Sara and Diego

   Li Tian and Long An are in the backseat of a silver Rolls Royce on their way to the Bellini Reception. He is ignoring her and looking at his phone wondering if he should call Song Sara. Sun Peizhi informed him when he was on the way to pick her up at the Golden Palace so they should be arriving at the reception soon. Long An is upset he isn’t paying attention to her and at the hotel was dismissive in front of Leng Shuai. She pouts and impulsively knocks his phone away. Pissed off as the phone drops onto the floor he turns to her, “Long An are you crazy! Don’t provoke me or I will have the driver take you back to the hotel!”

  Confident the only person who can control him is his grandfather and he dotes on her she pushes her luck.“No you won’t. Grandpa Li must have made it clear to you what you would lose if my mother knew you disrespected me.”

  He really hates that she manipulates his grandfather, puts his hand on her neck choking her, “Really? You don’t think I could make your family completely disappear if I want!”

   Her eyes are watering as he grips her neck tighter, she struggles attempting to take his hands away but he laughs at her weak effort, then lets go. Frightened by his violent action she begins coughing as she holds her throbbing neck. He leans back then sneers,“Don’t test me Long An you are the one that would suffer. If my Grandfather wasn’t recovering from being sick  I would have refused to take you but I didn’t want to upset him.You are only my temporary fiancee until he completely recovers.”

   Long An’s hands are trembling as she takes a water bottle from the side by the door, after she takes a couple sips her voice still hoarse she says, “Li Tian! You are going to be my husband! You can’t go against your Grandfather’s wishes! ”

   He has a sinister laugh as he bends down to pick up his phone off the floor.“Why would you want a husband who can’t stand the sight of you. It would be best if you broke off the engagement.” 

   Long An grips tightly onto her purse with the aphrodisiac inside, she quietly says under her breath, “You will marry me.” Once your Grandfather sees the pictures of us in bed he will make you marry me right away. After you take this drug you will look at me…all of me!

   She composes herself thinking of her plan. She has an insincere smile as she gazes out the window then devices a scheme so he will do as she wants, “I will think about breaking off the engagement if you give me face while we are at this reception. There are alot of photographers and if you treat me well tonight and act like we have  a loving relationship I will discuss it with my parents when we return to Catang City.”

  Li Tian isn’t really listening thinking about Song Sara but when he hears the part she will break off the engagement he says, “What did you say?”

  “I said if you put on a show and make me look good tonight i will talk to my parents.”

   “Long An you know better than to fuck with me.”

  “I’m serious. I am the heiress of the Long Group, I can find a suitable partner. But.. I am tired of your mistreatment. I want to show the world a harmonious relationship so when the engagement is broken I won’t suffer from rumors and insults.” She turns to him smiling, “I think that is a fair arrangement. One night of you showing me affection and respect… then your freedom.”

   Li Tian studies her facial expression and she appears to be telling the truth. Maybe threatening her scared her into reconsidering the marriage.

   “If you go back on your word there is no good ending.”

   Long An holds her neck, “I think I know your personality after all these years.”


   They arrive at the Bellini reception and before they exit the car Long An remembers Song Sara will be here and she furrows her forehead, “Tian, that means you ignore Song Sara and only pay attention to me.”

   “She is my interpreter, of course she will accompany me.”

   Long An can’t contain her jealousy, “Then forget it.”

   Li Tian’s veins bulge out on his neck, I really want to strangle this little bitch! I have been looking forward to spending time with Sara. He takes Long An’s hand and exits the car then puts his arm around her shoulder whispering, “We have a deal, don’t think about going back on it.”

    All the photographers swarm around them and Long An looks up at Li Tian with a radiant smile as they snap pictures while yelling questions. “CEO Li when is the wedding?” “Miss Long you model for  Dolce and Gabbana why are you wearing a gown by Chloe Design? Long An grits her teeth as she lowers her head, because this arrogant bastard made me, since he is friends with Henri Armand. Then acts like she didn’t hear the question. “Why is this the first time you have accompanied CEO Li to an event?”

