When the food arrives LiMei wiggles around on Nikolai’s lap trying to escape in order to move to her seat. He stops her by holding her slender waist tightly. “Feed me.”

   Instead of her usual look of disgust when he asks she smiles sweetly, “Okay.” LiMei carefully blows on the spoonful of the fish soup then feeds him, adoringly gazing into his eyes she asks, “Good?” Nikolai responds as he looks into her sparkling green eyes that have his reflection, “Very good.” 

    LiMei’s dimples as she smiles lovingly at Nikolai catch Henri’s attention, goddammit what does she see in that motherf*****r! Granted he is very good looking but his personality sucks. He is ruthless, cold hearted and blood thirsty…everything Daiyu hates in a man! How did he fucking in a few days…there is something fishy going on I know it. She doesn’t look like she is acting though..   Henri can barely stomach the romantic atmosphere at the table as he eats, the soup is salty and tastes like shit.

   LiMei looks across the table at Henri, “Have you had this dish before?”

   Henri emotionlessly responds, “No.”

  His curt reply makes LiMei realize she and Nikolai must be making him feel uncomfortable. She is embarrassed so she quietly tells Nikolai, “I am hungry. I am going to sit in my chair.”

   Nikolai likes her sitting on his lap and refuses, motioning to the waiter to bring her bowl of soup in front of them. LiMei’s face turns red when he doesn’t get the hint. She is about to say something when there is a commotion over at the front desk. LiMei looks the direction of the sound and sees an extremely short fat man wearing a bright blue suit and a tall blonde woman wearing a blue dress. The woman looks about twenty years old but her face is covered in heavy make up and the short dress exposes dimpled thighs. There are several men dressed in black suits hovering around them listening to their conversation with the manager. LiMei chuckles at the sight. Is that a couple’s outfit? The little chubby man barely comes up to her chest. She covers her mouth so no one can see her laughing at the odd pair. Nikolai glances over to see what is making LiMei laugh and he witnesses Fat Gino yelling at the manager while shaking a fat finger in their direction.

   Henri anticipates the fireworks when Fat Gino comes over to eject them from the table , which he will. LiMei decides to eat her food while it is hot. Who would have the nerve to approach Nikolai and Henri Armand. The man should at least know Henri’s identity and Niko’s aura..well..those men would have to be very brave or very stupid to confront him.

   While her head is lowered eating attempting to enjoy her meal, Fat Gino doesn’t want to wait for the manager to take care of the situation. He impatiently sends his bodyguards over to the table. The manager is sweating profusely as he continues to beg Fat Gino to let him handle the situation. Fat Gino tires of his pleading and slaps him, “Shut the fuck up!”

Stunned by Fat Gino’s slap the manager holds his cheek resigning himself to the fact he is powerless to prevent the situation from escalating. I don’t get paid enough to deal with this shit! He smirks, when the boss finds out you threw a tantrum in his restaurant again you will get more than a slap you fat little pr**k!

When the burly bodyguards arrive at the table demanding them to leave Henri decides to act in a diplomatic manner even though he knows Fat Gino’s stubborn and impulsive personality. Keenly aware that if within five minutes if they don’t get up the hothead will charge over like a cannonball himself. He leans back in his chair,that is when Nikolai will explode and I will leave with LiMei. I will press her acupoint so she is unconscious then carry her away while Nikolai is fighting.

   Henri sets down his fork, then speaking Italian he politely tells the muscular man who appears to be the man in charge of the bodyguards. “We are almost finished, tell your Boss to wait at the bar. I will send over a bottle of the House’s finest champagne.” His words sound like he is placating Fat Gino but he actually is fueling the fire.

    The bodyguard has his feet spread apart in a threatening stance leaning towards Henri,“My Boss don’t want your stinkin shit! He wants his fuckin table. Get the fuck up now asshole!”

   Henri laughs while looking at Nikolai’s face turn black and counts the men surrounding the table, “You don’t have enough men to make my friend get up.”

   When he says that the muscular man’s face turns red in anger and clenches his meaty fists. He turns his attention to Nikolai who is watching LiMei eat, not seeming to be paying attention. LiMei is ignoring the situation hoping Nikolai won’t make a scene since they are with Henri. But why does Henri seem to be goading the man and trying to antagonize Niko?

