Help Sara

   When the taxi arrives at the exclusive 2200 Tower Sun Peizhi pays the driver then lifts Sara into his arms to carry her into the exclusive complex. The doorman raises an eyebrow as he opens the heavy glass door for them when he sees Sara  squirming in the man’s arms. Sun Peizhi whispers, “Be good.” 

    Sara has her arms wrapped tightly around his neck,”So hot and itchy..” Burning up from the drug she burrows her flushed face in his neck, “You smell so good.” She puts her hot lips on his neck kissing him. He quietly says, “ can cool off soon.”

   Sun Peizhi approaches the desk, “I am Zheng Tielin’s friend.”

   The man has a knowing expression looking at Sara, he politely responds, “Mr. Zheng called. Here is the room card if you should need anything don’t hesitate to contact me.” Misunderstanding the situation the desk clerk rolls his eyes as they leave, as expected of a friend of Zheng Tilan

    Sun Peizhi hurries towards the elevator pressing the button a few times.  Sara gazes up into his face her eyes pleading with him as she pulls on the top of her dress exposing the top of her jadelike breast, “Help me..” Her eyes are glazed from the combination of the alcohol and the potent drug in her system. Sara’s hazy eyes have a smokey blue color that is sucking Sun Peizhi’s soul out looking into their depth. 

    Sara flutters her long black eyelashes, then presses her soft lips onto his as she clumsily kisses him trying to quench the fire burning in her body. Sun Peizhi is a bit surprised since he assumes since she is Li Tian’s woman she should be more experienced in kissing. He doesn’t accept her kiss and Sara notices him stiffening as he moves his face away. Tears start to form in her eyes, “Am I not pretty enough for you?” 

    Sun Peizhi is using all his training and self restraint to handle the situation. Dazed he gulps looking at her innocent pure face tinged with red giving her a seductive appearance, you are beautiful..too beautiful. The elevator opens and Sara starts softly whimpering, “My whole body much..I need you, you have to save me! Please.. please me..” 

    Unaware of what is happening Sara only knows her body is on fire and she needs the coolness of Sun Peizhi’s body. She wants to rip her clothes off as she desperately uses both her small hands to tug on her dress more, her knuckles white as she tries to rip the fabric. He grabs her small sweaty hand,”We are almost to the room.” He dangerously narrows his eyes silently confronting the two men in the elevator staring at Sara. As he gives them a murderous look, he wraps his jacket around her holding her tightly into his chest. He knows what they are thinking and wants to wipe the smirks off their face.

     The two men can sense his dangerous aura as he protects the petite girl in his arms so they immediately push the button to exit the elevator. After the two men nervously get off the elevator on the next floor Sun Peizhi thinks if I find the person who did this to Song Sara I will fucking kill them. They reach the floor where Zheng Tilan’s apartment is located and he rushes down the hallway quickly swiping the key card. 

    He lays Sara on the couch, “I’m going to start a cold bath for you. I will be right back.” Sara pulls on his tie, he leans down prying her small hands off he tries to reassure Sara.“Be good. Someone drugged you.”

    Sara doesn’t seem to be able to comprehend what he is saying. She looks into his dark eyes softly pleading , “Kiss me..Kiss me..” She puckers her pink lips moving closer to his face. as she lightly caresses his cheek.

    Goddammit! He tries to reason with her as she teases him, “Sara, you don’t want me, it is the drug. I will help you, I need to get you into the bath and call someone to ease your pain.” His heart tightens looking at Sara burning up and writhing around because of the drug.

    She holds her thin arms around his waist snuggling into his chest “I do want you. I like you..only you.”

    “…” She probably thinks I am Li Tian.

    He loosens her grip, “Look at me. I am not Li Tian. I am Sun Peizhi, your bodyguard, I want to help you. Let me go.” If you don’t let me go, I don’t know how much willpower I have left!

   Sara has a confused look on her face listening to him, Li Tian..Li I want you..I know who you handsome strong hero..But she can’t speak at this point the pain in her body is too intense. 

    Sun Peizhi forcefully pulls her arms off and lays her down on the couch. He grabs a bottle of water from a side table, opens the top then gives it to Sara, “Drink this, I will be right back.”

    Once in the bathroom he begins to fill the tub with cold water. He takes out his phone and calls Zheng Tielin again. Answer..answer 

   Zheng Tielin barely has closed his eyes after tossing around the horney 18th tier actress in his bed. He hears the ringtone and grimaces, what now! Since he knows Sun Peizhi is on a mission he won’t ignore his call. “Something else?”

   “Yeah, I know you are always worried about being drugged by the women who want to hug your thigh. Do you have any antidotes at your apartment here in Milan?”

    Zheng Tielin starts laughing and the woman next to him squints at him. He motions for her to turn away. “The celibate monk got drugged? Who would dare? You should just enjoy it.”

