Morning at Apartment

   Sara wakes up in the morning with a headache and slowly opens her eyes looking around the room. Oh that’s right I am in Sun Peizhi’s friend’s apartment. Ahhhh..I don’t have on any pajamas! Sara’s face turns beet red as she sits up clutching the quilt around herself grateful that at least she is alone in the room. Sun Peizhi wouldn’t take advantage of me. I know that. He is an honorable man. I must have been feverish and took it off. She squints from the bright sunlight coming through the window, What time is it? She sees her purse on the table and reaches into it for her phone.  Okay,seven o’clock, she looks at the number of missed calls from Li Tian, Holy Shit! I need to get back to the hotel and figure out what I am going to do! I can’t lose my job with Zhou Group even though Long An made me angry! Sara picks up the red pajama top on the end of the bed then slides off to find her clothes. I don’t see the dress I was wearing last night. What am I going to wear? 

   While she is panicking Sun Peizhi answers the door of the apartment. He politely smiles at the woman holding a large box, “Thank you, tell Paolo I appreciate him sending the dress.”

   The woman can’t help staring at Sun Peizhi. He is much more handsome than the man who lives here and that man is gorgeous. Who is he? Paulo never personally picks out dresses from his collection for clients. “I will tell Signore Paolo.”

    Sun Peizhi hands her some cash then takes the box from her as she reluctantly lets go while drooling looking at him. He shuts the door and before he walks away there is another knock. When he answers he tells the man with the food cart, “Put the dishes on the table over there. You don’t need to stay and serve.”

   The man arranges the food on the table and Sun Peizhi tips him. The man’s eyes light up when he sees the money in his hand, Is this a new owner? He is more generous than the man who owned this apartment previously. “Grazie! Grazie!”

   Sun Peizhi knocks on the bedroom door, “Miss Song?” 

   Sara cracks the door staring at him with wide eyes while hiding her body behind the door. He smiles gazing at her shy expression, “Here is a dress and after you change I ordered breakfast. I told Li Tian I would pick you up at your friend’s loft at nine, so you have enough time to get ready.”

   Sara nods as she takes the box from his hand sliding it through the half opened door. “I will reimburse you for the dress. I’m sorry to inconvenience you.”

   “Don’t worry about it, we are coworkers. This is what I should do.” Damn… she looks adorable. I hope Li Tian doesn’t bully her for staying out all night. She needs to stick to the story I told him.

   When Sara closes the door he walks over lifting a lid on a plate picking up a piece of toast. His phone rings, “Did you get what I need?”

   “I did but he charged double.”

    “Whatever. Did you get a hold of Han Chang?”

   “I did. But he said before he proceeds he wants to know what your interest is in his sister’s friend.”

   “No interest. I just want to invest. I think it is good to encourage small businesses.” He bites off a piece of the bread, “Tell him to do as I say and mind his own business unless he wants me to pull my money out of the Bashu City Waterfront Project.”

    His assistant gulps, “That would kill the deal.” He lives up to his nickname he is like a fucking wolf!

 “So he shouldn’t piss me off.”

  “I will tell him to proceed. When will you be back in Catang City?

   “ Wednesday if all goes well tonight.”

  “Remember Boss, that bastard Diego Bellini is a slippery son of a bitch. I am going to double check the intel I will get back to you by three o’clock.”

   Sun Peizhi finishes his toast, “I’m working on a different plan to bypass him but let me know anyway. Tell Chang to make sure the investment can’t be traced back to me.”

  “Got it.” His assistant hangs up wondering who is Song Sara that the cold bastard Sun Zhi would want to help her open a fucking bakery. The Young Master wouldn’t even help his sister when she wanted to open a design studio telling her to work hard and save her money.

    Sun Peizhi’s Adam’s apple rolls up and down staring at Sara as she walks out of the bedroom. The light blue dress Paolo sent hugs her slender body, her tiny waist looks like you could encircle it with your hand alone. The skirt barely covers her creamy white thighs just reaching the top of her knees. The light blue color of the silk dress highlights her beautiful eyes making them sparkle. He doesn’t realize he is staring at her with an infatuated look on his handsome face. Seeing his eyes dark light up looking at her Sara smiles, “The dress is very pretty thank you.”

   Sun Peizhi comes to his senses, “Let’s eat.”

   He pulls the chair out for Sara then sits down at the table, “I ordered both Western and Chinese food.”

   “I am very hungry thank you.”

   “You don’t need to keep thanking me, I feel somewhat responsible. I am your bodyguard and did not protect you well last night.”

