Adrien listens to the instructions from François then hangs up. Now at least there is an alternate plan to find out the location of the arms shipment. He composes himself after averting his eyes from Sara’s exposed snow white thighs. “ Don’t make any noise or you will die. Get dressed. We need to leave.”

   Sara’s face pales listening to his emotionless voice, not understanding what is going on now. Earlier the Frenchman was confident but now his eyes contain a hint of apprehension. She grabs the clothes from the chair then silently retreats back into the bathroom to change.

   While she is in the bathroom Adrien steps onto the balcony considering how to escape with Sara. Looking down at the bushes and lawn below he calculates the distance to the ground, at this height the tiny woman won’t be able to survive jumping down. Her frail bones would break on impact. We can’t go down the stairs… Shit!  He angrily walks back into the bedroom then rips the sheets off the bed, I can tie them to the railing and go down first then she can follow. He furrows his brows picturing Sara’s petite body, if she falls I can catch her without a problem. He goes to a cabinet that looks like it might contain extra bedding to find another sheet and his eyes widen at the variety of of sex toys, handcuffs and silk ropes inside the wooden cabinet. He looks at a couple of the items, I can’t even imagine what those are used for, would that even fit into a woman’s body? He laughs as he takes two of the red silk ropes and tests their strength by pulling on them. Noah you fucking pervert!

  He ties the silk ropes together then walks out to the balcony tying the connected ropes to the railing. The rope hangs down leaving a short distance to the lawn but he is satisfied he can easily catch Sara. Adrien walks back into the bedroom as Sara opens the bathroom door. 

   “…” He doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry at the sight thinking Sara looks ridiculous in the clothes she is wearing. Adrien walks over to where she is standing and has an amused expression, Marisa is very tall so the pants and sweater are too long. Sara is rolling up the black pants, he doesn’t sound as intimidating as he warns,“There is a situation downstairs so we are going to another meeting place. I need you to cooperate to ensure your safety. Follow me.”

   When they are standing on the balcony Adrien points to the silk rope tied to the railing. “I will go down first, then you need to climb down. When you reach the end of the rope let go,I will catch you. Once we are on the lawn we need to immediately move towards the back where a car will be waiting. Don’t try anything because if we are discovered the men downstairs won’t hesitate to shoot to kill.”

  Looking over the railing Sara’s heart starts beating rapidly. Are you serious! No way! Frightened she looks up at Adrien shaking her head, “ can’t I am afraid of heights.” Sara feels dizzy after leaning over the iron railing.

  Adrien doesn’t have any patience he needs to get the location of the arms shipment to save Noah.  Unused to coaxing a woman he reverts back to his cold demeanor irritated he needs to deal with such a fragile looking woman.  “Which scares you more..climbing down the rope or death?”

  Sara looks up at him with a terrified expression, “Are you sure you can catch me?”

“Yes and I am warning you if you think you have a better chance trying to escape once I land on the ground forget it. There is already one dead man in the living room.”

 Wuuuwuuu..why did he tell me that! Sara shivers at the thought then takes a deep breath to calm herself down. Knowing she is left with no other choice she reluctanly agrees,“I will do it.”

  Adrien climbs over the railing and without any effort at all swiftly climbs down the rope then jumps to the ground. He looks up and waves to Sara to start her descent.Sara stands frozen in place on the balcony staring down at him. Black lines form on his head as he frantically motions to her to come down What the fuck! Did I not make myself clear? JUMP OR STAY AND DIE! Sara pushes up the sleeves of the light blue sweater and with her hands trembling she clutches onto the cold metal. Don’t look down Sara..don’t look down.. She swings her trembling legs over the black iron railing then grabs onto the silk rope. Oh my God! I’m going to die! I couldn’t even climb down the rope in gym class. Sara can’t move her hands, her knuckles are white as she clings onto the rope. Her palms are sweaty as she slowly inches her way down the swaying rope.

  Adrien knows the silk rope can’t support both their weight or he would have brought her down with him. So climbing back up to get her is out of the question.Goddammit little girl! Come down the rope for fuck’s sake!

  Sara finally crawls down when she gets to the end she holds her breath and closes her eyes as she bravely lets go. She lands in Adrien’s waiting arms, when she feels his strong arms and warm chest she gazes up at him like a small rabbit stammering, “Th..thank you.” Sara pushes his chest to get down but he holds her tightly, deciding not to take a chance.. The way the little doll is shaking she won’t be able to run with those thin legs of hers. The damn girl would probably trip and the sensors could be triggered. “Don’t move.”

