You are Nikolai Naralov?

  Nikolai takes LiMei’s hand and starts dragging her to the front of a clothing store. As she struggles to free herself from his grip he glances down at her mischievously remarking, “Look at you, what a sweaty little mess.” She glares up at him, “What? I can’t hear you.”  Yeah.. it was very hot and noisy in the back of your car.  

   He keeps walking then teases LiMei, “You didn’t like my choice of American Rock music?” He opens the door to Chloe Designs Milan,  “Behave or I will need to punish you.”

   LiMei sees the name of the store and follows him quietly. Maybe I can escape while we are in  the store. A beautiful woman wearing a tight fitting leather pencil skirt and a white silk blouse approaches them.She has long wavy brown hair she seductively flips in her fingers as she gazes at Nikolai. Unable to disguise the infatuation in her eyes when she sees Nikolai she coyly moves close to him, “Mr. Naralov, it has been a long time.” She sees him holding LiMei’s hand and grimaces, who is the high school girl accompanying him? A relative? 

   LiMei has a complicated expression when she hears his name, Naralov?  Could he be Viktor’s son? No, I saw a man named Nikolai Naralov at the arms deal with Kuang Bo where everything went wrong. He didn’t look like this handsome maniac. He was about the same height and build but his face wasn’t this flawless. Maybe Viktor has another son or he is a cousin? I never heard any of his men call him anything besides Boss. 

    He grimaces at the woman’s infatuated look, so disgusting! She stinks of perfume too. He ignores the saleswoman as he feels LiMei’s eyes burning a hole in him, what is the little girl thinking?  He flicks her on the forehead, “What are you planning?”

   LiMei holds her forehead while frowning at him, “Owwww…why did you do that?”

   “I wanted to.” He hugs her to his chest as he pats her head, “This I also want.” Because you smell so clean and refreshing compared to that hideous woman drenched in perfume.

    LiMei pushes his hard chest with her small hands but can’t make Nikolai budge. Could this guy be any more weird!

   Nikolai walks towards the back of the store still holding onto LiMei’s soft hand. Speaking perfect Italian he tells the saleswoman to bring out a few dresses and gowns for LiMei to try.

   He lets go of LiMei’s hand then points to the couch, “Sit.”

   She obediently sits on a black leather couch then he sits down next to her without a gap between them. LiMei tries to slide over and he stops her from moving away by holding her around her thin waist, “Don’t move.” LiMei puffs out her cheeks and furrows her brow, Am I dog? The way he orders me around!

   LiMei thinks this as good a time as ever to ask him. “Mister..” Before she can continue he interrupts, “Call me Niko.” He looks around for the saleswoman, where the hell did the ugly woman go?

    Niko?..Niko!  NIKOLAI NARALOV! The color drains out of LiMei’s face does he remember me from that debacle in Bosnia? OH MY GOD! Well in a way I helped him or he would have died. Would he remember me? LiMei studies his profile as he is looking for the saleswoman. It doesn’t look like he knows me, I was wearing a face mask. He must have been wearing one also he didn’t have this handsome appearance., I just remember Kuang Bo telling me the man was extremely dangerous and volatile.. And his name..Nikolai Naralov. Maybe if I remind him about the incident in Bosnia he will let me go.

    LiMei’s voice is low, “Your name is..Nikolai Naralov?”

   “I thought you knew.”

    “…” LiMei shakes her head, talking to this man is very frustrating. How would I know?  Did you introduce yourself? Did any of your men address you as such? 

   The woman comes out pushing a rack of dresses resentful of the way Nikolai is paying attention to LiMei and ignored her earlier. I am a hundred times more beautiful and alluring than that little bitch!  She has a smile that is not a smile plastered on her heavily made up face.“I’m sorry to keep you waiting but the young lady is rather short and petite so I had difficulty finding some dresses that would fit her small body.”

   LiMei starts blushing, I am not that small!

   Nikolai is looking at his phone and glances up at the clothes, “Try them, then come show me.”

   The saleswoman leads LiMei to the dressing room and throws the dresses at her while sneering,  what is such an outstanding man such as Nikolai Naralov doing with such a pathetic looking girl. “If you need me I will be right outside the door.” She salivates gazing over at Nikolai sitting on the couch with his long legs crossed.