   Long An holds onto his arm and Li Tian maintains a smile on his face without answering any of the questions hurled at them as they make their way through to the entrance of the lit up mansion. Long An leans into Li Tian giving the illusion he is holding her as they get closer to the door. Seeing Li Tian won’t comment they know from past events he has a cold and aloof personality and won’t engage with them. They feel just getting some pictures of him and his fiancee should be profitable.The photographers eagerly move on to the next group of luxury cars pulling up. 

   As the celebrities and business elites make their way into the mansion Li Tian looks over the crowd for Song Sara but can’t see her anywhere. Sun Peizhi doesn’t want to be recognized as a member of the prestigious Sun family so he has his head down avoiding the photographers as he inconspicuously walks along the side of the crowd with Song Sara. He thinks since he hasn’t been in the public eye for quite a few years most likely no one would recognize him but tonight is not the night to take a chance. 

    Sara doesn’t think the route he is taking is unusual, after all he is a bodyguard and she is just Li Tian’s secretary. But as she winds through the side area with him her high heel gets caught on something on the stone path and she trips. “Ahhh..” She closes her eyes anticipating she is going to land head first in the bushes when a hand reaches out grabbing around her thin waist into a strong embrace with one hand. Sara opens one eye to peek and sees a tall handsome man with slicked back brown hair who is wearing a silver gray suit smiling down at her. Sun Peizhi was about to catch her but before he did Diego Bellini took her into his arms. So he backed into the shadows not wanting Diego Bellini to recognize him. 

   Sara blushes as he steadies her body to she regains her balance. He languidly takes a puff on the cigarette that is in his other hand. Speaking Chinese he says, “Lost?”

   Sara glances around for Sun Peizhi but doesn’t see him anywhere. Where did he go? Maybe he needs to keep a low profile. She has an innocent expression as she shyly smiles at Diego responding. “Uh..uh..yes, I guess I am.”

   He stares at Sara recognizing her as the beautiful young girl he wanted to play with in his private room at the Medici Club. She disappeared with Sun Zhi two nights ago after he beat up the men trying to bring the girl to the room. “Are you crashing my party?” He sees the Midnight Lover necklace and lightly touches it grazing his finger across her neck teasing Sara, she must be a very wealthy man’s escort at the reception. He wonders who brought this delicious looking girl.

His touch makes Sara very uncomfortable but she is afraid of offending him while accompanying Li Tian. He looks very arrogant and not someone she should anger. Sara steps away from him then starts nervously laughing while waving her slender hand, “ course not! I am CEO Li ’s interpreter. He has a knowing smile, Li Tian, you crafty fox, I know you speak fluent Italian and all the people here tonight speak English also. “I think I saw him and his fiancee arrive a few moments ago. I can take you to him.”

   Sara glances around and still can’t see Sun Peizhi, she bites her bottom lip while thinking if she should follow this man. Although he doesn’t seem like a gentleman there are too many people around for him to do anything to me. A few people are smoking and talking at outside tables not far away. “Alright I will trouble you then” 

   After they walk away Sun Peizhi steps out of the shadow with a serious expression.  Goddammit Sara! Are you a little bunny that follows any man? Can’t you tell he had ulterior motives! Diego Bellin isn’t to be trusted, but I can’t jeopardize my mission by letting him see me yet. He stealthy follows them ready to protect Sara if needed until he sees them enter through a side door into the midst of a crowd of people. Okay they are inside. Well, that actually saves me having to find Li Tian. According to the blueprints around the back there should be a trellis I can climb onto the second floor.

   Diego crushes his cigarette in an ashtray then walks into the room through the French doors with Sara. Diego’s current bedwarmer, the new rising star Sophie is standing talking to another woman anxiously waiting for him to return from outside. When she sees him flirting with Sara she shakes her head, Damn playboy! He can’t take two steps without attracting another woman who wants to climb into his bed!. Who is she? Sophie wants to frown but she has facial paralysis from her latest Botox injection. I don’t recognize her but he has that predatory smile on his handsome face. The bastard is such an insatiable pervert!

