Medici Club

    After they finish their steaks and have another glass of wine the server comes into the room with dessert and two cups of Italian coffee. Sara’s face lights up when she sees the Tiramisu, after the man leaves Sara excitedly says, “Do you mind if I take a couple pictures of the Tiramisu?”

   Sun Peizhi has his long legs crossed leisurely watching Sara’s every expression fascinated by her obvious love of food. “I don’t mind.”

    Sara reaches into her purse for her phone,“So  beautiful, I want to put some pictures on my blog.” When Sara looks at her phone she sees she has several missed calls from Li Tian. I thought the annoying man was in a meeting. She frowns and swipes to her camera. What a buzzkill. I’m glad I had my phone set to vibrate so the stupid tyrant didn’t ruin my mood.

   Sun Peizhi notices her frowning, “Anything the matter?”

   “” She doesn’t want to tell him Li Tian has been calling. Sara moves the coffee cup over next to her dessert plate then takes a few pictures. Looking around the luxurious room as she stands up to take a few more she bites her lower lip. I would love to have a picture of this room and Sun Peizhi he looks so incredibly handsome, but I don’t want to be bothersome. 

   Sun Peizhi can’t take his eyes off Sara as she moves around to get different angles of the dessert. He has a faint smile while he watches her focused expression as she arranges the plate next to the coffee.

   When she finishes she sits back down admiring the photos she took. My readers are going to love these.  She can feel his eyes on her and gets nervous, am I being weird? “Sorry, the dessert just looks so delicious! I want to share with my readers.”

   “Your readers?”

    Sara blushes waving her hand , “You wouldn’t be interested.”

   “I am.” For some reason he wants to know more about Sara more than just how she works for Li Tian..that she is his girlfriend.

   “Well, I have a little food blog, I usually post pictures of the cakes I make or delicious food at a restaurant where I am having a now.” She giggles once again admiring the expensively decorated room. “ Although this restaurant is much more lavish than the ones I go to in Catang.”

     Curious he impulsively asks, “Can I see your site?”


    “Your blog.”

     “Okay.” Here.. I will move over by you so I can explain a little about it.” Sara slides her chair next to him and pulls up her blog. “I haven’t posted lately. She points to a picture of a busy kitchen. Here is a restaurant by where I live.” She leans over showing him the posts from her friend Wang Dongue’s restaurant.

He can smell Sara’s unique fragrance as she leans her soft body into him and he stiffens when she smiles up at him too close to his face. Her cheeks are flushed from the wine and her blue eyes are sparkling. Sara is a little drunk and doesn’t notice her intimate posture. “This little guy is my favorite follower”, she shows him a funny post, his name is HungryBear. He goes crazy for the dessert photos, so I know he will love the ones I just took of the Tiramisu.” Sun Peizhi gazes at her hair softly falling onto her snow white neck while she shows him her blog and his Adam’s apple rolls up and down. 

   Sara  continues, “ I am going to visit some small bakeries while I am in Milan so I can post authentic Italian pastries..” before she finishes her sentence, Sun Peizhi stands up suddenly, “I need to use the men’s room, I will be right back.”

    He rushes out the door in two long strides, after he leaves Sara thinks he left rather abruptly. I hope he is feeling alright. She looks through the photos uploading a couple to her blog with a short caption. She smiles running her finger across her phone’s screen at one when she was standing taking the photo across the table, Sun Peizhi is in the background. Oh my God he is so unbelievably sexy with a languid expression on his face looking down at the Tiramisu. His long eyelashes casting a shadow, his thin lips slightly turned up in a faint smile!

   Sun Peizhi hurries into the men’s room then splashes cold water on his hot face. Damn what is it about Song Sara? I want to kiss those sweet lips of hers..touch her seductive her under me. It must be from drinking too much wine, my defenses are down. That’s it.

He leans on the sink looking in the mirror at his flushed face.She looks so goddamn cute in that dress and smells so fucking good. His knuckles turn white as he grips onto the sink.Get a hold of yourself! You are on a fucking mission and alot rides on you completing it! Not to mention she is Li Tian’s woman. Why are you even thinking.. Someone like you Zhi who leads a danger filled life.. who has killed many men mercilessly doesn’t deserve a sweet girl like her..but neither does that fucking motherf****er Li Tian! Fucking shit! Why did I meet Song Sara!

