Sara Is Angry

   Sun Peizhi calls Freddie to drive them to the hotel as they leave Zheng Tielin’s apartment. He can tell Sara is nervous as she fiddles with a ring on her finger twisting and turning it while looking out the window by the elevator.  Her apprehension is written all over her beautiful face. He wants Sara to be confident so he advises her, “Just remember Miss Song not to let CEO Li intimidate you.”

   As the door to the elevator opens Sara turns to him, “Please call me Sara. I feel that we are friends…. I hope you think so also. Since I confided in you I would be more comfortable thinking we are friends anyway.” She grins sheepishly, “Only my friends know about my eccentric grandmother’s warnings haha..”

   “Then you call me Zhi, that is what my friends call me.”

   Sara asks him the question that has been on her mind since she decided to not quit her job, “I wonder how Long An explained what happened yesterday.”

   “I’m sure she twisted the truth so he didn’t throw her out of the hotel window or force her return to Catang City.”

   “I bet you are right about that.”

   As they enter the elevator laughing they look like a harmonious couple. Two women in the elevator can’t help but notice what a beautiful couple they make. One lady remarks in English, “Are you the two newlyweds who just moved into 7689?”

   Sara and Sun Peizhi look at each other, Sara blinks her eyes looking at the two busybodies. Sun Peizhi impulsively decides to tease her so she will forget her worries about returning to the hotel.“I wish that were true but no.She hasn’t accepted my proposal yet.” He grabs her around her waist pulling her into his strong embrace, his hot breath on her cheek he seductively says,  “Sara,will you marry me?”

   The two ladies excitedly chime in, “Don’t let such a handsome man slip away, say yes.”

    Sara hasn’t seen Sun Peizhi’s playful side and is momentarily stunned by his intimate gesture and words. She decides to tease him for being so shameless. She caresses his cheek and pouts as she pushes him away, “I would marry him if he didn’t have three mistresses.”

    The two indignant ladies hit Sun Peizhi with their purses, “Scoundrel! Leave him Miss as quickly as you can! Leopards don’t change their spots!” They exit the elevator, the plumper lady of the two women hits Sun Peizhi on the arm again with her purse while glaring at him.

   Sara and Sun Peizhi start laughing when they get off the elevator.Sara looks up at him, her cheeks still flushed from his embrace, “I didn’t know you could be such a rogue!”

   Sun Peizhi has a devilish grin making him look even more handsome,  “How about you..Not one but three mistresses? Haha.. I’m sorry but the one lady reminded me of my mother and I wanted to see her reaction.” I wanted to see your beautiful smile instead of a worried expression.

   “Is your mother wanting you to marry?”

   “Well, she thinks I should have a wife.” Of course she has no idea of the dangerous job I have. She thinks I am in America fooling around.

    The elevator opens and they walk through the lobby, Sara wants to ask him if he has a girlfriend but she can’t muster the courage. He opens the front door of the apartment building as Freddie is pulling up to the curb in a black Maybach. Freddie quickly gets out to open the door for Sara,  she gets into the car then Sun Peizhi follows her into the backseat.

    Thinking about facing Li Tian Sara can’t relax, Sun Peizhi can see her tense expressio but remains silent as his eyes fall on her delicate face. She is seductively biting her lower lip while tapping her long slender fingers on her purse. I wish I could tell her that her dream will come true when she gets back to Catang City. I want to see her eyes sparkle like they were when she was talking about opening a bakery.

   Sara breaks the silence when she asks Freddie, “How much longer before we reach the hotel?”

   “About fifteen minutes Miss, the traffic this time of the day can be backed up particularly with the Fashion Shows going on this week.”

   “Thank you.”

   Sun Peizhi’s phone rings and he pulls it out of his pocket. He doesn’t recognize the number and with Song Sara in the car he doesn’t want to answer. Thinking the call might be his contact  he puts it back in his pocket then tells Sara, “When we get to the hotel I am not going to accompany you to the CEO’s suite I have some business to take care of. Will you be alright facing him by yourself?”