She studies his perfect features, his eyelashes are black and dense and his thin lips are drawn in a straight line as he has a serious expression looking at his phone. He is dressed in a black silk shirt, the top two buttons undone exposing his wheat colored skin and his muscular chest. Such a sexy mysterious man that oozes masculine charm. if I could climb into his bed.. She leans against the wall fantasizing about his strong arms pressing her down on the bed as he hungrily kisses her lips. (Nikolai would vomit blood if he knew her thoughts about him.)

    In the spacious dressing room LiMei tries on the first dress, no…no… it hangs on me like a black. shiny sack. Wait..haha.. I guess the woman thinks this is amusing to insult me. Let’s see what the handsome nut thinks. LiMei walks out to where Nikolai is waiting. She spins around and trips on the hem, “I like it!”

  Narrowing his cold black eyes as he sees LiMei’s mocking gesture his internal energy bursts out sending the startled saleswoman back a few steps. Holding her chest trying to breathe, she instantly apologizes, “Mr. Naralov..I misjudged her size.” The temperature surrounding them drops several degrees as he has a murderous glint in his demonic eyes. Still clutching his phone, he tightens his grip as he dials. When the call is picked up his voice doesn’t reveal his anger, “Chloe, fire Yvette now.. No… on second thought get your ass to your store.”

   The saleswoman immediately realizes she went to far and he took it as a personal insult. She begins deeply bowing to him, “Mr. Naralov..I..I please I had no idea the dress would be..would be..” 

   He motions to three men dressed in black who mysteriously appear out of  nowhere. He orders them,“ Take her to Shizi’s.”  The men drag her out of the store while she is crying and pleading with Nikolai. “Shizi’s NO! PLEASE NO!” The women at Shizi’s are used by Underworld and rich degenerates for their pleasure until they die a miserable death.

  LiMei gulps feeling responsible but doesn’t say anything. She didn’t think he would overreact and have the woman dragged away.

  Nikolai lifts his finger for LiMei to come over to him. She meekly walks over tripping again on the hem of the dress. When she arrives in front of him he unexpectedly pulls her into his lap. He leans down very close to LiMei’s face and she can feel his hot breath as he tells her in a pampering tone,  “Little Assassin I will take revenge for you.” LiMei has a chill down her spine but she knows the woman’s action was intentional so she doesn’t feel too sorry for her being dragged out by Nikolai’s men. She smiles hesitantly looking at his expression which appears as though he is waiting to be praised “Thank you.”

   “No need, it is what I should do..” He plays with her hair while she is stiffly sitting on his lap. LiMei looks towards the door, he has the ability to call the famous designer Chloe down here on a whim… maybe she knows  he is insane and doesn’t want her store destroyed by him.

   The other saleswomen saw what happened to Yvette and remain huddled in the back afraid to approach them. Chloe called and said she would be there soon so they are hoping they don’t get called over to serve the devil.

   LiMei nervously looks around while Nikolai sips some expensive vodka Yvette brought over when they sat down. Suddenly the door flies open, a gorgeous red haired woman wearing a beige suit with a hot pink silk blouse comes into the shop. Removing her large sunglasses she looks around her store.When she sees Nikolai she hurries over to greet him, “Nikolai, I got here as quickly as I could, what is the problem you were dissatisfied with Yvette?”

  Nikolai tells LiMei, “Stand.”

  LiMei’s face is crimson red  why did I  impulsively decide to put on this dress, I  knew it was ridiculous! This is not how I wanted to meet my fashion idol! Wuhuwuhhuu. She reluctantly stands up with her arms to her side and her head lowered looking at the ground.

  When Chloe sees the dress on LiMei she lets out a gasp, this dress is from last year’s collection and is made to be worn by a very tall woman. Yvette must have dug around the storage room to find it. What she thinking messing with a devil like Nikolai. I know she likes him but does that little girl look like a threat?

  She quickly apologizes then smiles, “I will personally find the perfect dress you Miss. Come with me.”

  Nikolai nods so LiMei timidly follows behind Chloe. She looks through her latest designs and finds a champagne colored chiffon dress Henri Armand designed. “I think with your complexion this will suit you.” Chloe looks LiMei up and down, what is Nikolai doing with this innocent looking young girl? That demon is unpredictable and has a violent personality.. . It is good my sister thinks he is dead. 

