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  In the morning the sunlight streaming through the sheer white curtains wakes up Sara. Disoriented she slowly opens her eyes, she is trapped in a man’s embrace, his muscular arm draped across her naked body. Her head is nestled on his bare chest, she can hear his steady heartbeat and feel his warm breath on her face. His breathing is light and steady as he sleeps. It takes a minute for Sara to realize she isn’t dreaming and she panics recalling the crazy sex filled night she just shared with this handsome man. Shocked, she gulps down her saliva, OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD! LI TIAN! I SLEPT WITH CEO LI!! She blushes looking towards the bathroom, I didn’t just sleep with him…wuhuuwuhuu.. we had sex in the shower, bending over that table and up against that wall! I’m such a pervert! I begged him..I forced myself on him! I need. to escape before he wakes up. I will die if I have to face him! So shameless!

  Keeping an eye on his face Sara slowly lifts his arm and rolls away from his naked body. She is so light the bed barely ripples but Li Tian’s long eyelashes start fluttering and he briefly stirs in his sleep. Watching his slight movements Sara holds her breath apprehensive that he might awaken before she can escape. She covers her mouth stifling her urge to cry out in pain, her lower body feels extremely painful as though her insides have been ripped apart. She glances at the incredibly handsome man peacefully sleeping on the bed. Sara wants to curse him for being an insatiable beast but.. I can’t blame him.. I brought it on myself because of that horrible aphrodisiac. 

  Once she is off the bed she quietly tiptoes over grabbing her messy clothes off the floor. The old floorboards creak as she puts on her underwear, panicking she peeks over at the bed. Whew! Still asleep.Well, he must be completely drained.. his stamina was unbelievable… Sara’s thin waist hurts as she bends over and her legs tremble while she pulls the sweater over her head then gets on her pants. Furtively glancing around she sees her delicate crystal covered evening bag by the side table. I’m not even going to the bathroom, the noise from the water running might disturb his sleep..she shivers recalling the warm water spraying on her body in the shower as Li Tian repeatedly thrusted his huge...uhhh..she blushes and shakes her head..Sara you nympho! Stop thinking about…

  She quietly opens the door still holding her shoes in her hand, looking down the hallway she sees the stairs to the lobby. I need to get a taxi to the airport. I will go directly there..she looks in her purse, damn! that’s right, I dropped my phone outside the cafe when I was kidnapped. I hope someone is at the front desk, so I can use their phone. She calms herself and stumbles while putting on her shoes as she hurries down the hallway.

  When she arrives at the front desk a short chubby young woman whose features are similar to the old woman who delivered the meal last night gives her a strange look. Sara hasn’t combed her hair  and she looks disheveled.

“Miss, can I help you?”

  “Yes, I was called back to the city for an emergency and my Boss is still asleep. I don’t want to wake him up. Could you call me a taxi?”

  The front desk clerk raises her eyebrow now that Sara is closer she can clearly see her lips are swollen. She notices her neck is covered in conspicuous red and purple marks. She rolls her eyes,  Boss..yeah. Another man bringing his whore to our Inn.. “No taxi will come until after nine.”

 Sara hasn’t looked in the mirror and has no idea why the woman behind the desk has a disgusted look on her face.”What about a private car?”

  “Not until eleven.”

   A good looking man wearing overalls and carrying a clipboard comes into the lobby from a side door, “You need a driver?”

   Sara smiles when she hears him, he might be able to help me. “Yes! Yes!”

  He takes off his leather work gloves, “I can give you a ride but I only have my work truck. I just dropped off a grocery delivery, I need Maria to sign for the delivery then we can leave. If you don’t mind, I have one more stop before I go back into the city.”

   The young girl behind the desk puffs her chubby cheeks while listening to their conversation and clenches her pudgy hands at her side. She marches out from behind the desk pulling the delivery man over, her round face is crimson red, “You can’t take her with you she is a..a .. well.. you can’t!”

   He smiles, handing her the clipboard then he leans down, “Bella, are you jealous?’

    Maria glares over at Sara who is nervously gazing in the direction of the stairs. She keeps her voice low, “I think..I think she is running away from a man. You don’t want to get involved. Papa said the man brought her late last night and paid with a black card.”

     “I could use the money,.” He takes the signed paperwork. Now, I definitely will take her away from here. I hate rich fucks that play with young girls. He turns to Sara, “I’m leaving, are you coming?”

Distracted worried Li Tian will come down the stairs at any minute Sara trips on her long pants. Hurriedly rolling them up she answers, “Coming!”

   Maria holds onto his arm and he laughs at her silly expression then flicks her forehead, “Worried about me? If the man asks don’t mention I gave her a ride.” He pats her on the head, “See you on Thursday. The Boss said to be sure and tell your father the price of chicken is going up.”

  “En.”  The young woman has her hands on her wide hips as she watches them go out the door. The little bitch better not try to seduce my Carlito!

   The delivery man points to a truck, the side is emblazoned with Bartelli’s Market. “My name is Carlo Bruni.”

  “I am Song Sara. Thank you.”

“I don’t mind, I need the extra money. Where are you going in Milan?’

  “I am going to the airport.”

   He notices she doesn’t have any luggage, she really is running away. Haha..

   He helps Sara climb up into the truck, “What time do you need to be there? I do have a stop first.”

  “No problem, I have plenty of time.”

