Who Am I?

   Li Tian‘s eyes fall on Sara’s face, no wonder I am bewitched by this little beauty. Her small oval face is flawless; delicate facial features, limpid and incredibly deep blue eyes, long black eyelashes like butterfly wings and tempting pouty pink lips. So beautiful like a fragile porcelain doll…He possessively touches her cheek, little fairy your beauty can only be mine. He narrows his eyes thinking about her and Sun Zhi. Consumed by rage thinking about Sun Zhi touching Sara, he holds Sara’s wet naked body to his chest; little thing you can not have any other man in your heart… I will remove all traces of that bastard!  He no longer can restrain his overwhelming desire, wanting to crush her into his bones, his eyes redden as he ruthlessly begins kissing her tempting lips. I was your first man and I will make damn sure I am your only man!

   Sara’s body is burning up and smelling his masculine fragrance as he embraces her in his strong arms fuels her passion, she doesn’t resist his domineering kiss.  She willingly lets his vengeful tongue drive straight into her small mouth and seductively rubs her soft white breasts on his warm bare chest. On fire she encircles his neck with her delicate arms, and lets the wave of pleasure begin to quench her thirst. Li Tian senses her rising passion and deftly moves his lips down her neck sucking and licking as he leaves his mark. Addicted to the sweet taste of her tofu like skin his breathing becomes heavy. Panting he decides to take Sara to the bed to fully enjoy her delicious body. When he stops kissing her Sara scrunches up her face and pouts, “Don’t stop..” She presses her eager lips onto his biting and licking, then puts her small tongue into his mouth sweetly entangling it with his. Li Tian’s eyes light up at Sara’s cute appearance as she greedily kisses his lips. He impulsively picks her up out of the bath grabbing a towel to wrap around her lithe body as he carries Sara to the bed. Looking down at the beautiful girl in his arms he smiles , “Not stopping.”

   He gently dries Sara’s petite body then pushes her down whispering in her ear with a low hoarse voice, “Never stopping.” She smiles up at him, her crystal blue eyes sparkling with undisguised lust. His heart skips a beat gazing at her beautiful face flushed red, her messy ink black hair hanging down on her delicate shoulders. He lifts her chin, staring into her deep blue eyes, he has a threatening tone, “Who am I?’

  Sara blinks a few times, “My..my lover.”

  Not satisfied with her answer, he moves his face closer, his dark eyes look like a bottomless abyss sucking Sara into their depths. Sara’s mind is conflicted, she knows who he is but part of her can’t believe it or say his name out loud. It would make this crazy night seem too real. Avoiding his question Sara suddenly kisses him not wanting to face the fact he is Li Tian. 

  Li Tian pushes her away, “Say my name or I’m leaving.” He has no intention of leaving but wants Sara to recognize him. He knows she desperately needs a man right now.

  Sara bites her lower lip and looks at him, her eyes misty and her voice barely audible as she shyly stammers “Li..Li Tian.” 


  “Li Tian.”

    He playfully touches her nose then teases, “You are not allowed to forget this time.” 

    Sara can’t comprehend what he means by ‘this time’ but she sees he is satisfied with her answer when he has a faint smile on his otherwise cold face.

     His kisses become more gentle as his hand roams over her hot body until he reaches her sensitive area down below. While he sucks on her breasts his thumb rubs her bud teasing her until she moans and her body quivers.  His heart is pounding and his breathing becomes heavier listening to the soft lewd noises Sara is making. Spreading her petals he puts his long slender finger inside her body thrusting in and out. His skillful movements cause her sweet honey to flow onto his finger. Teasing Sara he takes his finger out, seductively licking it with the tip of his tongue, “ Sweet.”

   Sara was enjoying the feeling of being stimulated by his finger. Unable to accept him teasing her she begs him as her restless body writhes on the bed. She knits her eyebrows and touches his arm, “Itchy.. So itchy..pleaseee..”

   He can’t resist, he leans down spraying his hot breath on her face, their noses almost touching, his voice is raspy and sounds extremely sexy, “Tell me what you want.”

   She holds his large warm hand and places it on her wetness down below, “More..deeper..”

  Li Tian has a devilish grin gazing at her innocent face sinfully dyed red with lust exciting him further…such a naughty little girl.

  He lets her guide his hand as he kisses her neck working his way to her jadelike breasts leaving a trail of red marks on her tender white skin. Sucking her breast he feels her body shivering from excitement. This incites the beast in him and he twirls his tongue around and bites her erect pinkness until it becomes red and swollen. Finally tasting her body again Li Tian is unable to control himself, he licks and sucks on her tender peak while kneading her other breast causing her cries to become louder. He moves down kissing her body then licking her stomach with the tip of his tongue. Sara can barely breathe from the drug intensifying her pleasure and his undeniable skill. She softly moans, “Ahhh..feels sooo good..”