   LiMei tells Chloe how beautiful all her designs are and how much she admires her talent. Chloe has a momentary surge of conscience because she is well aware of Nikolai’s twisted personality. She noticed how apprehensive LiMei appeared in front of him so she discreetly whispers in her ear as they walk to the dressing room, “You should get far away from that far as you can.” 

   LiMei smiles and says, “I will be out when I change.” I would love to get the hell away from him but I haven’t had the chance to escape!

   Chloe watches her enter the dressing room and sighs, that is all I can say, if he should know I told her anything..she shivers and walks out.

   When she slips on the beautiful dress LiMei admires herself in the mirror. The champagne colored off the shoulder dress makes her skin look even more white and it reveals her delicate collarbone. The layers of chiffon have tiny crystals sewn into the fabric that catch the light making it sparkle.  This dress really is exquisite. I wish Rui could see me in it..Rui.. Chloe seemed afraid, I had considered asking her if I could borrow her phone but… well I will find a way to escape. She slips on the nude colored heels that Chloe left to go with the dress, why do I need an expensive evening dress?  Is he taking me somewhere? Once she is changed she walks out of the dressing room towards where Nikolai is sitting. He looks up from his phone and his black eyes light up, she is perfect! Her delicate and pure appearance will definitely captivate Diego Bellini. The Little Assassin looks like a fairy that dropped down into the mortal world in that dress.

    Chloe sees the look of satisfaction on his face, “You like?”

    “It will do. Is it one of your personal designs? Or maybe Emmie’s?” He can never resist the urge to irritate Chloe and see her face sink when he mentions her talented sister.

   Chloe maintains her composure, “No, actually Henri designed this exclusive collection for a woman. I would really love to know who the woman is to get that cold bastard motivated to design such romantic clothes. But, I don’t think for you he would mind selling this dress especially under the circumstances.” She knows not to ask what happened to Yvette.

  ”Get her some dresses, I’m in a hurry. Give her one to wear now and send the others to my villa.”

   He looks at his watch, dammit that bastard better wait that bitch Yvette made me lose time here.   He has a demanding tone,“ You have five minutes. Put on the dress she brings you, we need to go.”

   LiMei turns around and heads back to the dressing room, why can’t I just put on my sweater and pants?

   Chloe brings her another dress from Henri’s special collection, I didn’t expect Nikolai to want more dresses! Henri will get angry if he finds out! I will give her this one then look around for suitable other dresses to send to Nikolai. “Here Miss, I will bring some matching shoes.”

   LiMei hurries and puts on the dress without looking in the mirror and rushes out bumping into Chloe holding the shoes, “I’m so sorry! He told me to hurry!”

   Chloe trips backwards and LiMei reaches out to grab her so she doesn’t fall. Chloe is surprised this girl is much stronger than she looks. She straightens out her dress, “I’m fine here are the shoes.” LiMei grabs them and runs out to the outer room barefoot, “I can put on the shoes in the car, let’s go.”

   Nikolai picks her up in his arms and carries LiMei towards the door. LiMei looks up at him with an annoyed expression, “What are you doing?”

  “Were you going to walk outside barefoot?” He shakes his head, “Idiot!”

   When they get to the car Nikolai tosses her in the front seat then goes around to the driver side. He leans over to buckle up her seatbelt, “Little one don’t get any ideas of trying to escape.” He takes out his phone, he was waiting for the video from his men and received it when he was in Chloe Designs, “I think you would regret.”

   Li Mei reaches down and is putting on the strap to the peach colored leather sandals Chloe gave her to go with the sleeveless white dress. “Huh?”

   She sits up and Nikolai leans over with his phone, “The doctor is very worried about you Little Assassin. He is even partnering with a man he hates.”

   LiMei’s green eyes widen and her heart sinks to her stomach when she sees the video Nikolai has on his phone. She tries to grab the phone frantically so she can look closer as sweat forms on her forehead. Nikolai holds the phone away, “Be good and I will let you watch.”

   He shows her the video of Rui and Leng Shuai at the airport, the burning wreckage in the background. Tears form in LiMei’s eyes watching as Rui and Leng Shuai are fighting.  She watches silently as Nikolai cuts to a scene in the morning when Rui and Leng Shuai are in the police station watching video monitors, LiMei looks up at him in disbelief, how did he get these videos ? Then the two men leave the police station and get into a black luxury car. Rui looks like he hasn’t slept and Leng Shuai looks just as bad. What the hell!  LiMei gulps and grabs Nikolai’s sleeve trying to hold back her tears,“ you get these videos? WHY!”

