Rui Arrives At Hospital

    Henri reluctantly answers, “Are you sober?”

 “I was drugged and when I find out who did it they are fucking dead. I’m on my way to the hospital now, who is the doctor operating on LiMei?”

  Henri finishes his coffee then stands up to toss the paper cup into the trash.  “The surgeon is Dr. Piero Silva and the assisting doctor is Dr. Herman Mueller. When are you going to be here.” 

  “I’m on my way when did LiMei go into surgery?”

  Henri rubs his itchy cheek, “About two hours ago.” He usually only wears the face mask to transform into Henri Armand for about twelve hours and it is beginning to irritate his skin. He grimaces, I need a new mask from. Xinghi, then scratches his chin, “The doctor before he went into the operating room said without complications the surgery would last about four hours.”

   “Four hours?” Rui’s face pales feeling guilty about LiMei. “The driver is pulling into the parking lot now.” Goddammit! This all started when she was kidnapped in Phnom Penh because I was at Xinghi’s compound. She wouldn’t have been with that bastard Naralov and been shot! I’m going to kill that bastard when I see him!

  Rui rushes into the hospital then approaches the reception desk to ask about LiMei. There is a woman ahead of him droning on about inconsistencies in her husband’s bill, Rui wants to push her to the side but waits. The nurse behind the desk finally sends the annoying woman away informing her the billing department is closed until eight o’clock in the morning.  The nurse’s eyes light up when she sees Rui, “May I help you?”

  “I am here for Feng LiMei. I am her personal doctor, Qiao Rui” He hands the young nurse his identification.

  The woman recognizes his deep voice, he called not long ago. “Let me check.” She looks at her computer, “The patient is presently in surgery on the fourth floor.”

   “Who would I contact so I can observe the operation?”

   “ Since the offices are closed at this time of night,you can check at the Emergency Room with Dr. Luisa Tuirno, she is the chief doctor on duty tonight, but according to the paperwork when the patient was brought into the hospital  you are not listed as her doctor so…” She has her chin resting on her hand as she reads the information on her computer then gazes up at Rui, “I don’t think Dr. Turino will allow you to observe.” Apologetically she adds in a sweet voice, “We have a nice waiting room on the fourth floor.” That arrogant bitch is a stickler for the rules and never bends for anyone. Even an extraordinarily handsome man like you won’t be able to sway her to ignore the hospital rules.

    “Dr. Turino is it? Which direction is the Emergency Room?” Rui has no patience; he needs to see LiMei’s chart and get permission to observe the operation. If I need to buy this fucking piece of shit hospital I will!

    “Down the hallway make a right then the Emergency Room is on the left.”

   Rui walks down the hallway and sees an elevator, Fuck asking for permission from some fucking bitch. He impatiently presses the button multiple times, a pretty nurse wearing light green uniform walks up holding a couple folders in her hand. Watching Rui continuously pushing the button she playfully remarks, “ Pressing the button a bunch of times won’t make the elevator come any faster.”

   He ignores her and notices the elevator seems to be stuck on the third floor. I can’t wait for this damn elevator, He rushes over to the stairs. Rui’s handsome face caught the nurse’s eye so she watches him as he takes long strides then flings the door open to the stairwell. Hmm..those long legs and the way his suit fits his perfect body, I wonder what the rush is, I was hoping to talk to him in the elevator. I think he is better looking than even the dreamy Dr. Silva..but Piero Silva is a doctor so he gets points for that.

   Rui reaches the fourth floor then he sees Henri sitting on a cushioned bench leaning back with his eyes closed as he rubs his temples. “Henri.”

Henri opens his eyes, “Qiao Rui.”

 “They wouldn’t give me any information. What the hell happened!” He looks around, “Where is that bastard Naralov!”

    “He left, but he will be back. When he does don’t cause a fucking scene!”

    Rui controls his temper now isn’t the time. “I thought Leng Shuai would be here.”

      “I haven’t seen him which is weird, he called me and said he was on his way over to the hospital an hour ago.”

     “Tell me what happened then I am going to go to observe the operation.” 

  “They gave you permission? I could barely get the woman in charge of the Emergency Room to let me accompany LiMei because I am not a relative. Luckily she is a big fan of mine.”

  Rui lies with a straight face,“Of course she allowed me, I have an international reputation.”

The nurse who was downstairs waiting at the elevator walks by them and stops another nurse, “These are the handwritten charts and PET images for the two new patients on this floor, Dr. Turino asked me to bring up. The computer downstairs wasn’t uploading for some reason.”