   Sara quickly says, “I’m fine..fine..did you want me to tell him anything?”

   “No, I am going to call him.” Actually I think it will be better if I am not with you. LiTian sounded jealous on the phone when I said we had dinner.

   Sara notices him ignoring the call and wonders why he didn’t answer. Could it be CEO Li calling again?  Well I am not going to worry I work for Zhou Group not him.

   When they arrive at the hotel Sun Peizhi tells Freddie to wait and walks alongside Sara into the lobby of the hotel. “Remember what I said, don’t let the CEO bully you.”

   “Thank you Zhi, I think I am mentally prepared. Will you be coming back?”

   Sun Peizhi thinks for a moment her anxious tone sounds like she needs him by her side.”Definitely.”

   Sara breathes a sigh of relief and nods her head as she slowly walks to the elevator. Waiting for the elevator she glances back, he is still standing there watching her leave. Embarrassed she slightly waves at him. He smiles at her adorable expression so cute.. He waves then leaves taking long strides to the door. The elevator opens Sara curses under her breath, so embarrassing! I just wanted to catch one more glimpse of him. 

   Long An comes out of the coffee shop carrying a cup of coffee and witnesses this scene.   Song Sara and Sun Peizhi?  Long An hurries along and puts her hand in the elevator door as it is about to close. Nino and Giorgio are right behind Long An and they stare at Song Sara as they enter the elevator. Both of them have the same thought, this isn’t good! We barely escaped punishment from the Boss last night.. Nino can see Long An’s eyes narrow as she notices Song Sara’s indifferent expression. Is she going to ignore me! That isn’t the same dress she had on yesterday and it is a Paolo original! His exclusive client list you could count on your fingers! What the hell! Did that bastard Li Tian send her the dress? There is no way a lowly bodyguard like Sun Peizhi could afford the price or have access to Paolo.

   Sara has no idea what Long An is thinking so she is unaware Long An is scheming right now. Suddenly Long An pretends to trip and splashes her hot coffee onto Sara’s dress. 

  The coffee burns Sara’s bare arm and stains her blue silk dress. Sara screams in pain as tears form in her eyes, “Owww!” Her skin turns red  and within seconds blisters appear on her tender forearm. 

   Long An immediately acts concerned she pushes Nino, “You moron! Bumping into me like that! Song Sara are you alright?”

   Sara glares at Long An, she is more upset that the beautiful dress Sun Peizhi gave her is stained with coffee than the stinging sensation from her injury. “You bitch! I know you did it on purpose!” Unable to control her anger thinking Sun Peizhi’s burning gaze when she first came out of the bedroom wearing the dress she reaches out to grab Long An’s hair. Giorgio steps in front of Long An blocking Sara’s hand, “Miss Song it was an accident.” He sympathisizes with Sara but his sense of self preservation wins as he considers the situation. Song Sara is merely a secretary and Long An is CEO Li’s fiance.Unfortunately our fate is tied with Long An, “Nino bumped her arm.”

   When Long An looks in her purse for a handkerchief no one can see her sinister smile.  She looks up with her face full of concern,“I’m so sorry here wrap your arm. I will call the hotel doctor to come to your suite.”

   The door opens on their floor, Sara stands straight and with an icy look in her beautiful blue eyes warns long An, “ You went too far Long An! Stay away from me or you will regret it!”  She looks at the two bodyguards with undisguised contempt then hurries out of the elevator.Taking out her room card from her purse she has a knot in her stomach as tears are beginning to stream down her cheeks while looking at the brown streaks across the beautiful dress. She sniffles then picks up the phone to call the desk downstairs.  Choking back more tears she speaks Italian asking,  “Would your cleaners be able to remove coffee stains from a silk dress?”

   The front desk clerk isn’t sure and tells her, “I will put you on hold and check.”

