Marisa’s Villa Part 2

   Li Tian’s veins are bulging on his neck considering how to kill Noah. “Listen you perverted fuck…”

 “Hey..hey calm down.”  Noah laughs at how furious Li Tian’s voice sounds, the cold bastard  seldom displays his emotions. “Judging by the fragile body of the little thing she couldn’t handle my sex games. I might have my …let’s say eccentricities, but I never force a woman. I wanted to see if what I heard was true…so she really is your girlfriend.”

   Li Tian responds, “Does she look like my fucking type? She is a secretary lent to me by the Zhou  Group. If anything happens to Song Sara,  Zhou Jason will retaliate. She not only works for the Zhou Group,they are good friends from their University days.” He cringes as he says this but he doesn’t want Noah to know Song Sara holds a great amount of importance to him. “I have a very lucrative MegaMall Project in the works with them.”


  “Listen Noah, you know very well why I hijacked that arms shipment. I planned on negotiating with Amir but had no idea that bitch Olga would use her son Rashid to influence him. You were deceived by Malouf, he wasn’t forthcoming; he had a hidden partner in this venture.You and I have had a copacetic relationship in the past, I don’t want this to affect future business. But, you need to understand my bottom line, I need to be compensated for the Berlin incident with Alexandre.” He rubs his shoulder where the silver needle pierced his skin. Also, ther is no way in hell I am going to let that fat bitch Karin go.

  Noah doesn’t want Li Tian dead or to ruin their future dealings; he only wants the shipment returned. His client’s private army needs the weapons to protect his company’s interests in a war torn country in Africa.  He believes the powerful man at this point is unaware he no longer has the three trucks carrying the arms.

There isn’t much time. If the man knew Li Tian was in possession of the trucks carrying the top of the line weaponry he paid me millions to deliver… well,  I  would be fucked. Noah has been keeping the information secret and with a loose screw like Karin in the picture he has been extremely concerned and on edge. Should the information  get back to the CEO of Exdon Corporation, I wouldn’t need to worry only about losing money. On the outside the man appears well mannered and harmless,no one knows underneath his mild exterior his true tyrannical disposition. He keeps his identity secret as the insidious mastermind behind  the Chronus Consortium. Gunnar Hedwig wields an incredible amount of power and influence.

   Noah maintains his calm demeanor,  “We can discuss further at Marisa’s villa. I think we can have a peaceful exchange.”

  “Send me the address. I will leave immediately.”

“Come by yourself.”

” That sounds so cliche but I planned on it. If anything should happen to me Yang James knows what to do.”

   Noah hangs up as his assistant Johan bursts in the front door of the villa anxious to tell him about what’s happening at the Bellini reception ,”Boss, it is good you didn’t get involved with the Rushnikovs to replace the arms.”

   Noah had considered delivering a replacement shipment then working on getting the hijacked arms back. He realized after the money was wired to him, Gunnar Hedwig, the CEO of Exdon is more ruthless than he appears on the surface.  Noah isn’t very familiar with Nikolai Naralov and only knows he is Viktor’s son. He has heard he is a lunatic so he is curious,“Why?”

    Johan hurries across the short entranceway, out of breath he wheezes as he continues, “Nikolai Naralov..” His voice trails off as he falls to the ground when a bullet lodges in his brain. Shocked looking at his right hand man dead in front of him, Noah whips his head around to the direction the bullet was fired. One of his guards holds a gun with a silencer aimed at him, three  men have their weapons drawn, the other guards are on the ground not moving.

    Interesting. Noah sits back on the couch without saying anything. I thought staying at Marisa’s villa would buy me some time. Well, I’m glad I have a back up plan. “So, will your boss be arriving soon.”

   The man doesn’t answer but texts a message to his boss, Gunnar Hedwig. When he finishes he responds, “Should be.”

   Noah nonchalantly points to a silver cigarette case on the glass coffee table, “Do you mind if I have a smoke?”

  The man nods while keeping his gun aimed at Noah’s head.

   Noah has a complicated expression as he glances at Johan on the floor next to the coffee table, his blonde hair dyed red from the blood streaming out of the bullet hole. He is lying on the pristine white carpet that is slowly being drenched in his crimson colored blood. Johan’s handsome face is frozen in death with his startling blue eyes wide open.Noah has a momentary flash of regret for not anticipating his men might be infiltrated. Johan has been with him for several years and was an extremely loyal man. He lights his cigarette then puts the silver case back on the table.

Noah inwardly curses, Goddammit! Hedwig found out. Obviously the guards are part of Hedwig’s Chronus Consortium. He angrily grinds his cigarette butt in the ashtray, I was so close to rectifying the situation… you fucking bastard. 

