Sara puts on the 10 cm high heels and sees the black velvet box she knows contains the Midnight Lover necklace. I can’t wear that expensive necklace! What if someone stole it, I don’t even want to think about what trouble that would be for me!  She takes a deep breath and walks out of the bedroom. Francisco and Giana are talking and the assistants are gathering up their supplies. When the bedroom door opens they let out a collective gasp when they see Sara’s otherworldly appearance. Franscico rushes over exclaiming in Italian, “You are so beautiful! A goddess!”

    She blushes and has no idea what to say. She is very satisfied with the results but she feels it is the expertly drawn make up and the stunning dress. “I want to thank you so much. You did a wonderful job.”

    Francisco holds her hand in both of his admiring her stunning appearance, “Do you want to be a model?”

    Sara starts laughing, “Haha..stop teasing.”

    Francisco is about to continue when he notices Sara isn’t wearing the Sapphire and Diamond necklace. “The necklace?” He looks at Bella who shrugs, “She wanted me to leave. I thought she would put the necklace on by herself.”

   Sara waves her slender white hands informing Francisco, “ I can’t wear the necklace, it is too valuable! I am going to tell CEO Li’s bodyguard to put it in the hotel vault.”

    Francisco clicks his tongue, “Tsk..tsk..don’t be timid. CEO Li expects you to wear the Midnight Lover necklace. It is insured, you won’t bear any responsibility.” He points to Bella to go get the necklace from the bedroom. He wants to see how his makeup and the necklace create a beautiful picture. He applied the smokey blue with a hint of gold glitter eyeshadow thinking with the sparkle of the Sapphire and Diamonds she will look ethereal. Selfishly he hopes to cause a media storm to publicize his Salon when she accompanies CEO LI to the Bellini Reception. Due to the high profile guest list there will be numerous photographers and news agencies covering the reception. Francisco thinks the party at the notorious Bellini mansion will eclipse the most popular parties held by the Fashion Houses during this week.

    Bella brings out the black velvet box as all Francisco’s assistants gather around wanting to get a good look at the Midnight Lover necklace designed by the elusive young jewelry designer Navarre. There has been a big buzz about how incredibly beautiful the necklace looks ever since it was mistakenly included in a Milan Vogue shoot.

   Francisco takes out the sparkling necklace and the assistants are in awe whispering about the unique design and precious gems, commenting the intricate gold intertwining the sparkling jewels is breathtaking. Francisco is about to lift Sara’s hair to put the necklace on when Sun Peizhi enters the room.

   Sara impulsively greets Sun Peizhi, “I am almost ready.”

   Sun Peizhi’s eyes narrow as he watches Francisco touch Sara’s hair then her neck as he puts on the necklace. He has been thinking about Sara all afternoon since Li Tian called him. He quickly adjusts his facial expression. “I’m early.” 

   Once Francisco puts the Sapphire and Diamond necklace on Sara the people in the room all gasp. The dark blue dress, the sparkling necklace and Sara’s delicate snow white skin is the perfect combination. Sara looks elegant, Francisco can’t hide his excitement, in Italian he exclaims, “Beautiful! Beautiful!” He tells his assistant to take pictures of Sara. Embarrassed by the attention Sara starts blinking and timidly smiles not knowing which direction to look, everyone has their phones out.

    Sun Peizhi has been frozen in place gazing at the beauty in front of him. His Adam’s apple rolls up and down watching her innocent expression as they take the pictures. Sara looks good normally but with her makeup and clothes she looks like a delicate fairy.  His heart starts racing as she shyly flutters her long black eyelashes then smiles obediently posing for the cameras. After a few minutes Sun Peizhhi can see she isn’t going to stop them from snapping pictures but she looks tired standing in the high heels, so he says, “Miss Song and I need to be leaving soon to meet CEO Li, I think that is enough pictures.”

   Francisco can feel Sun Peizhi’s oppressive aura and shivers, everyone around that handsome bastard Li Tian is so domineering and sexy. Francisco has a flirtatious look as he drools staring at Sun Peizhi’s perfect body. Sun Peizhi feels his lustful gaze and his eyes have a murderous gleam as he glares at Francisco, “If you are packed up you can go then.”

    Francisco sways his hips as he brushes past Sun Peizhi then hands his card to Sara, “If you decide you would like to be a model I have a lot of contacts, call me.”

   Sara thought Francisco was teasing her earlier. “Thank you Francisco, I appreciate your kindness.”