   Sara slips out of the dress while she waits. When he gets back on the phone he says, “They are confident they can.”

   “Very good. It is an inexpensive dress but it means alot to me. Can you send someone up immediately to my room..Song Sara, to pick it up? I will wait.” Too upset she can’t think of the room number.

   “Of course.”


   Now that she knows the dress can be cleaned she looks at her arm, what did I ever do to that bitch for her to hate me so much! Well this time I won’t let it slide, I am not her punching bag because Li Tian treats her like air. Their relationship has nothing to do with me!

   There is a knock on the door, Sara puts on a bathrobe over her bra and panties then opens the door slightly handing the man the dress, “Thank you. Please send it up when it is cleaned.”

   Sara walks into the bathroom, I should have asked about some burn cream. She looks at her watch, not much time before I need to contact CEO Li.  In the other room her phone is ringing and she hurries out to answer it. She looks at the screen not recognizing the number she answers, “Song Sara.”

   Long An smirks, “ Good. Since you gave me a warning I thought I would return..” Sara hangs up. I don’t have time for her petty games.

   Furious she hung up on her, Long An texts Sara [if you care about Sun Peizhi you won’t tell Li Tian anything. Not about yesterday or in the elevator.]

   Sara stares at the text message, what does that crazy woman mean? Sara wants to ignore her but since it has to do with Sun Peizhi she responds.[What do you mean?]

  [The thing Tian hates the most is when someone touches his things. I saw you and Sun Peizhi return together and your stupid look on your face as he left.]

[Stop making problems. There is nothing between Sun Peizhi and me. If there was, it is none of CEO Li or your business. Stop bothering me, I need to get to work.] Sara frowns and tosses her phone on the couch. Stupid..stupid troublemaker! What kind of threat is that! Why would CEO Li care!

   Thinking about Long An, Sara is in a bad mood. She changes into a black skirt and a white silk blouse. Looking in the mirror she applies light makeup then puts her hair on top of her head in a bun.  She frowns, I need to keep thinking of my end game, owning my own bakery. I can deal with those two idiots. It is only for a weekend. Convincing herself she can deal with them she grabs her black glasses out of her purse as  she leaves her room to meet Li Tian.

   Li Tian looks at his watch, the time is two minutes until nine o’clock, where is she? As he is about to call there is a knock at the door, “CEO Li, it is Song Sara”

   He smiles and motions for his bodyguard to get the door as he lounges on the couch.

   Song Sara walks into the room wondering why he is dressed in casual clothes. Don’t we need to meet the investor soon?

   He grimaces looking at Sara wearing her black glasses and dressed in conservative attire. It reminds him of when he first met her in Zhou Mo’s office. “Why are you dressed like a middle aged woman?”

  “…” Sara wants to scream, this is my working attire! “I think I am dressed appropriately to meet your investor with you.”

   “Who said we are going to meet an investor this morning? I want to attend a couple fashion shows and enjoy the city.”

  Sara breathes a sigh of relief,  “Then you won’t be needing me today until tonight’s reception?”

  “You will be accompanying me.”

  “What about your fiance?” If I have to go with the both of them I might quit.

  Li Tian leans back on the couch as he crosses his long legs, “Long An? She has other plans.”

  Sara squints her eyes staring at him to see if he is lying. He seems to be telling the truth but.. “CEO Li I think your fiance made it clear that while she is in Milan it is inappropriate for me to be your escort.”

   “You will be taking notes for me. I am thinking of buying  Henri Armand Couture and I am meeting him at his show.”

  “Very well then.”

  Li Tian notices the unsightly red blisters on her arm and jumps up off the couch startling Sara as he gently holds her arm. “What happened? David, call the hotel’s doctor immediately.”

  Sara is stunned when she sees the worried expression on his handsome face. Li Tian stands close as he bends over looking at her arm. Sara can smell his unique scent which makes her feel strangely nervous and her heart begins to race. Why does his scent seem familiar?


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