Nikolai and Sun Peizhi finish reconfiguring the virus in the villa’s state of the art  computer room. Both of them are satisfied as they walk down the stairs, when they arrive at the living room Nikolai reminds Sun Peizhi, “Don’t forget only Rushnikov.” Su Peizhi nods, “I will ensure Rushnikov has the highest offer, I plan on manipulating the bids as Bellini receives them.”

    Nikolai decides to subtly threaten Sun Peizhi so he doesn’t change the plan, “Make sure you do or the little secretary might suffer.”

    Sun Peizhi was prepared for Nikolai to bring up the woman he is interested in who works for Li Tian. He caught a glimpse of one of Nikolai’s men, Leon, at the Medici Club when he was with Song Sara. He could tell he was watching him but he didn’t know why until he got the call from Nikolai about the flash drive. “Save your veiled threats. I have no intention of betraying you. This plan works out for both of us. Who gets screwed from buying it makes no difference to me. You want it to be Rushnikov… fine by me. Eliminating or disrupting one of the five major syndicates is my only goal.”

   “Then I will be looking forward to our desired outcome.”

   Sun Peizhi meets his driver Freddie in the driveway very pissed off Nikolai threatened him with  Song Sara. He could have said they are just friends but that would have made Nikolai more suspicious of their relationship. He mutters as he approaches the car, “Fucking asshole.” 

   Freddie is staring at Nikolai’s Limited Edition Lamborghini as Mikhail drives it into the garage. He gets into the driver’s seat,“Where to Peizhi?”

    He takes out his phone to call his informant Lucas.“I’m hungry let’s meet Lucas at the Italian Restaurant next to the park on Galleria Way.”

    Nikolai has a satisfied grin on his face as he walks over to the bar in the living room.He pours a glass of vodka watching the black Maybach pull through the iron gate. I know Peizhi will make sure that old bastard Rushnikov gets the flash drive.  Anton joins him, “Boss, I didn’t want to say anything in front of that guy but your father readily gave up the flash drive. It was too fucking easy. He didn’t even protest. I thought his sudden change in attitude was suspicious since he has been adamant about holding onto the flash drive to deliver it to Bellini personally to be paid.”

  “Maybe the old bastard finally realized I wasn’t bluffing.”

  “If it were that simple. But when I was leaving the hotel in the lobby I saw Kuang Bo. I slipped around a corner then watched him get into the elevator. He was the only one so I looked to see which floor the elevator stopped on and it was the 26th floor. Your father’s floor. I knew you needed the flash drive so I left. But..why would Kuang Bo meet with Viktor?”

   Nikolai’s body tenses up at the mention of Kuang Bo, he lights a cigarette as his good mood disappears. He smokes the cigarette pondering what the two of them could have in common. Kuang Bo and his brother Fu don’t get along so he probably wouldn’t do his bidding about killing Viktor. The only common denominator..the Little Assassin? Kuang Bo found out his brother kidnapped Feng LiMei now she is in my hands? But why wouldn’t he confront me directly? He should know my father has no influence over what I do. 

    Nikolai decides to go up to LiMei’s room and have some fun, he plans on telling her Kuang Bo is looking for her whereabouts and she can call him. LiMei is sound asleep when he quietly enters her room. He sits on the edge of the bed and frowns at her scrunched up face pressed into the pillow as she snores. He takes a tissue from the nightstand and wipes the drool from her chin. I have never seen a woman look so slovenly when sleeping!  He recalls her drooling onto his shirt in the backseat of the Land Rover.

She rolls over slightly when he touches her chin. Looking at her peaceful face he can’t resist the urge to tease LiMei. He lightly tickles her nose with the edge of the tissue he is holding then smiles watching her wave her small hand around as she wrinkles her eyebrows together. He does it again and then laughs when she swats herself on the nose. What an idiot! She wakes up when she hits her nose, her eyes half open, she rubs them staring at Nikolai, how long has the crazy guy been sitting there? 

   Her warm breath sprays on his face as she drowsily says, “What are you doing here?”

   “Time to get up. We leave for the reception in an hour.”

   LiMei sits up clutching onto the quilt, “Why are you going to a party? You should be resting with that wound.”

  “Worried about me?”

   LiMei rolls her eyes and makes a face when he says that, “ No. I just don’t want my effort in saving you to go to waste if you rip open your stitches then get an infection.”

