Where Is Sara?

       While sitting on the wooden bench Sara’s beautiful face contorts in pain as she takes off her high heels. ‘Ahh..my feet are so swollen..” After rubbing her tender feet that are bruised and cut from hurrying barefoot through the garden she puts on her ruined shoes.Where should I go now?  Still upset that she was forced to beg to be taken away from the Bellini Mansion, she wishes she had never left Catang City. She looks at her phone, there are no more flights to China until tomorrow and the two that aren’t full only have business class available. So expensive! Cursing Li Tian, she books a flight to Catang City at one o’clock.

    After she puts her phone back in her purse she realizes her luggage is in Li Tian’s suite at the Grand Palace Hotel. She scrunches up her nose, Damn! Well, no way am I going back there. If the CEO has any conscience he will bring my suitcase back when they leave Milan. Sara’s stomach starts  grumbling, looking around the area she notices a small cafe still open not far away. Hungry and tired Sara slowly limps over to it frowning from the stinging pain as she walks. When she enters she asks if they are still serving food, the waiter tries not to stare at her disheveled appearance, a customer is a customer tonight has been slow. He politely tells her they will be open for one more hour so Sara chooses a table in the back.

Taking out her phone again she taps it on the table, Bi should be getting ready for work, should I call? Feeling lonely and vulnerable after her ordeal she decides to dial her best friend’s number, when Bi answers Sara can feel tears forming in her eyes and doesn’t speak immediately. Bi is putting on her makeup to meet her brother for breakfast, “Sara..Sara?”

  “Hey Bi, are you getting ready for work?”

  “No silly it is Sunday, what is wrong? Aren’t you at some fancy reception with CEO Li?”

  “ Oh right.. Sunday..haha..I left the reception early, my job was finished.” Sara gulps down her grievances so she doesn’t break down on the phone.”I am coming back by myself to Catang City tomorrow.”

    Surprised Sara is coming back early Bi puts down her blue eyeliner pencil, “Did something happen? Did someone bully you? You sound like you are crying.”

   Sara takes a sip of water then sniffles,“No..no..I’m just tired, you know how demanding working for a CEO can be.”

    Bi wants to lift Sara’s spirits she can tell from the sound of her voice she is hiding somthing. “Soon you will have your own Bakery Cafe and be your own boss Sara.” Bi wants to tell her that her brother said he found an investor for her Bakery, but it isn’t official yet.

  Sara bites her lower lip,“Umm.. yeah.. why are you up so early on a Sunday?”

   “I am meeting my brother Chang for breakfast.”

   Sara puts her chin on her hands, “Oh.When did Chang come back to China?”

  “Last Friday.” Worried after hearing her despondent tone Bi wishes she could give Sara a hug  and give her the good news but it would be premature.  “Sweetie,you don’t sound good tell me what is wrong.”

  She can hear the worry in Bi’s voice and regrets calling her, “I will tell you when I get back. I miss you.”

   The server approaches the table so Sara holds up her hand for him to wait, “Bi, I just wanted to hear your voice, enjoy your breakfast with Chang.” She hangs up the phone leaving Bi wondering what is going on with Sara. Bi raises an eyebrow then smiles, well whatever is the matter with Sara when she gets back she is in for an awesome surprise! She picks up her red lipstick and looks in the mirror. Oh, I forgot to ask her how she knows Sun Zhi!  When Sara sent the selfies from the balcony of the suite Bi recognized Sun Zhi right away as one of her brother’s close friends.

   Sara orders the Minestrone soup and an order of the Chicken Cacciatore. Before the server walks away she stops him, “Is there a reasonably priced hotel around this area you would recommend?” She has no plans on returning to the Presidential suite at the Grand Palace Hotel. He thinks for a moment then recommends a small Boutique Hotel two streets over from the cafe. He continues, “With so many people in town for the fashion shows I’m not sure if they have any rooms available.” Sara smiles at him, “Grazie, I am going to the restroom I will be right back.”

   The young server watches her slowly walking with an unsteady gait towards the back of the cafe , her evening dress is torn and  very dirty. He shakes his head, he noticed her tear stained face when she asked about accommodations. Another beautiful girl who got used then tossed out onto the street it looks like. He rolls his eyes, Milan during Fashion week is full of wanna be models and lecherous wealthy men.

  Sara enters the small restroom and goes into a stall. Reaching her hand into her lace bra she pulls out the broken Midnight Lover Necklace. I should have given it back to the rude guard in the car to give to CEO Li. I never want to see that dangerous man again. I will send it by special courier when I get back to the city.

   Meanwhile across town Wu Jin carries Li Tian over his shoulder covered by his suit coat through the lobby of the Lattorio Hotel to the elevator. In the car he called Yang James who is sending over a poison expert with an antidote. Once they get to the luxurious suite he lays Li Tian on the bed. Afterwards he takes a deep breath, it is taking all of his internal energy to not pass out from his injuries. A thin layer of sweat covers his body as he painfully limps into the bathroom. Gritting his teeth he washes the dried blood off his face with warm water and soap. When he unbuttons his shirt he holds onto the sink trying to bear the excruciating pain from the knife wound across his chest. “Hsss.. ahhhh..” He winces from the cloth rubbing against his chest. “ Fuck! I can’t leave the Boss but I need stitches. He carefully finishes cleaning the wound then slowly walks back into the bedroom.

