Mistaken Identity

   Li Tian gazes at Sara across the table as she sips her wine, he notices the dejected expression on her face. The gloomy atmosphere at the table annoys him, she was happy when we first arrived at the private room. What is her problem? 

   He pours Sara more wine and she silently continues to drink thinking about Sun Peizhi and the beautiful blonde woman he was embracing earlier. Not used to dealing with other people’s moods Li Tian starts getting very annoyed. Normally the little secretary looks indifferent and a little aloof but right now she looks like she could cry any minute. Forgetting everything Yang James tried to teach him about women he blurts out, “What the hell is wrong with you!”

  Shocked by his abrupt question and his irritated tone Sara can tell he is very angry, “CEO LI! I am so sorry, I..I..” She can feel her cheeks are burning up so she lowers her head and drinks her wine peeking at him nervously unable to speak.

  Now she is calling me CEO Li again, I want to strangle this woman! Out of all the women I could take to bed why is she the only one that satisfies me! She has no feminine charms whatsoever and has no idea how to please a man. He sees her embarrassed reaction and her shy look as she peers up through her thick black eyelashes that are fluttering seductively. Damn…that look, now I want to hug her. Fuck! He is getting a headache trying to understand her mood. Gulping down his wine he then pours another glass trying to calm down.

    Sara doesn’t say anything else and drinks her wine as the server comes into the room. Li Tian orders some dishes and throws the menu at him. “Bring another bottle of wine.” He fills up her wine glass for something to do.

   Wuwuuu he seems really angry. I better keep drinking since he keeps refilling my glass. Sara drinks the glass of wine then suddenly feels dizzy and hot..very hot. Unfortunately the aphrodisiac Liza gave her at the Medici Club has a time release effect and Dr. Lu wasn’t aware it would be triggered any time she consumed alcohol for the next week. The antidote he gave her was for a typical drug used frequently in Milan. The aphrodisiac Liza’s boyfriend Antonio purchased was from a man named Amir Malouf and manufactured in Morocco. The drug is extremely potent and long lasting, so the antidote and sedative he gave Sara only alleviated the initial effects.

   Li Tian’s face is dark and his mood is extremely bad now as he looks at Sara, she appears in a daze. Her blue eyes are hazy, there are sweat beads on her forehead and her skin is flushed red. Is she sick? Is that why she appears miserable.  Shit! His tone sounds more irritated than concerned,“Sara are you not feeling well?

  Sara looks across the table trying to focus on his face but her vision is getting blurry, “I’m hot.” She begins to unbutton her white silk blouse exposing the top of her lace bra. She rubs her skin with her small hand, “Really hot. Could they turn up the air conditioning.”

  Li Tian gulps watching her unbutton her blouse, what the hell is she doing. Now she is trying to seduce me? Right then the server comes into the room with the food, Li Tian has killing intent emitting from his black eyes as the server’s eyes are riveted on Sara rubbing her hand across her chest seductively. Li Tian growls, “Leave the cart and get the hell out of here!”

    Flustered by the situation getting out of control he bellows,“What are you doing, button your goddamn blouse! I will have them turn up the air conditioning.”

   Sara looks up at him, her limpid blue eyes starting to fill with desire. He  doesn’t notice because he has walked to the door to tell his bodyguards to have the management adjust the temperature in the room. When he comes back in Sara has removed her blouse and is sitting in the chair wearing only her white lace bra and black skirt. Is she fucking crazy? One minute she is sitting there like a statue now she is taking off her goddamn clothes. He clenches his fist realizing she must be drugged, who would have the fucking nerve at this restaurant to drug the woman I am with! Do they have cameras installed for blackmail? If they do I will burn this fucking place to the ground!

Li Tian doesn’t want to take advantage of Sara, he has decided he will win her heart then take her to bed. His veins are bulging on his forehead, what should I do! 

Sara is still sitting there looking muddleheaded, he rubs his temples then angrily steps outside the room.”Clear the restaurant I don’t care how much it costs or how you do it! Then beat the shit out of the server to find out who drugged the wine. Call Yang James and tell him to send a doctor here immediately! Do not allow anyone to enter the room except the doctor, you got that!”

   The muscular bodyguard gulps then nods, motherf****r the Boss was in a great mood when he got here with the little chick. Who would have the balls to fuck around and drug his woman? Why? Only death awaits anyone who messes with Li Tian. He hurries away after instructing the other three men not to allow anyone to enter the room.

