Going Somewhere?

    LiMei taps her fork on her plate waiting for Nikolai to say something as he continues to silently drink his coffee. She can’t stand the way his bottomless dark eyes are drilling a hole through her, I have no idea what this maniac is thinking.  Is he going to deal with me for teasing him a little. Petty!

    Nikolai finishes his coffee without saying a word then stands up leisurely walking towards the doorway. LiMei’s mouth drops open watching his broad back as he saunters out the door. That’s it? Stare at me with your crazy eyes then casually get up and leave.

   As he strides into the living room he has a faint smile on his devilishly handsome face. Let the Little Assassin worry how I will settle the score with her… the little minx! Snake soup for my qi and kidneys..HA!  “Dimitri!”

   Dimitri is coming out of the garage when he hears Nikolai’s booming voice. Hurriedly wiping his greasy hands on his shirt he rushes into the living room. “Yes Boss.”

   Nikolai can’t help but chuckle, “I want you to get me the biggest python you can find. Make sure the snake hasn’t been fed in several days.”

   “…” Where am I going to find a python? Dimitri pulls on his scraggly beard “Sure Boss. But it might take me awhile, when did you want it by?


    ??? Dimitri knows not to question Nikolai so he quickly says, “I’m leaving now. I finished the device, I left it in the garage on the counter by the Bugatti Veyron.”

   Nikolai takes out his phone then speaking Italian informs the person, “I will personally meet you in an hour..same place.”

    Stunned by his sudden exit LiMei remains seated at the table drinking the last of her orange juice. Well, I can’t worry about what messed up thoughts that idiot has going on in his head . I need to figure out a way to escape. Last night they said there were dogs, but maybe I could distract them with meat and run. No, what human could outrun a pack of dogs at least one would chase me. LiMei stacks up the dishes on the tabe, he probably expects me to clean the kitchen then he will be back or send someone for me.

  LiMei gets up from the table removing the dirty dishes, what does he want me for anyway? I definitely don’t think he had a hand in the kidnapping but how did I end up here? As she washes the dishes she thinks about Rui…I wonder what he is doing?

   After not getting any concrete answers at the airport Rui spent a restless night. First thing in the morning he heads to the police station to check the traffic cameras, Leng Shuai isn’t far behind him with the same thought. They wanted to go last night but the Police Chief said the room was closed until seven o’clock in the morning.

Leng Shuai comes rushing through the door of the police stationto find out if Deng Yunshin’s man is on duty. When he isn’t he uses the same lie he used at the airport, that he represents the owner of the plane. Rui is still not getting anywhere with the man at the front desk. Out of the corner of his eye notices Leng Shuai talking with another policeman who appears to be cooperating, so he moves his direction. Fuck! If it means finding LiMei I will set aside my hate for this motherf****r and work with him.

   Before Rui can say anything Leng Shuai knows what he is thinking, “Forget it! I will find Feng LiMei myself and take her away from you.”

   Rui’s eyes redden with rage and his fists are clenched at his side but he calmly says, “If you have the ability. She loves me.” He has a demonic grin as he continues, “Since you represent the Wang Corporation and I am her fiance we should work together don’t you think?”

  They are speaking Chinese so the policeman has no idea what they are discussing. But, he can tell by their expensive suits and powerful auras he shouldn’t get into conflict with them.  He scratches his head wondering how he should handle these two Big Shots. Not wanting to bring trouble upon himself he says in Italian,“Let me call the Chief if he says you can look..you can look. It isn’t up to me.”

   Rui intentionally bumps into Leng Shuai’s shoulder as he walks over to the vending machine to get a bottle of water. Leng Shuai doesn’t want to cause a scene but his anger is rising up in him, his jaw is still sore from the punch Rui landed at the airport. What does she see in this asshole..

   The Sargent gets off the phone, “Come with me.”

   They follow him into a small room with several computer screens. There is a middle aged man eating at a small table in the corner. He looks up, “What is going on?” I have been waiting to eat who are these two arrogant looking fuckers?