  “How? Easily.. I am Nikolai Naralov. Haha.. Why? Because I want you to know I could crush those two men like ants under my feet if I give the word.” He shows her a man on a rooftop across from the police station. “I have to clip your wings before you decide to find a chance to fly away from me. I need you to follow me and do as I tell you obediently for the next two days, if you can survive I will let you go.”

    LiMei wipes her tears that are starting to stream down her face. “Don’t hurt them I will do whatever you need me to do.”  I want to tell him I saved his life but he either won’t care or not believe me.

   Nikolai starts the car, then lights a cigarette, feeling unusually agitated seeing LiMei upset. “I don’t like it when a woman cries, stop. Too ugly.”

   LiMei sniffles, I wouldn’t be crying if I could stop my tears. I don’t even have my purse with a handkerchief or a sleeve. She wipes her tears with her hand, “ You promise you won’t hurt Rui or Leng Shuai?

   He blows smoke out the window, “I have no reason to harm them if you listen to my orders. Although I think they are both a couple of arrogant assholes I have no enmity with either of them. Actually it is quite amusing listening to them fight and bicker over you.” He glances over at LiMei, the white dress is clinging to her petite body and she is pursing her pink lips in an aggrieved manner making her look coquettish. Qin Daiyu you really are a little beauty, so pure and innocent looking it makes a man want to take you to bed and bully you all night. And that is exactly what I am counting on when Diego Bellini meets you at the reception.

   “What do you mean by that?”

   He pushes a button and LiMei can hear Rui and Leng Shuai’s conversation in the car. “ have a bug on them?”

   “That isn’t the point.. but.. how did a small thing like you bewitch two grown men..” He has a devilish grin as he gazes down at her body, ” You have no..”

   LiMei interrupts him before he can say anything else, “SHUT UP!”

   Nikolai starts laughing, “You have guts I will say that for you,” If anyone else told him to shut up their body wouldn’t be left intact.

    LiMei shrugs her shoulders as she looks out the window at the dilapidated buildings in the area. “So what is it you need me to do?”

     He turns down a side street then they arrive at a small apartment building. Nikolai tells her, “I will explain later first I need to meet a man.” LiMei quickly unbuckles her seatbelt as he leans over she mutters, “I got it.”

   Nikolai goes around and opens her door, he glances around then crushes his cigarette on the asphalt. “Stay next to me and don’t say anything.”

   LiMei looks up at the serious expression on his handsome face, “Okay.”

   He takes long strides towards a metal door then using a great deal of force pulls it open. LiMei shivers looking at the graffiti filled walls as they enter the building. A light flickers and off giving the hallway an eerie feeling as it flashes on the spray painted walls. Sensing her nervousness Nikolai puts his large hand on her shoulder to reassure LiMei, “Nothing will happen to you Little Assassin when you are with me.”

   LiMei gulps, a huge man is coming down some narrow metal stairs and the first thing she notices is his bulging belly hanging over his tight brown pants. Gross! But when she looks up a chill runs down her back, he is missing an eye and his nose looks like it has been broken so many times it can barely be called a nose. LiMei instinctively clutches onto Nikolai’s sleeve. If I had my silver needles I wouldn’t be afraid but I feel at a disadvantage without them. Nikolai’s lips curl up in a faint smile as her small hand grips onto his silk shirt.

   The monstrous man grins widely exposing three yellow teeth, speaking Russian he greets Nikolai, “Little Nikolai, Barish is waiting upstairs.”  He lasciviously drools looking at LiMei, “Is the little doll for Barish? He will like.”

   Nikolai has a demonic aura as he tells warns the man in Russian, “ If you want to keep your one good eye don’t  look at the little girl again.”

   “I meant nothing.. nothing.”  Frightened by the terrifying look in Nikolai’s deep black  eyes he quickly turns away leading them up the stairs. Since when did that cold motherf***r care about a woman? A little slip of a girl at that. The little doll looks like the slightest wind would blow her away. Why would he bring her if it wasn’t for Barish’s doll fetish?


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  1. I love the little background story of Nikolai and LiMei. But I also love the part when he shows off the video of Rui and Leng Shuai fighting all the time 😂.


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