Leng Shuai throws his glass of whiskey past Chen Wu’s head, it flies across the room spraying the whiskey everywhere on the plush white carpet. The glass finally hits the wall smashing into tiny pieces of crystal falling to the floor.

    Chen Wu gulps, well if he turned on the television that would be a worse way to find out the news. “I have my man driving there now to investigate.”

    Leng Shuai furiously rushes out of the suite leaving Chen Wu staring at his back as he slams out the door.

     He takes long strides down to the luxurious hallway knocking over a room service cart in his way. Fuck! When he reaches the elevator he frantically pushes the button, way..I don’t believe the little kitten is dead. When he gets to the underground garage he gets into a Silver Lamborghini, his usual calm replaced with surging emotions thinking  about LiMei.

    He races out of the garage onto the crowded street honking his horn as he weaves recklessly through the traffic. He looks at his watch, fuck it will take me forty five minutes to get to that shithole town. Accelerating when he reaches the highway he makes a call with his fury coming through the phone, “If you don’t find that bastard Kuang Fu and drag his sorry ass to the Bergamo…you know the consequences.”

   Chen Wu has sweat dripping down his flat forehead, I have been looking for that slippery motherfu***r for two days and can’t find him. He is dialing a number when there is a knock on the door he walks over to answer it. Benji Gabriel is standing there carrying a  duffel bag.

   Flustered Chen Wu pulls him into the room while on hold,. “ Fucking shit! It is bad Gabe.. really bad. I’m done for.”

   Benji Gabriel sets down his bag and waits for Chen Wu to get off the phone. He speaks Chinese with a slight French accent, “What is going on? Can’t you find the little thing?”

   “Can’t find her..can’t find her? Goddamn.. If it were only a question of locating the little chick. But Gabe it looks like she is dead..fucking dead! Boss is going berserk. He points to the mess in the room. I’m telling ya Gabe if it is true he is going to kill everyone..fucking everyone. Including me.”

   Benji Gabriel surveys the room, “Why would he kill you?”

   “Cause I was supposed to find that bastard Kuang Fu..he had the little chick kidnapped from Cambodia. I can’t find even a trace of him. You know man.. The plan was good.” His eyes widen in fear,we were going to grab the girl from the fucking kidnappers when the plane landed from Cambodia at Vincenzo Private Airport..but fuck the fucking plane had engine trouble  and exploded when it made an emergency landing in Bergamo. The Fucking motherf****ng plane exploded..she is dead, man..dead.”

   “Get a grip.” Benji Gabriel rubs his head thinking about the situation,”Maybe if we can give him Kuang Fu..he can torture him and spare you.”

    “I have turned over every rock in the city, I don’t think Kuang Fu is in Milan. All my sources came up with nothing..nothing.”

   “Maybe you haven’t used the right bait.”

    “What do you mean?”

     Benji Gabriel walks over to pour a drink, I did not want to come to Milan and get involved in this shitstorm.“Of course now if it is true the girl is dead and he knows the Boss wants him to pay…he might retreat to his Compound and it would be difficult to extract him. But it is a well known fact he is here for two reasons: to kill Viktor and acquire the flash drive at the auction.

    Did you locate Kuang Bo?”

    “I haven’t been looking for him.”

    “If you find him he could lead you to his brother there is no love loss between those two.”

    “I don’t know man this is a fucked up situation.” He gets a water bottle and drinks it down. He is pacing around the room thinking about what Leng Shuai will do to him. “Why the hell did that crazy bastard grab the Boss’ woman?”

    “Who the fuck knows. She seemed like an ordinary little girl when I met her in France and then at Qiao Rui’s hospital.” He takes a cigarette out of pack, shit my last one.”But fuck both the Boss and that arrogant doctor like the little chick.”

    “That’s right Qiao Rui. I wonder if he knows Feng LiMei is dead.”: He tosses the empty bottle into the trash. “There will be no way out between those two crazy bastards.”

      Rui’s plane is about to land and he hasn’t heard from Yang Yi The turbulence and storm prevented any contact. When they land he anxiously calls him his heart tightening thinking about her situation. “Do you have Feng LiMei? Is she safe?”

    Yang Yi really doesn’t want to be the one to tell Rui the bad news but at least she might still be alive according to his friend on the police force in Milan. “No, there was a problem.” Before he can continue Rui screams into the phone his eyes blood red from the uncontrollabl rage rising within him, “What fucking problem? Where the hell is LiMei!” He glares at Morgan and Cheng and they feel a chill go deep into their bones.