   Carrying Sara in his arms Adrien runs to the back gate avoiding the sensors so the alarm doesn’t sound. François is waiting for them in a black Land Rover, “Hurry. We don’t have much time.”

   The back door is open and Adrien puts Sara into the backseat, then he climbs in afterwards.  He speaks in French, “ If we don’t get that information quickly Noah is fucked. Did Li Tian agree to the change of plans?”

  François drives down the narrow road behind the villa heading to the Inn. He responds. “Does the woman understand French?”


 “He seems desperate to get his woman back.” François glances in the rear view mirror at Sara who is looking out the window. What a fragile looking girl. I’m surprised she would be with a dangerous and cold man like Li Tian. “So Johan is dead and the rogue guards have Noah?”

  “From what I could see from the top of the stairs. I overheard them say their boss would be at the villa soon.”

  “Well, they aren’t going to kill Noah until they receive the arms or their money back. Once we have the information from Li Tian we can negotiate with the client.”

   “How far is this Inn from here?”

    “ Not far at all that is why I picked that location to meet. It is set back from the road and there are no buildings around where he could place snipers. There are woods behind the Inn and on the side we are meeting it would be difficult to go unnoticed. We should be there shortly”

     Down the highway Li Tian speeds towards the meeting place, he calls Tang Qiang, “They changed the location of the exchange and it wasn’t Noah that called but that shifty asshole François. I’m slightly hesitant to go by myself, but I don’t want to jeopardize Song Sara’s safety. The new meeting place is an Inn not far from the villa.”

   Tang Qiang puts out his cigarette debating on telling Li Tian he sent Sun Peizhi to the villa. But, the Boss sounds like he has some concerns, maybe I should tell him. “Well Boss, Sun Peizhi called when the little chick wasn’t at the cafe and said he was going to look at the traffic cams. I told him you  were on your way to Marisa’s villa.” He scratches his head, “ I know you said you wanted to go by yourself but he is an expert at remaining hidden, so he is heading there now.”

   Li Tian doesn’t like his men disobeying his orders but this might work out. “ You will be punished for acting on your own when we return to Catang City. I will call Sun Peizhi to inform him of the change in location.”

   “…”  So Boss.. you approve of him guarding you but you are pissed it was my idea? 

  Sun Peizhi looks down the dark road, I should be at the villa soon, Sara, why didn’t you wait inside the cafe for me! His phone rings, Li Tian? Qiang said not to let him know I am coming, but I can’t ignore his call.  He answers,“Boss.”

   “There is a change of location, meet me at the  Camelia Inn on Cyprus Street, they are bringing Song Sara.”

   “Who kidnapped her?”

   “None of your business. Don’t interfere, only make sure Song Sara doesn’t get hurt if anything goes wrong. Where are you now?”

   “I am ten minutes away from Cyprus Street.”

   “Good we should arrive at approximately the same time. Remain in the shadows and keep an eye on Sara.”

     He grips the steering wheel tightly wanting to press Li Tian for answers. He looks at his watch. By now the mission should be successfully competed at the Bellini auction and I will quit working as his fucking bodyguard. I will take Sara back to Catang City. She made it clear she wants to get away from the bastard. “Will do.”

    After he hangs up Sun Peizhi speeds up racing down the road. Who the fuck has Sara? Why wouldn’t the bastard say? I need to make sure she is safe and get her away from Li Tian. He is too dangerous and reckless, she will never be safe.

   At the Camelia Inn, François pulls into the far side of the parking lot. When he stops the car he calls Li Tian, “Where are you? We are at the designated spot for the exchange.”

  “Be there in five.”

  François turns to the backseat, “He will be here soon.” 

  Sara has no idea what they are saying but their auras don’t seem to be exceptionally black right now. Mentally exhausted she wants to ask what is going on but has no energy. She watches as the driver gets out of the car then leans on the hood lighting a cigarette. 

  Adrien turns to her speaking English he has the urge to comfort Sara, “Don’t worry your man will be here soon.”

  “Huh?” My man? haha.. oh right they think I am in a relationship with CEO Li. what a joke..he is the last man I would want to..haha.. ridiculous. 

  Adrien sees the quizzical expression on Sara’s face, out of curiosity he asks, “Li Tian..” before he continues Sara panics, My passport! She impulsively grabs his arm, “My purse? Where is my purse?”