   Being reminded of last night Sara blushes and puts down her chopsticks, “I don’t blame you. I don’t know why but trouble follows me wherever I go.” Sara has a strange look on her face. “I don’t think anyone can protect me from my bad luck. My grandmother says it because I was born at night on the Winter Solstice. I possess a warm aura that brings other people happiness but brings calamity upon myself. I told her that was nonsense when I was young but now I’m not so sure.” I don’t want to reveal I can also sense people’s aura when I am close to their body, it might weird him out.

   Sun Peizhi has felt the unusually warm aura that surrounds Sara, it makes him feel at ease and lessens the darkness inside of him. He thought it was because she is a sincere and gentle person that he felt that way when he is close to her body. All that about the Winter Solstice is just superstition.

    Sara  stares at Sun Peizhi, like have a very warm aura when you are around me but when you are near Li Tian for example your aura darkens and you emit dangerous vibes. Not just the usual I don’t like this man so my aura darkens but with an oppressive aura you spend a great deal of your internal energy to suppress. You hide your true self, I don’t know why but I feel you have an extremely strong sense of justice.

   While Sara is staring at Sun Peizhi he feels extremely uncomfortable as though she can see inside of his soul. When Sara notices his aura flickering she quickly says, “I don’t believe it really.. haha.. My grandmother is eccentric. ” Changing the subject she says, “These waffles are delicious.” He remembered I like waffles, he is so sweet. I wish I could tell him that I like him but now that is impossible after last night.

    Sun Peizhi knows Sara is different from other women because he is very attracted to her physically. The women who attempt to get close to me are all beauties but I have no reaction to them when they touch me. I didn’t realize it could be because of her strong warm aura. Could that be it? Her warm and gentle aura balances the darkness inside of me?  Haha..That is not scientific in the least! His lips curls up in a faint smile, I almost believed that nonsense. Winter Solstice.. haha.. He has a sip of tea, she is just very beautiful and a kind person.

   He has a bite of the omelette then matter of factly says, “I think it isn’t a matter of having bad  luck. I think it is because of choices you make and you lack self awareness.”

   Sara chokes on the piece of waffle she was eating and her face turns red. She takes a big gulp of water then wants to explain, “Maybe some choices that’s true and I might not be as discerning about people as I should be. But, I made a promise to my mother when she was alive not to let hurtful events destroy my optimistic outlook. I choose to be happy and not dwell on my misfortune, but to be strong and move on with my life.  I am not going into detail with him about some inexplicable events in my life. Or how my father and his family hates me and I have survived.

 He tightens his grip on his chopsticks,  How much has this girl suffered? He is at a loss for words as he gazes at Sara with a look of pity.

    She sees his look and hurriedly says as she waves her fork with a piece of waffle hanging off of it, “You don’t need to feel sorry for me. I am a very happy person, I have my friends… my blog.. and no one can take them away from me. And I was lucky I had you last night to protect me when I was drugged.”

   Sun Peizhi  can feel his ears getting red thinking about kissing Sara and holding her naked body in his arms all night. He stands up from the table abruptly, “I need to make a call when you are finished we can leave for the hotel.”

  “Okay, so we have the story straight you picked me up from Liza’s this morning. Also, I am not going to quit I need my job with the Zhou Group so I am going to get through the weekend and forget about what happened between Long An and myself.”

  “If that is what you want.”


   Sun Peizhi walks out to the balcony and takes out a cigarette. He has been trying to quit  but needs one after listening to Sara. He makes a call, “Did you get the information I wanted on Song Sara and her family?”

  “Yes. That little chick comes from a fucked up family!”

  “Email me the report.”

   “Will do.”

   Sun Peizhi takes a long drag on the cigarette then crushes it in an ashtray on the outdoor table. Looking out at the city below he leans on the railing thinking about Sara.

    Sara goes into the bathroom and takes a toothbrush out of a wrapper then brushes her teeth, Why did I tell him all that! She furiously brushes her teeth then spits the toothpaste into the sink, the way he looked at me like I was an abandoned kitten. Urgghh..Sara you are so stupid! Not to mention you have no idea about what happened last night. He was right..everything he said was true. I am an idiot!

   She composes herself then walks out to the living room. Sara sees Sun Peizhi standing out on the balcony. The morning sun shining on his handsome face makes her heart skip a beat while she gazes at his perfect profile as he leans on the railing. She decides to forget about all the embarrassing moments between them and walk out onto the balcony. She smiles brightly, “The view from your friend’s apartment is spectacular” 

   Sun Peizhi wants to grab Sara into his arms and tell her to forget about Li Tian and forget about her family, she has him. He will always protect and cherish her but he calmly says, “Ready?”


  “Let’s go.”

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