“Show them the CCTV footage from the area around the Bergamo airport last night between ten and midnight.”

   Reluctantly the man gets up from his meal then waddles over to the screens while pulling up his pants. Once he finds the correct time frame both Rui and Leng Shuai bend over to study the images. Leng Shuai pushes Rui to the left so he can get a better look. Black lines form on Rui’s head when Leng Shuai touches him, he pulls out a wad of Euros from his hand shoving it at the fat man in front of the computer, “Go finish your meal.”

   The man looks around then grabs the money and goes back to the table. Rui sits in the seat he vacated carefully studying images on the computer screen looking for a clue. Irritated that he didn’t think bribing the man Leng Shuai continues to lean over Rui’s shoulder.

     Rui doesn’t like Leng Shuai breathing down his neck he growls,“Back up asshole. You stink.”

    “Fuck off. Wait!  Go back..there..” A sports car is racing down the road behind the airport. “That must be the motherf****r that took LiMei.” Leng Shuai starts to push Rui out of the seat before he can Rui shoves him back. “Don’t call her LiMei..Feng LiMei to you.” He rewinds and calls over to the fat man stuffing a piece of fish in his mouth. “Which key is used for the slow motion function.

   The man swallows his fish, with a greasy finger he points, “That one.”

    Rui has no patience for the slovenly man, “ You fat fuck! Get over here and show me!”

    He already accepted Rui’s money so he ignores the insult. He puts down the fork in his hand, licking his fat fingers he reluctantly walks over to the computer. Shit! I was pointing right at the key. “That one.”

    Once Rui rewinds the tape and puts it on slow motion you can see the car but the license plate is a blur and there are very few streetlights along the highway “Goddammit!” He slams his hand down on the desk, “Motherfu****ng shit!

   Leng Shuai says, “Keep playing it so we can see if the car is heading to Milan or a different direction. Maybe the car will slow down and we can see the license plate.”

    Rui pushes forward and watches as the car travels down the road still unable to make out the license. “We need to check out where the car was bought then we can get the name of the owner. It is a limited edition Lamborghini.” Leng Shuai agrees so they leave the police station together having come to the conclusion as unpleasant as it is to work together to find LiMei.

When LiMei is wondering where Rui is he is in the back seat of a black Maybach looking at his laptop headed to a dealership in Milan that specializes in luxury cars. Leng Shuai is sitting next to him on his phone talking to Deng Yunshin.The driver pulls on his collar trying to breath because the heavy atmosphere in the backseat is suffocating him. He opens his driver’s window to allow some fresh air into the car.

    Meanwhile at Nikolai’s villa LiMei finishes cleaning the dishes and wonders what she should do now. Wandering into the living room she doesn’t see anyone and sits on the sofa to watch television. I’m sure if h the nut wants me he will come get me. Turning on the television she sees the news, a burning plane is on the screen...boring.. she flips through the channels until she finds a daytime drama. She leans back on the comfortable sofa, what could he want with me? Where am I anyway?

   This villa definitely has Western architecture..European from the furnishings .. while she is thinking she can hear men talking in the background. She turns around recognizing the muscular gangster from the kitchen last night, he is jingling a set of keys in his hand. LiMei’s face lights up at the prospect she could escape. Is he going somewhere? If I could hide in the car I could get out of here.

   She walks over to where they are standing, “Do you know where your Boss went?” She has an innocent expression while glancing around to see where the garage is located.

   Dimitri stares at LiMei and doesn’t answer right away, why is she wandering around, who is she? Boss doesn’t let any women stay here.

   Nikolai is in his study watching LiMei on the monitor. He notices her eyes darting around the area, it looks like the little kitten wants to escape. He picks up the phone calling Dimitri, “I want you to go open the SUV door leaving it ajar  then come to my study. Don’t say anything, do it now.” He grins as he lights a cigarette, she is really cute, those big green eyes furtively looking for an escape route..hahaha..

   Dimitri walks away without answering LiMei, I know he spoke English last night. She rubs her head turning to the other man, “Your Boss? I’m looking for him.”