  Li Tian walks into the room and loosens his tie, all I wanted was to have a romantic fucking lunch. He kicks a chair over by the table and Sara looks over at him with a bewitching look on her delicate face. Li Tian picks up a glass of water on the table and drinks it down trying not to look at Sara who is fanning herself with her slender white hands while incoherently mumbling something. He has his back to her as he studies the paintings on the wall to see if there are any pinhole cameras. He examines  several places where a camera could be hidden. Suddenly he feels two slender arms encircle his waist from the back and Sara’s head leaning on him. She is whimpering, “Help me, so itchy..so hot.”

  He inhales the intoxicating fragrance coming from her body he really likes, but he tells himself not to lose control. He takes her arms off his waist as his body tightens then turns around deciding to be frank with Sara. Since he towers over her he leans down to tell her she has been drugged when she pulls on his tie and eagerly kisses his lips. Li Tian’s mind is in disarray from her sudden kiss which reminds me of how delicious her body feels when pressed under him.

Shit! He decides the best course of action is to remind her he is her Boss and be harsh so she stops clinging onto him. I only have so much willpower and having tasted her body if she continues I won’t be able to hold back. He holds her slender arms taking her hands off his tie, “Miss Song, you have been drugged. I have a doctor coming.” He lifts her chin staring into her deep blue eyes, “Look at me, I am your Boss, CEO Li. You need to restrain yourself!”

    Sara pouts then bites her lower lip provocatively, “Tian..Tian..let’s not be Boss and secretary right now. I want you.” She stands on her tiptoes and kisses him again while rubbing her perky soft breasts on his body. 

   His body is on fire from her teasing but he pushes her away. He takes out his phone, his voice is hoarse, “How long for the fucking doctor!”

   “CEO Li, I’m working on it but I don’t know any doctors in Milan.”

   “If one isn’t here in a half hour you can clean out your desk.”

   Sara slips out of her skirt and only has her white lace bra and matching panties on her body while still wearing her high heels. When Li Tian turns around she is pulling up her long black hair with her fingers trying to get it off of her neck that is glistening with beads of sweat. Her pink lips are slightly parted and her chest is moving up and down as she begins to breathe heavily. No man could resist the sight of the woman he desires practically naked in that provocative pose. He isn’t used to denying himself anything he wants so he impulsively grabs her into his arms then lays her down on the luxuriously wide couch. She smiles and seductively holds her arms up putting them around his neck, then runs her fingers up playing with his hair sending a shiver down his spine. Sara’s eyes are a deep shade of blue as the drug fills her with desire. “Kiss me.”

   He hurriedly takes off his jacket and she begins to unbutton his shirt as his breathing becomes ragged. His black eyes are full of lust as he kisses the soft pink lips he has been missing and stares into her eyes that only seem to have him reflected in them at the moment. Her sultry expression excites him and he forgets his resolve of only a few minutes ago. He entangles her silky hair in his fingers as he pulls her closer then kisses her soft pink lips. She opens her mouth slightly and his hot tongue enters her mouth savoring her sweet flavor as he sucks on her small tongue. When he deepens his kiss they continue until Sara is breathless. The drug is coursing through her veins and all she can think of is the intoxicating masculine scent coming from the man above her body. She craves his touch and desperately wants him to help her relieve the intense fire burning inside her body.

Sara’s fingers can’t undo the buttons so he helps her then throws his black silk shirt on the floor. Staring at her creamy white skin and the hint of pinkness under her bra he can hardly wait to be inside of Sara. His hot kisses move down her neck and Sara moans in pleasure. He leaves a trail of red marks as his lips move down sucking and licking the body he has been dreaming of every night. Provoked beyond what he can endure he wants to devour every inch of her sweet body. He unsnaps the front of her bra revealing her beautiful breasts then he hungrily sucks on her pink buds twirling his tongue around savoring her sweet taste. His hand kneads and plays with her other breast as Sara’s sensitive body reacts spilling honey down below as she arches her back moaning from the stimulation.

   Sara dripping from his touch, her small hands clinging onto his back, pleads, “Please..please..so uncomfortable..” She moves his hand down, placing it on her sensitive area. Excited as her small soft hand guides him Li Tian touches her and she whimpers. When he hears her kittenish moans he feels he is going to explode. He lifts her slim hips and thrusts hungrily inside of Sara, instinctively her body moves with his and their rhythm becomes harmonious. Every time she tightens around him he groans from the intense pleasure Sara’s body gives him as he goes deeper inside.