   Francisco and his people leave the living room only Sara and Sun Peizhi are left. Sara impulsively asks, “Sun Peizhi could you take a picture of me with my phone so I can send it to my friend?”


    He watches Sara glide gracefully across the room to where her purse is on the coffee table. He can tell she has a natural noble air while wearing the designer gown and exquisite necklace. It is though she keeps her true self, the rightful Young Miss of the Song family, hidden. I would like to know how that bastard Song stole her mother’s company, but the initial reports I received show he has hidden his past well. All secrets will eventually be revealed and I will help Sara take back all that belongs to her.

   Sara hands Sun Peizhi her phone and stands close to him pointing to the camera button. He can smell her refreshing light fragrance and steps back a little away from her body. “I see. Why don’t you stand by the window and I will get the city lights behind you.”

   “That is a great idea! Maybe then we could take one on the balcony, Bi would love that!.”

    Sara stands by the window and smiles with her slender hand touching the exquisite necklace. Sun Peizhi thinks she would be a natural as a model as she poses for the camera. He takes a few wishing he could get out his phone and snap a few to keep. Then they walk out onto the patio, there is a light that as it shines illuminates Sara as she leans seductively on the railing with a faraway look in her eyes. Sun Peizhi has no idea she is thinking how handsome he looks in the suit he is wearing. Sara looks at the designer suit he is wearing, it is different suit than the one he was wearing earlier in the day. Sara’s heart skips a beat, My god…he is so incredibly handsome with that serious look on his face.

    The navy blue suit accentuates his broad shoulders and tapers down perfectly fitting snug around his trim waist. Sara sighs, I can see the outline of his muscular legs in the form fitting pants. Sara eyes continue down his legs to his shoes, she is surprised, he is wearing a pair of Gucci black leather shoes. She knows because Tzu Yibo has a thing for shoes and always points out the latest designer men’s shoes. Just last week Yibo showed me this particular pair. Sun Peizhi certainly must make good money as a bodyguard.

   Sun Peizhi wants to ask her what she is thinking because her absentminded expression is very cute. He takes one more picture, “Is that good.”

  Sara laughs, “Oh yeah..haha.. sorry I was daydreaming for a moment.” He hands her back the phone, she decides to be bold and not miss this chance to get a picture of Sun Peizhi.”Come over here let’s take a selfie.”

   “…” Sun Peizhi doesn’t know what to say. He walks over and stiffly stands next to Sara. Sara frowns, “Don’t look so serious!” Sun Peizhi smiles and as he does she takes a couple pictures as she leans into him.” Once she finishes she nods her head, “Looks good.” She shows a couple photos to him and his face turns red, Sara is leaning into his chest with a mesmerizing smile on her face and he is looking down at her smiling.  Because she is wearing heels she comes to his shoulder and it looks like he is about to kiss her lips as she looks up at him in the second picture, too suggestive! Sara doesn’t realize the picture could be misunderstood and  taps on her screen , “You look so handsome in this one you should smile more often.”

    He shakes his head, she is too simple minded. If someone saw these pictures they would misunderstand our relationship.

Sara sends the pictures to his phone as they walk back into the living room. “I sent you the pictures.”

  “I think you should delete them, someone might misunderstand.”

   Sara looks at him with a little jealous expression, Someone? Your girlfriend? “We are friends. What is there to misunderstand?”

   Sun Peizhi realizes he might be overreacting because of his own feelings. “We should be going.”

   “Let me get my purse.”

   Sun Peizhi can’t take his eyes off of Sara as she bends over to pick up her small evening bag a hint of her breast is displayed as she leans over her purse.  Sun Peizhi tries to clear his head, Zhi, stop thinking about the girl. Tonight is important, you got lucky Naralov wants to screw Rusnikov. Now you need to concentrate on your plan, it isn’t foolproof, any deviation or misstep could expose you.

  Sara gracefully walks towards him, “Ready!”

  Sun Peizhi opens the door and they exit the suite, Tang Qiang is speaking to the other bodyguard but when he sees Sun Peizhi he calls him, “Peizhi, come here a minute,” he likes Sun Peizhi  so he wants to warn him about Sara. Sun Peizhi thinks he wants to speak to him about something work related so he tells Sara to wait at the elevator. “What’s up,Qiang?”