  He pulls the small beaded evening purse out of his jacket pocket, “I have.”

  “You will give my purse back to me right? I need my passport.” 

   His lips curl up into a smile as he teases Sara, “You aren’t worried about the Sapphire and Diamond necklace?”

    Sara shakes her head, “No. The necklace is insured. But without my passport and identification I can’t return to China.” She is telling the truth although she doesn’t want to deal with losing the Midnight Lover Necklace she isn’t terribly concerned about it.

  “I am not a thief, the contents have not been touched.”

  “…”  You obviously are a mercenary. Killing is fine but no I don’t steal. So you have some scruples. “Thank you.”

   “When the exchange is made you can have your purse. I would give you a bit of advice, you should find a new man.” Sara reminds him of his beautiful younger sister who lives in Marseilles. He looks at her delicate face and petite body, “You are too weak to survive in Li Tian’s world..this world.” 

  Sara smiles at him, “I have an ability to sense people’s aura and sometimes calculate their fortune. I think you are conflicted living the life you lead. You should find another occupation, the people you love don’t need you to sacrifice your happiness for them. Once you kill the man and fulfill your father’s dying request, leave this life behind. Return to your family before it is too late.”  

  Adrien’s dark eyes narrow, squeezing Sara’s arm  he hisses, “Who are you! How do you know!”

  “I told you I have this ability. I warned you because you have treated me decently under the circumstances and not harmed me. I understand the desire to seek revenge, but you can’t let it take over your life. I trust you will keep my secret.”

    François  taps on the window  snapping Adrien out of his trance while listening to Sara , “Bring the woman out.”

    Adrien fumbles with the door handle as he stares at Sara. “I can’t find the hidden man.Do you know?”

   Sara shakes her head, “ I’m not a fortune teller. I just get flashes when I concentrate on someone’s aura. It was a fleeting glimpse, but I get the impression you are missing an obvious clue.”

   They step out of the car and Sara sees Li Tian approaching. I never thought I would be so happy to see that man.

   Sun Peizhi has just arrived and is hidden in the back observing the situation with his gun drawn.

   François stops Li Tian as he rushes by to check on Sara. “Not so fast, she is fine. Step over here and tell me the location, my man will give your woman to you.”

  Sara can’t help but blush when François says that, I can’t believe Li Tian is pretending I am his girlfriend. 

  Impatient to hold Sara in his arms he says, “Give me your phone I will put in the coordinates. Once I do have Sara walk over by me. When she is next to me I will give you the phone.”

   “Sounds reasonable but what if you input the wrong location…”

   “Although I wonder why Noah sent his lackey I have an agreement with him. I won’t go back on my word. I will wait while you confirm with video surveillance.”

  He hands the phone to Li Tian, “Do it.”

  “Send my woman to me.”

  Sara’s face now turns crimson red, CEO Li could be an actor he sounds so convincing.

  François motions to Adrien to  come over with Sara. As they do, Li Tian inputs the coordinates, once Sara is next to him he pulls her into his arms and tosses the phone to François.

  Li Tian embraces Sara tightly and smoothes her long black hair, in a doting tone he whispers, “Did they hurt you?”

   Embarrassed Sara tries to push him away, “I’m just tired.” Then she remembers her purse turning her head, she calls out, “My purse!” I need to catch the plane to Catang tomorrow.

   Adrien has been in a daze after listening to Sara. He walks towards them and Li Tian before he can hand it to Sara li Tian angrily grabs the small beaded purse. “I will take that. Get the fuck away from her.” He holds Sara tighter to his chest as he glares at Adrien.

   Sara blinks a few times at Li Tian, he is really playing this up. Feeling like she can’t breathe she says, “CEO Li, could you let me go?”



6 thoughts on “Exchange

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  1. It seems her gift does not apply to her herself. Otherwise, she would have known long ago that he was not playing.
    It’s funny to watch her become more and more his weakness.


    1. If it did, that would’ve solved so many issues for poor Sara 😂. So at this point, is Li Tian not concern about Song Sara finding that he’s coercing her into a relationship?


      1. She thinks he is acting the part..maybe feels responsible and worried since she was kidnapped. Really Sara is mentally exhausted and not analyzing his motive.


    2. Like she said she is not a fortune teller.
      Just occasionally she will get a flash when she concentrates on someone’s aura.Remember she doesn’t like her ability to sense people’s auras.


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