Change Plan

     LiMei shudders looking at Nikolai’s flirtatious expression, is he attracted to me? Then quickly realizes he wants a reaction remembering his comment about her needing to eat papayas. Childish!  “Don’t you have anything to do? Gun to clean..practice your shooting skills they seem a bit lacking… I’m trying to concentrate here!”

   Anton knits his eyebrows as he lowers his head, Stop..please stop annoying the Boss! Nikolai is not a tolerant man, I think you have pushed him to his limit!

   Surprisingly Nikolai throws his head back laughing then playfully touches a long strand of black hair hanging down onto LiMei’s neck, “Maybe when you are finished I can use you for practice. I prefer shooting a moving target. I can let the dogs out to make it more interesting.”

   LiMei is about to respond when Mikhail comes into the kitchen speaking Russian, “Boss, there is a man at the door who says he has an appointment with you.”

   Nikolai responds, “Have him wait in the living room.” He has a satisfied expression knowing since the person came he is interested.

   LiMei is applying the healing ointment to the last wound on Anton’s back. Nikolai tells Anton in Russian, “Go to my father’s, bring me the flash drive. If he resists, tell him you have my order to kill.”

   Anton quickly stands up from the chair he turns in LiMei’s direction as he rubs his neatly trimmed brown beard, he hesitates then in a low voice says, “ Thank you.Your skills are good.” He didn’t expect such remarkable results, the cooling sensation of the ointment combined with the effects of the acupuncture are extremely effective. He grabs his shirt to leave as Nikolai watches LiMei closing the ointment. So her skills must be excellent Anton never acknowledges anyone especially a woman.

   After Anton leaves the kitchen Nikolai orders LiMei, “ Sterilize the silver needles, I am having pain in my arm.”

  “…” LiMei can’t believe how thick skinned Nikolai can be, although she is unwilling she doesn’t want to say no if he is in pain. Having experienced a gunshot wound herself she knows the excrutiating pain as it heals. He only had surgery a short time ago and has not even rested. But I can’t readily agree, I am not his doormat! “Say please and I will.”

  “Nyet. But I will give you a surprise if you can rid me of the pain.”

  LiMei’s eyes light up, what surprise? I can call Rui maybe?  She reigns in her enthusiasum,“What is the surprise?”

  He flicks her on her forehead, “If I tell you it is no longer a surprise..haha.”

   She holds her forehead as she gives him an irritated look, really so immature for a grown man who is 190cm tall! LiMei knows she will need to accommodate him anyway so she sweetly says, “Fine.” I might as well get some sort of reward.

  He takes off his shirt exposing his bare chest then lays his casual gray shirt over a chair. LiMei comes back from washing and sterilizing her needles to see him sitting there shirtless. He has several scars across his chest but they don’t detract from his handsome appearance. LiMei gulps while distractedly gazing at his well defined muscles and beautiful wheat colored skin. He exudes an extremely dangerous aura, like he could destroy the world if he is in a rage. But, when I saw him peacefully sleeping he was like a beautiful Immortal. Definitely someone to avoid, a person could get sucked into those soulful eyes full of unfathomable secrets.

   Nikolai has a mischievous gleam in his eyes noticing her infatuated look as her eyes move from his face to his half naked body. His voice sounds low and seductive, “Looks good? Better than that weak doctor of yours?”

  Embarrassed he noticed her admiring his body LiMei’s face turns bright red, “You are handsome but you can’t compare to Rui.”

   Nikolai is proud of his body and has never lacked beautiful women fawning on him, LiMei’s insult pricks at his masculine ego, this is the second time she has said that phrase.

He assertively reaches around with his left arm and pulls LiMei onto his lap. Stunned by his sudden movement LiMei’s alluring pink lips are slightly parted because she is about to protest his sudden embrace. Nikolai seizes the opportunity to give LiMei a tyrannical kiss as he presses her soft body onto his bare chest. He inserts his hot tongue into her mouth entangling with her small tongue. His impulsive action was to punish LiMei and he planned on immediately releasing her lips after a quick kiss. But the sweet taste of her mouth makes him want more so he ravages her mouth sucking and savoring her unique flavor. He starts to feel intoxicated as he breathes in the light fragrance of jasmine on her petite body and his kiss becomes more passionate and demanding.

LiMei feels slightly dizzy from the sudden deep kiss but tries to stop him by wriggling in his lap and pushing her small hands on his immovable chest. Nikolai is lost in the pleasurable feeling of the kiss, his hand begins to wander into the loose uniform she is wearing. He hasn’t felt this desire in a very long time and unexpectedly her delicate body tempts him. Nikolai’s breathing becomes heavy as his hand touches her soft breast while continuing to hungrily suck on her tongue.