  Rui overhears their conversation, one of those must be LiMei’s chart. He recognizes the woman holding the charts she was blatantly staring at him by the elevator in the lobby. He walks over to them then extends his hand towards the pretty nurse. His tone of voice sounds authoritative,  “I am Feng LiMei’s personal doctor I rushed over as soon as I heard she was in surgery. I expected the chart to be waiting for me. What was the delay? I need to study the patient’s information before I go into the observation room.

 “Huh?” You know what the delay was, we were both at the elevator downstairs. Did you not notice me at all!   She looks up at him with wide eyes, “Well, I’m supposed to give them to Dr. Knight.“

   “I am meeting him, I will give them to him.”

   “I don’t know..” She looks at her friend who pretends to be checking some supplies on a nearby counter. She doesn’t want any part of this. I am on probation I can’t get involved!

   Ruis sounds intimidating, “Is this the way consulting doctors are treated at your hospital? I will need to complain to Luisa.” Rui flips her name badge up with his long slender finger, “Miss Rossi.”

   Luisa..Luisa he called the Chief by her first name. No one dares to be that familiar with her, not even the Director! She smiles adding on points to her evaluation of Rui. He must be an amazing doctor.. more so than Dr. Silva! “I’m sorry, here.” She flings the chart at him then hands the other chart to her friend, “This chart is for the man they are transferring to the third floor.” She sees a man on a stretcher being wheeled in their direction. “Oh, here comes Dina now with the patient. Hold onto this and when you take him down give it to Dr. Bianchi.”

   Her friend takes the chart, “Aren’t you off work now? Follow us down then I am on break. I will go outside with you until your brother picks you up.”

    Rui smirks while listening to their conversation, if they are leaving there shouldn’t be a problem.

  Henri witnesses the scene, when Rui returns to where Henri is sitting he has a hint of admiration for Rui. I didn’t think the good doctor would be such a good liar.“That bitch downstairs, Dr. Turino, she didn’t give you permission.” He laughs, “You didn’t even ask, did you?”

   Rui ignores him as he studies the chart. His face blackens as he mumbles, “LiMei could lose her memory.” The location of the bullet fragment is precariously close to the hippocampus. Henri overhears him and stands up grabbing his arm, “What the fuck did you just say.”

  Since Henri informed him LiMei was shot he feels obligated to tell him what he knows. He furrows his brows as he looks up from the chart with a serious expression, “Where the bullet fragment is located is extremely close to the part of the brain where a person stores memory. I have heard of Dr. Silva, he is extremely competent but..”

   Henri grabs his arm, “But what!”

   Rui has a complicated expression, “Even with his ability LiMei could have amnesia, at the very least short term memory loss.”


  “ Worst case scenario.” 

  Henri clenches his fist at his side, I am so close to being able to reveal myself to Daiyu as Kuang Bo. “But she could recover without complications  if the operation is successful right?”

  “The chance of that is very slim. I’m going to observe.”

   “I want to go also.”

   “…” I’m barely going to be able to slip into the observation room. “I don’t think that is possible. You were right, I don’t have permission but I am at least a doctor. ” 

     The red light above the operating room goes off and Rui worriedly looks at Henri, “Didn’t you say the operation began two hours ago.”

    The operating room door opens and two male nurses wheel LiMei out into the hallway. Surprised Rui impulsively rushes over then gently touches LiMei’s face as Dr. Silva comes out behind them. He abruptly pushes Rui away from LiMei, he growls in a low voice,“Who are you? Don’t disturb the patient.” He motions for the nurses to continue to the recovery room.

    Rui realizes he was impetuous. He calms himself, “My name is Dr. Qiao Rui, I am Feng LiMei’s doctor.”

   Dr. Silva reprimands him, “Then you should know what you just did was very unprofessional. The patient just came from brain surgery.” He has heard of Rui and knows his reputation as one of China’s most respected doctors. It seems odd he would touch the patient’s face in an intimate gesture.

  Rui continues, “She is also my girlfriend. I only heard she was shot a short time ago and just arrived. I assumed the operation would take longer. So I reacted impulsively when the door opened and I saw LiMei.”

   Henri stands to the side listening to the two of them to hear how the operation went. He doesn’t want to interrupt assuming Rui could get more answers.

    Dr. Silva wonders why the young woman was brought into the hospital by Henri Armand and the man who looked like a dangerous Mafia Boss. He is still upset that LiMei was shot, her looks and injury have an uncanny resemblance to a woman from his past. Dr. Silva has a determined expression.“Do you expect me to allow you to have contact with my patient because you simply tell me this information. Do you have any proof?”

