The Inn

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   A short distace away from the parking lot of the Inn, Sun Peizhi has his finger on the trigger of his gun ready to take out Adrien should he make a move to harm Sara.  He watches the exchange of information for Sara from his vantage point keeping his eyes glued on Sara and the man. After the exchange his body stiffens when he sees Li Tian intimately embracing Sara. Bastard! You don’t deserve her love. 

  He puts his gun away when he sees the men drive out of the parking lot then comes out from behind the tree he was behind. Fuck it! I am going to quit right now and take Sara away. His handsome face has a look of determination as he quickens his pace towards them.

  When Sara sees Sun Peizhi her eyes light up, she wiggles out of Li Tian’s arms. Her excited expression doesn’t go unnoticed by Li Tian. He can’t hide his hostility as Sun Peizhi comes closer sensing Sara has an interest in him. He has a possessive stance blocking Sara away from Sun Peizhi, “Go back to the hotel and wait for instructions.”

  Sun Peizhi is about to quit and tell Li Tian to fuck off when his phone starts ringing he uses specifically for his mission. Goddammit!  Why would Freddie be calling me right now. He has no choice but to answer Li Tian, “If I am no longer needed here I will go.” He looks at Sara out of the corner of his eye trying to see if she is okay.

  Sara wants to grab him, No! Don’t go! Take me with you! She musters up her courage, “Wait! I will go with you.” She steps forward, “My hotel is on your way.”

  “…” What hotel? Li Tian furrows his brow then suddenly blurts out, “You can’t. I need him to take care of some confidential business on his way back to the hotel. I will drive you.”

  Sun Peizhi wants to take Sara with him but Freddie wouldn’t call for no reason and this mission is extremely important. He grits his teeth holding back the urge to snatch her into his arms.”Miss Song, I think it would be best if you stayed with the CEO. You should rest after your ordeal.” I promise you as soon as I finish my mission.. 

  Li Tian just wants to get rid of Sun Peizhi but doesn’t have anything for him to do. He has a serious expression, “I will text you the details.”


  Sara has no choice but to stay with Li Tian. She gazes at Sun Peizhi longingly as she watches his back move further away.  Wuuuhuuu I want to go with you!

   Li Tian’s eyes darken reflecting his displeasure at her obvious desire to get away from him. What is wrong with this woman! Trying to avoid my touch and run away! Does she know how many women want to climb into my bed! Well, she has been through a terrifying ordeal, I will forgive her. “Sara, Sun Peizhi has a point you should rest. We can stay at this Inn then go back to the hotel in the morning.”

  Sara doesn’t like the idea..not one bit. “No. I’m fine. We can go back now. I booked a room so you can drop me off on the way to your hotel.” I want to sleep then catch my plane back to Catang and stay as far away from you as possible. Oh shit! I didn’t book a room because Sun Peizhi on the phone said I could stay at his friend’s apartment again. Sara shakes her head, I am so tired I can’t think straight!

   “ I’m too tired to drive it would be dangerous.We will stay here.” He takes her hand and starts walking to the front door of the Inn.

   ??? Did you not hear a word I said! Why are you holding my hand! Sara tries to remove her hand but Li Tian tightens his grip. 

   When they enter the Inn, a wrinkled old man is asleep with his head on the front desk. When he hears the door chimes he opens his eyes. Rubbing them with his bony fingers he says, “It is extra to get a room this late.” The old Innkeeper likes to charge people for interrupting his sleep.

  Li Tian smirks, “Two of your best rooms.”

  The old man scratches his white beard. More assholes here for the Fashion Week unable to get a room in the city.  “All our rooms are good.” He puts on some smudged glasses then looks at the reservation book in front of him. “Right now we only have one available.” Looking over his glasses he notices Sara, haha.. the man brings a beautiful girl to a small Inn he must not want his wife to know. She is quite beautiful even in those shapeless clothes she is wearing.

  “If that is all you have available we will take the one room.”  Li Tian has a mischievous gleam in his eyes thinking about sharing the bed with Sara.