LiMei angry he is taking advantage of her bites his tongue which brings him back to reality. He let’s her go, his dangerous black eyes flicker with desire as licks the blood on his lip. “Naughty girl.” She can’t control her anger looking at his satisfied grin. His eyes seem to be silently mocking her, unable to restrain herself she raises her hand to slap his face, he easily prevents her by grabbing her small hand into his large palm. Then with a flick of his wrist LiMei flies off his lap landing sprawled on the kitchen floor.

  LiMei is infuriated by the sudden kiss and the way her heart is beating rapidly, “Bastard!” She wipes her lips several times with the pink sleeve of the nurse’s uniform she is wearing as she stands up straightening the oversized dress. Hmmph! She huffs as she walks towards the kitchen door, psycho! psycho! such a crazy man!

  He grabs her arm as she strides angrily away from him. His voice sounds hoarse, “Where do you think you are going?”

  LiMei is caught up in her anger but realizes she has nowhere to go; she is his prisoner. “I need to wash my mouth out!”

  “After. Give me treatment. I have a guest waiting.” Nikolai curls his lips in a satisfied smile while gazing at LiMei’s cheeks tinged with red and her flustered appearance. He could feel her ragged breath and her heart beating rapidly while they were kissing. No woman can resist me! Deny all you want Lttle Tigress, you were excited by my kiss.

 “It can’t wait.”

“ Little Tigress, unless you want me to continue in the bedroom, start with your needles.” Nikolai only wants to frighten LiMei and his plan works, she immediately starts inserting the needles. Once she is done Nikolai has no pain in his arm whatsoever. The bandage needs to be changed again so Nikolai tells LiMei, “You disappointed me with your lack of ability kissing, I didn’t feel anything.  If you still want the surprise, change my bandage and apply the ointment.”

  “First you need to tell me if the surprise has anything to do with Rui. Can I call him?” If I can talk to him I will do my best to ignore your mental issues. You are obviously too insane to deal with rationally that is for sure. 

  Nikolai frowns looking at LiMei’s hopeful expression..Rui..Rui..Rui.. you  are too naive Qin Daiyu…you have no future with the CEO of Qiao Group. You are an abandoned child turned assassin. If your true identity was exposed do you think he would dote on you. A little killer… I highly doubt it. He thinks you are a sweet and innocent girl, if your dark past was exposed… I won’t burst your bubble by pointing out the facts now.

“You would only make his search for you more frantic if he heard your voice. He could make a mistake that would cost him his life.” He closes his eyes leaning back in the seat while  enjoying the euphoric feeling from her acupuncture treatment. He hasn’t felt this relaxed in a very long time. She is talented with the needles. She has many unexpected talents and abilities… I can never let her return to Qiao Rui. Her unruly behavior also amuses me .. How could I give up such a funny little pet.

   LiMei scrunches up her nose as she listens to Nikolai; he might be right. I need to complete whatever mission this maniac needs me for then return to Pushong City. Worst case scenario I will tell him about the Golden Dragon and negotiate. Although he didn’t seem interested when I mentioned it before, maybe he didn’t believe me.

 “Whatever.” LiMei unwraps the bandage on his arm and gasps when she sees his injury.

    When Nikolai hears LiMei and sees her bewildered expression he turns his head to examine his arm, What the Fuck! The wound has no redness surrounding the area and the wound appears to be healing rapidly. He meets LiMei’s eyes that have a look of disbelief. Had I known I wouldn’t have let her change the bandage, this result of her blood mixed with mine is beyond normal comprehension, I was only operated on earlier today. He comes to the conclusion he should ignore her surprise so avoid having to explain.. “What is taking so long, I need to meet my guest.”

   LiMei rubs her eyes maybe I wasn’t seeing clearly when I looked at his injury…impossible.. LiMei can barely keep her eyes open without the energy to consider how he can heal so quickly. She finishes wrapping his arm, then takes a gulp of water. Yawning she stretches her thin arms, between giving blood, cooking and treating Anton then Nikolai I am exhausted. “I am going to take a bath and then take a nap. I am very tired. But, first what is the surprise?”

  “It will have to wait, you took too long.”

  ??? Well if it isn’t about Rui I don’t really care too much. LiMei starts to walk to the door of the kitchen and Nikolai stops her pointing to the hallway beyond the back of the kitchen.“Take the servant’s stairs to the guest room.”

   LiMei grabs an apple and her water walking towards the back stairs. She turns around, “You will let me go after this weekend right?”

   LiMei stares at the empty kitchen. She can feel tears forming in her eyes thinking about Rui, You will right?

