Name Of The Poison

     The man’s outstretched hand can only grab the sapphire and diamond necklace as Sara scoots back still sprawled on the ground. Scared witless looking at his bulging eyes and bloody face Sara’s hand is trembling holding the bloodstained rock. Ahhh.. I don’t want to kill him! If I hit him again I might. She raises her hand hesitantly but before she strikes at him again he falls forward unconscious still gripping the broken necklace in his bony hand. Sara stares at his head that landed in her lap and almost faints at the gruesome sight. Her face loses all its color and her heart starts beating rapidly, He’s dead! He is dead! I killed someone! Suddenly his face twitches and Sara breathes a sigh of relief.  “Wuuwuu..” She tentatively puts her finger under his nose, Oh thank God he is alive..

   Sara pushes him away, grimacing she pulls the priceless necklace from his clenched fist, it’s broken! She runs her fingers along the ground trying to find the other piece.

   Li Tian is paralyzed but he can see Sara, her back is blocking what she is doing but he can see her fingers scraping across the ground by the man’s body. What is the idiot looking for on the ground? She needs to get out of here before more of Karin’s men come. Goddammit I can’t move or speak!

   Sara finds the other piece then tucks it into her bra with the rest of the necklace. Afterwards she hurries over to where Li Tian is lying motionless on the ground not far away. She bends over him her eyes wide with fright leaning down extremely close, he can feel her warm breath on his face, “CEO Li..CEO Li can you hear me?” Oh my God his face is so pale . Speaking non stop consumed by fear she rambles,  “What should I do? “Should I go get help? What if more men come? I can’t just leave you here.” Underneath his paralyzed face his emotions are in turmoil as he inhales her sweet fragrance and realizes he is unable to protect her if they find them. Thinking about the dangerous position she is in by remaining here by him he is seething with anger, such a naive girl… they will kill you without blinking an eye. GO! GET OUT OF HERE!

  Sara bites her lower lip,“ Okay.. okay…what should I do? The horrible man said you can hear but can’t speak.” Sara has a serious expression as she informs him, “Don’t worry CEO, I am going to move you into the garden so if any men come back they won’t see you. Then I will go find Sun Peizhi.”

   NO! NO! YOU IDIOT RUN!  Li Tian feels helpless as he listens to Sara. When this man doesn’t return there will be more looking for me. I didn’t expect the bitch to have the nerve to act so quickly when the shipment was hijacked. It was only a little payback for the Berlin incident.

   Sara takes off her high heels and walks behind Li Tian’s head. She bends down putting her hands under his arms then begins dragging him. He is too heavy and she falls on her butt after a few steps, “CEO how much do you weigh? You don’t look that muscular in your clothes” 

  What do you mean? You have seen me naked! I have a perfect body! And why are you still calling me CEO? Because he trains in martial arts he can hear several men in the distance speaking Russian.  Hurry up and leave me, I can hear men coming! 

   Sara’s breathing is getting heavy as she drags him into the flowers. She can see a row of bushes and thinks if she can get him behind them he will be well hidden. “Not too much farther.” 

    Once she has him behind the bushes she leans down at his side picking out the flower petals strewn in his hair. She has a smile on her face as she teases him muttering under her breath, “You look like a flower boy with these in your hair not like an intimidating CEO..haha..”

  He notices her playful smile and realizes his undeniable attraction to Sara then becomes furious, Stupid woman if you don’t want to die, GO! If anything happens to you…

  Sara gently wipes some dirt off his cheek with her hand. Her tense expression and furrowed brows shows her worry but she reassures him with a calm voice as she squeezes his hand “I promise you I will be right back with Sun Peizhi.” She stands up carefully looking around to make sure no one is in the vicinity then picks up her shoes and purse not far away. I need to find help soon, CEO Li looks terrible. She silently moves through the flower garden in the opposite direction from where the man is lying on the ground unconscious. When she sees people up ahead she puts on her high heels and brushes off the dirt on her dress. Smoothing her hair she smiles and nods as she walks by towards the patio constantly surveying the crowd for Sun Peizhi.

   Not used to being rendered helpless, Li Tian’s mind is in chaos, unable to watch her walk away he worries the men he hears approaching will see Sara leaving.. He can still feel the warmth of her hand on his cheek and the softness of her touch as she comforted him. Karin you ugly bitch if you harm one hair on her head I will exterminate your entire organization and family!

   Once Sara walks closer to the patio she controls her emotions that are in disarray. I need to find Sun Peizhi. I hope no one finds the CEO I think I hid him well under the evergreen bushes. Wu Jin, Li Tian’s elite guard is waiting in the shadows by the patio for Li Tian to return, he recognizes Sara and in two steps reaches out pulling Sara behind a tree. His eyes have a killing intent wondering why the woman returned without his Boss. He towers over her and in the darkness she can’t see his face, Sara thinks he is one of the men after Li Tian. She tries to pull his hand off her arm but his iron grip is too tight. She tries to slap him but he grabs her hand and through clenched teeth questions her, “Where is CEO Li?” When she hears him ask in perfect Chinese she questions, “Who..who..are you?”

   Wu Jin glares at her with a menacing look in his narrowed eyes then squeezes her thin arm, “Where’s the Boss?”

 Sara winces at his firm hold on her arm, “ Could you let go of my arm that hurts!” Wu Jin let’s go but keeps his eyes riveted on her ready to subdue Sara if she moves. ” You are one of CEO Li’s guards? Come with me..hurry..” She glances around and sees the tall blonde woman talking to three men dressed like bodyguards. I think that woman had something to do with the attack. I will tell this guy in a minute, first we need to get to the CEO.

