No Antidote

  Restless and hot Sara opens her limpid eyes slightly and reaches up to Li Tian, “Please… water..”

   He is in a daze from Sara unexpectedly fainting after consuming the strong wine, he quickly responds, “Water..yess..I will get water.” Flustered looking at her flushed delicate oval face and red lips he takes her arms from around his neck then hurries over to the table. Pouring a glass of water, he glances over at the bed. Sara is wrestling with the oversized sweater and it is stuck on her head exposing her black bra and her thin snow white waist.What the this the little thing’s reaction when she drinks alcohol? What if the little seductress was with someone else? His eyes burn with jealousy imagining the scene.

   When he reaches the bed he pulls the light blue cashmere sweater back down untangling the small pearl buttons caught in her long black hair, “Be good. Drink.”

  He lifts the glass of water to her lips and she puts her warm soft hands on top of his hands holding the glass. She greedily gulps down the water, droplets linger on her red lips as she finishes. Li Tian wants to kiss her alluring glistening lips but restrains himself. If I do I won’t be able to control my desires. 

  Sara sighs pulling on her sweater , “Too hot..” She lifts the bottom of the fuzzy sweater again. Li Tian decides to help her remove the sweater. She will still be wearing a bra, it will be fine. Once he has the sweater in his hand he smoothes her messy hair and lays Sara back down with her head on the pillow. Tossing the sweater on a nearby chair he coaxes,“Go to sleep.”

  She has a blank expression as she puts her hand on his chest. Her voice sounds soft and sweet, “No sleep. Hug.”

  Li Tian uses all his willpower to ignore the seductive woman on the bed and stands up, “You need to sleep.” He leans over the bed touching her nose with his finger he warns,“Don’t drink in the future.”

  Sara has some awareness left and mutters, “Drug..drug..”  She realizes her body feels like it did the first night in Milan when she was drugged at the Medici Club.. “Help me..” Sara knows he is Li Tian and thinks he will leave, she desperately clutches onto him, “Don’t go.”

 Li Tian gazes at her flushed body and dilated pupils. Drug? Noah wouldn’t drug my woman he knows I definitely would kill him. Could it be the aphrodisiac from the restaurant? But that was taken care of by me. Who drugged her? The Innkeeper? No that is ridiculous what would he gain?

  Tears start forming in her beautiful blue eyes, Sara uses all her mental capacity to stammer, “Club. Why still..”

  He is confused looking at her pitiful appearance. What aphrodisiac stays in the system then suddenly begins working again. That is fucking insidious! Sara’s face has turned crimson red and her body is beginning to involuntarily twitch.

  He relents holding Sara and using his fingers to brush her damp hair behind her ear. He affectionately caresses her cheek, “Try to bear with it.” His heart tightens when he sees her pained expression and the redness covering her body. “I am going to run a cold bath that should help you. I will call a doctor.”

 He lays her down again and tries to comfort Sara, “It will be alright… I’m here.’

  Sara gazes at him trying to get control of her lustful desire. I can’t give in to the drug..I can’t. This is terrible! She digs her nails into her palms trying to get her mind off wanting to touch Li Tian.

  When he is in the bathroom filling the bathtub he takes out his phone calling Dr. Zhang. The doctor moves his wife who is wrapped around him like an octopus. He reaches for the phone on the nightstand, “Speak. Have you recovered?”

  “Yeah, but I have a question for you.”

  “Unless it is urgent, call me back in the morning.”

 “Urgent. My woman was given an aphrodisiac but it was a couple days ago, now she is having a similar what should I call attack.”

  Dr. Zhang laughs, “Boy, your father has been lamenting your mother wants to hold a fat little grandson . Satisfy Long An and move the wedding date up.”

   “…” Li Tian turns off the water for the bath,”Not Long An. So don’t go gossiping to the old fart!”

 “You dare to call some slut your woman when you are engaged! Shameless!”

  “Listen old man, none of your business. This situation is serious though and I am worried, so cut the crap and listen.”

  Dr. Zhang’s wife wakes up when he raises his voice, he quietly tells her, “Go back to sleep.” He gets out of bed and walks to his study. He has never heard of Li Tian caring for anyone and is surprised to hear concern in his voice. “I’m listening.”