   Upstairs Marissa wakes up thirsty and rolls over to the side of the bed grabbing a half bottle of water. She gulps the water down then looks in the drawer for some medicine for her pounding headache. Urgh…I have no more water to take the pills.  She lazily gets up putting on her white silk robe she smiles, I wonder if Noah has returned? Then she  remembers Sara and her beautiful face has an ugly expression, the whore! Is he fucking the bitch!! Marisa runs out of her door, she hears Noah’s voice coming from the living room so she hurries down the stairs. When she gets to the bottom of the marble steps she sees the horrifying sight of Johan’s bloody head on her new imported Cloud White Ushminal carpet. Her shrill voice echoes through the room,EEEEEKKK! WAHHHH!.. MY NEW CARPET!”

  “..”  Hedwig’s guards look Marisa’s direction, the guard closest to her grabs her by her tangled blonde hair then throws her on the ground next to Johan. “Shut up!” He knows Marisa is Noah’s woman and can’t indiscriminately kill her although after the last few days of listening to her whining he would like to rip her tongue out. “Sit on the couch.”

  Marissa is on the bloody carpet eye to eye with Johan, she shivers as she crawls away from him then stands up. The guard roughly shoves her onto the couch, she lands next to Noah.  Coming to her senses she is terrified staring at the men holding guns.  Huddling next to Noah she whimpers, “Noah..what is going on.” 

   Noah pushes her off of him, “You stink. Get off me.”

   “But..but..” Noah interrupts her and growls, “Disgusting.” He might have tried to comfort her but one look at her smeared makeup and the smell of alcohol on her body makes him want to vomit. “I said get off. I won’t repeat myself.” Marisa obeys him and moves away.

He takes a drag off his cigarette pondering the difficult situation.Which man will arrive first. If Li Tian arrives first I can salvage the situation if it is won’t be as easy. Fuck!

Adrien hears Marisa scream while he is waiting outside the guest room door for Sara to get dressed.  He silently moves down the hallway then observes the situation from around the corner at the top of the stairs. Damn! I told Johan to screen those new guys better. I didn’t like the vibe I got from them in Berlin.  Fuck! What should I do? Who are they working for anyway… Li Tian… the client? First, I need to make sure the girl doesn’t come out. They weren’t here when I arrived with the girl, they came in with Noah. Most likely they aren’t aware we are upstairs or they would have sent someone up to secure the area. I need to go to the guest room to ensure the girl remains quiet and then make decision as to what the best course of action would be to rescue Noah. He walks back down to the guest room without knocking he opens the door slightly glancing around the empty room.

 Sara is soaking in a warm bath. I am so tired and these bruises hurt! Why did CEO Zhou make me come to Milan with Li Tian! She carefully washes her bruised arm but just touching the tender skin hurts,”Oww.” The man is my unlucky star. Every time I am around him I end up in a miserable state! This time I will be lucky if that terrifying man downstairs doesn’t kill me for the fun of it. From his  bloody and dark aura he must have killed countless people with no remorse. How does CEO Li have a connection to him? She washes her hair as she sighs, I want to go home.

    Once inside of the guest room Adrien locks the door then sits on the couch, he calls François, “Don’t come to the front door. Some rogue guards have Noah at gunpoint downstairs and Johan is dead. The other guards are unconscious.”

   François bangs his hand on the steering wheel of his silver Lamborghini, “What a fucking mess! Who is behind this!”

  “I don’t know, I doubt it is Li Tian or they would have immediately searched for the girl. Do you have any ideas? They aren’t aware I am upstairs in the guest room with the hostage.”

   “Let me think.” François breaks out into a cold sweat; the man behind this must be the client. The car swerves as François becomes distracted thinking about what he should do. He barely misses a truck in the other lane as he regains control of the sportscar. Goddammit Noah doesn’t pay me enough to deal with all this shit! He must have a contingency plan, I told him it was risky partnering with that jackal Malouf! “Okay, you say you are upstairs with the woman?”

   “Yeah. why?”

   “I’m calling Li Tian. I will change the meeting place for the exchange to that small Inn on Cyprus Road. Once I have the location of the trucks…” Hmmm….shit.. I can’t call Noah obviously and he has the contact information for the client. How can I find out?

     When François doesn’t continue, Adrien impatiently questions him. “Then what?”

    Sara suddenly comes out of the bathroom wrapped in a bath towel. Adrien jumps up from the couch and covers her mouth with his large hand before she can scream. His voice is low as he whispers in her ear. “Shhhh..don’t scream or talk. If you do I will snap your pretty neck.”

    Startled, Sara clutches the blue bath towel tightly around her slender body. She shivers, from the murderous aura surrounding him right now he would do it. Looking up at Adrien she nods in agreement then with her blue eyes wide in fear she nervously points to the clothes on the chair.

“…” Adrien’s face turns red, he was too preoccupied to notice Sara is standing there only covered by a short towel.

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  1. I’ll see it, but Zhou Jason is not so simple, since Li Tian hides behind his name. It’s even strange why he works for Leng Shuai.


    1. He was a member of Special Forces with Leng Shuai then decided to follow him. Zhou Jason hates his father Mo but now heads his family’s company as the CEO to save it.
      Li Tian used his name to divert Noah’s attention away from himself😊


      1. Hehe so Li Tian doesn’t know about Zhou Jason and Song Sara’s previous relationship…yet 😈


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