Milan Part 1

    As soon as the plane lands, Li Tian tells Sun Peizhi to take the luggage to the car, then he turns to Long An and Sara, “I have personal business to take of in the city right now. Sara, you need to find a gown to accompany me as my interpreter and Long An…” He furrows his brow as he stares at Long An with a meaningful look he points to  her three large suitcases, “I’m sure you have a gown in there somewhere but go with Song Sara, you know my aesthetic.”

     He holds up his black card, Sara backs away and won’t take it, “No CEO Li, I can purchase my own gown for the reception.” He smirks, I can’t have you wearing some cheap knock off which I know you will buy from the looks of what I have seen you wear.“This is the company card so don’t squawk I will write your gown off as work related. Then go to the Li Group’s Jewelry store on Vendici Blvd. and get the appropriate jewelry to match the gown.

    “…” Long An frowns at Li Tian then pouts, “Tian. I didn’t bring a gown.”

    “Well you don’t need to go to the reception, Sara can be both my interpreter and date.”

    Black lines form on Long An’s forehead, Bastard! you will buy your little fucking assistant a gown but not me? I don’t think so! She rummages in her brand new Hermes bag for her iphone.

  “Tiaaaan!  Do I need to call Grandpa Li!”

     Li Tian wants to take care of some unfinished business. I don’t have time for her childish temper tantrum! . Fucking shit! Am I going to have to hear her screech all week! He grabs the phone from her hand, “Long An don’t think I won’t call off the engagement if you continue to bother me! Grandpa will understand I can’t have such a willful and unruly woman!”

     Long An fires back in a high pitched voice,“I am not being unruly! What do you think he would say if he knew you bullied me! I’m your fiancee! I should accompany you to the Bellini’s reception. I can be of help to you. I went to school with Angela Bellini in England.”

    “Do you speak Italian?”

    “Well no..but..what will people think if you bring her,” She raises her eyebrow disdainfully while glaring at Sara standing next to Li Tian,  “As your date when your beautiful fiancee is in Milan.”

    Sara wants to slip away, Wuwuuu I don’t want to go shopping with this haughty woman, let alone go to some boring reception. She tries to dissuade him from making her go, “CEO Li, most Italians when doing business speak English you are fluent, you don’t need me to accompany you.”

     Are you trying to escape from me little kitten? Isn’t happening..“You work for me, it isn’t up for discussion. If I say you are going you are going! As for you Long An..I’m only going to say this once more.  You can go to the Bellini Family reception but If you keep nagging me you are fucking on the next plane back to Catang City! Take my assistant to find a gown, if I am satisfied you can pick out any piece of jewelry you like from LTG’s latest collection. Happy?” He knows Long An’s penchant for expensive jewelry, dangling that carrot that should keep the annoying shopoholic in line.

    Long An’s brown eyes shine with a greedy light, “Fine.” She narrows her eyes shooting daggers at Sara, “I have the last word on the gown you pick.” Yess! I want the most expensive necklace in the collection to wear to the reception tomorrow night showing everyone I am Li Tian’s beloved fiancee.

   Li Tian walks to the black Rolls Royce waiting for him. He didn’t want Sun Peizhi guarding Song Sara but he is the best bodyguard he has and Viktor might target Long An because their upcoming {never gonna happen} marriage has been announced  “Peizhi, you, Giorgio and Nino protect these two idiots, I don’t know if Viktor would have the balls to fuck with me again but I don’t want to take a chance.”

    Sun Peizhi has a complicated look on his face, I was going to meet with my goddam informant now I have to babysit your fiancee and your girlfriend? This is fucked up! Really fucking fucking.. I am so goddam pissed right now! I had to sit next to that bimbo Long An the whole trip while she was said I could have a few hours off now you fucked me over big time. You motherf****ng asshole!  He politely replies,“Sure Boss.”

    Suppressing his anger Sun Pezhi walks over to another Rolls Royce and leans in the window while talking to the driver Giorgio when he is finished he says, “Ladies, where did you want to go first.”

    They both answer at the same time,

    Sara,“To the Hotel.” 

    Long An, “To the Chanel Show.”

    Sara sighs of course she wants to go straight to spending money. She calms her frazzled nerves  knowing she needs to placate Long An or the rest of the day will be hell, “Miss Long, don’t you want to go freshen up and change first? What if there is paparazzi?”

    Long An looks at her watch as she whines, “But..but.. we will miss the Chanel Show.”