  Once he reaches her lower abdomen he spreads her creamy white legs then kisses her while caressing her soft thighs. While licking her sensitive bud, before his tongue even enters Sara’s body, nectar drips down between her legs. Tasting the sweetness flowing out he continues to kiss her and she shivers from her body’s intense reaction… So sensitive..

   Sara has her hands on his silky ink black hair and her slim hips are eagerly arching towards him. Her body is on fire and she feels like she is floating in the clouds as his tongue deftly moves in and out. He sucks and nibbles on her petals sending a wave of ecstasy through her body.

   When she is dripping wet and writhing on the bed he stops then straddles her petite body, his throat is dry and his voice hoarse demanding, “Touch me.”

   Sara has lost all her inhibitions at this point and puts her small hand on his swollen hardness. Li Tian puts his hand on hers moving her soft hand up and down as he groans, “Do you want?”

    She nods her head and in a kittenish voice replies,”Want..Really want..” Sara  wants to be filled up by him and can’t wait any longer. The effects of the drug are causing her body to twitch, she needs to have him satisfy her before the pain worsens.

   He moves his hardness into her slowly feeling her clamping around him. So fucking tight..He stares at her perfect white breasts and wickedly smiles, her once pink buds are red and swollen from his bullying. As he buries himself inside of Sara he gets swept up in rapture from the tightness hugging his hardness as he thrusts. “Nngh.. Unngh..” Sweat runs down his body as he pounds harder and faster. As his pace quickens he collides with Sara’s sensitive spot making her cry out from the intense pleasure. Everytime he hears Sara’s sweet moans and feels her body moving in sync with him he quickens his movements, making her body shudder uncontrollably. She digs her fingers into his back as her trembling body is ravaged by him.

   Once her honey begins to drip over his hardness the indescribable sensation makes Li Tian almost lose his mind. Sara’s pure yin is extremely strong and the yang in his body reacts, sending him into another realm the deeper he plunges inside her tight body. The effect of her pure yin overwhelms his ability to reason and he completely loses control, “Ahh.. Nngh..Unnn..NNgh” Craving the ultimate pleasure only her body gives him he continues to indulge himself. Lifting her slender white legs up, his blood is boiling as moves his muscular waist pumping in and out using deep then shallow thrusts. The bumping of his huge hardness inside her tight tunnel leaves Sara breathless, gasping for air Sara can barely breathe, “Too Big..Too deep..I am going to dieeee.” The Moroccan aphrodisiac coursing through her blood won’t let her push him away. She moves her hips involuntarily letting him go deeper until she feels her insides will tear from his penetration. Her heart is racing and her body is on fire as she clings onto him begging him..”Too fast..slower..Ahhh.”

   Li Tian’s eyes are dark and blazing with unrestrained passion. Consumed with desire and lost in his lust he growls “Baby..you are so sweet..can’t stop.” He continues to torment Sara, her long black hair messy and damp stuck on her cheeks and sweat droplets drip down her delicate peaks as they tremble from Li Tian’s violent thrusts. Sara bites her lip releasing her pure yin as she reaches the heavens moaning, “Ahhhh..Mmnnn..Unnn.” When her sweet nectar drips over his hardness and he absorbs the pure yin Li Tian explodes deep inside of Sara. His breathing ragged and his heart pounding he growls, “NNNGH..Unnn..Baby you feel sooo good.”

   Exhausted from the intense tangling of their bodies together Sara closes her eyes but the insidious drug still torments her weak body not allowing her any respite. She helplessly pulls on Li Tian’s arm as he lays next to her naked body, desperately wanting to soothe her body that is still needy. Snuggling next to him to relieve her lingering pain she wraps her thiextrms around his strong waist. Feeling her rubbing her head on his chest he has a smile filled with affection and tenderness. He stares at Sara as she clings onto his body, is this still the effect from the drug or.. He doesn’t care; he holds her soft body and buries his head in her neck, inhaling her unique fragrance. I feel calm when I am with Sara in bed after we make love. Could it be what Dr. Deng said, her pure yin..well, she willingly had sex with me, albeit was because of the aphrodisiac. I have a sense of extreme satisfaction and the rage inside of me has lessened.

He gently holds Sara as she sleeps, he runs his finger across her cheek whispering, “You said you wouldn’t forget this time.” He kisses her lips and pulls the quilt up to cover her body. I need to get rid of my engagement with Long An and have Song Sara. She is the only woman I want to marry, well..not marry.. but have by my side. My family would never accept her as a marriage partner she has no value.