   Sara can barely keep her eyes open but when she hears what the Innkeeper says she suddenly comes alive, “NO! We need two rooms!”

    Li Tian ignores her protest and takes out his black card, “I will take it. Is the kitchen open?”

   “For an extra charge. Limited menu.” I will wake up the old lady to make them something.

  “Send your house favorites to the room and a bottle of red wine.” He heard Sara’s stomach growling when they were in the parking lot.

  Sara glares at him, am I invisible? Did you not hear me! I am not sleeping in the same room with you!

  He can feel Sara’s burning gaze, he thinks she looks like an angry little cat right cute. He coaxes her, “Don’t worry I will sleep on the couch.”

  Sara sighs looking at his amused expression, that arrogant man will do what he wants anyway. I just want to go to sleep. 

   When they get to the room Li Tian opens the door. He is pleasantly surprised there is a large comfortable looking bed and no couch. Sara on the other hand scrunches up her nose muttering, “No couch.”

  “I will sleep on the floor. When they bring the food I will ask for some extra bedding.”


  Li Tian’s phone rings and when he answers the call Sara walks out to the balcony for some fresh air.

   I can’t wait to get back to Catang and my ordinary life. That thought reminds her of the broken Midnight Lover Necklace. Oh my God I have to tell him about it. I guess I won’t mention the necklace unless he does. I will send it by courier back to him when I am home.

There is a chill in the night air but Sara finds it refreshing. She sits on a chair looking up at the sky. What a crazy few days! Hugging the extra large sweater to her slender body Sara can’t keep her eyes open, exhausted she falls asleep. 

   After he finishes his phone call with Tang Qiang, Li Tian walks out to see Sara curled up in a ball on the chair. The oversized fuzzy sweater makes her look like a small animal, all you can see is her messy black hair. Little idiot! You will catch a cold sleeping out here! He gently picks Sara’s up then carries her to the bed, when he lays her down there is a knock at the door. The Innkeeper’s wife, a short old woman wearing a red flannel robe, stands at the door holding a tray of food and a bottle of wine, “We don’t have a chef at this time of night so I made some pasta.” 


    She slowly waddles into the room placing the food on a small wooden table. She smiles at him and in a pleasant voice says, “Signore, if you need anything else call downstairs for my husband.”  I am going back to sleep! That money grubbing old man of mine! Making me cook this time of night!

   He glances at the steaming plates of food, “This should do.” 

  When Li Tian hands her some money she quickly stuffs the cash into the pocket of her robe, haha..I won’t tell the old miser about this tip! “Grazie! Grazie”

  After the old woman leaves Li Tian walks over to the bed wondering if he should wake Sara up to eat something. While he is deciding if he should wake her up Sara gets a whiff of the pasta and licks her pink lips in her sleep. Her small mouth opens and closes as though she is eating then she mumbles, “Umm.. good.”

   Li Tian has a smile that reaches his eyes gazing at the adorable expression on her face, she must be really hungry. He nudges her and his low voice has a doting tone, “Sara, the food is here do you want to eat?”

  Sara slowly opens her hazy blue eyes, fluttering her long black eyelashes as she looks around, “Hmmm.. food?”  

  Li Tian laughs and can’t resist smoothing her tangled hair, “Yes, food.”

  Sara sits up then her eyes widen looking at Li Tian with a confused expression. What is CEO Li doing in my apartment?  She glances around, the Inn! 

  She follows the direction of the aroma and sees the food placed on the table. “I am hungry.”

  They walk to the small table then sit down. Li Tian opens the wine and pours two glasses passing one over to Sara. She frowns, noticing there is no water on the table.

  Li Tian notices her expression so asks, “Did you need something else?”

  “I wanted some water, but it’s fine I can drink the wine.”

  “I will call the desk to send water.I don’t notice a mini fridge.”

  “Thank you.” Sara picks up her glass of wine and has a sip. “This fruit wine is very delicious.”