   He starts laughing at her childish expression, “I am strong. I am healing fast.” Especially since your blood has an amazing effect on my body.  The acupuncture treatment you gave me is working surprisingly well.”

  She lazily stretches her arms out while yawning. “Of course it is but just because you don’t feel pain doesn’t mean you should strain yourself.”

  He affectionately rubs her head, “Don’t want to go?”

   “Do I have a choice?”


  “Then why did you say that?” I really don’t want to go to this stupid party! I am so tired! What does he need me for anyway?

   “Little Assassin, I thought you would be happy to go. Three of your lovers will be there, all wanting to be the hero that saves the beauty.” He starts chuckling while his outstretched finger pulls down the covers a little. His eyes have a mischievous gleam while staring at her chest, “But, I don’t see why.”

   She ignores his sarcastic remark and her beautiful face lights up. She anxiously asks, “Rui will be there?”

    “I’m sure he will with his new best friend Leng Shuai.”

   “Wait who is the third man?”

   “So you admit they are all your lovers?”

   ‘Shut up..you know I only love Qiao Rui. But..who…who is the third man?” If it is Kuang Bo he definitely can help me escape this lunatic.

   “Your old partner Kuang Bo naturally. I love that I can see by her expression all her emotions and thoughts. She is considering how Kuang Bo can help her escape. So of course he could help you escape from me…” He tenderly brushes her hair behind her ear and she knocks his hand away. “ “But where does that leave your true love Qiao Rui? He will be dead before you leave the mansion.”

   LiMei glares at Nikolai as she impulsively pounds her fist on his chest, “What enmity do we have between us that you want to torture me! I would have been better off with the morons that kidnapped me. I could have found a way to escape when the plane landed!”

   Nikolai holds onto her fist while looking into her eyes with a serious expression, “Well you can blame yourself little Assassin for not being more careful while living your little ‘dream life’ in Pushong City. You knew Kuang Fu’s personality, the reward for your capture was exorbitant especially coming from cheap bastard like him. Which shows how much he wanted to make you pay for escaping and humiliating him by botching the Han hit.

Poor thing, it only took one person recognizing you for your little world to fall apart. Speaking of which,what would the outstanding doctor Qiao think of his little lover if he knew you were actually a trained killer. I don’t want to throw salt on the wound but should anything happen to Qiao Rui at the party that would be on you also.”

   LiMei’s expression changes and tears form in her eyes so she lowers her head not wanting Nikolai to see her reaction to what he said. She sniffles trying to hold back her emotions. Everything he just said is true.  Rui is too good for me, I never want him to know the real me..Qin Daiyu… he definitely wouldn’t want to be with me.

  He feels uncomfortable when he sees LiMei crying. “Stop crying. You will look ugly with swollen eyes when we go.” Standing up from the bed he calmly says as he walks away, “If you do what I want nothing will happen to the doctor or that asshole Leng Shuai. I might even kill Kuang Fu for you.”

   LiMei lays down and pulls the covers over her face. Is that his way of comforting me…he will kill Kuang Fu.. what a lunatic! She waits until the door shuts and pulls the covers down then sits up on the bed holding a pillow. Kuang Bo…Kuang Bo..

    Nikolai pops back in the door startling LiMei. He declares, “ I am much more handsome and charming than any one of those arrogant bastards,” then leaves.

   “…”LiMei shakes her head and pounds her fists on the pillow. “ So crazy!”

   Nikolai walks down the stairs, when he sees Anton he calls him over, “I think my father plans on taking the flash drive back using Kuang Bo. Who  most likely is cooperating thinking he can then negotiate with me for Feng LiMei’s release. I have a flash drive I will carry with me that is not the original. You will have the one with the virus. I need to bring down old man Rushnikov so I am not going to miss this chance. Once we arrive at the Bellini mansion I will signal you when I want you to give it back to me.

  “Boss, Kuang Bo is not someone easy to fool. Why don’t you just give him the woman.”

  Nikolai shoots him a warning look, anyone else would be kicked across the room for questioning him. He has a complicated expression thinking about LiMei, “I don’t want to, that is why.”

   Upstairs LiMei decides to get ready for the reception. After her bath she puts on the champagne colored chiffon dress from Chloe Design. She looks in the mirror  as she applies light  makeup. Thinking about how to deal with the situation she decides she will figure out what to do when she gets to the reception. I don’t even know why Nikolai Naralov needs me. What is my purpose?

