Blood Price

   Rui affectionately gazes down at LiMei, her long black eyelashes are fluttering and her face is pale. He frowns looking around at the small room then turns to Dr. Silva, “I want LiMei moved to a VIP room, I will stay with her tonight.”

  Dr. Silva’s expression immediately darkens , What the hell! Didn’t we just have this discussion in my office? The patient can’t be disturbed. “We discussed this. No.” At this moment Dr. Silva’s phone rings, his voice sounds irritated, “I need to take this call. You can remain but don’t stimulate the patient.”

  Once he leaves the room  Dr. Silva answers the phone, “ You have considered my proposal?”

   Xinghi and Dr. Woo are boarding his plane to fly to Milan. Xinghi answers, “Not yet, I am calling regards to a patient you operated on earlier, Feng LiMei.”

  Dr. Silva is shocked he is well aware of Xinghi’s cold personality after secretly working with him on his nanobot research project. He raises his eyebrow,“You know Feng LiMei?”

  “She is my niece. What is her condition?” Xinghi buckles his seatbelt as the plane gets ready to take off from his compound in Cambodia. “I am on my way to Milan now. I don’t have much time so quickly fill me in on her condition.”

   Dr. Silva pushes up his gold framed glasses,this girl gets more interesting by the minute!  He goes over her injuries, the operation and her prognosis. After he finishes  Xinghi replies, “I have to disagree with you Piero, Feng LiMei would benefit from audio and tactile stimulation. Allow visitors.” Besides the fact he believes this to be the best course of action, this would simplify Dr. Lumbert giving LiMei the Phoenix Breath Serum.

  Dr. Silva’s voice conveys his skepticism, “That is highly unorthodox! A person could imprint ideas into her mind before she fully awakens and she could..” Before he finishes the phone call is disconnected. He tightens his grip on his phone, talking to himself he continues his thought in a low voice, “Believe inaccurate information and memories to be true!” Goddammit! No! I don’t trust one of those men surrounding the patient! I didn’t have time to inform him who the fuck brought Feng LiMei into the hospital..that maniac Nikolai Naralov.

  As he is about to enter LiMei’s room he is paged to do emergency surgery on an accident victim. I can’t allow Qiao Rui to remain in her room. When he enters Rui is sitting at a chair staring at LiMei waiting for his return to further discuss moving her to a VIP room.

   “Dr. Qiao you need to leave I have to perform emergency surgery. We can discuss this further when I am out of the operating room.”

   Rui has a faint smile, very good. I will simply leave willingly then go back and you can’t stop me. If all goes well with the negotiations the next couple days I will own this hospital and do as I want. Rui surprisingly stands up obediently and follows him out the door.

   Once in the hallway Dr. Silva knows with the arrogant man’s personality he would have protested, obviously he has no intention of leaving. There is a shortage of security guards right now because of the situation in the Emergency Room.. He turns to Rui, “I will be frank, I realize as soon as I leave you will go back to Feng LiMei’s room.” UnfortunatelyI don’t have the manpower right now to stop you.  “I would urge you though to consider Miss Feng as a patient and act accordingly as a doctor.”


  Rui returns to the room and sits in the chair by her bedside again. He doesn’t agree with Dr. Silva, he feels LiMei would benefit from stimulation. He caresses her small soft hand then places it into his hand. Desperately wanting to hold her in his arms he restrains his urge. He stands up then leans down gently kissing LiMei on her forehead. He inhales her unique fragrance and is overwhelmed by guilt. I love you  LiMei… it is my fault for not protecting you well enough. I won’t leave you again..or let you out of my sight. His black eyes are filled with jealous rage thinking about what might have happened while he was separated from LiMei. He paces around the small dimly lit room trying to calm himself. I know you weren’t with that bastard Nikolai Naralov willingly. I don’t believe what that damn Frenchman told me. You are mine..only mine..

  At the Bellini mansion Martina rushes up the stairs to find her brother Ivan. Bursting into room after room until she finally finds him. Wild eyed and disheveled she screams, “Brother! Brother! You need to help me!”

  Her brother and Karin are rolling in the sheets and are startled when she flies into the room. Ignoring the fact the two people are naked and having sex, Martina runs over to the bed. “IVAN!”

   Panting heavily with sweat dripping down his face Ivan rolls off of Karin Annoyed at the interruption he exclaims,“Martina what the hell!”

   She anxiously grabs his sweaty arm, “Get dressed, get your guards! Nikolai is coming to kill me!”

   Karin leans on her elbow looking to see who barged into the bedroom. Her voice sounds hoarse, “Bitch! Get out!”