   “Isn’t there another designer whose show is a little later you like?”

    Long An bites her lip while she thinks for a minute, the eyesore has a point. She doesn’t want to act as though she is giving in to what Sara wants, but.. Paparazzi? She looks at her wrinkled dress, ‘Oh when you fell into me on the plane after you gorged yourself, you got some food on my dress..Eww.. I do need to go change thanks to you!”

   Sara rolls her eyes when Long An is holding up her skirt, there is nothing on her dress. What a damn drama queen she is worse than Jiang Wenli!

    Sun Peizhi glances at Sara, she doesn’t seem fazed by the crazy woman. How can she.. Well nevermind..

     He opens the back door of the luxurious car and Long An gets into the car. He then walks around to open the other door for Song Sara. She smiles sweetly at him, “Thank you Mr. Sun.” The only bright spot of this situation is he will be coming with us. Maybe I can take this chance to get to know my male god better.

Sun Peizhi waves to Nino to follow in the third Rolls Royce then gets into the front passenger seat. I wish Song Sara wouldn’t smile at me like that. Every time she does I get a strange feeling in my heart. I don’t need the distraction, why the fuck did I get this assignment! When we get to the hotel I need to find a way to discreetly contact Freddie.

     Li Tian leans back in his seat of the spacious Rolls Royce, why is it so fucking hot here, “Turn up the air conditioning.” He calls Tang Shen, “Have you located that pr**k Viktor?”

   “He is in his Suite, my source told me the old bastard has food poisoning.  Nikolai had an argument with the old man then stormed out of Viktor’s suite. He was seen getting into a black Lamborghini and taking off like he was in a rush to be somewhere. My man wasn’t able to follow him  apparently the crazy asshole was aware he had someone tailing him and lost Lou as he left the city.”

    “Well that fucks up my plans.”  I would rather deal with Viktor than his son Nikolai. He looks at his computer, “From the video I got from Su Ryan’s man Viktor definitely received the flash drive when he first arrived in Milan. The footage is not the best but I was able to distinguish one man is Viktor Naralov and the other man had a similar build to the man who created the computer virus. Do you think Viktor gave it to that crazy son of his,Nikolai?”

    “Who is to say, it is all Viktor has to maintain his position as the head of the Naralov Family. They lost over a billion when their low income housing high rise in Kazan collapsed killing all those people last year. If Rushkov hadn’t bailed them out with a huge loan they wouldn’t have been able to survive. That whole situation combined with the arms deal that literally blew up in their face and Nikolai being arrested at the exchange point, well… their position in the Underworld is laughable.”

  “Nikolai, since he has only been out of that Bosnian prison for a week I doubt he has enough manpower in place to usurp his father’s power. There are the three brothers to contend with also, Tito, Maxim and fuck I forget the name of the short bald brother.”


“Yeah, anyway they found the man who created the computer virus dead yesterday in a hotel room on Da Vinci St. A single bullet to the head, execution style. That poor idiot must have been hiding until he could get out of the country. There is no trace of his payment, most likely it will sit unclaimed in a bank in the Cayman Islands.” 

“Dead? Why is this the first I am hearing of this.”

“I just found out about his death about an hour ago.”

“So the man who created the computer virus is dead leaving the flash drive as the only way to access the information…Hmm..interesting.” No wonder Viktor feels confident he can recoup his losses and restructure his organization. I doubt he would give up that opportunity even to his only son. “Okay I am on my way to meet with Kang Mingshun he just flew into Milan, he was trying to retrieve what he could from the man’s home and the accounting firm in Dreshkirk where he worked as a manager, but I doubt he will have any answers.”

Once he hangs up he rubs his chin deep in thought, a program that siphons money out of banks across the globe encrypted in such a way it is undetectable. Hard to believe an analyst at a small firm in a shithole like Dreshkirk could come up with such an outrageous  scheme. But according to my sources he showed Viktor a list of banks and invisible transactions to convince him to buy the program.

Why wouldn’t the guy keep it for himself he would be a billionaire over the course of a year. Why would he go to Viktor Naralov with the program? There are many more organizations in the Underworld that are more stable and with more money to pay him. Also why would Viktor auction the program off for a lump sum when he would never have to worry about money again. If you look at the situation none of it makes sense. Genius though organizing a silent auction where no one will know who will walk away with the flash drive.

While Li Tian is trying to wrap his head around the situation, Sun Peizhi has escorted Long An and Song Sara to their rooms at the exclusive Grand Lattario Hotel. 