LiMei’s green eyes sparkle at the thought of seeing Rui tonight. Ahh..I can’t wait! She pulls her long black up in a braid inserting her white jade hairpin, leaving half her long black hair down. Satisfied with her delicate makeup she smiles applying her pink lip gloss.  I will think of a way to protect you from Nikolai Naralov!  I am not going to let him expose my true identity either. I am Feng LiMei…Feng LiMei the woman Rui loves. She touches the delicate diamond ring Rui gave her, soon I will be free of these people and live the simple life I want with you.

    After giving herself a pep talk while getting ready she has a renewed sense of confidence as she leaves the guest room then walks down the stairs. Nikolai has finished giving Anton instructions and they both turn around as they hear LiMei’s heels clicking on the marble staircase. Both of them are stunned by her transformation, the light from the crystal chandelier illuminates LiMei as she smiles radiantly when she approaches them. She thought they would be leaving, she frowns upset Nikolai isn’t ready to go he is still wearing casual clothes. Her voice sounds annoyed,“Why aren’t you ready?”

   Nikolai looks at her irritated expression, now she is excited to go?  He replies, “I was busy.”

   “Well, hurry up.”

   “…” Anton is waiting for Nikolai to finally strangle the impudent girl but Nikolai unexpectedly laughs, “I see you recovered your spirit, Anxious to see your lover?”

  LiMei decides she isn’t going to let him push her buttons so she doesn’t get angry simply replying,  “Of course.”

  Anton looks back and forth between them, Isn’t she the Boss’ pet? How can he say that so leisurely? He doesn’t want any part of the strange and tense atmosphere in the living room. He quickly starts walking away, “Boss, I am going to go tell Dimitri your instructions.”


   Nikolai puts his attention back on LiMei, “I’m surprised you are in such a hurry to tell Qiao Rui you are my woman and don’t love him anymore.”

   LiMei’s face darkens and she clenches her hands at her side making small fists, “WHAT! THAT IS GOING TOO FAR! I WON’T DO IT!”

    He lifts her chin with his finger staring at her flushed face and wide green eyes, “I think you will.”

   “Errr.. You..You..” LiMei’s eyes flash with a murderous glint as she impulsively pulls one of her silver needles out of her hair. She thinks he won’t be able to react because of his injured  right arm. As she is about to strike the right side of his neck he easily grasps her hand then the silver needle falls to the floor. Looking into her eyes he has an amused expression. Haha..the little wildcat couldn’t control her temper for very long. So funny..the look on her face is priceless! “Temper..temper..didn’t you say I could trust you?”


   He gently caresses her cheek, “I’m not cruel Little Assassin, it is for your own safety.”

   LiMei humphs and angrily pushes him away, “Right..my safety.. I can take care of myself!”

   Nikolai teases LiMei, “Can you? It really doesn’t look like it to me.” He steps on her silver needle, “You don’t think I can anticipate your every move?”

   LiMei calms herself, he is just playing with me to see my reaction. I fell into his trap once again. He really likes me to dance like a clown for him.  “It is true that I am out of practice, the first lesson that maniac Kuang Fu taught me was that a good assassin doesn’t let emotions cloud their judgement. Wait for the right moment to strike. So since I have forgotten my training and am ineffective… really why would you want a useless character like me.”

  “You are a very good cook.”

   “Pfft. I could poison your food.”

    He leans down whispering in her ear,“I will tell you a little secret, killing me with poison would be very difficult to do. I am immune to a thousand poisons. My Master who found me in the Ural Mountains after being thrown there by my father to die was a genius in alchemy.”

    If I didn’t despise him right now I would be impressed and say Wow.. that’s cool. She stubbornly puts her hands on her hips,“I really hate to keep bringing this up but I saved your life, not once but twice. You did promise me that after I go to this reception with you I could leave tomorrow. What good would it be for me to tell Rui I am with you because as soon as I return to Pushong City I will explain to him why you forced  me to say that.”

   “I have my reasons.” I don’t like the way your eyes light up and you have a stupid grin at the mention of that arrogant bastard Qiao Rui that is why!  “Wait here I will get dressed to go.”

   After he leaves LiMei paces around the living room then kicks the couch,, there is no way I am telling Rui I am with you. No way in hell! You just want to mess with me..I know you laugh every time I get angry! Psycho! I am not your damn pet!

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  1. The suspense is killing me! And I have a feeling, Nikolai will push LiMei into saying she’s with him to protect the good doctor. Ah, the drama just keeps on building.


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