   Ivan slaps Karin’s face then kicks her off the bed, “Scram!”

  She crawls up grabbing his arm, “No, I need you.”

  Martina grabs her by her tangled blonde hair, “You heard him get out!” Her guards that followed in behind her pick Karin up to throw her out; she kicks one in the leg. Speaking in Russian she screams, “PIG! I need my clothes.”

 Martina smirks noticing her brother doesn’t care. “Toss the cow out.” 

 The guards drag Karin out naked and leave her in the hallway then return to the room.

  “Brother, help me!”

  Ivan runs his fingers through his messy blonde hair as he stands up pulling on his gray pants, “What did you do?”

  Martina’s eyes tear up knowing her older brother can’t stand to see her cry. “It is Nikolai’s fault! He brought his little whore to the reception!”

  “So.” Normally Martina’s tears would move him but she just interrupted him as he was about to satisfy his lust.

  She grabs his gray striped shirt off the floor tossing it to him, “Hurry! You need to get me out of here.”

  “ Sister, Nikolai wouldn’t hurt you even if he doesn’t like you. It would go against his interests.You are being dramatic.” He puts on his designer silk shirt, as he buttons it he continues, “Diego would never let him disrupt the auction either. He values his reputation for keeping the auction civilized.” He laughs at his use of words considering the unsavory people attending tonight.

  “Ivan, I will explain after you get me to a safe place where he can’t reach me.”

  Nikolai silently enters with Anton who is pushing Karin into the room.“Too late for that Martina.”

  He has a disgusted expression as he steps around Karin. “Ivan, I suggest you finish fucking this fat bitch and stay out of it. He sarcastically remarks, “She was laying in the hallway writhing around calling your name.”

  Ivan can feel the killing intent coming from Nikolai, “Niko, I don’t know how my sister angered you but whatever it is we can work it out.”

  Martina anxiously hides behind Ivan as her guards stand by protecting her. 

 Nikolai sneers, “Ivan, I told you when we were in school never to call me Niko again, I don’t recognize you.”

 “I thought since you were to be my brother in law we moved past our enmity from our childhood.”

  “You were wrong. Now back to why I am here. Martina do you want to tell your brother or should I?”

  Martina’s voice cracks as she stammers,“Nikolai…I was wrong… I was jealous.”

 Ivan pulls her out from behind him then stares at Martina in a cold tone he growls,”What did you do?”

 Nikolai wants her to squirm,“Tell him.”

Martina has a terrified expression and her face loses its color.She thought Ivan would shield her from Nikolai and his attitude unexpectedly suggests otherwise. Like a cornered animal she stares at Nikolai, his eyes are bloodshot and he has a demonic aura. She decides to change her tactic.“I did nothing, it wasn’t me I was framed. Brother, believe me.”

“Framed? By whom?”

 “I can’t say.” Martina quickly forms a plan to pin the attempted murder of Karin. She pretends to be hesitant then timidly points to Karin, “It was her and her mother Olga.”

  Karin is out of it from being drugged and has no clue she has become the villainess in this drama.

Nikolai starts laughing, “Ivan, your sister could be an actress with her skill. Martina, the gunman was your guard and confessed you gave the order.”

Ivan has no patience, “Martina,what the fuck is going on here?”

Martina pulls on Ivan’s shirt, “I was jealous when Nikolai arrived with another woman that is true. But, the guard…the guard was subverted by Karin. I was complaining to her about the situation and she said she would teach the woman a lesson for me. I had no idea she would try to kill Nikolai and the woman using me as a scapegoat.”

Now Ivan knows Martina is lying but she is his little sister. He decides to try to save Martina, from the look on Nikolai’s face he won’t go easy on the perpetrator. Ivan grabs Martina and slaps her, “Kneel!” Martina realizes her brother is trying to save her so she obediently kneels down, “Nikolai forgive me I had no idea she intended to murder you!”

  Annoyed he can’t really kill Martina, his mother was very fond of her as a girl which is why they became engaged in the first place. But, that doesn’t mean she can get away with harming Feng LiMei.“Ivan you call that a slap?” He motions to Anton who slaps Martina. She screams in pain then holds her red and swollen face. Anton slaps her again and one of her teeth flies out from her bloody mouth. Her two guards stand motionless when Ivan raises his hand. Ivan clenches his fist at his side and the veins in his forehead bulge watching Anton slap Martina againwith his large palm He is well aware Nikolai could easily kill them both before the guards could react. Ivan doesn’t want to die because his useless sister is a complete idiot.