  Qiao Rui eyes narrow does this man think he will prevent me from seeing LiMei! “You know who I am, why would I lie! As soon as she can be moved I am flying LiMei back to my hospital in China.”

  “Are you insane! I am her doctor on record and I won’t allow her to leave this hospital. Do you know how dangerous moving the patient would be? She could end up in a vegetative state!”

   Rui knows what he said was ridiculous, what is fucking wrong with me. He changes his tactic, “Dr. Silva I didn’t mean immediately, I apologize I have been extremely worried about LiMei. She was kidnapped.. then shot. I think you can understand my inability to act rationally. I want to go with you to the recovery room. I won’t disturb her.”

    Henri moves next to Dr. Silva, “I am her friend please tell me how is she?”

    Dr. Silva turns to Henri, “The operation was a success as far as saving her life. She is no immediate danger as of now, but we will know more when she wakes up.”

    Dr. Silva would like to know more about what happened to LiMei so he responds to Rui. “You can follow me to see the patient but I don’t want her disturbed. I hope you can act like a doctor and control your emotions. You should be aware the next eight hours are crucial; she can’t move or have any stimulation.”

  Henri interjects, “I’m coming too.”

“You can only stay for a few minutes. Don’t talk, she needs complete quiet.”

   The three men walk down to the recovery room. Before he opens the door Dr. Silva reminds  Rui and Henri, “Remember what I said. I will ban you from the hospital if you disturb the patient.”

   When they enter the room LiMei lies motionless on the bed, her head covered in a white bandage. Rui feels his heart tighten gazing at her beautiful face. He desperately wants to touch LiMei but he restrains himself. 

    Henri stands by the bed staring at LiMei. The disturbing image of her delicate face covered in blood and her petite body slumping down after being shot flashes across his mind. He can hardly look at her head covered in the bandage, dark eyes are filled with rage, I need to find out who did this to you. His face mask has become terribly uncomfortable, he needs to remove it and apply healing lotion. I just wanted to see you Little Daiyu. Confident that with Dr. Silva and Qiao Rui taking care of her she will be alright, he silently walks out the door. Why hasn’t Scorpion called me with any news? Did Naralov find anything out? He takes his phone out of his pocket, no missed calls. Fuck!

   After Henri leaves the atmosphere in LiMei’s room becomes heavy as Rui watches Dr. Silva checking LiMei’s vitals. When he touches LiMei’s thin white wrist to check her pulse Rui feels as though he is going to explode. I should be your doctor LiMei… not this fucking pr**k! Maybe I should buy the hospital…Yes..I will call Bai Chiyu in the morning. He clenches his fists at his side as Dr. Silva checks her IV then he fixes the covers on LiMei. Why are you fixing her covers! That is the fucking nurse’s job! His eyes narrow and the veins bulge on his neck as he carefully observes Dr. Silva’s every move. Did you just touch her breast? Rui takes a deep breath so he doesn’t let his jealousy make him do something stupid. The first thing I will do when I buy this hospital is fire this cocky bastard!

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  1. 🤦🏽‍♀️ Rui, now is not the time to chug vinegar!! Let the man do his job. You’re way too emotional. Gosh and when Uncle Xinghi finds out, no one will survive! But I’m so glad to see LiMei and Rui finally reunited albeit in such a morbid setting. Can’t wait until lover boy 1 & 2 make a mess out of Rui’s new hospital 😂👏🏽. And thank you for extra chapters 😊!!


    1. Rui is a jealous guy for sure! Kuang Bo will be calling Xinghi so he will be arriving soon. It will be funny I think because the owner of the hospital is none other than Dr. Silva’s brother lol.
      When LiMei wakes up it will be chaotic haha.


      1. Ah the chaos LiMei brings with her is just fantastic! Lol, I guess Kuang Bo was just like ‘screw you guys, I’ll call someone I can trust to put aside their male egos.’ Ooh! I like the twist with Dr. Silva’s brother owning the hospital. Great little reminder that Rui is not the all powerful CEO Qiao, but just a vulnerable boyfriend that let his girl down.


    1. Rui has had a rough week! Then he can’t touch LiMei right in front of him and watches Dr. Silva, feeling as though it ahould be him taking care of LiMei.He has always been a very possessive and jealous man when it comes to her.haha..wait until he tries to buy the hospital…


    1. I’m sorry I didn’t update today…I decided to post my new story CEO Zhen. I will update new chapter tomorrow 10/6! Thanks soo much for reading! ❤


    1. Oh… Sorry…It is noon where I live.I should have specified on update schedule. I live in Arizona, US so it will be posted by 12 US Mountain Standard time. Thanks for the heads up!❤ I will put time on Update schedule.


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