Nikolai’s Whim

     LiMei curses Nikolai and eight generations of his ancestors while storming around the living room kicking the luxurious furniture. Unable to completely dispel her anger she walks over to the bar. Slamming her tiny palm down on the bar her eyes have a flame burning in them, “STUPID… STUPID LUNATIC! I WON’T DO IT…I WON’T!” 

    Looking at the crystal decanters she knits her eyebrows as she picks one up with clear liquid then takes a whiff hmm.. vodka. She grabs a glass then fills it to the brim, I need to relax! LiMei ignore him..find a way to leave with can do it.  She takes a few gulps, the vodka burns LiMei’s throat and her stomach feels like it is on fire. Her eyes turn red as they water and she begins coughing, “ke ke ke..damn..kekeke..”

    Anton walks past the living room and hears LiMei coughing then glances her direction. She is leaning on the bar holding a half full glass in her hand. He sees the top off of a decanter, Shit! That is the boss’ vodka made by that weird old  man in  Marinsk, it is 190 proof! Should I warn the stupid woman? He hesitates, She did give me acupuncture for my pain, and clean my wounds. Anton reluctantly steps over to where she is standing, “Girl, don’t drink the Boss’ vodka.”

   LiMei looks up at him towering over her with a stern look on his ruggedly handsome face, “Huh?” What? I shouldn’t drink his precious vodka? Hmmph  LiMei finishes the glass of vodka choking down her tears. She defiantly takes another gulp then responds with a hoarse voice tears forming in her eyes, “I will if I want.”

   Anton can see by her stubborn attitude he is wasting his good intentions but continues, “Too strong for a girl.”

  LiMei laughs as she pours another glass, “I have a high tolerance.” She looks at his complicated expression, is he trying to be nice?  “Anton, why is your Boss so…?”

     “…”  He can anticipate what she will say, Nikolai is a ruthless killer, what do you expect? Before he answers Nikolai silently walks up behind them, “So..finish your question.. So… handsome and charming?” He seductively leans into her body then lifts her chin.

      LiMei laughs, her eyes sparkling and her beautiful face flushed from the vodka as she looks straight into his bottomless eyes , “So quiet when he sneaks up on me..hahaha.”

     Nikolai frowns seeing her flushed appearance then gives Anton a look. Anton quickly raises his hands with a helpless look on his face, Boss I was trying to stop her..

   LiMei lifts the glass to finish the vodka and Nikolai puts his hand on hers taking away the glass. “No more.”

   Standing on her tiptoes she tries to reach for the glass as he raises his hand.  She pouts, “Stingy!”

    Nikolai has a gleam in his dark eyes looking at her cute expression then he hands the glass to Anton, “Little Assassin It is time to leave. Aren’t you excited to see your lover, Qiao Rui?”

     LiMei forgets she is angry with him and quickly pulls on his arm dragging him forward, “Let’s go.”

    He inwardly chuckles at her ability to change faces so quickly as she eagerly clutches onto his sleeve. When they get to the front door he turns to Anton speaking Russian , “Follow, then wait for my call.” 

    Once they are in the black Bentley LiMei glances over at Nikolai who is looking at his phone. “You never told me what I need to do.”

   “ Originally I needed your help to distract Diego Bellini but no longer.”

   “So what do you need me for then?”

 “ Now it is very simple, you act like you are in love with me.” I decided I will have fun tonight watching Martina squirm, Qiao Rui explode..Leng Shuai try to kill me and Kuang Bo attempt to rescue you. Also, I want you to look at me with the silly grin you have on your face when you think of the arrogant doctor. 

   LiMei’s face turns bright red as she shakes her head vehemently refusing to play that game, “WHAT! I SAID NO WAY! I WON”T!”

   He reaches over lifting LiMei’s chin enjoying her aggrieved expression, “You will.” He distracts LiMei who is dazed by his request by forcefully kissing her lips, as she frantically tries to push him away. He uses her own silver needle to insert into her Bedhu Point and she closes her eyes. His face has a devilish grin as he whispers into her ear implanting a new memory, “ You love Nikolai Naralov, he is the most incredibly handsome  and hmmm.. kind man who rescued you from Kuang Fu. You have no feelings for Qiao Rui, you dislike Leng Shuai and you are afraid of Kuang Bo.”  

   Satisfied, Nikolai rests LiMei’s head on his shoulder as he brushes a few loose strands of her long black hair off her face. I can’t let you leave me my little pet. I would be so bored.

  He wakes her up by pressing on her acupoint, LiMei languidly sits up and with her eyes half open she affectionately touches his chest, “Niko..I fell asleep?”

  Nikolai holds her small hand, “You were tired so I let you sleep.”

  LiMei peers out the window at the Bellini mansion up ahead on the right side of the private road and all the luxury cars in front of the magnificent home. There are numerous photographers and reporters clustering around the people exiting their cars. She flutters her eyelashes as she shyly gazes at Nikolai, “Niko, do we really need to go to this party?”

   His lips curl up when he sees the adorable expression on her face, “Don’t worry it will be fun.”

   She leans into his chest in a soft pleading tone she coaxes him as she snuggles into his chest, “I would rather enjoy this beautiful night with you…maybe walk around the Galleria… have dinner. I really hate these types of parties. So boring.”

