Dr. Piero Silva

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   Rui drops the glass in his hand and stumbles as he stands up, holding onto the bar for support, “Whaaat..Whaat di ju shay. LiiiMeii..LiiiMei…”

   Henri’s face is black, why am I bothering with this sloppy asshole! He is completely drunk! Disgusted listening to Rui he growls, “ I don’t have time for you..”

   Before Henri finishes his sentence sensing he is about to hang up the phone Rui blurts out, “Waaaait..dunnt hang…” Rui shakes his head, “Liii…Meeii..where..” Feeling dizzy and his vision blurry, he knows he is in bad shape. He sees Leng Shuai walking over , “Tellllll Lengg Shu…”

   Leng Shuai furrows his eyebrows watching Rui try to balance himself by leaning on the bar, what the hell? Leng Shuai barely reaches where he is standing when Rui almost drops the phone trying to hand it to him, “LiiiMeiii”

    Thinking Feng LiMei is on the phone, Leng Shuai feels relieved, he excitedly snatches the phone, “Feng LiMei where are you?”

    Henri responds with a worried tone, “It’s Henri. Feng LiMei is being prepped for surgery, she was shot.” He gives Nikolai a sidelong look, I want to say while protecting Nikolai Naralov but I’m not sure who the target was. It may have been LiMei.

     Shocked by the news Leng Shuai tightens his jaw, “What hospital ? We will be right there.”

    “Just you come. Don’t bring Qiao Rui, he is useless. He might cause a problem.”

    Leng Shuai can tell Rui is wasted; Rui sways back and forth bent over the bar. He frowns, after spending this time with Rui he has gained a better understanding of him, he almost feels sorry for Rui. How did he get drunk so quickly? He was fine when I went to talk to François. Leng Shuai looks at the woman next to Rui who is acting in a suspicious manner nervously sneaking peeks at them, did she drug him? He responds to Henri,“”What hospital?”

  “ Blessed Spirit Private Hospital.”


  Leng Shuai hangs up, putting Rui’s phone in his pocket. He reluctantly grabs Rui by the arm, Shit!  “Do you have any medicine in your bag that can help you?”

  Rui has a dazed look in his eyes, he nods indicating he does. His head is spinning he can barely comprehend what he is hearing and is unable to walk or speak coherently. Fuckkkkkkkk!

  “Let’s get it.” Leng Shuai holds Rui up as they walk towards the door, then Leng Shuai realizes there might be reporters still outside. He sees a side entrance and maneuvers Rui that direction. He isn’t sure why he is concerned about Rui, he raises his eyebrow looking at Rui trying to walk. You owe me asshole.

   When they get to Rui’s hotel room Leng Shuai opens the door using Rui’s room card. He sees Rui’s medical bag by his luggage, after he drops him on the couch he brings over the bag. “Get the medicine. But if it doesn’t work quickly I’m leaving you here. This is as much consideration as I’m giving you.” He wants to hurry over to the hospital and check on LiMei’s condition.

   Rui squints his eyes trying to focus as he looks into the black bag, his hand shakes as he takes out a bottle. He tries but can’t open the lid. Leng Shuai impatiently grabs the bottle, “How many?”

   Slumped over on the couch Rui can barely hold up two fingers. Leng Shuai thinks Rui definitely was drugged for some reason. His pupils are the size of pindots and his body is trembling. Just from touching his hand his body temperature is below normal and his face is extremely white. “It looks like you were drugged, will this medication work?”

   Rui’s mind is muddled but when he hears Leng Shuai he points a trembling finger at a small vial on the side of his medical bag. Leng Shuai barks, “Open your mouth.” He roughly shoves the pills into Rui’s mouth then puts the water bottle to his lips. I’m now his goddamn babysitter! He looks at the vial that contains a blue liquid, “You drink this?”

   Rui nods and Leng Shuai feeds it to him then looks at his watch, “I will be back in fifteen minutes.”

  At the hospital Nikolai is telling the doctor if they need blood he is a match for LiMei. Dr. Mueller replies, “ No need. The hospital has a plentiful supply of Type O blood. ”

  Nikolai of course isn’t going to explain that his blood is more beneficial, but insists in a threatening tone, “Where do I give blood, you must use mine.”

   Dr. Mueller hates being told what to do. First, Henri Armand questioned his compentency now this man has an extremely dangerous aura and wants to delay the operation. He refuses, in a thick German accent he reprimands Nikolai, “ Sir, you are jeopardizing the patient. I need to scrub and assist Dr. Silva.” 

   Henri wonders why the doctor hasn’t gone into the operating room yet. He walks over to them, “Is there a problem?” 

   Dr. Mueller pushes up his black rimmed glasses giving Nikolai a disdainful look , “No.” He walks through the doors next to the operating room. How does Henri Armand know that man? He looks like and has the violent temperament of a Mafia Boss.

   Curious as to what transpired between the two Henri aproaches them. He can tell Nikolai is furious and the doctor is clutching tightly onto a folder wrinkling it from the pressure his hand is exerting. After the doctor is out of sight Henri grabs Nikolai’s arm“What was that about? Is there a problem with the surgery?”

   Nikolai shakes off his hand, “Get your hand the fuck off me.”Henri clenches his fist at his side wanting to punch him in the face for his obnoxious behavior, Such an annoying pr**k! Henri wonders if Nikolai pissed the doctor off before surgery. If I find out the shooter’s target was you…

Silently walking down the hallway past the operating room as the red light goes on above the door Nikolai pauses. He has a murderous glint in his eyes as he stares at the closed door of the operating room, He didn’t like Dr. Mueller’s condescending attitude. Bastard! You better save the Little Assassin or you are fucking dead! Once he reaches the end of the corridor he calls Anton, “Did you give the flash drive to Bellini?

