Nikolai leans against the wall of the hotel and makes a call to Wang Corporation’s CEO. Within minutes the plane LiMei is aboard takes a detour unbenownst to Logan. When Nikolai hangs up he has a satisfied smile on his handsome face as he looks at his watch. If I leave now I can meet the plane when it lands in Bergamo.  He walks over to his black Lamborghini, as he opens the door, a pretty woman in a bright red dress calls to him in Italian, “Handsome take me for a ride.”

    He laughs and gets into the driver seat. As he screeches out of his parking spot the woman is splashed with dirty water from the street as his tires spin. Looking in the rear view mirror he chuckles at the woman’s appearance drenched in water, she is yelling obscenities at the car as he drives away. Once he weaves through the heavy traffic on the congested street past the hotel he lights a cigarette and turns up the music. Ahh I missed this..

     Leng Shuai stares at his phone as he walks into the Galleria Restaurant to meet Henri Armand. Why haven’t they located that bastard Kuang Fu yet? The plane should arrive in a few hours. Do I need to take Feng LiMei back by force? I rather negotiate and avoid a confrontation where she could be injured.  

     A beautiful tall woman wearing a tight green dress approaches him. Smiling brightly when she sees his tailored designer clothes and expensive watch she flirtatiously leans into him holding a menu, “Do you have a reservation Sir?”  Fashion week has brought so many rich and handsome men to the City

   He looks at the woman, his handsome face darkening at how close she is standing next to him. He steps back, “I’m meeting Henri Armand, he should be here already.” 

   Disappointed this extraordinarily handsome man is meeting Henri Armand she politely says,“I will take you to his private room” Dammit, he must be Henri’s new gay lover.

  Henri Armand is on the phone when Leng Shuai enters the room. He motions for him to have a seat. Leng Shuai looks around the luxurious room, it is too overdone for his taste. The room is decorated with red velvet couches and gold ornate sculptures and a crystal chandelier hangs over the dining table. He picks up the bottle of wine on the table looking at the label, it is from that bastard Li Tian’s vineyard, probably tastes like expensive vinegar. 

     He calls over the waiter who is standing inconspicuously by the door, “I want a glass of whiskey, Macallan 64.”

    Speaking English with a hint of an Italian accent the waiter says, “I apologize we don’t carry that brand would Damore 64 Trintas be acceptable?”

  “Yes, it will do.”

     Henri Armand finishes the call and pours a glass of Li Tian’s vineyard’s red wine, “Don’t you like French wine?”

    “I would never drink a wine produced by a vineyard owned by Li Group, I refuse to put money in that arrogant bastard’s pocket even if it is ten yuan.” He picks up the bottle and says, “And this shit probably costs $20,000 USD a bottle.”

   Henri Armand has an amused expression, “I didn’t realize you two are at odds and close on the price that bottle cost 25,000 USD. He smirks, “ I heard you own the land Zhou Mo and Li Tian need for the Mega Mall project.”

    Leng Shuai knows Henri is fishing for information and won’t take the bait. “I’m not here to discuss my relationship with the Li Group. What did you have in mind in the way of partnership, what is the project.”

    “Well, I think my proposal will peak your interest. I want to get out of the fashion business. Since you are in the Entertainment Industry I thought you might be interested in purchasing my company. You own textile plants, it would be a natural fit to own a clothing company.”

    The waiter returns with Leng Shuai’s glass of whiskey. He takes a gulp, “I would have to study the numbers and put it before the LE Board at the next meeting. I am not adverse to the idea but I could showcase the young talent in LE. I see Kang Jin from Hushang is the face of your new Sportswear Collection.” He lights a cigarette, “But.. I am curious why you would want to sell such a high profile and profitable business. 

     Unless there is something I am unaware of within your company. Henri Couture, Chloe Designs not to mention your new Sportswear division had a high profit margin last quarter.”

   “Personal reasons, I’m tired of my high profile life.” I am sick of wearing this damn face mask! I want to liquidate my high profile companies and concentrate on lesser known projects under a new identity..with my own damn face. Then marry Qin Daiyu.

    Leng Shuai’s phone rings and the caller is Su Ryan, he glances over at Henri Armand, “I need to take this call outside.”

    Henri Armand nods and Leng Shuai steps outside the room, once outside he says “Well where the fuck is Kuang Fu?”

     “Boss, I can’t fucking locate him. The man in the hotel suite is not Kuang Fu, he is his double, the man is wearing a goddamn  face mask. The only reason I could find that out is because Tang Shen bribed the maid and she happened to see him getting out of the shower without the mask on his face.”

     Leng Shuai tenses up thinking of LiMei getting caught in the middle of a gun battle. “Goddammit! Where is the fucking asshole. We don’t have a lot of time before the plane arrives.”

   Kuang Bo has excellent martial skills and is standing by the door listening to Leng Shuai’s conversation. What does he want with my brother, did Fu piss him off too? Or is it the mysterious package that is on the Wang Corporation plane flying into Milan. Fu was really tight lipped about the contents of the package. Hmmm… Maybe I can use Leng Shuai to set up Fu, his Ghost Blade Syndicate is much more powerful than the Black Sky, but first I need to find out why he is looking for Fu.”

     Henri Armand walks back to the couch and sits crossing his legs staring at the doorway.  Pouring another glass of wine he wonders how to bring up the subject.

    Maybe I can subtly bring Kuang Bo into the conversation..he swirls around the wine in his glass keeping an eye on the door.