    A man named Sun Peizhi is sitting in the living room surrounded by Nikolai’s men quietly waiting for Nikolai to appear. Dimitri and Leon observe him, the man’s  aura is no less impressive than their boss. They wonder who this Chinese man is waiting for Nikolai. He hasn’t shown any impatience while he waits, his posture is relaxed as he lazily leans back on the couch while using the remote to flip through channels on the television. He arrived in a black Maybach then sent the driver away leaving him virtually helpless in Nikolai’s territory. Obviously Nikolai invited him but that doesn’t ensure his safety yet he isn’t carrying a weapon.

   While their eyes are riveted on the Chinese man speculating about his reason for coming to the villa, Nikolai enters the living room. Sun Peizhi nonchalantly glances at Nikolai as he approaches. He turns off the television and sets the remote on the glass coffee table. “Naralov.”

    Nikolai thinks Sun Peizhi hasn’t changed at all since he saw him last a few years ago. “Long time no see.”

    “I would say too long but I haven’t missed you.”

     Nikolai motions for his men to leave the room. Dimitri doesn’t trust any man who can appear this calm while unarmed and surrounded by a dozen men with guns, so he hesitates while intensely focused on Sun Peizhi. Nikolai glares at Dimitri, “Leave.”

    Once all his men have dispersed Nikolai tells Sun Peizhi, “I will get to the point, I can help you and in turn you can help me.”

   “ When you called I assumed whatever you needed from me would be mutually beneficial or I wouldn’t have come.”

   “That is what I have always liked about you Zhi. You don’t fuck around and know my intentions. I decided to scrap my initial plan, your informant in my father’s organization..what is the scrawny man’s name again…Chonglin. Anyway, when my father discovered he was a traitor I happened upon the scene.” Nikolai tries to see if Sun Peizhi has a reaction to what he is saying, he is not surprised when there isn’t a flicker of emotion across his indifferent and cold face.

   “And” Sun Peizhi is an expert at not revealing his emotions but he always liked Chonglin. He only decided to use him for information when Chonglin approached him saying the money could help his sister after she relocated to his cousin’s after she was raped. 

   “As I stood behind the two way glass watching him being tortured he spilled his guts about you. At the time I just laughed at how you had no idea your little scheme to steal the flash drive was dead in the water before you could even attempt to get your hands on it. Then it dawned on me I could use you, so I killed the man my father used to torture him. The man was so grateful he could live he grabbed onto my pant leg crying.”

   Sun Peizhi can feel his blood boiling Chonglin is a loyal guy they must have put him through hell before he gave up the information. “Good story but if you know my plans why am I here.”

   Nikolai walks over to the bar and gets a glass of vodka, “You want one?”

  “No. Hand me a bottle of water.”

   Nikolai brings him the water and sits across from him. “You know no one in your headquarters backs you. Why do you continue to work for them?”

   “Niko, just because we were friends once don’t presume to think you know me. Do you want me to be upset over Chonglin. he knew the risks. You want me to pissed because the assholes above me are cheap lazy motherfu****rs?  The fact they are greedy men only worried about their political positions was obvious from the first mission I undertook. You want me to wring my hands cause you know my plans? Fuck Niko, the  thing you should know about me is I am adaptable and don’t give up.” He gulps down some water and takes out a cigarette. Nikolai has no idea he quit and is very agitated which is why he is lighting a cigarette right now.

  “Zhi, a handsome hero like you should find a sweet piece of ass and settle down. You are one of the richest fuckers I went to school with in England,why work for those men all their hands are dirty.”

  “Dammit, Niko get to the fucking point I am not here to reminice with you, or explain my choices” He takes a puff of his cigarette and blows a smoke ring thinking about a beautiful sweet girl named Sara. Niko did hit on some valid points that have been bothering me in the last couple years. So fucking sick of the dirty dealings at headquarters..and cheap! those greedy bastards are so damn cheap. No wonder Tielin said fuck you and quit. I might think about quitting after this mission I get a vacation, I will consider my options.

  “I have a new plan I think will work for both of us. Obviously you are aware the flash drive is in my father’s possession soon to be in mine.”

   Sun Peizhi wonders why Nikolai called him; they are opposite sides of the law. Why would I help him? He laughs, “Good to know, I can switch my target.”

   Nikolai smiles and gulps down his vodka. He has a serious expression on his handsome face as he languidly crosses his legs,  “My friend, I, Nikolai Naralov want to work with you in the name of justice… ”

   Sun Peizhi sprays the water out of his mouth when he hears Nikolai. He starts coughing then laughing, “What the hell did you just say?”


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