Nikolai plays with the black dagger in his hand, “So who will you murder Martina? The slut on the ground or dear Daddy?”

     Confused as to what to do Martina stares at Ivan hoping her brother will help get her out of this terrifying situation. With a desperate expression on her swollen and bloody face her eyes plead with him to help. Nikolai grabs her by her messy blonde hair forcing her to look into his cold eyes, “ Why are you looking at your brother.” He laughs holding the knife to her cheek, “Do you actually think your selfish brother will save you?” He mercilessly throws her back down on the floor. “Time to decide. I need to be somewhere.”

   Martina tries to think of a plan to escape. Ivan doesn’t want me to kill his fat whore…but Daddy? How can I kill my own father? My Uncles won’t let me live if I do. I don’t want to disfigure myself either.  Bastard! Why didn’t you die in the Bosnian prison!

  Nikolai looks at his watch, “”

   Martina pulls on his pant leg mumbling, “Daddy.” He is in the auction and the doors won’t open for another hour. I can think of something. I have to!

   Ivan has a smile on his face for a moment then regains his emotionless expression. Good choice Little Sister.. I don’t need to dirty my hands and I take over the Organization much sooner than I had planned.

    Nikolai doesn’t miss the brief look of relief on Ivan’s face, “It looks as though your brother is very satisfied with your decision. I will leave Anton here to make sure you follow through.” He hands Anton the dagger then sneers pointing at he face contorted in fear. “Martina, don’t forget to make a nice jagged gash on your face, don’t half ass the job or Anton will help you. Also Martina, I will send the old man to you so stop fantasizing you have time to escape your fate.”

   Martina is horrified and touches her cheek. Never! I won’t cut my own face. You are insane!

  Nikolai glances at the two guards who have remained motionless while watching the scene.”You two. It must have been hard guarding such a pretentious bitch. You have a choice: die now or come with me.”

  They immediately step around Martina on the ground and follow Nikolai out the door.

    Coming down the stairs at the Bellini Mansion Nikolai sees Sun Peizhi. He turns to Martina’s guards. “I want you to wait for the auction to be over then tell old man Rushnikov, Ivan and Martina need him to come to the room upstairs. After you escort him to the room you are free to go where you like. If I find out you failed to do as I ordered..well..there will be nowhere to hide.” Martina to make it easy… I will deliver the old man to your door.

   “Yes Mr. Naralov ”

     Nikolai lazily walks over to Sun Peizhi, “I thought you would be gone after you completed the task.”

  Sun Peizhi raises an eyebrow, well, no reason to lie, “Bellini won’t let Rushnikov acquire the flash drive no matter what the loss.”

   “When did that stingy pr**k ever take a loss? Did you fail to ensure the bid? ”

   Sun Peizhi glares at him with a murderous glint in his eye. Everything was set up perfectly and the last thing I wanted to do is come back here! “Apparently according to my source old man Rushnikov’s daughter disrupted the beginning of the auction. Diego was furious that the scene caused him to lose face. You know how he prides himself on having everything under control at these auctions. Then to compound the already bad situation Rushnikov hid under his chair not acknowledging his daughter’s presence which really pissed off Diego. He hates cowards…he wanted to kick the old fart out immediately but the door was automatically closing. His men barely got the woman thrown out.”

   “What the fuck!’ Fucking Martina! Screwing everything up!

   “Don’t worry. I am here to remedy the situation. We had a deal.”

  Nikolai’s face blackens then he shakes his head, “Forget it. Circumstances have changed. I don’t give a rat’s ass.” I will still have my revenge on the father and the daughter surnamed Rushnikov! “Walk out with me. I want to discuss a business proposition with you.”

   Sun Peizhi signals Freddie it is a no go, then leaves with Nikolai.

     At the hospital LiMei stirs on the bed, the Phoenix Breath Serum has started regenerating her cells at a rapid rate. This regeneration process causes her blood pressure to rise and Rui sees a spike in her heart rate on the monitor. Worried, he checks her pulse then touches her head. Dammit! She is running a high fever and her heart rate is rapidly increasing to a dangerous level. Concerned about her condition  he presses the call button, she needs to be immediately treated for tachycardia. He applies gentle pressure to her carotid artery while looking towards the door, FUCK! A nurse comes into the room when she sees his hand pressed on LiMei’s neck she hurries over to the bed  The nurse attempts to remove his hand from LiMei’s neck. Flustered she raises her voice,“What are you doing?”

   Rui  restrains himself from getting angry and calmly replies, “I am a doctor. Look at the heart monitor she needs an antiarrhythmic drug. Get a doctor  NOW!” The nurse rushes out of the room to find the doctor on duty, Dr. Knight.  Meanwhile, Rui goes to the bathroom to  wet a cloth with cold water to wipe her face. When he returns he gently runs with cloth over her flushed face. A middle-aged doctor  enters the room to examine LiMei, Dr. Silva explained the situation to him earlier. He nods at Rui, “Dr. Qiao, I need to check her vitals. “

    “Did you bring the necessary drug?”