  “The only conclusion I can draw is that the aphrodisiac had a residual effect. Just now she had an untainted glass of wine then she showed obvious symptoms.”

  The bathroom door opens and Li Tian turns around to see Sara standing there in her underwear. Dammit!

  Dr. Zhang can hear a soft voice in the background, “ hot..”

  Sara stands on her tiptoes hanging on Li Tian, “Kiss me.”  Li Tian doesn’t respond to the provocation and loosens her hold. He tells Dr. Zhang, “Don’t hang up,” then sets the phone by the sink.

  Li Tian’s voice sounds pampering,  “Be a good girl, get into the bath.”

   She kisses him then seductively starts to unbutton his shirt. Her eyes are covered in a lustful haze and her voice is filled with temptation, “Yes, let’s bathe together.” Sara’s slender hands touch his belt buckle and zipper trying to undo it.  Sweat forms on his forehead feeling her hand on his manhood that is beginning to swell. Dammit! He furrows his brows as he quickly holds onto her hand to stop her as she unzips his pants. Sara pouts looking up at him with an aggrieved expression, “Don’t you want me anymore?”

   “…”  I want to kiss every part of your body and fuck you until you scream my name but… I made up my mind I am not going to take advantage of the situation again. Li Tian has been feeling guilty about the last time she was drugged. He silently lifts her up and places her in the bath tub of cold water. When her hot body abruptly comes into contact with the cold water she exclaims, “ Ahhh! Cold..So cold!”

  Li Tian feels like he is coaxing a disobedient child. He has a faint smile as he watches Sara hugging her naked body, “I am on the phone with the doctor, don’t be naughty!”

  His dark eyes are mesmerized staring at the water droplets dripping down her chest into her cleavage and her hard pinkness pressed against the wet black lace bra.  He turns around from the alluring sight, his heart is racing as he picks up the phone.

   Turning his back on Sara in the bath so not to be distracted, his voice is hoarse, “Do you know of this particular aphrodisiac and a cure?”

  Dr. Zhang is still recovering from overhearing Sara and Li Tian. Since when did the demon boy become attentive to a woman? Did the sun rise in the West?

 Li Tian impatiently continues, “Old man, are you there?”

  Dr. Zhang coughs then clears his dry throat, “Yes, I’m here but I haven’t heard of such a situation. Call my friend Dr. Lu, he has treated quite a few Young Masters. He might know.”

  Li Tian can see Sara with her hands on the edge of the tub preparing to climb out of the bath, “Stay.”

 “Come in.” She raises her creamy white arms out of the water beckoning him to join her in the bath.

  “In a minute. Don’t get out!” He resumes the phone call. “Give me his number.”

  Dr. Zhang tells him the number then says, “Brat why don’t you cure this woman yourself? You couldn’t be..” The brat isn’t impotent is he? Poor Old Man fat cute buns in the future.

  “Mind your own business and don’t gossip when you are in Catang City. I have no qualms about killing an old man who has a foot in the grave as it is.”

  Dr. Zhang’s face lights up, the Demon boy really cares about this woman. Dr. Zhang’s brown eyes crinkle knowing Dr. Lu will hate being awakened. “Tell him I said not to overcharge for the consultation”

 “…” Pfft! As if money is a problem for me. Sara gets out of the bath dripping with water as he calls Dr. Lu. His Adam’s apple rolls up and down as she pounces into his arms pressing her supple wet body onto him. She can’t resist his sexy lips and reaches up to kiss him. “I need you. Wash me.” She kisses his lips tasting the familiar flavor trying to put her small tongue into his mouth. It is taking all his willpower as she pulls him towards the bath, recalling their passionate night together.

  He pushes her away, “Song Sara! Behave! or I won’t be responsible for my actions! Get back in the bath!”

  He doesn’t realize Dr. Lu had already answered the phone, he hears an angry voice, “SUN ZHI!”

   Li Tian wonders why he screamed “Sun Zhi.”

  “Dr. Lu, this is Li Tian, I got your number from Dr. Zhang.”

  Dr. Lu turns on his bedside lamp then rubs his beard, “Sorry, I was irritated no one was on the line then in the background I heard the name Song Sara. Jumped to conclusions.”

   ??? Li Tian, “ Sun Zhi knows Song Sara?” He has heard of Sun Zhi but never met him. He doesn’t participate in the Sun Group or appear in public. He is a very elusive man.