    Getting control of his emotions he runs his long slender fingers through his short ink black hair as he walks towards the door. His phone rings and he reaches into his pocket looking at the caller. “Yeah.”

    “I thought you would call me by now, sorry Zhi I gotta go to Bergamo some shit hit there. Is there anyway you could fuckin’ meet me now?”

    “Yeah. This is actually good timing. “Meet me at Trussardi Restaurant, I need you to pretend you are a driver I hired. You can pass the intel off to me then and give me a ride to the Lattorio Hotel.”

    “I can be there in a half.”

    “Text me when you are here.”

    “Will do.”

   Sun Peizhi calms down, no more being distracted. I will study the blueprints and prepare myself. He walks back to the private room, Sara has waited for him to have the dessert. When he sees she hasn’t touched her dessert he comments, “Sorry. I made you wait.”

   “No worries, I was uploading the photos while I was waiting. I also finished the wine..I hope I didn’t bore you talking about my blog.”

    “Not at all. I actually enjoy looking at food blogs.” Although I have never looked at one in my life yours is cute. 

   “Really? I follow a couple and enjoy posting on mine.” Sara takes a bite of her Tiramisu, “Oh, it tastes as creamy and sweet as it looks.”

   Sun Peizhi gazes at Sara as she savors her dessert, “I called for a driver to take us back to the hotel.”

   Sara coughs, choking on her Tiramisu, by the number of missed calls from CEO Li that is the last place I am going.  “Thanks but I am not going back to the hotel.”


   “I haven’t decided what I am going to do and I don’t want to see either Li Tian or Long An until I speak to Zhou Jason. I don’t want to jeopardize my job with the Zhou Group, I think Jason will understand, but I need to see how it will affect the cooperation between the two companies.” She sips her strong Italian coffee, I need this to sober up some.

  Jason? Is she close with Zhou Jason? If so, why would he let his father give her to Li Tian.

  When he doesn’t say anything she says, “Mr. Sun, I think after dinner we should part ways. I have no idea how CEO Li will react and I don’t want you to catch any of the fallout.”

    “I thought you were going to call me Zhi.. “why did I say that? “Don’t worry about me, I don’t want to interfere with your decision but with all the people in town for the fashion shows I don’t think there will be any hotels available.”

   Sara blows on the steaming cup of coffee thinking of an alternative, “I am meeting a friend of mine at the Medici Club for a drink then I will stay at her loft.”  When I drink I am pretty good at lying..haha..I have no friend here and no idea what I will do for a hotel room, but I can tell you would worry and insist that I go back to the hotel.

   “The driver can take you there.” She has already had quite a bit of wine. I should accompany her when she meets her friend then  I will go back to the hotel. 

   Sara taps her fork on her plate, this is getting complicated but how can I refuse? Well I guess that will be okay, I can have a drink at that Club and find somewhere to stay. “Aren’t you going to try the Tiramisu?”

   Sun Peizhi’s phone alerts him he has a message. “I am going to take care of the bill, the driver is five minutes away.”

    Sara fumbles in her purse then remembers she has no money, she pulls her credit card out of her wallet. “I will pay for dinner to thank you for all you have done for me.”

   “You can take me to dinner another time.” I don’t think you could afford the meal and wine we just had. His lips curl up in a smile and his dark eyes soften hazing at Sara, she looks adorable with her flushed cheeks holding the credit card in her small hand waving it at me.

    He leaves the private room to say hello to the manager and take care of the bill. 

    Sara finishes the coffee and looks at her phone to find a hotel, here is one on  Piazza della Scalla… damn no vacancy. She looks up startled when he returns, “Ready?” How can he walk so silently, I noticed before I can never hear him approaching.

    “The car should be here.” He walks over to the dark brown leather couch and picks up her white cashmere coat, “If you don’t go back to the hotel what about your luggage?”

    “I don’t care about the luggage. They are all clothes Li Tian bought me. I will pay him back for this dress and coat if I decide not to remain with him on this trip.”

   He puts Sara’s coat on her petite body, then lifts her sweet scented black hair that is caught in her collar, gently smoothing it. He can tell he has feelings for Sara but tries to ignore them as his heart starts racing touching her neck and inhaling her fragrance.

Sara quivers as his cold fingers gently graze the back of her neck. She turns her head and smiles brightly up at him as he fixes her collar, “Thank you, dinner was amazing.” And so are you. amazing…the most amazing man I have ever met.