     Nikolai wants to chuckle while listening to her coquettish voice, what a difference from her usual irritated tone she has when talking to me. I haven’t used that technique in a long time…haha..she really thinks she is my girlfriend. I can’t wait to see the expression on Qiao Rui’s face when she ignores him. “We can do that tomorrow, I have important matters to discuss with Diego Bellini.”

  “Pfft..” LiMei puffs out her cheeks as crosses her slender arms over her chest, “It is because Martina Rushnikov will be there, right?”

   “…”Nikolai bursts out laughing, holy shit! She is even acting jealous. “Hahaha..”this is hilarious! If she knew how she is acting she would spit out blood!  “Hahaha..”

  Leon hears Nikolai heartily laughing and looks in the rear view mirror to see LiMei’s face is red and she is glaring at Nikolai. Slightly drunk from the vodka LiMei can’t control her emotions. Thinking she will need to watch Martina hang on him she pounds his chest with her small fists, “Stop laughing!” Leon turns the corner almost running off the road while staring into the backseat. He quickly turns the wheel, “Umm..sorry Boss there was a branch in the road.” What is going on with them? I have never seen the Boss laugh like that!

  LiMei isn’t buckled in her seat and falls into Nikolai’s lap as the car suddenly swerves, her face between his thighs Nikolai’s body stiffens. Embarrassed LiMei quickly jumps up moving over towards the side then looks out the window. Nikolai glances over at LiMei with a faint smile, she is really cute. Impulsively in a pampering tone he says, “Fine. We don’t need to go.” Fuck watching the show at the reception. Anton can deliver the flash drive to Diego and I am sure Sun Peizhi will take care of the rest.

  Shocked that he agreed, LiMei turns towards Nikolai with her green eyes wide open and sparkling. “Really?”

   Nikolai’s heart skips a beat looking at her excited expression, the Little Assassin really is incredibly beautiful when she smiles. He pats her head as he replies, “Really.”

  LiMei puts her creamy white arms around his neck while staring at his handsome face, “Where do you want to go? I have never been to Milan.”

 “Anywhere you want. First, I need to make a call.” He removes her arms from around his neck, “Be good.” He takes out his phone from his suit coat pocket, speaking in Russian, “Anton, I need you to deliver the flash drive to Diego Bellini. I will call him and let him know.”

 “What? But Boss..”

 “No questions.” He glances over at LiMei looking out the window. I am going to enjoy tonight, after all I have been through in the last six months… so what if it is fake I will enjoy the play. He dials Diego Bellini’s private number then speaking Italian as he watches LiMei obediently sitting looking out the window , “Plan changed. My guard Anton will deliver the flash drive. Meet him at the designated area in forty five minutes.”

  Diego walks away from the group of men he is talking with by the bar. He nervously responds, “No. I don’t know this man. You need to deliver personally.” If anything goes wrong it will be my ass, I invited the heads of seven organizations to bid on this item!

  “I will send his picture. If you want the drive you will accept this change.” He glances at LiMei twirling a ring on her finger distractedly, “Something came up at the last minute. Once it is delivered I will expect the transfer.”

  Diego tightens his grip on the phone not wanting to agree. “You trust him?”


“If anything goes wrong..” He looks around the room at the dangerous group of men gathered together who came for the auction later. “It is not just my family that will suffer the consequences.”

   “Don’t be melodramatic. Be there.” He sends a picture of Anton then impulsively holds onto LiMei’s soft hand, “Do you want to eat first?”

   After drinking the vodka at the villa LiMei feels very hungry and  lightheaded, “Yes.”

  “We can go to the Skyfall Restaurant that has a spectacular view of the city.”

   LiMei puts her soft hand on his entwining their fingers then sweetly says, “Sounds nice, thank you Niko.” 

   “Leon drive to the Skyfall Restaurant.”

  “Okay, Boss.”

   Nikolai actually thinks not going to the Bellini mansion is an excellent idea. Why deal with all those motherf****rs. It would be nice to see them squirm but they will be looking for me, not expecting Anton so this will prevent any problems with someone trying to intercept me. Not to mention those two assholes, Qiao Rui and Leng Shuai. His eyes light up with a mischievous gleam  picturing them scouring the reception to find LiMei. Soon I will be leaving the family and living as a legitimate businessman, why court trouble before next week when I close the deal with Henri. He smiles feeling the warmth from LiMei’s hand on his hand. I should thank you Little Assassin for saying you don’t want to go to the reception. 

   He leans back with a satisfied look on his handsome face looking out at the city street filled with people. The driver pulls in front of the Postino family’s luxurious hotel, the restaurant is on the 20th floor. Nikolai stretches his long slender legs as he gets out of the backseat followed by LiMei,  She looks radiant in her evening dress as she holds the hem while stepping onto the sidewalk. She stumbles and Nikolai grabs her into his embrace, they are both laughing as he strokes her long hair whispering something in her ear. LiMei reaches to take his hand as they walk towards the entrance of the hotel.  This affectionate scene is witnessed by a handsome man across the street who clenches his fists together at his side, Why the fuck is Daiyu laughing and holding that motherf****rs hand!

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      1. Ahh!!! Poor Niko, how likely is his plan to fail when the person he wants to work with, is one of the love rivals 🤣👏🏽!


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