  LiMei takes her last bite of the Linguini then puts her slender arms around Nikolai’s neck, coquettishly fluttering her long black eyelashes as she coaxes him, “Niko, I’m full I want to walk around the city.”

   Nikolai’s lips curl up in a faint smile as he uses his napkin to wipe the corner of her mouth, the Little Assassin wants to enjoy her night with me and doesn’t want me to kill these people. Alright. I am having a good time. I can indulge her a little.

   The muscular man has his eyes fixed on LiMei as she seductively snuggles into the man’s chest then in a soft voice whispers she wants to leave. He really would like to wipe the smug look off the arrogant man’s face, he noticed the condescending look he gave them when they approached the table. He really hates arrogant rich fucks, he was hoping to beat the shit out of him. But, it is better for them to leave willingly. Fat Gino’s uncle hates it when he causes a disturbance at the restaurant then the ugly fuck dumps the blame on us bodyguards.

  LiMei gets off Nikolai’s lap and he stands up tossing a stack of Euros on the table. Nikolai’s unexpectedly calm demeanor causes Henri to furrow his eyebrows, he never expected Nikolai to let this insulting asshole slide. What the fuck! Speechless he can’t even think of how to incite Nikolai, with his mouth agape he stands up also.

   Fat Gino has a satisfied smirk on his greasy face when he sees the two elegant and handsome men leave the table. He gloats as he tells the manager, “Hurry up and clean the table.” The trashy looking woman with him bends down and kisses the ugly fat man, “My man is so powerful!”

   He has a beaming smile as he grabs her ass, “I will show you how powerful I am when we get back to the villa!” Pumped up from forcing two powerful looking elites to bend to his will when Nikolai and LiMei walk past him he makes a huge mistake. He steps towards LiMei with his beady eyes full of undisguised lust, “Little beauty, you should follow me instead of these two p***ys.” Feeling empowered because they immediately got up from the table to leave, he reaches to touch LiMei’s breast. Before his hand comes close to her body, the sound of bones cracking can be heard and Fat Gino begins jumping around while squealing like a pig. Nikolai lets go of his wrist then spits in his face. “Pig.”

   Henri has a look of shock on his face as Fat Gino’s face turns crimson red, spit mixed with tears running down his contorted face. Henri winces at the sight of Fat Gino’s crushed hand he is waving around, without a bone left intact. Nikolai continues to walk through the door of the restaurant without giving him a second glance. LiMei clutches tightly onto Nikolai’s hand knowing the fat man’s bodyguards won’t let them leave easily. They are back by the table still surpervising the cleanup, but they must have heard his screams.

She turns to Henri with a worried expression, “Hurry!” She doesn’t know if Nikolai will protect him and without her silver needles she is not of much use. LiMei pulls Nikolai towards the elevator and she nervously pushes the button. Nikolai holds LiMei in his embrace playing with her hair, “Baby, I tried, but that piece of shit almost touched you.”

   LiMei looks back towards the door of the restaurant, Why did that fat man provoke Niko! We left the damn table. LiMei’s green eyes are wide as the bodyguards rush out the door to confront Nikolai as the elevator opens. ‘Come on.” She pulls on Nikolai’s suit coat, her eyes pleading with Henri to hurry into the elevator also.

  The door closes as the bodyguards come out of the restaurant door. Nikolai playfully picks LiMei up so her eyes are level with his. He thinks she looks cute,like a little frightened bunny. “Do you think I couldn’t have taken care of those pitiful men?”

  LiMei stutters, “Put me down.” She puffs out her cheeks, “Of course you could but I don’t want to smell blood after I ate! I want to go get a gelato, I saw a small shop down from the hotel!”

 “…” Both Nikolai and Henri look at LiMei, that is why?

  LiMei is standing between the two men straightening out her dress while looking towards the front of the elevator, “Do you want to come with us?”

   Nikolai is looking over LiMei’s head glaring at Henri when the elevator doors open. Only LiMei sees the man with the gun. She instinctively jumps in front of Nikolai, “Gun!”