   Tang Qiang has a serious expression as he looks Sun Peizhi directly in the eyes, “It is the girl, don’t get involved with the little slut, the Boss will kill you. I know you haven’t worked for CEO Li very long but he is a very dangerous man. He doesn’t like anyone touching what belongs to him.” He recalls a man just taking his parking spot and he ordered his men to beat the poor guy. His woman? Only death awaits anyone who touches her.

   Sun Peizhi looks at him with a confused expression, “I don’t know what the fuck you are talking about Qiang. CEO Li asked me to bring Miss Song to the reception. I am her bodyguard that’s it.”

   Tang Qiang can tell Sun Peizhi is telling the truth but he looks over at Sara fiddling with her phone waiting at the elevator. I know she was excited when I mentioned your name earlier. “Well, keep it that way she seems like trouble and guys like us can’t afford that kind of trouble.”

  Sun Peizhi pats him on the shoulder then lies, “Haha..Thanks for your concern Qiang but don’t worry she isn’t my type.”

  “Good. Be careful at the reception, rumor has it there is going to be some shit going down at the auction.”

  “Thanks, we should get a beer after work tomorrow, it has been awhile since we hung out.”

  “Sounds good.” Still unsure about Sara’s intentions Tang Qiang says, “Even if you aren’t interested I think she likes you, so remember what I said.”

   “En.” Sun Peizhi walks to the elevator then glances back at Tang Qiang, that was strange, why would he think Song Sara is interested in me?  He approaches Sara then pushes the button for the elevator. “Sorry he had some last minute instructions for me.” 

   “No problem I was sending my friend the photos you took.”

   At the Lattorio hotel Li Tian is adjusting his black diamond cufflinks when his phone rings. He raises his eyebrow as he looks at the caller, why is grandfather calling me now. Goddammit! He reluctantly answers the phone with an irritated tone, “What?”

   “Brat! What did I tell you about Little An! I just got off the phone with her and she was crying her little heart out because of you!”

  “Listen grandfather, I have to conduct some business at this reception and I can’t have her hanging all over me. I said she could go just not with me.”

   “ Tian, how do you think it will look if it appears you are ignoring your fiancee? Don’t you think since she called me crying if I can’t solve the problem she will throw a fit to her mother until she gets what she wants. The girl has been spoiled by the Long family since the day she was born! I warned you to cater to her whims on this trip!”

   Li Tian wants to strangle Long An she has done nothing but cause problems. “Grandfather, you know An’s personality I can’t have her ruining my plan for this evening.” Which is to have Song Sara by my side.

 “ Well, you know her mother, she is all about their face. If she feels you are disrespecting her precious daughter, especially in public, she will make you pay by disrupting your pet project. I reminded you of that the last time I needed to intervene. Which to tell you the truth I am damn sick of having it even be a conversation. An is the woman we decided you would marry and you need to accept that fact. Who gives a shit if you like her or not! So call her now and say you are personally accompanying her to the Bellini Reception.”

   After his grandfather hangs up Li Tian grabs the glass of whiskey he was enjoying a minute ago and throws the glass at the wall. Fucking little bitch, maybe she should just meet with an accident! After he calms down he tells Kang Minshun to call Long An to say they will be leaving for the Bellini mansion in fifteen minutes to come to his suite not a minute before that.

   When Long An receives the call she has been anxiously twisting her hands waiting to see if crying to Grandpa Li worked. Earlier in the afternoon when she went to lunch with YouYou, she couldn’t wait to tell Long An about the rumors surrounding Li Tian and her strained relationship. According to Jiang Wenli, Li Tian can’t even stand being in the same room with her and had never even held her hand. Thinking about being humiliated by Li Tian time and time again when she hears Kang Mingshun’s voice she can’t control her anger, she shrieks, “Kang Mingshunnn! Why are you calling me!”

   He holds the phone out when he hears Long An’s shrill voice, because the Boss told me to call you. “Miss Long it isn’t convenient for CEO Li to call you at the moment. He said to inform you to be at his suite in fifteen minutes to leave with him. Not a minute before.”

  Long An thought for a moment Li Tian had the nerve to refuse his grandfather so he had his personal bodyguard call. Now that she knows she got her way she softens her tone. So what if he didn’t call personally no one knows that but me. “I will be on time.” I need to make sure the paparazzi get a lot of pictures of the two of us as we arrive. I will show those gossiping bitches! I still have the aphrodisiac, I will slip him the drug tonight then I will take pictures of us in bed HA! Won’t even hold my hand? Tonight he will be holding my entire body! Tian will finally be mine and i will have the pictures to prove it! I can’t wait to see the look on your face YouYou!

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