   Wu Jin takes a pack of cigarettes out of his pocket, his hand shaking as he lights the cigarette.  He glances over at Li Tian lying on the bed then blows a smoke ring wondering how long before the doctor will arrive. Feeling guilty he wasn’t there to protect Li Tian he crushes the cigarette and looks at his watch, where the hell is the goddamn doctor! There is a knock at the door and he moves as quickly as he can to answer. A short whitehaired Chinese man wearing a black Tang suit greets Wu Jin, “James sent me.”

   Wu Jin leads him to Li Tian, the Chinese man frowns at his dirty appearance. He pushes up his wireless glasses and takes Li Tian’s pulse. He glares at Wu Jin, Is this how you protect your Boss? Useless!

  Wu Jin can detect the old man’s disdain but can’t refute what he is thinking. He nervously questions him, “You have the antidote?”

  “Of course.” The elderly doctor coughs, “Put out the cigarette.” He opens his black leather medicine bag and pulls out a small jade bottle. “Get me water.” He takes a medium sized purple pill out then opens Li Tian’s mouth. He shoves the pill down Li Tian’s throat then pours some water into his mouth. When he is sure li Tian has swallowed the pill he waves his hand and the shirt on Li Tian flies open. He looks at the pinhole in his white skin with dried black blood then takes a white powder generously sprinkling it over the area.

He gingerly strides over to Wu Jin, “Now you.” He can tell by the smell from Wu Jin’s wound the knife the attacker used was coated in  Silver Mingroot.   He studies Wu Jin’s condition as he takes his pulse. His face has lost color and he is sweating  profusely, his body emitting a foul odor. The man must have incredible internal energy not to be dead already. 

  “No.” I can’t let the Boss’ doctor take care of me. ” I will go to a clinic after Tang Qiang gets here.”

    “Brat, don’t be stupid. Sit in the chair. What good are you to the Young Master if you die.”

    Wu Jin scoffs, Are you looking down on me old man? “These injuries are nothing. How long will it be before the Boss wakes up?”

   “He will awaken within an hour but by then you will be dead. Ignorant Boy, didn’t you smell a strange pungent odor coming from your chest wound. You have been poisoned with Silver Mingroot.”


   The doctor pulls out a red porcelain bottle then tosses him a blue pill, “Take this. I will bill the Young Master. He can deduct it from your pay.”

  Wu Jin gulps, Silver Mingroot!?! He shudders thinking about what a painful death that would be. He has heard stories that it is a  poison that travels through the bloodstream then devours your heart. “Thank you Dr. Zhang.

   “En.” He pats Wu Jin on the shoulder, “When the Young Master wakes up he will be disoriented, give him three of these white pills.” 

  After the doctor leaves Tang Qiang arrives, “Wu Jin! What the hell happened to the Boss?”

   “He was ambushed and poisoned when he was in the garden at the Bellini Mansion.”

   Tang Qiang furrows his brow, “Your injuries don’t look good, how many assassins were there?”

   Wu Jin’s face turns red from embarrassment, he doesn’t want to admit he was derelict in his duty. Even though Li Tian said to not accompany him he should have been within hearing distance. He hesitates wondering how he should tell Tang Qiang so he can save some face.

Tang Qiang has a complicated expression looking at Li Tian on the bed. “Poisoned?”

   “Yeah.. but you know that old  doctor…the one with the beady eyes that seem to look through you, Dr. Zhang, he came and detoxified the Boss. He said he should wake up within the hour. Other than the poison in his system he only has a few minor bruises.”

  “Who did it?”

  “I don’t know I was focused on getting the Boss out of there. He was unconscious at the time I arrived.”

   “What do you mean arrived? Weren’t you shadowing him? He was alone when he was attacked?”

    Wu Jin sheepishly looks away from Tang Qiang’s intense gaze. Fucking shit! “Ahh..well he told me not to follow him he was with that woman…his secretary.”

   Tang Qiang looks around the suite, “Where is she?”

  “How the hell would I know I dumped the little bitch off on Medici Boulevard.”

  Tang Qiang gulps and pulls Wu Jin out into the living room. His eyes widen and he angrily spits out, “What the fuck did you just say? You goddamn dumped her out of the car ? ”

   Not understanding Tang Qiang’s reaction Wu Jin tries to justify his actions. “She wanted to get out of the car so I let her out. She was uncooperative…” Before he can continue Tang Qiang grits his teeth, “You fucking idiot! She is the Boss’ woman! Do you know how pissed off he will be when he finds out you dumped her somewhere at this time of night!”

  Wu Jin scoffs, “Yeah right, Qiang! Since when does the Boss have anything to do with women. He won’t let any woman get close to him no matter how beautiful. If he comes into contact with a woman he washes his hands ten times and throws away his suit she touched. ”

  “I have news for you, she is different from those women. The Boss dotes on Song Sara like she is his precious treasure. The Boss is crazy about that little chick!” After what I heard coming from the bedroom he definitely doesn’t mind her touching him. Tang Qiang composes himself to deal with the situation, right now what is important is to find Song Sara.“Okay, where exactly did you drop her off.”

