Rui runs his hand through his messy black hair as he and Leng Shuai walk out of the Italian restaurant after meeting with Rui’s friend Sun Peizhi. He can’t control his emotions at the thought of another man touching LiMei, his eyes narrow and emit a strong killing intent. “What do you know about Nikolai Naralov? Why would he have LiMei?”  If I didn’t think LiMei might get hurt I  would find the bastard’s villa right now and take her away! He has been torturing himself by imagining LiMei in bed with another man.

   Leng Shuai crumples an empty pack of cigarettes, Damn!  He is also baffled as to why someone like Kuang Fu would kidnap an ordinary woman like Feng LiMei then not ask for a ransom. How did Naralov come into the picture. Irritated, he calls to his driver waiting at the side of the Maybach, “Give me a cigarette.” Once his driver hands him a cigrette he answers Rui as he lights it and inhales, “I have no idea, I can only assume it is because of Kuang Fu. Naralov found out Feng LiMei had some value, what I don’t know. Why the fuck would Kuang Fu kidnap Feng LiMei in the first place?” He glares at Rui, “Have you had any sort of conflict with him?”

   “No.” Rui hasn’t had any contact with the Black Sky Organization since he left the Underworld. He has been considering different possibilities.“What if Kuang Fu didn’t want her personally  but someone hired him to kidnap LiMei?” Maybe the Wang family particularly her ruthless brother Kai hired the Black Sky because of Wang Rebecca. It could even be my unscrupulous father or stepmother because I stole the CEO position out from under Xiaotong. They are all vicious enough to seek revenge by kidnapping the only person I care about, LiMei.

  The driver opens the door to the black Maybach, Leng Shuai and Rui get into the car. Leng Shuai agrees that could be the situation because he hasn’t been able to find a connection between LiMei and Kuang Fu.“That is definitely a possibility but right now we need to form a plan for getting Feng LiMei from Naralov. Why he has Feng LiMei can be figured out later and the people involved will pay.”

   Rui gives Leng Shuai a sidelong look, “Obviously she was a pawn to threaten one of us. How would she have any connection to a killer organization and that bastard Kuang Fu? When Nikolai Naralov took her from Kuang Fu the game changed which is even more worrisome. His motive…what could it be?”

  “I agree with your reasoning but now that is a moot point. We need to formulate a foolproof way to get Feng LiMei back at the Bellini Reception.”

  Rui rubs his eyes and looks at his watch, “We don’t have much time. Tell me what you know about Naralov, my perception of  the man from when I met him once is very vague.”

   “Nikolai Naralov is a man not to be underestimated. His methods can be extremely impulsive and brutal or on the other end of the spectrum well detailed and intricate. He is unpredictable to say the least. But, I got the impression from Sun Peizhi’s facial expression that Feng LiMei is safe. I think he would have been more agitated when he was telling you..” He sneers at Rui, “Your girlfriend is in an extremely dangerous man like Naralov’s villa.” He flicks an ash out the window trying to understand Nikolai’s motivation. “Why Naralov would take her to the Bellini Reception tonight I have no clue, I heard he would be accompanying his fiancee Martina Rushnikov. I will say the man has deep schemes, I have been on the receiving end and he could be considered one of the most devious men in the Underworld. i don’t say this of many men but his mind is unfathomable.”

  “So how are we going to proceed?” He clenches his fist at his side irritated that he needs Leng Shuai.  “As head of the Ghost Blade you should have the ability to overpower his men at the reception with your elite guards.” Rui wants to vomit blood knowing he needs to depend on Leng Shuai in order to save LiMei. If we were in Pushong I could handle the situation but I hate feeling powerless here in Milan without my men and resources.

    Leng Shuai has a satisfied smile on his handsome face, “Good you realize I am more powerful than you.”

  Rui’s pent up emotions are ignited by Leng Shuai’s snide remark. He snaps suddenly reaching over to grab Leng Shuai’s collar, then abruptly lets it go. “BASTARD!”

   Leng Shuai smirks, “Temper..temper good doctor. I will ignore that little outburst. I’m sure you have a great deal of guilt since Feng LiMei was snatched right from under your eyes in Phnom Penh.”