    “I did but I need you to step aside. “

    Rui steps to the side so Dr. Knight can  administer the injection.  He watches him then when he finishes Rui checks the monitor. He breathes a sigh of relief noticing her heartbeat is slowing down and her condition stabilizing.

   Dr. Knight studies LiMei’s medical chart then glances at Rui  who is staring at LiMei with a worried expression. He met Rui at a medical convention about six months ago in Berlin, at the time he felt the aura surrounding him was extremely cold. When we were discussing a new treatment with painful side effects being presented at the symposium, he was analytical and appeared devoid of emotion.  He was focused on the end resultof the drug trials with little compassion for the patient’s ordeal during treatment. It is hard to believe that is the same man who is standing here now with a pained expression thinking the girl could be in distress.

   Rui has his eyes focused completely on LiMei so he doesn’t notice the strange look on Dr. Knight’s face. Dr. Knight casually says, “Dr. Qiao, you should get some rest. I will have a nurse monitor the patient. I don’t foresee any problems. After this type of surgery the patient should sleep through the night.”

    “I would feel more comfortable remaining here. I want Feng LiMei moved to a VIP room.”

  Dr. Knight doesn’t know that Dr. Silva has previously refused this request  and replies, “I don’t see a problem. I will tell the nurse to ready a room.”

    “Very good.” Rui picks up the cool cloth and continues to gently wipe LiMei’s face. He leans down and lightly kisses her forehead whispering, “Baby, I am so sorry.” 

   The Phoenix Breath Serum  in her bloodstream  stimulates LiMei’s brain. Images  and memories flood her mind  in a disorganized fashion. Flashes of her childhood in the mountains,  happily sitting in her grandmother’s Clinic, her mother laughing at the dining room table, her high school friend Meng QiQi. Then with her father and stepmother arguing in the office of his Construction business. The painful memory of her father dragging her from the high school parking lot to a black van..

  Rui watches her sleep. LiMei’s eyes remain closed but her long black eyelashes flutter and tears roll down her cheeks. His heart tightens at the sight of her tears, is she is pain? He knows she was given a heavy dose of painkillers in the IV so she must be having a nightmare. He squeezes her hand quietly comforting LiMei, he wipes her tears with his slender finger. “Don’t cry you are having a bad dream. I’m here, I won’t let anything hurt you again.”

   LiMei  feels a warm hand on hers and slowly opens her eyes wondering why her head is throbbing and her whole body hurts. She tries to lift her left hand to touch her head. Rui quickly holds her small hand. He has a gentle expression on his handsome face ,“Don’t.’

   She gazes at Rui with a blank expression, Who is this handsome man?

 Surprised LiMei woke up, Rui brushes her hair behind her ear, his voice has a doting tone, “LiMei, don’t move around.”

    She closes her eyes so as not to show the confusion she is experiencing. Who is LiMei? Was I on an assignment and that was my cover? Where is Kuang Bo? How did I get injured?

   Rui can tell she is no longer asleep. She had a strange expression before she abruptly closed her eyes. She doesn’t even want to look at me? Is she angry with me because of the kidnapping?

   Rui’s dark eyes are filled with guilt, his heart feels heavy looking at her bandaged head and frail body. “LiMei…Baby, it was my fault. I can’t change what happened but I will never let you out of my sight again. As soon as you can travel we will go back to Pushong City for you to recuperate from your injuries.”

  LiMei listens to him without opening her eyes trying to figure out her current situation. When will Bo get here? I can’t continue this mission in my condition. I don’t even know what my mission is. Will Kuang Fu punish me? I need to pretend I know this man obviously..

  Rui stares at LiMei then can’t resist the urge to gently kiss her lips. Startled by the sudden kiss LiMei remains motionless afraid she will be exposed. Oh My God! Why is he kissing me! Her head starts throbbing as she tries to remember what happened before she was injured.

  Dr. Knight returns accompanied by two nurses, “The VIP room is ready, they will wheel the patient up now.”

   LiMei hears them but doesn’t open her eyes. Please Bo come soon. I don’t know what will happen if I am exposed. Why would they move me to a VIP room? What is my identity, who am I to this man? His mistress? Unable to figure out the mission her emotions are in turmoil. Kuang Fu! I hate you!



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  1. Oh no! And just when Rui thinks he can take her back to recuperate, Uncle Xinghi comes in for win!! Ah I can’t wait to read the next chapter!!!


  2. And then I remembered how bad LiMey was when Rui forgot her. I feel sorry for Rui, he also has three times more rivals.


  3. Rui is too possessive and did not place LiMei first when it counted.
    Way too yandere for my taste.

    I hold out hope for Leng, but Bo might be good for her too.


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