   “,Hear me out…the plane she was on made an emergency landing in Bergamo then exploded,,,but I think Feng LiMei is alive. I immediately sent a man to investigate and he found a mechanic who witnessed the explosion. The man had fallen asleep waiting for the rain to let up before he rode his bike home after his shift. When he was having a cigarette by the back employee entrance  he saw a man carrying a woman to an expensive looking sports car. It  wasn’t long afterwards the plane exploded.”

    “I am going directly there. Find that man and meet me.Morgan and Cheng you better pray she isn’t dead. Follow me there.”

    Rui exits the plane determined to locate LiMei. I know you are alive LiMei. I would feel it deep into my soul if you were gone from this world. I just need to find you. He sees Yang Yi “Give me the keys to the SUV, follow me with Morgan and Cheng.” Rui opens the door and quickly turns on the ignition then screeches out of the parking lot.

    After Yang Yi hands him the keys and Rui speeds off he sees Morgan and Cheng approaching with grim looks on their faces.

    Yang Yi points to the SUV they are going to take. “What the hell happened, how did you lose the Boss’ woman?’

   Morgan is in no mood to recount LiMei’s escape in Cambodia. “Just shut up and let’s go.” The three of them and a man named Woo pile into the black Mercedes SUV. “How long does it take to get to Bergamo?”

   “About forty five minutes this time of night with no traffic.”

   Morgan lights a cigarette picturing LiMei’s mischievous smile as she ran away as she stuck her tongue out at him down by the waterway. I really hope the little girl isn’t dead. I don’t think I could forgive myself,  Qiao Rui counted on me to protect his little woman. I have never lost a client ..never.  Wrinkling his forehead thinking about Rui if she is dead he opens the window blowing the smoke out looking at the dark sky. I don’t think he could handle losing Feng liMei from the way he affectionately treated the girl.

   Cheng breaks the heavy silence questioning Yang Yi. “What do you know about the plane Feng LiMei was on? How did it catch fire.”

   Yang Yi coughs then spits out the window, shit I think I caught a cold standing out in the rain tonight. “Not much but seems suspicious. Like how did the guy who carried her off, if  the woman was Feng LiMe…i be there in such a timely manner? The old guy didn’t say anything about seeing the kidnappers, only the tall man carrying what looked like a woman. He said it was an expensive looking sports car too.”

   “Do you think this mystery man had something to do with the explosion?”

   Yang Yi continues coughing, “No idea. Woo hand me a water.”

   Woo says, “Most likely it is not one of Kuang Fu’s men, my informant didn’t know anything about the emergency landing in Bergamo. He was on his way with some of Kuang Fu’s men to rendezvous with the kidnappers at the private airport in Milan.”

   Cheng tries to put the pieces of the puzzle together.  “So they had engine problems..landed successfully then after a short period of time the plane exploded. It doesn’t make sense the kidnappers weren’t spotted by the old man escaping from the plane.”

   Morgan chimes in, “Could the old guy describe the woman?”

  “No. I didn’t want to blow the CEO’s hopes but like Yang Yi said he wasn’t even sure it was a  woman wrapped in the man’s coat as he was putting her into his car.”

  Meanwhile Leng Shuai has arrived at the Bergamo airport and pushes his way through the police and firefighters. One of the policemen yells in Italian, “Hey stop that man!”

   Two policemen try to restrain Leng Shuai; he easily knocks them away and proceeds to the wreckage without uttering a word. His expression grim as he maneuvers his way to the front of the horrific scene. A fireman is exiting the debris and Leng Shuai grabs his arm, “Is there a woman’s body in there?”

   The fireman stares at Leng Shuai, who is he? How did he get this far into the wreckage? His aura is fierce and from the looks of his expensive clothes he must be a powerful man.

   When the fireman doesn’t immediately answer Leng Shuai screams in his face, “I asked you is there a woman’s body in there?” Frustrated, Leng Shuai knocks him out of his way  and enters the smokey interior of the burnt out plane, searching for any sign of LiMei. The interior is still smoldering, he holds his coat over his nose to protect himself from the smoke and stench from the burnt bodies.

     There is no sign of an intact body, only fragments and ash.  Gasping while suppressing the urge to vomit he can’t be sure if LiMei was one of the people onboard. His face pales,he exits the wreckage and finds a man who appears to be in charge talking to an airport employee. He butts into their conversation speaking Italian in an agitated voice, “Was there a  young woman rescued before the plane ignited.?”

