living in a bizarre nightmare!

   After she exits the bathroom she glances around for a restaurant to have breakfast. While searching she notices a small boutique not far away. Sara walks in looking around for a scarf. A stylish looking saleswoman wearing a black designer pantsuit approaches Sara and politely says, “Can I help you find something?”

 “I am looking for a scarf.”

  “Follow me, we have a nice selection over at this counter.”

   Sarah picks up a blue and black silk scarf that looks like it would work but it doesn’t have a price tag . “How much is this scarf?”

 “That scarf is a beautiful choice. We only received that in the store yesterday. It sells for only 300 euros.”

  Sara frowns, “That is a little out of my price range. Do you have something around 50 euros?”

  The woman’s pretty face twitches, she is doing her best to maintain her professional attitude. Although the young woman’s clothes are too large on her petite body they are from Chanel’s latest sportswear collection. She calmly replies while digging her red nails into her palm, “ Our shop’s scarves are from top designers and the price starts at 225 euros.” What a waste of time!

   Sara purses her lips, no way am I spending that much money on a scarf. “Sorry to trouble you.” Maybe I can just pull the collar up a little and fasten with a safety pin. She tugs on her collar as she decides to go back to the store where she was earlier.   After looking around the small shop she can’t find a package of pins so she approaches the girl at the counter “Miss, does the store carry safety pins? 

The girl at the cash register recognizes Sara from earlier, the glaring red marks on her creamy white neck was hard to miss when she stood in line. “We don’t but let me see if I have one in my purse.” She bends down and opens a cabinet under the counter. Reaching into her large purse she takes out a brush, a bag of snacks, an umbrella thena small sewing kit. Sara can see in the plastic bag it contains needles, thread and several different size pins. Out of the corner of her eye the little cashier checks to see if her manager is around and quickly hands a couple pins to Sara.”Here you go. “

   Sarah is very grateful, “Thank you so much.”

   The girl smiles at Sara, “No problem. I like to be prepared for any wardrobe malfunction..haha..” Since the manager isn’t around and no customers are waiting to pay at the counter when she watches Sara struggling to fix the sweater she takes one of the pins, “Here let me help you.”

    She comes around the counter and pins the top of the sweater together .Without thinking it might embarrass Sara she pats her shoulder. “ There you go. No one can see your man’s love bites now.”

    Sara blushes shyly thanking the girl for her kindness before hurrying out the door. Li Tian? my man..oh nonever.. a shiver runs down her back thinking about how he took total control of her body. She has lost her appetite after the girl’s offhand comment, I will grab a snack before I get on the plane. She sees the security checkpoint and rubs her waist while she stands in line waiting, so sore. When it is her turn she shows a security guard her identification, passport and the ticket she got at the kiosk when she entered the airport.  She puts the crystal beaded purse in a plastic container then waits to pass through the detector. When the person looks at the screen showing the contents of her bag he motions to a woman at the end of the conveyer belt. The uniformed woman tells Sara she will need to stand to the side. 

   The manly looking woman picks up Sara’s small purse and dumps the contents out, then lets out a gasp when she sees the Midnight Lover Necklace, the crystal beaded purse’s label inside says Chloe Design. She stares at Sara accusingly, with her untrained eye Sara’s clothes are unremarkable, oversized and messy. She doesn’t recognize them as Chanel exclusive sportswear. Did she get the clothes at a thrift store and rob someone? The delicate workmanship on the purse and the  broken Sapphire and Diamond necklace definitely don’t belong to the young woman in front of me. She whispers something to the gray haired man next to her and he gets on his phone. Sara can see their suspicious expressions as they stare at her. The necklace! They probably think I stole it. How am I going to clear up this misunderstanding without contacting CEO LI. 

  While Sara is trying to figure out what to say to them, two security guards approach then tell her to accompany them. Nervous she might miss her flight she sounds worried, “I understand you have questions about the necklace in my purse but I can explain. She stammers, “ isn’t what you think. “

   The man has an imposing aura but his voice is emotionless.”We will give you a chance to explain in the office.You must understand we need to clarify ownership. It is unusual that you did not check any luggage and we must confirm the necklace is yours before you leave the country.With your cooperation this shouldn’t take very long and it won’t be a problem for you to make your flight to Catang City “

  “ All right that makes sense.” I can have them call LTG Milan, even better I can have someone from there come and take the necklace to be fixed. Relieved, she smiles, I don’t need to contact CEO LI , just the jewelry store! 

  When they enter the airport security holding area a burly man in a blue uniform tells Sara to sit down. She obediently sits in the chair in front of his desk. The woman who is holding the necklace in her broad palm puts it on his desk. Her voice is husky as she explains the situation, “Chief, this woman had this Sapphire and Diamond necklace in her purse as she went through security. She doesn’t have any carry on luggage and didn’t check any baggage either. She displayed suspicious behaviour at the checkpoint, combined with the fact the necklace is broken most likely from a struggle caused us to be concerned the necklace was stolen. Also, from her appearance it gives the impression she couldn’t afford the expensive necklace in her possession. ”

   Sara gives the woman a puzzled look, How was I acting suspiciously. Does she think this is a television drama?

   The man behind the desk picks up the Midnight Lover Necklace then looks over his glasses with a cynical look towards Sara. Giving Sara a chance to speak he asks, “What do you have to say?”

    Sara  calmly replies, “The necklace indeed is not mine.” The three people stare at her when she makes this statement, she is admitting she is a thief? then Sara continues, “It was loaned to me by LTJ Milan  to wear to the Bellini Reception. I do not want to mention CEO Li, but how do I explain having the broken necklace with me going to China.