After Li Tian reaches the heavens sweat is dripping off his chest as he growls in satisfaction releasing deep inside of Sara. He smiles looking at the liquid dripping down between her slender thighs as he rolls off her body then lies next to her on the spacious couch. 

  Sara has passed out from his vigorous thrusting, her messy hair stuck to her flushed cheeks and her breathing is still heavy making her breasts move up and down. Li Tian possessively puts his hand on her breast as he stares at her beautiful face flushed from their lovemaking.

Holding her tenderly in his arms he gently kisses her pink lips and caresses her cheek, I would say I’m sorry, but I’m not. Everytime I feel your body under me I want more. It is your fault for having a body I am addicted to Song Sara. I can’t get enough of your sweet taste. He holds her lightly in his embrace while watching her sleep. He traces his finger along her face running it across her perfect eyebrows down along her cheek and across her red and swollen lips, then tenderly kisses her forehead.

    There is a knock at the door, “Boss the doctor is here.”

    Li Tian’s voice is hoarse, “No need.”

   ??? The bodyguard sends the doctor on his way with a wad of cash. “If this is ever mentioned.”

   The doctor’s palms are sweaty, “ Never..never.” He hurries through the eerily empty restaurant.

 Li Tian gets up and puts on his clothes then lifts Sara up on the couch dressing her hastily. When he buttons the last button on her blouse he gently lays her back down and goes to the door. His eyes narrow dangerously, “Did you find out who did this?”

   The bodyguard is afraid to say he failed but even after being beaten the server swore he didn’t know and the manager said this has never happened before. We couldn’t find the culprit. I’m sorry Boss.” Now that Li Tian has been satisfied he isn’t as angry. “Search the room for any cameras if you find any burn this fucking restaurant to the ground. Have the driver meet me out front.”

  “Yes Boss.”

     Li Tian picks up Sara and carries her out of the restaurant. The driver’s eyes behind his sunglasses have a shocked look. When does the Boss touch a woman? Let alone carry her. He was acting strange in the car on the way here. He opens the back door and Li Tian climbs into the backseat holding Sara on his lap. “Back to the hotel..” no.. if Long An sees me with Song Sara there will be a problem. “Take me to the Grand Palace Hotel.”

    When they arrive at the Grand Palace Hotel Li Tian hugs Sara to the elevator that goes directly to the Presidential Suite. He opens the door then taking long strides he carries Sara directly into the bedroom laying her on the bed. Sara hasn’t stirred, but when he leans down to fix the pillow before he runs a bath Sara awakens pulling on him as she starts writhing around, “More..I need more.” He didn’t button his top two buttons and she slips her hot hand into his shirt.

   “…” What the hell drug did she ingest, she wants to do it again? He feels himself getting hard as she runs her soft fingers across his chest. She presses her soft lips onto his thin lips all reason leaves him and he rips off her shirt then her bra. After having a taste he wants more too. He quickly unbuttons his shirt as Sara smiles at him seductively then kisses his chest. He lifts up her chin and pries open her lips, sucking and playing with her small tongue.He stops and nibbles on her lips then begins kissing her neck while his large hands roam around her body.

    Sara arches her back as he teases her, she whispers provocatively, “Ahh..feels soo good.”  He embraces her tighter around her waist while tearing away her skirt then her thin lace  panties that are soaked with her honey.

Overcome with desire he impulsively turns her over and raises her round bottom roughly slamming into her from behind, the incredible sensation from her tightness as he thrusts in and out makes him groan in pleasure. Sara screams in ecstasy as he repeatedly hits her sensitive spots. Listening to the lewd sounds she is making his excitement builds and his dark eyes are filled with crazy desire. You are my woman.. mine..only mine.. He playfully smacks her ass as he continues to thrust in and out of her tight body.

His eyes are riveted on her beautiful creamy white body as he continues to move inside of Sara. Breathing heavily and his heart pounding he holds her slender hips he plunges deep inside of Sara then lets out a low growl as he fills her with his essence. After he releases he gently lays her down facing him, he wants to see the beautiful expression on her face after they make love.

   This time Sara is in a semi conscious state believing the man above her bare body is her first love. She reaches up wrapping her arms around Li Tian’s neck and gently kisses his lips, then in a soft voice whispers, “I love you.” before she closes her eyes falling asleep.

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