  Suddenly the sound of two gunshots echo in the elevator and LiMei slumps onto Nikolai’s chest. Henri grabs the man with the gun and wrestles him to the floor while Nikolai holds onto LiMei in shock, blood is flowing out of her head above her ear and drenching his suit. 

  Henri pounds the man’s face who is laying on the floor into a bloody pulp, “Who fucking sent you!”

  “Ka…Ka..” The gangster passes out but without uttering another word. Henri kicks him in the head and takes the man’s gun that is on the floor ready to go upstairs to kill Fat Gino and his guards. Then he realizes the man didn’t say Gino he said Ka.. or was it brother did this?. If she dies..I warned him… he won’t survive through tomorrow.

 The people in the lobby are screaming, some are on their phones calling for an ambulance and the police.

  Nikolai holds LiMei who is unconscious to his body gently stroking her cheek. His eyes reddening he mutters, “Don’t die.” He steps out of the elevator and hears the sound sirens coming closer. Henri wants to take LiMei from Nikolai’s arms his eyes are filled with guilt that he didn’t protect her from his brother. But Nikolai won’t let him, pushing past Henri while gripping tightly onto LiMei. “Get out of my way.”

In a daze he walks out into the lobby and a woman from the front desk runs over to him with a terrified expression. When she sees LiMei’s beautiful young face covered in blood she begins trembling, never having witnessed someone who was shot before. Her voice is shaking “The ambulance is on the way.” 

  Henri watches as the ambulance driver wheels in a stretcher, Nikolai doesn’t want to lay LiMei down on it. He stubbornly refuses, “I will carry her to the ambulance.” The ambulance driver wants to tell him it is safer but the cold aura surrounding the man intimidates him, “Follow me.”  Henri walks next to them, “I’m coming too.”

  Nikolai isn’t listening as he concentrates on sending some of his internal energy to LiMei using the technique he learned in the mountains with the old man. When they arrive outside of the hotel the ambulance driver tells Nikolai, “You can ride in the back but don’t interfere, we need to stabilize the patient.” Nikolai nods and after he lays LiMei down he sits over to the side watching them hook her up to an IV and stop the bleeding from her shoulder and head. Henri squeezes in before the ambulance driver closes the back door.  The two men feel useless and are lost in their own thoughts as they both stare at LiMei unconscious on the bed across from them. Her beautiful dress is covered in her blood and her small delicate face has lost its color. Strands of her long black hair are matted with blood.

  Nikolai runs his hands through his messy hair then gulps down his saliva looking at LiMei’s petite body, Why did she protect me? She really thinks she loves me so she threw herself in front of me? Nikolai can’t remember the last time he cared about anyone but his heart aches staring at LiMei’s frail body. He has a twinge of guilt thinking she is laying there because of the little game he was playing with her tonight. Stupid little fool!

  When they arrive at a private hospital not far from the Postino’s Hotel a nurse rushes out the door of the Emergency Room. After they take LiMei from the back of the ambulance Nikolai and Henri get out. Henri turns to Nikolai; he wants to tell him he is calling Qiao Rui to operate on LiMei. He knows his skills are unparalleled and doesn’t want Nikolai to refuse so he hesitates then says, “I will meet you inside.”

  Nikolai ignores him as he watches the nurses wheel LiMei into the Emergency Room. Henri stays outside dialing Rui’s number. Rui is at the bar in the Bellini Mansion drinking a glass of whiskey despondent because he can’t locate LiMei or Nikolai Naralov. Leng Shuai has been inquiring about Nikolai, he was sure he would be here the auction will start in a half hour. After he speaks with a man named Francois Barrane he meets Rui at the bar. “It doesn’t look like Naralov is coming.”

   Rui drains his glass of whiskey and motions to the bartender for another one. He glares at Leng Shuai with bloodshot eyes, “Then we go to his goddamn villa. I am not fucking around anymore, get your men and let’s go.”

   Leng Shuai considers it knowing Feng LiMei is a trained assassin she should be able to protect herself. “I will make a call.”

   Rui slams down his hand on the bar startling a woman who is sitting next to him hoping to find an opportunity to strike up a conversation. Fucking shit where the hell are you LiMei. I am going crazy without you!