The woman laughs and her stomach jiggles in her tight uniform, “We are supposed to believe you?” Look at are trying to say a luxury store like LTG would loan a multi million dollar necklace and you were attending an exclusive banquet at the notorious playboy Diego Bellini’s mansion..hahaha. She can’t help laughing more boisterously thinking about it.

“…” Sara wants to cry, nothing is funny about this!  “Call them to confirm what I say is the truth.”

   The woman wipes the tears from laughing from her beady eyes, “It is Sunday the store is probably closed.”

   Sara’s face pales, I am going to have to call the CEO. Maybe I could call Sun Peizhi but I can’t remember his phone number. She nervously taps her fingers on the arm of the chair, “Try to call the store, someone might be there.”

   The man behind the desk fiddles with the Sapphire and Diamond necklace, if this involves Li Group’s jewelry store I can’t let this woman leave until we find the truth. There would be hell to pay if we let her taake a flight out of Italy with their jewelry. “I will call.” He looks up the number then dials, the phone rings several times then he is prompted to leave a message, the store is closed.

  He hangs up, “Anyone else that can verify your story?”

  “Well…” Sara begins to feel nauseous, I don’t want to see that man..I can’t call CEO Li! He is probably disgusted with my..oh my God, I feel like I am going to be sick.

 “If you can’t give us some form of proof you will need to go to the police station until tomorrow when the jewelry store can be contacted.”

  Sara remembers the man that designed the necklace gave her his card, what was his name? Navarre.. “If I still have his business card the designer of the necklace can attest to the fact I am telling the truth. Look in my wallet, it is a silver and black business card.”

  The man opens the purse and takes out her wallet, there are a few business cards, “Silver and black? I see a black one.” He looks at the name on the card, nothing else is printed on it but Li Tian,”The CEO of Li Group designed the necklace?”

   “NO..NO.. wrong card!”Sara’s eyes widen and she jumps up reaching to grab the card out of his hand.

The burly man raises his voice when he sees her sudden , “SIT DOWN or we will put you in restraints!”

Frightened when he bellows in her ear, Sara’s heart skips a beat. After a few moments she regains her composure, “No, not that card. Silver and black..can I look?” When he doesn’t hand her the purse she points, “Maybe in the side, look there.”

  The man pulls out the right business card and Sara breathes a sigh of relief, “Yes, that one. Navarre, call him.”

    In his luxurious suite at the Grand Palace Hotel, Navarre leans over the curvaceous naked woman in his bed to look at his phone on the nightstand. Li Tian said he would return the Midnight Lover Necklace to him for the jewelry competition and he doesn’t want to miss his call, he plans on leaving later today for Paris. He rolls back off the woman looking at his phone, he doesn’t recognize the number but answers tentatively, “Oui?”

  The Security Chief doesn’t speak French, “Do you speak Italian?”

  Navarre answers in fluent Italian with a slight French accent, “Yes. Who is this?”

  “I am Gino Linguino, the Head of Security at the Milan Airport.”

   Navarre gets out of the bed then walks to get a cigarette, “Why are you calling me?”

  “I have a woman here.” He squints looking at her passport, “ By the name of Song Sara..she has a broken necklace she said you designed. Gold with Sapphires, Diamonds..” before he says anything else Navarre has killing intent emanating from his body, “BROKEN? YOU SAY MY MASTERPIECE IS BROKEN!”

  The Security Chief glances at Sara who has her head down holding her stomach, “So, Mr. Navarre…” He begins to sweat, I can’t have anything go wrong here what if these two are working together. “Do you have proof?”

   The veins are bulging on his forehead, “The NECKLACE IS MINE!”He tosses his unlit cigarette onto the glass table. How can the isolent man question me! “I am Navarre, everyone knows I designed the Midnight Lover Necklace!”

  Chief Linguino wants to cover his ass, “Well, even if you are the designer I need some proof the necklace belongs to you. I can’t just go on your word.”

    Motherf***cker! What kind of proof? Is my beautiful necklace ruined? I have no time to create a new one before the Competition! Goddamn Li Tian letting his woman wear my necklace! I told him how important this Competition is to me! 

   When there is silence at the other end he asks,“Mr. Navarre are you there?”

   “I will be right there to claim my necklace.” He hangs up the phone and walks to the bed. He yanks the pretty woman up by her arm throwing her out of the bed, “Scram. I need to think.”

   The young socialite was sound asleep when he disturbed her dream. Still groggy and disoriented she tries to get her balance. “ Baby, what is wrong?”

   He kicks the  shimmering silver dress that is at his feet over to her, “I said leave.”

    Naked, she grabs the dress as she pulls it over her hips she whines, “You can’t play with me then kick me out!  I will tell Uncle Louis!”

   He lifts his eyebrow as he sneers, “Tell him what? You were drunk then crawled into my bed? I don’t think that would have a good result. Aren’t you supposed to marry that fool next week. Go.”

  She angrily picks up her designer heels and Chanel purse then leaves cursing him as she slams the door. “Pig! Bastard.”

  Navarre sits on the edge of the bed and anxiously calls Li Tian. He doesn’t want to get to the airport security office and be rejected because he has no proof to show them. When he doesn’t answer Navarre leaves a message for him. Dammit! He hurries into the bathroom to take a shower.

  After he gets dressed he throws the last items he needs to pack into his suitcase. He looks at his Limited Edition Cartier watch, I will catch an earlier flight since I need to go to the airport now. My precious necklace better not be totally fucked up or I will kill that careless woman.. I need to win this Competition! I can’t easily replace the Kashmir Sapphires or those top grade Diamonds. 

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      1. Haha..true..he didn’t have a chance to tell her alcohol activates drug and he is in a panic she will have a glass of wine with another man lol😳


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