  Li Tian has a drink and then purses his lips, too sweet. “A little sweet.” When I order the water I will order a bottle of Cabernet. This wine is unpalatable.

   Sara tastes her pasta, “The food tastes delicious.”

   Li Tian gets up from the table and walks to the phone. Dialing the front desk he requests the wine and the water then adds, “I will need extra bedding.”

   Sara hears the conversation and smiles, at least he is being a gentleman. She drinks more of the fruit wine, then has a bite of tortelloni, very authentic, this Inn is much better than I expected. 

  When he returns to the table Sara’s mood has improved, “CEO Li you should try the tortelloni, really delicious.”

  He picks up his fork and tries the creamy pasta, he nods, “Very good.”

   Feeling relaxed Sara smiles brightly at Li Tian then holds up her empty glass, “I really like this wine, so light and fruity. Could I have more?”

   He is thirsty but doesn’t want to drink the fruit wine, he pours a glass for Sara and glances towards the door. Where is the old woman! There is a knock at the door and the old Innkeeper stands there holding the wine and a pitcher of water. “We don’t have any Cabernet but this wine is from my friend’s vineyard..not sweet. No bottled water until our delivery on Tuesday.” Disgruntled he needs to make two trips when he places the water down he snarls, “I will be back with the bedding.”


    Li Tian misses the full service at the hotel, what a dump! Was that old fart giving me attitude!  He walks over to the table Sara is still eating the pasta, the little thing must have been starving! She is so thin to begin with…I will make those bastards pay for kidnapping her… but I need to wait. He wants to explode thinking about what she must have had to endure and that he can’t immediately seek revenge. Li Tian never apologizes to anyone but he feels he needs to compensate Sara. I shouldn’t have brought Song Sara to Milan knowing I could run into trouble because of the arms shipment.

   Sara  happily drinks the wine and eats  the delicious handmade tortellini, not paying attention to Li Tian. She has her head down eating when Li Tian says, “ I will compensate you for what happened.”  Sara raises her head when he speaks, his serious expression surprises her. Uncomfortable because she has no idea how to respond she gulps down her wine. Is that the arrogant tyrant’s way of apologizing? What should I need? But I am angry at him. She reaches and grabs the bottle of wine in front of her and pours it into her glass. When the wine goes down her throat she gasps and her eyes water. Sara starts coughing, ‘the wine..” He was distracted and was unable to say that wasn’t the fruit wine before she drank it.

   She puts her palms down on the table as the burning sensation doesn’t subside, “Waterrrr..waterrr.” Her blue eyes have a layer of mist and she is gasping.

   Li Tian quickly pours water then jumps up coming to her side of the table holding the glass he says, “Drink.”

   Sara’s beautiful blue eyes are hazy and her face turns crimson red. She feels dizzy. “I.. I..think I am going to fai…” Her slim body falls into his arms, What the fuck! She was fine a minute ago!

  Worried he hugs her over to the bed, was the wine too strong? He touches Sara’s cheek, she is very hot. He rushes into the bathroom to get a wet cloth, fucking shit! Should I call a doctor?

   There is a knock at the door, the old Innkeeper impatiently stands at the door holding the bedding. Li Tian opens the door grabbing the old man by the collar scaring the shit out of him, “What was in the wine!”

   “Wine? Nothing!”

  Infuriated Li Tian doesn’t let go of the old Innkeeper who is clutching the bedding in his hands, “Why did she faint after she drank a glass.”

  “You gave it to the girl? Too strong for a tiny woman.”

  Li Tian realizes he had a glass of the wine and felt fine. He lets the old man go.

  Shaking the old man says, “Extra charge for bedding.”

  Li Tian responds, “Get out.” He returns to the bed thinking she is drunk from the wine. Dammit!

  Sara feels her body on fire as the residual effects from the Morrocan aphrodisiac in her body reacts with the strong wine. Sweat trickles down her flawless face and she licks her lips muttering, “So thirsty..water..”


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