   “Listen I won’t be out of the country that long so you should watch what you say. No it wasn’t me you asshole, she is a woman I work with who was drugged.” 

    “Is she ugly?”

   “What does that matter, just answer the fucking question do you have an antidote or not.”

   “She must be ugly.”

  “Tell me now or suffer when I get home.”

  “I don’t, but I know a doctor you can call..”

  “Hurry up. How long will it take him to get here?”

  “For the right price he can be there in an hour.” He is my godfather but he is a stingy old man that won’t say hello if he isn’t paid in advance.

   “You call since you know him. I will pay whatever it costs.”

   “That might be better.” At this time of night the old fart will be in a prickly mood.

   “Do it. I will expect him within the hour. What is his name.”

   “Dr. Lu.”

   Zheng Tielin hangs up and calls the doctor. When the old man answers he sounds half asleep, “What?”

   “I need you to come to my apartment in the 2200 Tower to bring an antidote, a girl is drugged with an aphrodisiac.”

   “Then have fun. Why do you want an antidote? I am going back to bed.”

   “Listen old man! I don’t know the details but if I were you I would pull on my pants and get my old ass over there. My friend wouldn’t call unless it was urgent.”

   “Do you think I care about some stray asshole? The only reason I come when you need me is because I owe your father an old debt. I feel sorry for the man having a good for nothing son like you!”

    I thought it was because you are my godfather!   “Does the name of my friend Sun Zhi ring a bell?”

   “Young Master Sun? He drugged a girl? I don’t believe it! Isn’t he that friend of yours that went into the military when you were off fucking every girl you could lay your hands on you little shit?”

  Zheng Tielin’s face is beet red, OLD MAN!!! I WAS AT UNIVERSITY I COULDN’T HELP IT IF I WAS POPULAR! THEN I  DID UNDERCOVER WORK WITH ZHI!  But I can’t tell him that then my grandfather would worry.  Right then the woman in his bed says in his ear, “Tielin when are you going to be off the phone.” As she spreads her legs and touches herself. “I’m wet again thinking about your big hard…”

    He covers her mouth then kicks the woman off the bed. He nervously laughs,  “Haha.. Grandpa Lu..  just could you go? He sounded anxious, he said she is a woman he knows from work.”

   “I will go but it will be double the fee. Boy, you better have the contraceptives handy, she doesn’t sound very bright.”

  “…” OLD MAN!

    In Zheng Tielin’s apartment, Sun Peizhi fills the bath then walks out to the living room, Sara has torn off her dress and is lying on the couch clutching her arms around her body, quivering. Her flushed body is glistening with a layer of sweat, her eyes are closed and she is mumbling incoherently. He gently lifts Sara into his arms brushing her tangled hair out of her face, “A doctor is coming, you need to hold on.” He carries her into the bathroom then puts her in the cool water without removing her underwear. 

   Sara seems to awaken from her trance when she enters the cool water but the desire she feels inside her body is not reduced. Sun Peizhi is sitting on the edge of the bathtub distracted looking at his watch, When will the fucking doctor get here with the antidote.

   Suddenly she pulls on his arm with her hand clutching onto his sleeve, he steadies himself so he doesn’t fall in the bath on top of her body. He lets her cling to his shirt instead of brushing her off his arm. Fuck she looks so pitiful..her body must be in a great deal of pain. But I can’t help her..I wouldn’t forgive myself for taking advantage of her while she is in this sorry state. “Be good, the doctor is on his way.” He takes the washcloth leaning over wiping off her face, “It will be over as soon as he gives you the antidote.”

   She begins to cry uncontrollably as she rubs her breasts with her hands, “ many ants…get them off me.”  Sara can’t stand the stinging pain that is ravaging her body, “I’m begging you!”

   What the fuck! The aphrodisiac must be very strong. Dammit! Maybe if I hug her it will relieve some of the pain. He lifts her out of the bath hugging her body to his chest water dripping on his clothes as he sits on the edge of the luxurious bathtub. He touches her wet hair, smoothing it with his large hand, in a tender voice whispers in her ear, “I’m here..” Sara nestles in his arms lifting her head, staring at him with her misty blue eyes. Impulsively he leans down kissing her pink lips to try to calm some of the fire raging within her body. 

She presses her soft body into his as he gently deepens the kiss. As she wriggles around on his lap sweat beads form on his forehead as his body responds.. fuck… she tastes so sweetdon’t Zhi.. don’t.. just kiss her to lessen her pain from being unable to achieve sexual release until the doctor arrives. His heart beating rapidly as her breasts rub on his thin soaked shirt, the overwhelming heat from her body intensifying the feeling.

Sara’s small tongue entwining with his is intoxicating but he holds himself back from touching her enticing body barely holding her waist. While they are both lost in the moment there is a knock on the door to the apartment.

    Dr. Lu knocks louder, what is going on I thought it was urgent. Shouldn’t they be expecting me?