   Rui can feel his heart tighten when Leng Shuai points that fact out to him. “We don’t have much time, do you have any fucking ideas?” They arrive at the luxurious Lattorio hotel and exit the car. Leng Shuai takes out his phone then tells Rui, “I am going to make a couple calls, you look like shit. Go to your room and I will contact you, as soon as I have a viable plan we can go to the reception. I need to contact some people and get you an invitation also.”

   Rui walks into the hotel, his bloodshot eyes shooting daggers at Leng Shuai as he growls, “Fine.” I really hate you. I would like to wipe that smug look off your face. They walk towards the elevator and pass a man named Li Tian who is exiting with a woman dressed in an evening gown and his two personal bodyguards.

  Leng Shuai has dealings with him in Catang City so he greets him reluctantly, “Tian, Miss Long.”

  Long An holds onto Li Tian’s arm possessively and smiles, “Mr. Leng.”  Who is the man with him? He looks terrible…Oh my God! It is the new CEO of the Qiao Corporation, Qiao Rui, he looks like he hasn’t slept in days.

  Li Tian frowns as he feels her hand resting on his sleeve and shakes it off. Long An tries to maintain her smile hoping the men didn’t notice. Li Tian points to the couches in the lobby curtly ordering Long An, “Wait over there. I want to discuss some business.” Embarrassed, she blushes as she leaves knowing she is one step away from Li Tian not taking her to the Bellini Reception.  She obediently walks over to the couch after he barks at her while reminding herself not to lose her temper. Calm yourself An, you need to ignore his insulting behavior and go to the reception so you can go through with your plan.

  Leng Shuai looks at his watch, “I’m in a hurry, CEO Li. We can discuss our collaboration when we return to China.”

  “I wanted to quickly give you a word of advice that actually has nothing to do with business.”


   “I ran into Nikolai Naralov…he was cryptic and told me not to bid on the final item at the auction.”


   “He didn’t say. Only that I would regret it if I did.”

   “I am passing on the warning in good faith since we are to be business partners… you know what a psycho Nikolai Naralov is so whatever the item may be I don’t need the trouble attached to it. I assume you don’t either.”


  Li Tian walks away and Leng Shuai turns to Rui, “I wonder what that was about.” He has a fleeting thought Naralov might put Feng LiMei on the auction block. Diego Bellini is a perverted playboy and has been known to auction off women for fun at his parties. He looks at Rui, I won’t mention that thought he looks like he is going to come unglued any minute as it is and I need him to hold onto his remaining sanity. If he causes a disturbance at the party all hell could break loose.

   Rui watches Li Tian leave, “Hmm.. who knows, we need to get LiMei before the auction. The last auction in Pushong City was a huge mess as you recall. I heard someone stole the Golden Dragon Statue you purchased.  He wants to taunt Leng Shuai but decides against it.  Rui arrives at his floor, “I am going to shower and rest let me know what you decide.”

   Leng Shuai calls Chen Wu, “ Why is it taking so long? Have you found the information I wanted?”

  “Boss, I was just about to call you, it took some digging but I found out why Kuang Fu kidnapped Feng LiMei. You aren’t going to believe it when I tell you.”

  Leng Shuai opens the door to his suite as he loosens his tie, “ I’m not playing a fucking guessing game with you. Spit it out.”

  “The little chick isn’t Feng LiMei, her real name is Qin Daiyu.”

  “What?  She changed her name? Why?”

   “She was a member of the Black Sky Organization and left it a few months ago. Or should I say escaped.”

  Leng Shuai tosses his tie on the couch, “What the fuck! Are you sure of this information?”


  “Send me everything you have.”

   Leng Shuai pours himself a glass of whiskey, Damn! No wonder she was able to knock me out at the airport in Hirachi City. I didn’t even see her make a move towards me. I wonder if Qiao Rui knows? No, I doubt she would tell him and it took Chen Wu this long to uncover her real identity. Haha, He takes a gulp of his drink, Interesting! 

He sees a notification of an email from Chen Wu then sits at the desk to read the contents, Holy shit! That was very brave of the little thing to leave, no wonder she wore that ugly short wig and the contacts, she was trying to disguise her beautiful natural appearance. When he finishes reading the email he is conflicted, the information is incomplete. Why would she be with Nikolai Naralov? Does she know him, is she with him willingly? I got the impression from Sun Peizhi she didn’t appear to be in danger.