   The man adjusts his black glasses on the bridge of his bulbous nose he looks up from a clipboard he is holding. “Signore, you can’t be here.” He doesn’t look like a reporter who the hell is he?

   Leng Shaui says in a threatening tone, “I own the plane.” These idiots won’t question me.

   “You are a representative of the Wang Corporation?”

   “Yes. Now answer my question.”

    The policeman looks at the airport employee then says, “I was in the process of sorting out the details now. If you wait in the airport office I will come in when I have some more information. Leng Shuai’s eyes narrow, “I will listen to what you know now. Are there surveillance cameras?”

   “Of course but I want to question him first.”

   Leng Shuai waves to Deng Yunshin who has just arrived, “My head of security chief can look at the footage while you get this man’s statement.” 

   Irritated by Leng Shuai’s overbearing presence the Police Chief says,“Excuse me, what is your name Sir?” I’m in charge here not you.

 “ Leng Shuai”

 “Signore Leng, I don’t need your interference with my investigation. We have a protocol in these types of cases.”

   “Listen, I have reason to believe ..” No, I don’t want to get tangled up with this guy. I can tell he is incompetent just from looking at his wrinkled uniform.. “Well, I don’t think you should refuse my help, my Security Chief Deng Yunshin has prior experience and it doesn’t look like you have adequate manpower here. I need to get some answers for my superiors at Wang Corp.”

    The Police Chief considers the situation, I am short handed. “Very well but I want to be notified the moment he has any pertinent information.”

    Leng Shuai walks towards the airport office with Deng Yunshin. Look for any sign of Feng LiMei reporting to me immediately, I am going to listen to what the employee has to say.”

    As Leng Shuai returns to where the two men are discussing the explosion, Rui’s car comes flying through the gate. His headlights pointed towards the men, he tightens his hand on the steering wheel, FUCKING LENG SHUAI! WHY THE FUCK IS HE HERE? 

  Leng Shuai sees Rui’s face as he drives towards them and scowls, great.. 

   When Rui screeches to a stop he jumps out of the car rushing towards Leng Shuai, “You Motherf***r did you have something to do with this!”

   Leng Shuai blocks the palm strike coming at him, he pushes Rui and growls “Bastard it’s your fucking fault!” Rui’s eyes are red as he rages, “Where the hell is she!” They wrestle with each other until the Police Chief says, “Stop or you are going to jail”

     Leng Shuai and Rui continue fighting until the Police Chief calls some policemen not far away to subdue the two. The policemen break them apart. Leng Shuai wipes the blood from his mouth glaring at Rui while Rui turns to the policeman. “My fiancee was on board that plane and I need some answers.” He believes she is alive from what he was told but he needs to look at the airport surveillance.

   When Rui says this the Police Chief understands why he was fighting with Leng Shuai and has some pity for him. It doesn’t look as though any of the passengers survived the explosion. “My condolences, but you can’t interfere with the investigation. If you leave your information we will contact you with any news.”

   Rui looks at Leng Shuai spitting out, “Why is he here?”

   The Police Chief says, “Mr. Leng is representing the owner of the plane, the Wang Corporation.”

   Rui wants to laugh..he smirks at Leng Shuai, then sarcastically quips..”I’m sure Mr. Leng representing the Wangs will allow me to remain.”


     Morgan and Cheng were close behind Rui and jumped out of the car running to his side as the Police Chief says, “Mr. Leng?”

    “I have no objections.”

  Rui speaks to Morgan and Cheng telling them to stay with Leng Shuai “I am going to check the surveillance cameras.”

   In the airport office Deng Yunshin is going over the footage when Rui enters the room, “Did you find anything yet?

     Deng Yunshin stares at him. Qiao Rui…

   Rui sneers,“Not going to answer? Then I will check from the beginning.” He shoves the muscular man to the side to look at the computer screen.

   “CEO Qiao that will waste time. I guess CEO Leng knows Qiao Rui  is here from the  blood on his jacket and fresh bruises on his face. “I will tell you the cameras aimed at that section of the runway by the plane are broken. The footage is choppy at best, not very helpful but there is one camera that is angled by the back gate which might provide some video. It is dark and looks like raindrops are blurring the picture..”

     Rui leans in closer studying the images on the computer screen, he narrows his eyes suddenly saying, “Stop! Go back.”

     Deng Yunshin moves the video back, Rui squints, there is a blurred image of a tall man dressed in black with his head down holding something under his coat. That must be LiMei!  He clenches his fist and  has a murderous glint in his dark eyes. Who is the fucking bastard holding her in his arms? 


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