They walk through the restaurant and the server that waited on them sees Sun Peizhi leaving and almost drops the tray he is carrying. In an emotional voice he says ‘Grazie..Grazie Signore Sun.” He felt like crying when he saw the exorbitant tip Sun Peizhi left him.

   Sun Peizhi nods and they leave the restaurant strolling to where Freddie is waiting in the front sitting in a black Bentley. Freddie gets out and opens the door for them. He lifts his bushy eyebrows wondering who the beautiful girl is with Sun Peizhi.

    “Take us to the  Medici Club.”

    “I thought you are going to the Lattario Hotel”

    “Change of plans.”

    Sara isn’t listening, she is leaning back on the seat thinking about what to say to Zhou Jason. I do not want to work for Li Tian if I have to deal with Long An. He wasn’t that bad on the plane but forcing me to go with Long An… that was wrong. I doubt he will send her back, if he had the ability to make that choice he wouldn’t have brought her with him to Milan. She has a sight smile, even someone like Li Tian has to take orders from someone, his grandfather must be fierce to control him.

   They arrive at the Medici Club, Sun Peizhi hands Freddie some cash and at the same time takes the information from his hand putting it into his pocket. He looks over Song Sara, is she asleep…then nudges her shoulder lightly, “Sara.. Sara.. we at the Medici Club.”

    She slowly opens her eyes, “Huh?”

   “We are at the Club where you are meeting your friend.”

    Sara quickly opens her blue eyes wide, “Oh thank you for everything.” She opens the car door stepping quickly onto the sidewalk by the Medici Club, it is one of the few Clubs she remembers from when she went to school in Italy. She has a nostalgic feeling as she pictures drinking and laughing with her friends.

The Club looks the same as I remember. She walks towards the door bypassing a group of men congregating smoking. She doesn’t notice that Sun Peizhi is beside her until he opens the door to the Club. Surprised, she stares at him, “Wha..What are you doing here?” Damn…he is like a silent Cheetah.

    “I thought I would have a drink with you until your friend gets here.” He gives the group of men a murderous look as they stare at Sara. Of all places to meet your friend this Club doesn’t seem safe for a young woman to come by herself. Does her friend frequent this type of Club often?

     Sara can feel her cheeks getting hot, I have no friend coming what am I going to do! Why didn’t I make up a better lie..wuhuuuu.. “No need. Liza should be here soon.”

    “You didn’t finish telling me about your blog.”

    “Not that interesting. haha..Won’t CEO LI be looking for you?”

     He decides to tease her,“Sara, are you trying to get rid of me?”

    “Of course not!” I could look at your perfect face and muscular body all night but this is going to be embarrassing when my lie is revealed.

    “We should find a seat.” The Club is crowded so Sun Peizhi says, “Do you mind if I hold your hand while we wind through this crowd? I don’t want to lose you.”

    Sara’s heart starts pounding as she holds out her small hand for him to take.

    He holds her hand as they move towards the back, “Will she call you when she gets here?”

   “En.” This is bad should I just tell him right now and get it over with..ahh.. no..Okay.. we could have one drink then I could say I am going to the bathroom, I will say she called and said meet her at her loft she is too tired to come out for a drink. Yes..PERFECT! Now that she has a plan Sara feels more relaxed.

    Sun Peizhi finds a small table towards the back and they sit down. He looks around through the crowd, “I don’t see a cocktail server, what would you like? I’ll go to the bar.”

    “ A gin and tonic with a lime Thanks..” I need a stiff drink to get over this nervousness. She gazes down at her hand he was holding and can still feel his warmth. I really like him but he doesn’t seem to be attracted to me. When I was showing him the photos on my phone we were so close but he didn’t have any reaction. 

    When he is at the bar a beautiful woman leans on him trying to get his attention. Sara can see the woman flirting with Sun Peizhi. He must have a line of girls that want to date him. Well I will settle for being friends with him. I love his calm personality and his dark brooding eyes are so sexy when he has a serious expression on his face. Sara giggles thinking about being close to him at the restaurant, He smells so damn good too.

   Sun Peizhi waits at the bar for the drinks glancing back at Sara. Comparing her clean and innocent appearance to the scantily dressed women surrounding him she seems out of place in this Club. I think I made the right decision coming with her to meet her friend although from the looks of the number of missed calls from Li Tian I have, he must be looking for Song Sara. Fuck him… I will worry about that pr**k after she  safely leaves this Club with her friend.


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