  “Well, I can’t discuss a patient. Why are you calling.”

  “Dr. Zhang said you are familiar with aphrodisiacs and I need to know if there is one that has lingering effects that resurface when the person drinks wine. My girlfriend was drugged previously now after having s glass of wine she relapsed.”

  Dr. Zhang runs his fingers through his messy hair. “I did hear there is an aphrodisiac made in Morocco that is extremely strong. Has an ingredient that causes it to be resistent to antidotes.” He recalls Song Sara being drugged, is that who he is talking about? Young Master Sun did say they were only friends.  She is Li Tian’s woman?

He is conflicted whether he should get involved or not. He hesitates then thinks about Song Sara, what a pitiful girl, treated poorly by her family and now suffering from being drugged. “Since I treated Song Sara previously and I heard you call her name, I will tell you most likely she has ingested this Morrocan  aphrodisiac.” Sun Zhi mentioned he and Sara were at the devil Bellini’s club and he has ties with that bastard Malouf. Dr. Zhang gathers information as he treats the gossipy Young Masters. “I treated her when she was initially drugged at the insistence of her friend Young Master Sun. I gave her an antidote which should have cleared the drug from her system. I can only tell you there is no antidote as far as I know for this aphrodisiac produced in Morroco. The only way for her symptoms to be relieved at this point is through sexual release.”

   Li Tian’s mind is in turmoil glancing at Sara in the bath, “No antidote?”

  “Not to my knowledge. The aphrodisiac must remain dormant until it comes into contact with alcohol in the person’s bloodstream.That is my guess anyway.”

  Li Tian sees Sara slipping down into the water with her eyes closed, he quickly ends the conversation, “Send the bill to my office.” 

  Rushing over to the bathtub he gently lifts Sara’s head, staring at her beautiful face tinged with a seductive red color,  you were with Sun Zhi? He saw you like this…did you kiss him… beg him to touch you? His eyes blaze with jealous rage as he strips off his clothes then enters the bath. Overcome with possessiveness and desire he puts Sara  on his lap then lifts her chin giving her a tyrannical kiss. When she is breathless he looks into her smokey blue eyes. His voice is low and full of unspoken accusations, “Who is Sun Zhi to you?”

   Sara thinks he is talking about Sun Peizhi and her lips curl up in a blinding smile exposing her cute dimples,  “Ahh.. Zhi.. so handsome…”

   When Li Tian sees her look of pure admiration and her breathtaking smile he goes insane. He puts his hand on her slender neck and the expression on his handsome face becomes ice cold and terrifying. His black eyes look like a bottomless abyss filled with anger that Sara could so easily smile and say another man was handsome to his face. He presses tighter. One squeeze and I won’t be tormented by this woman anymore. Sara gasps for air then he comes to his senses loosening his grip. Hmmph! Dare to think you can get away from me! You don’t have the ability! He runs his fingers through her hair on the back of her head pulling her delicate small face towards him. Bullying Sara by sucking and biting her smooth white neck as he rubs her breasts, he growls, “You belong to me.. you are my fucking woman!”

   Sara moans in pleasure as he tears off her bra then moves his lips down savoring the taste of her sweet skin , you will only have me in my other man! Sun Zhi you dare come close to my woman again you are a fucking dead man!

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      1. Poor Sara. Why do I have the feeling she’ll think it’s her fault, and Li Tian will try using that as his entry point into his grand plan to get Sara😂👏🏽.


      2. Haha you are too clever my friend! Do you think he will say the classic line “You need to take responsibility for me now.”😳


  1. I think Li Tian has too much pride to say that line…then again if Dr. Deng was there, he would’ve called bullshit in a heartbeat! Lol, if anything Li Tian will do his damnest to convince Sara whenever she drinks it should be with him 😂!


      1. I’m just looking forward to the day when Song Sara finds out that it was Li Tian all this time, and give him a hell of a scolding!


  2. At first, I believed that a miracle would happen and Li Tian would behave like a hero. Ha-ha-ha.
    I just don’t understand, this time Sarah realizes that it is Tian. Or is she again in her dreams?


    1. No the aphrodisiac’s hallucinogenic effect is diminished only the sexual desire remains She knows it is Li Tian so the morning will be interesting. Very interesting haha.


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