   He carefully removes Sara’s arm from his waist then gets off the bed. He reaches into his jacket taking out a cigarette. Looking at their crumpled clothes on the floor he calls Tang Qiang who is sound asleep. The phone rings a few times before he answers, “Boss.”

  “I need you to bring me a suit and clothes for Song Sara. Bring them to the Camellia Inn at eight o’clock.”

  Tang Qiang scratches his head, “Boss…ah Miss Long was drunk.She came over to the Presidential Suite and threw a tantrum. I tried to call you but you didn’t answer.”

  Li Tian lights his cigarette and responds, “Don’t care.”

  “Well Boss. She said she is telling your grandfather about you and Miss Song. You left her alone at the Bellini Reception. I told her she is only your secretary, but she trashed all Miss Song’s clothes when I went to get her a coffee to sober her up.”

  “All her clothes?”

  “She dumped out Miss Song’s luggage then ripped the clothes and spilt wine all over the place. Now she is passed out on the bed.”

  “Why didn’t you drag her back to the Lattario?”

  “Well that is why I called you. I didn’t think I should make any decisions.” Tang Qiang pictures Long An as she was staggering around the suite cursing Song Sara. Twenty minutes of her stumbling around ranting and raving acting like a shrew. Believe me I wanted to stop her but she kept threatening me with your grandfather. No one escapes from that old man when he is angry.

   Fuck! “You moron, you could tell Sun Peizhi my confidential plans but couldn’t make a decision about a drunk bitch ripping up shit! Useless! Double your punishment when we get back to Catang City.”

  “…” She is your fiancee…

  “In the morning before you come stop by Chloe Designs I will call Chloe and have her prepare clothes for Song Sara. Take pictures of Long An passed out and the mess she made.”


   “Wait…I have a better idea, you say she is passed out in the bed. Take off your shirt and get into the bed with her under the covers. Take provocative photos of the two of you in the bed… make it look like you slept with her.”

  Tang Qiang’s face turns red, “Boss..I can’t do that!”

  “No punishment when we return to the city.”

  “Will do.”

  Li Tian smirks, You want to threaten me Long An? You picked the wrong person. He crushes the cigarette in the ashtray then lazily walks into the bathroom to take a shower.

  Sara feels like ants are crawling all over her body and she sits up scratching her arms. I need to take a bath! She walks to the bathroom and sees Li Tian naked getting into the shower, the sight of his perfect muscular body arouses her desire again. Their eyes meet and she locks gazes with his deep eyes, she can’t resist the urge to move closer to him. He pulls her into his arms teasing, “You want to try shower sex, little demoness?”

  She hugs him and tears form in her eyes, “Feel so terrible, like ants crawling all over my skin..”

  Although he wants Sara he suddenly feels sorry for her situation when he sees the glaringred scratch marks on her snow white arms. He affectionately smoothes her tangled hair, “I will find an antidote for you. But, for now you need to accept only my body can help you.”

  She gazes up at him with a pitiful expression, her dark blue eyes covered in a layer of mist. “Hmmm..” Sara helplessly clings onto his naked body wrapping her arms around his strong waist while leaning her head on his chest.


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  1. Haha Tang Qiang‘s pride as a man went down the drain, just to avoid punishment 🤣👏🏽!! I do love how caring Li Tian is towards the end…and do I smell foreshadowing about Song Sara’s actual worth? I mean, we still haven’t really learned about the mysterious death of her mother and her father keeps her around because she still has some value 🤓🤔.


  2. Eventually Sara will recover what is rightfully hers. Remember Zhou Jason discouraged her from pursuing it while they were in Uni..he knows the danger involved. I’m starting to like Li Tian softening..poor Tang Qiang he is a virgin after all haha..😌


    1. Gotta admit, I’m excited to see Song Sara pick up that fight again, but I can see how she’s exhausted by the thought. Yeah Li Tian’s sweet to Sara and his downright evil side to his fiancé makes me laugh every time. Lol yeah, I guessed that when he started blushing when Li Tian gave him the order. I am curious about the Li family and how they’ll react to Sara’s effect on Tian overall.


  3. Sara definitely doesn’t want anything to do with the Li Family. Look forward to some fun happenings when they return to China. Li Tian is going to ask Sun Peizhi to investigate Sun Zhi..hahaha😳


    1. Ha ha ha. Why, none of them sees such obvious things. His pseudonym is so similar to the name … Or they just don’t have short names?


      1. Elena I think people don’t put it together because Sun Zhi is a Young Master and Sun Peizhi is a bodyguard. I think his reaction will be humorous..lol


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