  Martina crawls across the carpet over to Nikolai’s feet,she can barely talk, “Stop, I will do anything.”

 Nikolai has a devilish grin, “Anything?”

  She nods. 

  Nikolai takes out a dagger twirling it in his hand, “Slit Karin’s throat then cut your face.”

  Ivan rushes towards Nikolai and Anton quickly steps in front of Nikolai. Ivan knows Nikolai’s twisted method will eliminate his entire family.“Bastard! If she kills Karin, Olga won’t let her go.”

 “Well, I could have Martina kill her dear brother instead. Someone needs to pay the blood price for attempting to kill me and injuring my woman.”

  Ivan gulps, Nikolai never jokes. He looks at Karin naked and mumbling on the ground. Motherf****r! Olga will go insane if her only daughter is killed. Not to mention her lunatic brothers Rashid and Hamid. A few people saw me come upstairs with the fat bitch before the auction. Not to mention if she was calling my name in the fucking hallway outside the room.

Ivan makes a decision, he doesn’t want the wrath of Olga and her sons coming down on him. “She can kill our father, how is that. You might not know but he and Viktor are responsible for you being thrown in the Bosnian prison will that satisfy you?”

Martina’s eyes widen in shock listening to her brother’s words. Even though she is in a great deal of pain from the slaps she isn’t muddleheaded, Daddy? I can’t kill Daddy! I will kill the ugly woman on the floor!

Nikolai can’t help but admire Ivan’s keen sense of self preservation. Obviously he quickly realized Olga would retaliate and wipe out anyone with the name Rushnikov. Also, with his father out of the way Ivan will be the new head of the Rushnikov Organization.

 Nikolai throws his head back laughing, “Hahaha…Ivan Rushnikov you certainly are your ruthless father’s son.”



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  1. Is Martina gonna do it?! Will LiMei still be under Nikolai’s compulsion?! Will Xinghi take LiMei back with him?! There are SOOO many questions 😱!!


  2. Haha..yes a Rushnikov will die..LIMei wakes up next chapter…Xinghi runs into an old nemesis…an old scenario is relived- a secret revealed..da da dum😳
    I ❤ your comments!


  3. I’ve gotta say that’s still would be tough for Daiyu. I would’ve said Nikolai because they had such a similar experience, being forced by their respective fathers into the underworld. And they both lost their mothers tragically (which Rui experienced I believe). And while Nikolai is trying to turn a new leaf by leaving the life, unlike Rui, I feel like he can’t escape that darkness and adapt to life away from the underworld like Rui has. Than again, I doubt Nikolai’s childhood did him any favours. It’s really tough to say. Rui doesn’t seem to have gone through the same experiences as Nikolai and Daiyu did as actual killers, but that doesn’t mean he hasn’t experienced something just as traumatic. Also, Rui only exposed his dark side to LiMei that once time during the Jealousy chapter, whereas Daiyu is familiar with the type of person Nikolai is…it’s really tough to say is my short answer 😭


    1. Here you can argue. Rui was also betrayed by his father and because of him he was involved in the Underworld. And he just like them, he tragically lost his mother and his childhood was not beautiful.
      The only thing, Rui was already able to start everything from a new leaf, which is what Daiyu is striving for.
      In addition, they have already met her somehow and the story about this has not yet been told to us.
      In fact, we don’t know much about Rui’s dark past.


      1. That’s also true! And Rui has already taken his revenge, and gained the company his mother contributed too and has reached the point to where he’s living the life he’s always wanted. But I still can’t rule out Nikolai and Daiyu met if they had met under the right conditions. Especially, if both were at the stage of wanting leaving the underworld behind at the same time. Ah, one can dream about how that scenario would’ve worked 😂.


    2. Awesome comment 3mb3r93 ! But alas you forgot about Kuang Bo and Daiyu..but you are right Daiyu and Nikolai could be fun I like their playful dynamic . Rui is so damn romantic tho. I think you will be surprised when she awakens..


      1. Elena an equally awesome comment ! Nikolai’s personality is much wilder like a lone wolf..than Rui’s..he has tempered his personality to become a doctor and CEO.It’s funny you mention Rui’s past it is about to pop up lol..😌


    3. 3mb3r93 true but they have a very deep bond. She definitely loves Bo as a brother but there were times she was infatuated with him when she was younger. He was always too good with women so she never took him seriously. Also his brother is Kuang Fu and she desperately wanted to get away from.him


  4. I think we forgot about Leng Shuai. Although Daiyu didn’t know him, he was unlikely to leave the stage so easily. 😆😆😆


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