    Sun Peizhi snaps out of his trance when he hears the loud knocking. He stops kissing Sara, “The doctor is here.” He looks at her petite body as she sits on his lap wearing only the wet lace underwear and frowns. I can’t have the doctor see her like this she might as well be naked... He carries her to the couch in the bedroom, “Sit..don’t move.” He goes to the living room and answers the door, “Just a minute, have a seat she will be right out.”

   Dr. Wu raises his white eyebrow as he notices Sun Peizhi’s messy black hair and wet clothes. Before Sun Peizhi  can get a set of pajamas for Sara she is standing in the doorway of the bedroom taking off her bra.

   Sun Peizhi frantically rushes over, blocking Dr. Lu’s view of Sara, “I said wait.”

   Sara wraps her arms around his neck, “Can’t wait. More..”

    “…”  He lifts her up into his arms carrying her into the bedroom shutting the door behind him. Still holding her he looks in a couple drawers then pulls a set of men’s pajamas. He sits her down on the bed putting the red pajama top on her, then calls out, “ Doctor! Come in now!” He holds Sara away from him with his arm straight on her shoulder as she tries to hug him again. “It’s will  be alright now.” He lays her down on the bed and she tries to pull him down.

   Dr. Lu comes into the bedroom and opens his medicine bag, “Do you have any idea what the drug was she ingested.”


   Sara is squirming around on the bed.

   “Hold her, I am going to give her an injection of a fast acting sedative then a generic antidote which is in pill form, since I don’t know what was given to the woman. Looking at her extremely agitated appearance I assume it was a fairly large dose, so the sedative will calm her down while the antidote starts to work.”

   “Alright.”  He can see the fear in her eyes as she sees the needle coming towards her arm

“Sara, I am going to hold you, don’t be afraid the doctor needs to help you.” Sun Peizhi holds Sara while the doctor inserts the needle into her vein. 

   Dr. Lu hands him the antidote and a bottle of water that was on the table., Sara is still clinging onto him like a frightened bunny. Sun Peizhi’s softly says, “Open your mouth Sara you need to take this pill.” Sara stares up at him with wide eyes then obediently opens her mouth swallowing the pill as he gives her a sip of water. In a pampering tone he doesn’t realize himself he says, “Good girl.”

   He is going to lay her back down but she blinks a few times, “Hold me.” He holds her in his arms as he brushes her hair behind her ear.

   Dr. Lu is watching the two of them with a keen interest, he recognized Sara when she was in the doorway. What is that bastard Song’s daughter doing with Sun Zhi? 

   Sara slowly closes her eyes then Sun Peizhi lays her down on the bed carefully placing her head on the pillow. After he covers her with a quilt, he stands up from the bed motioning for Dr. Lu to follow him to the living room.

   Once they are in the living room Sun Peizhi says “Thank you for coming this time of night. How much do I owe you?”

    Dr. Lu has a faint smile, “Don’t you recognize me?”

   Sun Peizhi stares at the old man’s face, “Sorry,should I?

   “Stinky brat! I’m Zheng Tielin’s godfather.”

   “Lu Feng?” Sun Peizhi laughs, “I think the last time I saw you was our High School graduation. I’m sorry to meet again under these circumstances.”

   “Who drugged the poor girl?”

   “I don’t know. We are colleagues and went to a Club to meet a friend of hers, so it could have been anyone.”

   “Despicable. It is lucky that little girl was with a man like you who didn’t take advantage of her situation. That girl has had more than her share of trouble.”

   “You know Song Sara?”

   “Not well but I knew her mother well. Tielin’s father, her mother and I went to University together. We were thick as thieves until she met that greedy Song bastard. I heard after her mother passed away he treated the little girl like shit. Forced her to get engaged to that playboy Tzu Yibo…” Dr. Lu’s phone starts ringing, “I will be home soon, go back to sleep.”

   Dr. Lu pushes Sun Peizhi’s hand away holding his wallet. “No charge. Take good care of that little girl. My wife woke up and wondered where I went. Haha.. Guess she didn’t see the note on the nightstand.” He looks towards the bedroom, “ She might run a fever so keep her wiped down with a cool cloth. I left some fever medicine on the table if she needs it.”

   “Thank you Dr. Lu I owe you. If there is ever anything I can do for you let me know.”

   “I will keep that in mind.” 

   After he leaves Sun Peizhi has a complicated look on his face.  Her mother is dead and her father treats her poorly…She is engaged to a playboy because of his greed..Zhou Mo gave her to Li Tian…I have a serious suspicion her friend drugged her so they could.. His handsome face darkens as he slams his fist into the wall… a sweet person like Song Sara deserves better..much better.. I am definitely going to find a way to help her lead a happy life!

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    1. Sorry it took me awhile to respond. I love NU myself I read translations updated there. Sadly it is solely for Asian translations. But I have an update schedule on this site and will do my best to stick to it. I appreciate you reading my stories! Thanks! ❤


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