    After he finishes his glass of whiskey he takes off his clothes and goes into the bathroom still considering what Nikolai Naralov wants from Feng LiMei. What is her use? He steps into the shower letting the hot water run down his tight body. While he washes his hair he ponders if she is an assassin LiMei could have been acquainted with Nikolai Naralov previously. There is no denying the fact despite being a psychotic killer he never has a shortage of women around him,but he doesn’t appear to be the little idiot’s type.

Well, I need a rescue plan whether she wants to leave him or not she is coming with me tonight. He mutters as he gets out of the shower, “No way am I letting the little idiot stay with that crazy maniac, he is too volatile! Knowing her annoying personality she will eventually anger him. Then he will kill her without a second thought.” He thinks of the many times he wanted to strangle LiMei and he restrained himself.

    Rui wearily enters his room taking off his jacket then tossing it onto the couch. No matter what obstacles I am getting you back tonight LiMei! He slowly walks into the bathroom feeling extremely despondent he couldn’t protect LiMei. Once he takes off his wrinkled clothes and gets into the shower turning on the cold water he lets the icy spray hit him in the face to wake up. At least I know I will see you soon and you will be back in my arms. He slams his hand against the wall cursing, “ I am going to kill that motherf*****r Naralov!”

    When he finishes his shower he wraps a towel around his waist then lays down on the bed closing his eyes. When he does images of LiMei smiling at him surface then her being with another man giving him the same smile cloud his mind. His phone rings and he comes to his senses then rolls over on the bed to grab the phone off the nightstand,”Yes.”

   Leng Shuai and Chen Wu devised a plan to rescue LiMei so he informs Rui, “ I have a plan I think will work and I got your invitation, we will leave for the reception in forty five minutes.”

    When Leng Shuai gets off the phone he calls Benji Gabriel, “I have an invitation for you to attend the Bellini Reception. I will need your help to rescue Feng LiMei. You will be posing as a French fashion designer, I have a suit you can wear, we are about the same height and build. Meet Chen Wu he will be in my suite at the Lattorio he will be your assistant. He will explain the plan to you and give you the necessary materials.”

  “Okay Boss.”

   When Leng Shuai hangs up the phone he is satisfied the plan should work especially now that he knows LiMei has skills. He breathes a sigh of relief and gets his clothes out of the closet. I can’t wait until you find out Feng LiMei has been hiding this secret from you Qiao Rui. Knowing your arrogant personality I don’t think you will be able to accept her past. But I will!  I won’t be the one to tell you so Feng LiMei or should I say Qin Daiyu resents me, I will let you find out at the reception. She will need to show her abilities in order to escape.

  Once he is dressed he puts on a Limited Edition Cartier Diamond watch then straightens his tie. He smiles looking into the mirror as he brushes his hair. What an unexpected discovery.. Qin Daiyu… haha..

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  1. Well, now I know how Leng Shuai found out…but I’ve gotta say, there’s a flaw in his logic. If he uses this method to when LiMei, what makes him think she just won’t stay with Nikolai? I mean, has he has deduce, she must’ve known him because of her past, and Sun Peizhi, stated she wasn’t in bad condition when he saw her. But it would devastate LiMei so much if Rui knew about her past. So I’m curious, will Rui willing bring up his own past to keep her by his side? Haha and the idea of Rui and Nikolai fighting is just something I’d pay good money to see 😂.


      1. That’s an understatement. I’m just interested to see when Rui learns about the real LiMei and decides to kill her good-for-nothing dad’s ass, for giving her to Black Sky in the first place.


  2. LiMei was once so afraid that they would see her ugly tattoo and identify her. But in fact, neither Rui nor Shuai gave any meaning to that sign at all.


  3. Haha I wouldn’t call her tattoo ugly it was more dark…a crescent moon with a dagger and blood dripping off of it lol. I think when they saw it they just thought it seemed out of character. Like why?


    1. Yea, it’s like when the nurse mentioned it during the poison arc! She thought it was really out of character for someone like LiMei.


    1. I agree! Remember when Rui got super jelly of Henri and LiMei talking in French? He scared LiMei to the point where he made sure not to do something similar. But this will definitely test him and LiMei’s relationship. Haha, I wanna know Rui’s reaction when he finds out Nikolai forcibly kissed LiMei.


  4. It will be hotttt!🔥 When Rui sees LiMei again…but trouble always finds LiMei…and jealous Rui is my fav ..but psycho Nikolai x LiMei makes me laugh haha


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