   He looks at her suspiciously but follows, when they are a short distance away from the patio Sara stops. Wu Jin angrily grabs her by the throat, “What kind of shit tricks are you trying to pull bitch?” He doesn’t trust Sara thinking she lured him out for an ambush.

  Sara can barely breathe and her eyes are watering. Her voice sounds hoarse as she points ot the garden,“Ple..Pleas..danger..CEO..”

     Still suspicious he unwillingly lets go of her neck that is imprinted with red and purple marks from his fingers pressing her tender skin. Not convinced she isn’t the enemy he holds a dagger to her sore neck grazing the skin with the blade, “Speak.”

   Sara is frightened by his fierce actions, she coughs, “I’m his secretary.”


  Her throat is incredibly painful from Wu Jin squeezing so tightly. She rubs her bruised neck as she speaks, “He was attacked by a man and poisoned. I dragged him under some bushes but ..” Before she can continue Wu Jin’s face pales, he owes Li Tian his life. Ashamed he failed in protecting Li Tian he gulps down his saliva,‘Show me.”

  Sara starts hurrying the direction of the evergreen bushes, “This way.”

  They wind through the outer edge of the garden, Wu Jin sees several dark clothed men not very far away. “Stay here behind these trees don’t come out.” 

   She huddles behind the tree, after a few minutes she can hear the movements and groans from intense fighting not far away. Sara’s body trembles and a chill goes down her back. I can hear several men’s voices, CEO Li’s guard must be outnumbered. Afraid he won’t be able to beat several men by himself she closes her eyes thinking of the worst case scenario. He legs are shaking and a thin layer of sweat covers her forehead. Oh my God this is terrible. What if they find me and the CEO.

  Wu Jin rushes back to where Sara waits behind the large tree, She is clutching the bark of the tree her head pressed against the trunk. When she sees him Wu Jin’s bloody face looks bruised and he is limping. She can see a gash across his chest and blood is seeping through his shirt.  Shocked by his appearance she stares at him motionless. He pulls Sara out from behind the massive oak tree, “One of the assassins escaped. We need to hurry, where is the Boss.”

   They move as quickly as Wu Jin can with his injured leg to where Li Tian is lying under the shrubbery. Wu Jin checks his pulse, “Boss, I’m sorry I’m late. I will get you out of here.”

   He makes a call then picks up Li Tian who is now unconscious putting him  over his shoulder while looking towards the back wall of the garden. Wu Jin doesn’t plan on taking Sara with him; his only concern is Li Tian. Sara can tell from the cold aura surrounding him he doesn’t care about what happens to her in the least. Frightened the assassins will grab her if she returns to the mansion, she follows behind Wu Jin. Unable to keep up in the high heels moving through the flowers Sara takes off her shoes and she runs. Breathing heavily she implores him, “Please take me too.”

  Wu Jin ignores her pleas and continues to the wall, frustrated he can’t move more quickly because of his injuries. Sara clenches her fists at her side and says with a firm voice, “Take me or you won’t know what poison they used to poison the CEO. I heard the man.” 

  Wu Jin would like to put Li Tian down and force Sara to give him the information but can only grit his teeth, “Don’t fall behind.”

  Sara takes off her high heels and tries to keep up. When they get to the back gate that is hanging off its hinges they are met with another man who helps Wu Jin put Li Tian into the back of a black Rolls Royce. Sara is about to get into the backseat also when Wu Jin pushes her back, “Name of the poison?”

   Sara trips when he pushes her, after she staggers back she regains her balance. What a bastard! Sara defiantly looks up at his expressionless face then inwardly shivers looking into his heartless eyes. Not detecting the slightest hint of compassion she knows her only leverage she can use to get out of here is the name of the poison. She straightens her back and gathers her courage,“If I tell you now, you will leave me here. Let me go with you and I will tell you. You can drop me off anywhere.”

  The driver nods to Wu Jin who sneers at Sara reluctantly allowing her to get into the backseat. Sara gulps down her anger, want to leave me…I saved the CEO!

  Once they have left the area surrounding the Bellini mansion she says, “You can drop me off anywhere. When I get out of the car I will tell you.”

   They pull over, Sara glances at Li Tian slumped on the door covered in mud and disheveled. So many enemies ..I need to get far away from you.

   She steps out onto the sidewalk then leans over to the window as Wu Jin rolls it down. She has the urge to slap Wu Jin for his abusive treatment but she restrains the urge. Her beautiful face has a cold expression realizing she is no match for these people. She knows from past experience with her own family… to them she is a disposable person with no value. “Black Viper Poison.” She straightens her back and walks away not looking back, I don’t want to have anything to do with you Li Tian.

   Sara walks down the busy street and sighs feeling depressed watching the carefree couples walk along enjoying the scenery.  Exhausted and still feeling unsettled by the scene at the Bellini mansion she wearily sits on a bench by a grassy area. Looking at her dirtied dress and mudstained heels Sara brushes off some of the dirt with her hands. Where should I go?

Leaning back on the bench looking at the stars in the sky she thinks about the beginning of the evening with Sun Peizhi at the hotel, what a waste of a beautiful dress. Sara’e beautiful blue eyes cloud over with a layer of tears. Mom, I really am born under a bad luck moon. Sara has a self deprecating smile as she wipes her tears rolling down her cheeks, I don’t want to be part of that miserable world. I thought I did when I dated Zhou Jason and wanted to take back Song Corporation but I realize now he was right when we broke up. It is a heartless world where only the strong survive.

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