  “Yeah Boss, I did just what you said.”

  “Are you still at the mansion?”


  “ I haven’t received payment. Don’t leave.”

    Anton’s impression of Diego Bellini was he was afraid of Nikolai when they spoke earlier. “He wouldn’t dare not pay.”

   “Did you see Sun Peizhi?

   “No, but Boss you know those two men Mikhail was watching?

    “Yeah..” Right… Qiao Rui and Leng Shuai would be at the reception looking for Feng LiMei.“What about them?” 

     “One guy looked really fucked up at the bar, then the other man dragged him out.”

     Nikolai receives a message, “ Hold on a minute.” He sees the deposit into his account in Switzerland. “Never mind the wire transfer was just completed. Meet me at Blessed Spirit Hospital.” Nikolai has a sudden thought, Henri is friends with those two would he let them know Feng LiMei is shot? “Tell Mikhail I don’t want Qiao Rui or Leng Shuai showing up at the hospital”

   Anton’s face changes and his expression is grim, “Boss! Did something happen with your injury?” I knew he shouldn’t be carrying that stupid girl out to the car!

   “No. The little thing… well, she was shot. I want you to find out who was behind it.”

   “…” How did she get shot? Anton pulls on his thick brown beard, “Are you sure you didn’t get hurt?”

   Nikolai’s heart tightens recalling the scene in the elevator, then LiMei covered in blood. “She jumped in front of me.” He feels his head throbbing thinking about LiMei being hurt because of him.

  “WHAT??” That little girl doesn’t even seem to like you Boss… she was really pissed off when you two left.

    Nikolai knows the only way he can feel better right now and get rid of his guilt is if he kills everyone involved with the shooting. “No more questions I will give you the information when you get here.”

    Kuang Bo is sitting outside the operating room also on the phone. “There was a shooting at Postino’s Hotel, the police are probably transporting the gunman to the public hospital on 16th Street. I need you to find out who his target was, Nikolai Naralov, Henri Armand or a woman named Feng LiMei who sent him. After you have the information kill him before he can be interrogated.”

   Scorpion puts down his forkful of pasta, “Aren’t you Henri Armand?”

   “Just do it.” What an idiot!

    Leng Shuai walks into Rui’s room and he is asleep with one leg hanging off the couch. He shakes him but Rui doesn’t wake up so he takes two long strides over to the desk. He glances back at Rui then leaves a note with the name of the hospital and sets down Rui’s phone. I did my best but I’m not going to delay any longer to go to the hospital.

   In the operating room Dr. Silva is looking at the images of LiMei’s brain when Dr. Mueller walks over to him. He studies the specific area of the entry wound Dr. Silva has marked. “Piero.” He points to the tear, “Are you going to use your newly designed nano bot to repair this section.”

   Herman admires his outstanding friend, barely thirty years old and his achievements are numerous. Piero is a brilliant sought after surgeon but in his spare time he dedicates himself to humanitarian causes. Not too many men would be as dedicated, especially coming from his background.

   Piero frowns, “ Herman, you know my new nano bot is still in the experimental stage, I don’t dare. I think the outcome would be better for the patient but if anything goes wrong they will scrap my research. I would need the patient or her guardian to waive their right to sue if there were complications. Also, I can’t afford to lose funding because of a lawsuit. Additionally, Lionel, Nori and Gina would be affected since they are in the same research facility.” He continues to study the images. “You saw those men in the hallway, would you want to ask?”

When he heard Nikolai speaking he turned around recognizing him immediately as Viktor Naralov’s ruthless son. He pats Herman on the shoulder then has a strange grin on his handsome face. “Herman, I think if there is any problem with this surgery we are dead men.”

   Dr. Mueller sighs after feeling the immense pressure from the cold faced Russian he knows his friend is right in his assessment.  He taps his pen on the film, “If you use the traditional surgical procedure the patient will possibly lose her memory.”

   “ I think that is preventable, at the most the patient would suffer from short term memory loss if I disturb this part of her hippocampus.” He reaches his slender finger over to the next image, “There are two blood clots by the bullet fragment that need to be removed.”

    Confident he can perform the surgery successfully after studying the PET scans he signals his team he is ready to begin. He instructs Dr. Mueller, “First, since she is stabilized I will perform the surgery on her brain then you can remove the bullet from her shoulder.” 

    They walk over to the operating table, Dr. Silva stares at LiMei’s innocent face remembering another young and beautiful gunshot victim. “Herman, maybe it would be best for the girl if she…” He abruptly stops mid sentence thinking he shouldn’t say what he is thinking, she looks too young and delicate..maybe it would be for the best for her to forget. Get out of that life…she looks too pure and beautiful to be passed around by wealthy men.

   He has a complicated expression as he tells the middle aged surgical nurse to hand him the cranial  drill.


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  1. Lol well, this entire situation is about to blow up in everyone’s face if LiMei can’t remember anything. And poor Rui made a promise after she was shot the first time, he’d protect her. I so looking forward to watching Rui spiral out of control. And how Nikolai influencing her memories will affect her possible memory loss! Thank you for updating so soon 😊!!


  2. Just a short chapter…will continue tomorrow! We will see what havoc Rui causes when he arrives! I think he and Dr. Silva are going to have a little battle too…Nikolai might have to leave for awhile to go kill some people hahaha..so bloodthirsty lol


    1. I thought also crossed my mind. I remember that Madam Olga had it out for Rui too, because of what happened with her son. Could that be why he was so messed up this chapter?


      1. Wow!! It is an auction where alot of Underworld figures are there (little tie in to Dangerous CEO../ Madame Olga is connected to Karin) don’t want to spoil haha..but that is an amazing deduction!


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