   He gets into the driver seat and apologizes, “I’m sorry but the ride will be a little bumpy, my truck needs a few repairs.” He puts the truck in reverse and backs out of the loading zone.

   “I really appreciate you offering to take me, from what the desk clerk said taxis and private drivers aren’t available this early.”

   He is curious why she is running away but doesn’t ask, from her red and swollen lips he can see she has been bullied. “Well, out here most people have personal drivers.”

   When she was riding in the backseat of the kidnapper’s car Sara did notice there were only expensive looking villas. She thinks of Marissa’s villa and shudders recalling looking down from the balcony before she grabbed the silk rope.

  Carlo sees Sara shivering, “Are you cold? The heater in the truck is broken but I can give you my jacket.”

  “ I’m good thanks.”

   At the Inn, Li Tian is furious, he slams his fist into the wall. When he woke up he discovered Sara was not in the bed. You think you can escape from me little thing! In your dreams! Use me to relieve the aphrodisiac then disappear without a word.. Little Seductress you certainly have some big guts! 

  He shakes his hand, fuck! then calls Tang Qiang, “Did Song Sara come back to the suite.”

  “No.” Li Tian sounds angry, he doesn’t know if he should tell him about what Long An said. I will only mention if the Boss asks.

  “Forget meeting me at the Inn I am driving back to Milan now.”

   “Okay.” Tang Qiang has realized one word answers to be the best when dealing with Li Tian.

   Li Tian hangs up then gets into the shower, Why would she run away, before she went to sleep she was satisfied and clinging onto me. His body reacts picturing her slender snow white body in the shower, goddammit, why didn’t she stay in my bed! He looks down at his throbbing erection,goddammit! He closes his eyes imagining Sara’s beautiful body as takes care of himself then washes his body, The little thing better be at the hotel. When he finishes his shower he grimaces reluctantly puts on his clothes from last night then hurries dowstairs to check out.

  He stands at the front desk looking for the old Innkeeper, when he doesn’t see him he rings the bell. A very short chubby young woman comes out eating a piece of toast, when she sees him she quickly tosses the half eaten piece of bread into the trash. After Wiping the crumbs from her lips with her sleeve she stares at him “Can I help you?’

  Li Tian hands her his black card, “I’m checking out.”

  Her eyes widen looking at his black card, he must be the man who checked in with the girl who got a ride with Carlo. She runs his card while staring at him in a daze, what a beautiful man. Why would any girl run away from him, he is the most handsome man I have ever seen. He must be super rich too.

  Li Tian is used to seeing the infatuated look on the fat girl’s face. He snaps, “I’m in a hurry.”

  “ is your card.”

  “Did a young woman request a taxi not long ago?”


  How would she leave then? “Did you see her leave?”

 “No, but I was in the back checking the groceries that were delivered. If someone rings the bell i come out.” He does look a little scary with the cold expression on his face. I can’t let him know the whore went with my Carlito.”

  Li Tian takes his card back and walks to the door then turns around. “Do you have any surveillance cameras?”

   She nods her head no. We do but then you will see her with Carlito.

    Li Tian leaves the Inn and gets into his silver Maserati, well you can’t hide from me for long. He pulls out onto the highway then lights a cigarette. His phone rings and the caller is his grandfather so he ignores it.Pfft! Calling the old man I warned you! Fucking Long An… I wonder if Tang Qiang got those photos?

   Sara and Carlo are laughing talking about food and that she is a blogger. He has a friend who also posts pictures of Italian food. When he dropped off the delivery at his Aunt’s restaurant  the cook gave them some Italian pastries. “What is the name again of this pastry?”She wanted to take a picture but she doesn’t have a phone.

“ Raspberry Crostata”

 “Really delicious.”

  Sara puts a piece of the flaky Raspberry Crostata into her mouth then chokes when she sees Li Tian’s silver Maserati pass them on the two lane road. He dangerously speeds up and swerves around a car coming the opposite direction maneuvers around Carlo’s truck. Sara feels her heart tighten, then has a strange feeling worrying about his reckless driving. Is he speeding to the hotel to look for me? He almost grazed this truck and was so close to hitting that car. Sara’s face pales as she sees the silver Maserati disappear down the road. No I am overthinking, he was driving like that on the way to the Inn, he is just a terrible driver.

   Carlo hands her a bottle of juice, “Are you okay?” He noticed the driver of the sports car frightened Sara with his reckless driving. “This road can be dangerous, people are always in a rush to get to the city. They should extend the four lane highway but the government is too cheap.”

Sara looks out the window at the wooded area they are passing through, “People should obey the speed limit, it would be a shame to ruin this beautiful area with a highway.”

“You have a point.Well, we should arrive at the airport soon.”

   When they reach the airport Sara thanks him and pays him for the ride. She doesn’t have a watch and without a phone she has no idea what time it is. “Could you tell me the time?”

   “Sure. Nine thirty.’

  “Okay, thanks. Drive safely.”

   Carlo smiles at Sara, “Have a safe trip. I will check out your food blog!”

   She laughs, “Send me a photo of that delicious Italian raspberry pastry your Auntie makes in her restaurant!”

  She breathes a sigh of relief as she enters the Milan airport. I can’t wait to get home!

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  1. Thanks for the new chapter! ❤ Now Sarah will definitely try to avoid Li Tian in every possible way. She is, of course, embarrassed to remember this, but I wonder what impressions did she have of him as a man after their night?


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