   Rui’s phone rings and he sees the caller is Henri Armand. He doesn’t answer, I’m in no mood to talk to anyone. He drinks the whiskey while picturing LiMei’s smile, irritated that Leng Shuai hasn’t returned; he swallows the rest in his glass then waves the empty glass in front of the bartender.

   “…” The bartender is talking to the beautiful woman next to him. What is up with that guy that is his third double whiskey in ten minutes!

   Henri tries Rui’s phone again and still gets no answer so he walks into the Emergency Room to check LiMei’s condition. He sees Nikolai following a stretcher with LiMei on it so he hurries over, “What is her condition.”

   “They need to operate immediately. Her shoulder injury isn’t life threatening but..” Nikolai clenches his fist, “The bullet grazed her head, but there is a tear from a fragment.They need to remove the fragment and repair the torn area.”

   “What does that mean?”

   “How the hell do I know! She needs a fucking brain operation! What did that man say you were beating? Who did this? The fat man?”

   “I don’t know. He passed out after mumbling a few syllables.” 

   Henri notices a doctor walking down the hallway, “Doctor, wait. Does this operation need to be done immediately?’

   The doctor has an incredulous expression, speaking with a German accent he sternly replies,  “The sooner the better, the patient will have a better chance of survival if we operate now.”

   “Who will be operating?”

   “The neurologist on duty is Dr. Piero Silva.” On closer inspection he recognizes the man who approached him is Henri Armand, “Mr. Armand, rest assured this is the best hospital in Milan and Dr. Silva is a world renowned neurologist.My name is Herman Mueller I will be assisting him and I also have a stellar international reputation. You don’t need to worry about the patient, although it is an extremely difficult operation we are more than capable of performing this surgery. I need to go change and scrub..”

  Henri looks on his phone for information about Piero Silva, impressive..he won an International  Award for designing a nano bot capable of repairing micro tears in the brain. He looks down to see them wheeling LiMei into the operating room. Well, I should still inform Qiao Rui at the very least he can separate her from Nikolai Naralov and monitor her condition after surgery.

   He dials him again, Rui looks at his phone, why the hell does he keep calling me! Irritated at Henri’s persistence he picks up the phone, “What do you want, Armand. I’m busy.”

  “Are you fucking drunk?”

   Unable to calm his nerves because they haven’t found LiMei, Rui rests his face on his hand as he drinks another gulp of whiskey when he does his speech becomes slurred, “Whaat if I am .. nooonne of yuurr fuckin busssiness.”

     Henri glances down at the doctor entering the operating room. Dr. Mueller is outside talking to Nikolai who looks distraught. He furrows his eyebrows wishing he hadn’t bothered to contact Qiao Rui. Useless! Well thank god the surgeon at this hospital is an expert in this type of brain surgery. After Rui’s remark Henri hesitates if he should bother informing him about LiMei going into surgery. 

    Impatient and looking around for Leng Shuai, Rui finishes his drink. He hasn’t eaten and drinking all night on an empty stomach his vision is now blurry and he can barely speak,“Whaas’s yaar poiint”

   “Feng LiMei was shot in the head.”

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  1. OMFG?! When is the next chapter coming out? Rui you idiot! Why couldn’t you be sober? Ah, I feel a fight scene coming on when Rui gets to the hospital. Lol, why do I feel like every time LiMei is in the hospital and Rui has to fight, he gets a power up for being a doctor and fighting in his environment 😂👏🏽.


      1. Haha is it??? I remember 3: initial encounter w/ Rui-the bike accident with her friend Chang ..poisoned on Shingu Island. Shot when with Leng Shuai and Yun Shi. Haha..good thing she has genetic enhancement from Xinghi! Lol


    1. Right! I didn’t count that as a separate incident haha. Rui..drunk and unable to operate on his little LiMei..he will be very frustrated waiting outside the operating room.


      1. And we shouldn’t forget blood transfusion for Nikolai. And if you decompose in time, all these events are pretty close to each other. LiMei must have a hell of a organism.


  2. Ah you’re right! Lol, I was watching for this arc to end to give a total count of LiMei’s hospital visits…now I’m curious if LiMei may be taken back to Cambodia for further treatment if something goes wrong?


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