Long An scowls thinking about having to take Sara to buy a gown, “Be ready to go in an hour. I hope you have a suitable dress to wear. I will say you are my assistant if anyone asks.”

Sara smiles, “Whatever you want. Should I come back to your room then or do you want to meet downstairs?”

“Come to my room of course.” Why would I meet my assistant downstairs? She isn’t very bright. I hope she doesn’t look a complete mess after she changes. She studies her bright red nails, I should have got a more neutral color..or I can find someone to do my nails here I guess.

“Alright.” Sara looks at her watch, “I will be back in one hour.”

Sun Peizhi instructs Giorgio and Nino to stay outside Long An’s door and walks with Sara down to her room. He glances back at the two men, the less time I have to be around that annoying woman the better! When they get to Sara’s room she slides the room card they got at the front desk when they arrived. “Mr. Sun you don’t have to stand outside the door. Why don’t you come in.”

“Thank you but I will guard the door outside.”

Sara laughs her blue eyes shining and showing her dimples, “Honestly do you think between CEO Li’s fiancee and his assistant they would bother kidnapping me?” Sara stares at the complicated expression on his ruggedly handsome face and thinks he looks cute. “I would feel more comfortable if you would come in and sit down. How is your injury?”

Does she think it is a secret she is his girlfriend? Maybe that is why she always calls him CEO Li in public. Obviously his dimwitted fiancee doesn’t know. Actually I could go out on the balcony and call Lucas while she is taking a bath, his face turns red thinking about Sara getting into the bath. He shakes his head trying to get the image out of his mind. “ I guess it would be alright.”

Sara has a faint smile as they walk into the room, yess! He is so damn cute! I could stare at him all day..makes having to come here with the stupid tyrant and his miserable fiancee bearable. “I think it will be a few minutes before the man arrives with my luggage. do you want something to drink?” She opens the mini bar, “Water, juice.. Orange…apple…crabberry..or I could make tea.”

Sun Peizhi can’t help but chuckle while listening to her name every drink in the small refrigerator. “I’m good.”

“You should hydrate, it is unseasonably warm”, She hands him a bottle of water anyway then sits on the couch. Once she sits down she suddenly feels shy..what should we talk about. Stealing a look at his strong profile and muscular body Sara thinks there is something very comforting about being near him.

Sun Peizhi can smell the fresh sweet scent of lilies floating over to him from Sara and impulsively says, “You shouldn’t let Long An bully you.”

“Ha..ha..” Sara starts to open her bottle of water and Sun Peizhi takes it from her when he sees she is having trouble with the cap, once he opens it he hands it back to Sara. She takes a sip, “Ahh..don’t worry I don’t mind her attitude. I know many women like her, entitled..full of themselves like the world revolves around them. Honestly, I feel sorry for Long An, being engaged to a cold and arrogant like Li Tian…he doesn’t treat her with respect and obviously doesn’t like her.”

Sara makes herself comfortable kicking off her high heels and tucking one leg under her on the couch. She looks out the window at the view sighing, “Money can buy you ‘things’ a Hermes Limited Edition bag, a hotel with a nice view but as the cliche goes, it won’t buy you  love and happiness.”

  He gazes at Sara’s face, then what about you.. Why are you with him? Do you actually love that pr**k? Sun Peizhi is about to ask her what she sees in Li Tian when there is a knock at the door, Sara stands up, “That must be my luggage.”

    A man in a hotel uniform wheels in Sara’s luggage she reaches in her bag to tip him and frowns, she has no money, she looks over at Sun Peizhi. Without Sara having to ask he reaches in his pocket and pulls out a Gucci wallet then hands the man some US dollars. The man smiles at the large tip and leaves. Sara quickly says, “Thank you! I have no money in my purse, I will pay you back when CEO Li pays me.”

   “Don’t worry about it. Why do you always call Li Tian, CEO Li?”

She drinks down her water, so thirsty.“Well he asked me to call him Tian but I am not comfortable with being so informal. Zhou Mo gave me to him so I should be respectful. I better not keep Long An waiting.” Barefoot, Sara wheels her suitcase back to the bedroom, she turns around flashing her perfect white teeth as she smiles brightly mesmerizing him with her stunning beauty, “Why don’t you rest on the couch until we need to leave.”

“…” That old bastard Zhou Mo gave Song Sara to Li Tian? What the fuck! Does she owe him money… if so I will pay her debt. 

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