   Leon knows Nikolai called Dimitri and without knowing what is going on he walks away towards the back of the villa. LiMei watches him leave, what the hell!  Whatever, I am going to see where the garage is located obviously he is leaving, those were car keys he was holding. I will wait if he comes out again I will go into the garage and hide in the car if I can. Obviously the crazy man doesn’t care if I walk around the villa confident I can’t leave.

    She ducks behind a wall waiting for Dimitri to come back down the hallway. Nikolai blows a smoke ring, what a little idiot. So simple minded..I can read her every thought on her face. Dimitri knocks on the door to the study, “Boss?”


   “I did as you said.”

   “Give me the keys I will drive the SUV. Take the Land Rover, leave in a half hour.”

    Nikolai turns off his computer and finishes his cigarette. He starts laughing as he grabs a brown envelope off of his desk, he turns to Dimitri,   “Remember to make sure the snake hasn’t eaten.” It will be fun punishing the disobedient Little Assassin.

    LiMei looks at the several cars in the garage, why do rich men need so many cars? Ridiculous! As she walks around the garage she sees a black SUV she reaches in her hair for her silver needle to open the lock, dammit that’s right he has it.  When she is ready to give up on her plan she notices the back hatch is slightly open. The fat Russian must have forgotten to shut it all the way. She lifts the back and climbs into the back under the cover. Perfect! Now if the fat guy leaves before the nut sees I am not around… He seemed preoccupied with something so he might not notice. She touches the bandage on her neck, if I am caught..well I am going on the assumption he needs me and won’t kill me.

   After what seems like a long time she hears someone get into the car then start the engine, she smiles while thinking about finding Rui. Laying down under the hatch cover LiMei tugs at the sweater she is wearing, it is really hot in here but at least I can get out of that crazy guy’s clutches. Once this gangster gets to where he is going I will hop out and escape. 

     Nikolai opens the garage door then speeds out of the driveway, he takes a sharp turn before the main road at a high speed. LiMei rolls to the side in the rear of the SUV bumping the side of her head. Damn, this guy is a reckless driver. There is nothing to hold onto either, I hope he isn’t going too far.

   Nikolai smiles when he hears the sound of LiMei rolling around in the back. He lights a cigarette and puts on some loud American rock music turning off the speakers in the front only leaving the ones on in the back. When the music suddenly comes on LiMei almost screams, her head is right by a speaker blasting the deafening music . She covers her ears, that guy didn’t look like someone who would like heavy metal music.  Between his terrible driving and this music I don’t know if I will survive the trip! She curls up on her side with her hands covering her ears.

   After bumping her head several times as Nikolai recklessly drives through the countryside LiMei’s head is throbbing. Thinking this horrific journey will never end suddenly the car comes to a halt and the engine is turned off. LiMei’s ears are ringing from being tormented by the loud music. She shakes her head then peeks out the back window by lifting the hatch cover. When she sees a sign written in Italian she has a confused expression , we are in Italy? Why would they take me here?

   Nikolai stands to the side of the car and sees her tiny hands lifting the cover, he controls his urge to laugh anticipating how angry LiMei will be when she sees him. He patiently leans up against the SUV waiting for the hatch to open. LiMei puts the hatch cover down trying to decide how long to wait before she gets out of the car. When she thinks enough time has past she unlatches the rear door slightly glancing around to see if the fat gangster is nearby. Good.. I will casually get out, walk a bit  then hurry away and ask someone to borrow their cell phone.

   LiMei opens the rear door and climbs out with a big smile on her face..Haha..this was easier than I thought it would be. I can’t believe the crazy guy didn’t have anyone guarding me in the house! She stands up stretching her tight back then straightens her clothes. Suddenly someone grabs her from behind by the collar.. LiMei whips her head around ready to kick away the person when she is greeted by Nikolai’s handsome face. He easily turns her body to face him then pushes her up against the car. Looking down at her stunned expression he grins from ear to ear as he teases LiMei, “Going somewhere Little Assassin?”

   LiMei’s green eyes widen in surprise staring up at his demonic smile..what the hell!

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