   Wu Jin breaks out into a cold sweat, why didn’t she say something! She could have said she is his girlfriend! “It was by a grassy area between a hotel and some restaurants.”

   Tang Qiang calls Sun Peizhi who has just finished rigging the equipment to ensure the Rushnikov’s bid at the auction will be the highest. He is halfway down the trellis when he feels his phone vibrating in his pocket. When he lands on the ground behind the mansion he causally comes around the corner through the crowd gathered on the patio. He calls Tang Qiang back, “What’s up.”

  “Peizhi, the Boss’ girlfriend..well Wu Jin dropped her off on Medici Boulevard. You are closer, I need you to go pick her up and bring her to the Lattario Hotel.”

  “Wait. What the fuck are you saying isn’t she here at the reception with him?”

  “I don’t have time to explain, I don’t even know all the details. The Boss was attacked and Wu Jin brought him back here. “According to him…” He glares over at Wu Jin, “ She wanted to get out of the car around that grassy area by the Postino’s Hotel. If the Boss wakes up and finds she is missing he will be really pissed off.”

  Sun Peizhi tightens his grip on the phone, I don’t believe she would willingly leave the CEO if he is injured not with her caring personality. “Let me talk to Jin.”

  “We don’t have time, he is in the bathroom. Just go find the woman. You know what she looks like so it will be easier for you than sending someone else.”

  Sun Peizhi has confidence his setup will work to negate any higher bids than the Rushnikov’s bid. He rushes through the tables on the patio bumping into Karin who is hanging on François Baranne while whispering something in his ear.

Fucking Wu Jin! Why would he leave Sara alone on the street at this time of night! Bastard! I will beat the shit out of him when I see him!  He dials Sara’s number but the call goes to voicemail, he mutters,Shit! Answer!” Once he is in the main ballroom he looks around for Giorgio then sees him walking behind Long An. He grabs Giorgio’s arm, “Give me the keys to the Bentley.”

 Giorgio has been staring at the starlet Sophie and is distracted watching her as she bends over exposing her ample breasts trying to tighten the strap on her high heel. “What?”

  “I need the car keys now!”

    Long An has her head down looking at her watch she figures the aphrodisiac should be kicking in about now so she is searching through the crowd for Li Tian. When she hears Sun Peizhi she turns around, “Where is your Boss?”

  Sun Peizhi doesn’t spare her a glance as he grabs the keys from Giorgio then rushes towards the door of the mansion.

  Long An stands with her hands on her hips watching him leave, “Audacious! Who does that lowly bodyguard think he is to ignore me!”

  Giorgio wrinkles his brow resisting the urge to laugh, who doesn’t ignore you? 

  Sun Peizhi doesn’t bother giving the keys to the valet to retrieve the car and anxiously runs over to where the luxury car is parked. The tires of the black Bentley screech as he pulls out of the driveway onto the street.  I’m coming Sara! He calls her number again and the phone goes to voicemail after several rings.  Dammit! Frustrated he bangs his hand on the steering wheel then honks at a car as he skillfully passes it.

He recklessly runs a red light then pushes down on the accelerator as he weaves through several cars. It should take me ten minutes to arrive at Medici Boulevard I hope she is still in the vicinity of the Postino’s Hotel.

    While Sara enjoys her meal she calms down. This Minestrone soup broth is very flavorful and the vegetables are cooked perfectly. The warm soup combined with the atmosphere in the small cafe help her relax. She laughs to herself, I shouldn’t waste this opportunity to share more Italian food on my blog. She picks up her phone and notices two missed calls from ‘Handsome Hero’. I wonder why Sun Peizhi called me, he should still be at the reception. Did he find out what happened? I will call him after I take a few pictures and upload them. Sara takes a picture of the soup as the server brings the Chicken Cacciatore to her table. 

   She smiles at him speaking Italian she remarks, “Looks very delicious!” She takes a few pictures then looks around the quaint cafe. I should include a few of the interior. The aroma from the steaming dish of chicken makes Sara’s mouth water. I forgot how much I enjoy authentic Italian cooking. She puts her phone down then takes a couple bites. Sun Peizhi..Sun Peizhi.. I wonder if you are worried about me. Sara’s blue eyes are sparkling thinking about how handsome and charming he is.

After one more bite of the savory chicken Sara picks up her phone. Smiling as she gazes at the photo on her lock screen, it is the selfie she took with Sun Peizhi earlier out on the balcony at the hotel. I’m shameless he told me to delete this picture, haha.. I should call him back..then I will get to hear his low and sexy voice…  Sara sighs as she dials his number, I am not going to let myself dwell on the bad..the food is delicious and I am out of danger. 


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  1. “He won’t let any woman get close to him no matter how beautiful. If he comes into contact with a woman he washes his hands ten times and throws away his suit she touched.”

    This is a rather strange statement, considering how many women of easy virtue Li Tian had at the beginning of the story. =))


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