   Sara can feel the burning gaze from a woman wearing a hot pink minidress holding a glass of wine standing by the door. She feels uncomfortable because the woman has a very intense jealous aura. Her eyes seems to be intently focused on me and the man who I met outside. Sara doesn’t want to aggravate the situation. ”Excuse me Sir, I can find CEO Li by myself” She motions with her head over towards Sophie. Can’t you see she is burning up with jealousy! Don’t drag me into your drama! Diego’s full lips curl up in a smile, this woman is so cute. “Oh don’t worry she is just an actress in my Entertainment company. Don’t mind her she always has that look on her face.” He lowers his voice, “Bad plastic surgery.”

    Before they can take two steps Li Tian and Long An are in front of them. Long An has her small hands clenched in fists at her side scowling at Sara. Hussy, as soon as he saw you he came bolting over here. Li Tian can’t take his eyes off Sara; she looks incredibly beautiful in this dark blue dress with the sparkling Sapphire and Diamond necklace. The makeup Francisco applied enhances her delicate features. I shouldn’t have sent him to dress Sara, she will attract every fucking man here with her innocent yet seductive appearance. The little demoness ! I didn’t notice the dress was backless when Long An sent me the photo to approve the dress! Goddammit! I want to take her to bed and rip that fucking dress off of her so I can press her beautiful soft body under me. Ignoring his promise to Long An he says in a low and threatening tone, “Diego, I will take my interpreter now I need to discuss some business with Rafael Difiorno.”

    Diego looks down at Sara with a lustful look in his eyes Li Tian can’t help but notice.“We were just getting acquainted.” He holds Sara’s small hand in his large palm intentionally provoking Li Tian. When Li Tian sees Diego’s hand on Sara’s delicate snow white wrist he growls,”Sara let’s go.”

   Sara’s eyes widen feeling Li Tian’s aura blacken and become extremely dangerous. She immediately tries to wiggle her hand loose but Diego has it held tightly preventing her from escaping. “I think you will be fine. Rafael speaks fluent English.” This is fun to see the normally composed Li Tian acting jealous. Diego can barely restrain himself from laughing, with his fiancee right next to him glaring at his mistress. Haha..

   Li Tian’s face turns black but his voice sounds extremely calm which any one who knows him can tell a storm is raging inside of him… someone is going to die. “I will put it this way, drop her hand right now or we will have a serious problem.”

    Everyone surrounding them can feel the oppressive and suffocating aura around Li Tian. Long An furtively looks around several people are beginning to stare at Li Tian and Diego Bellini. Long An quietly tells him, “Tian,..don’t make a scene.”

Between clenched teeth he warns Long An, “Shut up.”

    Diego Bellini just wanted to see how serious Li Tian was about Sara, he has a mischievous gleam in his eyes as he looks at the little beauty standing next to him, seriously an interpreter? Really who would believe that ? She is wearing a multimillion dollar one of a kind necklace. Who are you kidding…. Diego dramatically drops Sara’s hand and smiles while still locking eyes with Li Tian. He hands Sara a gold business card emblazoned only with Bellini Entertainment. “If you would like to be a model or actress call me. This is my private line.”

   Li Tian possessively takes Sara by her hand dragging her away from Diego, she stumbles in her heels as she tries to keep up with him. “CEO Li..CEO Li..could you slow down, I’m not used to these heels.” He turns around and sees she is still holding onto Diego’s business card and angrily grabs it out of her hand. Long An’s face is bright red as she hurries to stay by his side. Humiliated by that scene her eyes have a deep evil glint, That’s it! I am drugging you Li Tian with the first glass of wine you drink and finding a bedroom! I am not going to let this little slut bewitch you any longer! See how you will get out our marriage then you asshole!

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