    Nikolai speeds down the highway headed for Bergamo, I haven’t killed anyone in awhile this should be fun. He reaches in a compartment under the glovebox and pulls out a new high tech  gun with a silencer. He fondles the gun as he drives, once the woman is in my possession I will be able to manipulate Leng Shuai to back off the Naralov Family and that useless old man of mine. That will buy me time until I figure out the best use of the flash drive. The Bellini Family reception is the perfect place to make some deals to strengthen my position.

    Women..behind the downfall of every fucking powerful man is some bitch. Either she betrays him  or she is so precious to him he can’t let anything happen to his treasure..Hahaha. And he starts thinking with his d**k  instead of his brains…what a fucking joke! He swerves as he goes around a curve in the road the rain pelts his windshield and thunder sounds above, I should see the airport soon.If the pilot follows his instructions I should have the little ‘package’ in my hands soon.

      He drives through the storm for 10 km more and sees the blurry lights of the airport ahead through the driving rain. It is a Wang Corporation plane so I should be able to spot it easily when it lands.  Once he gets to the entrance of the private airport he turns off the lights of his car and checks out the surrounding area. 

     He surveys the area, there are two planes on the ground and one hanger is open but is dark,  in this weather and at this time of night there shouldn’t be any employees around, I don’t want to kill any innocent bystanders that would get messy. The pilot better be able to land under these conditions or I could lose my bargaining chip.

     He leisurely sits in his car leaning his seat back so he can stretch his long legs. Lighting a cigarette he blows a smoke ring, fuck it feels good to breathe fresh air. He is enjoying watching the lightning streak across the black sky. It is good..this weather should distract them when they are getting off the plane, visibility is low and the rain will present a problem for them.

    Logan wakes up and feels the plane descending, are we in Milan? I thought it would take another hour. He glances over to see LiMei is still unconscious and the little gangster and Huang Chen are bickering about something. He gets out of his seat and walks to the cockpit to ask the pilot. When he enters he says, “Are we approaching Milan?”

   “Yes. Didn’t you hear me say to buckle your seatbelts for landing.”

   “I was sleeping and I just woke up.”

     “You should get back to your seat. It will be bumpy on the way down, there are still some scattered thunderstorms in the area.” I don’t want to land at this airport, it is between two mountains and the wind on a good day is turbulent but in the midst of a thunderstorm it will be treacherous. But what can I do? I need to follow fucking orders.

     Logan hears the loud sound of thunder and buckles up while his hands shaking, I hope that pilot knows what he is doing. I can see why the little bitch is sleeping but how the hell are those two morons still asleep.

    The pilot makes the adjustments he needs, he already contacted the control tower telling them he has issues with the engine and needs clearance to make an emergency landing there. He starts taking the plane down and he sees the hazy lights on the runway. Once he is near enough he lowers the landing gear. 

     Nikolai sees the plane approaching the runway and gets out of the car pullling his collar up. His messy ink black hair from the wind and rain coupled with his narrowed eyes red with bloodlust give him an unworldly appearance as he slowly walks towards the plane.Nothing is going to stop me from taking over the Naralov Family.

   The pilot’s instructions are to stay in the cockpit when the passengers get off the plane. Not to interfere with the person outside or he will die along with the men.  He shivers even the Boss sounded terrified when he mentioned the man. After five minutes he is to put the dead men on the plane and set the plane on fire then return to Berlin and forget about the incident.

    Logan nudges Huang Chen, “Wake up don’t make the Boss wait.”

       Huang Chen opens his eyes, “We are in Milan already?”

    “Yeah get up and get that little punk to drag the girl out. How much of that shit did he put on that cloth. She looks half dead.”

    “Well, we couldn’t have her wake up and cause trouble could we?”

     “Whatever let’s go. You know the Boss’ temper.”

    Huang Chen shakes the little gangster who has drool mixed with chewed up peanuts on his chin.” Get up. Wipe off your fucking mouth that is disgusting. Get the girl we are in Milan.’

    “ Why me? I can’t carry her… remember my back.”

    “Unless you want me to kick the shit out of you pick her up and follow me.”

    Nikolai stands in the dark dressed in black his tall slender body blending in with the night. He patiently waits until Huang Chen and Logan walk down the stairs, they are looking around for Kuang Fu’s cars, expecting him and a few bodyguards. Huang Chen turns to Logan, “Where the fu…”.before he finishes the word a bullet hits him in the temple and he tumbles down the last step of the ladder. Before Logan can react and pull out his gun another bullet whizzes through the air hitting him in the middle of his forehead. His bloodshot eyes still wide open he falls on top of Huang Chen who is sprawled on the wet ground with blood forming a puddle by his head.

    The little gangster didn’t hear the shots because Nikolai is using a silencer on his gun. He comes through the door dragging LiMei with his head down holding her up by her thin arms Breathing heavily he bitches, “Fucking Chen! Help me I can’t..”He looks up at Nikolai who has taken two long strides up the ladder and is looking down at him with a sinister smile, “Sorry.. he can’t help you.” He shoots the little gangster in the head and grabs LiMei from him. Holding her petite body to his chest with a cruel expression making him look like the God of Death he swiftly kicks the little gangster’s scrawny body off the top of the ladder.

  Nikolai leaps down the last two steps and walks to his car cradling LiMei in his arms,  pulling her into his warm  chest under his  black jacket. I can’t have you get sick little girl. 

    Carefully placing LiMei in his black Lamborghini he takes a blanket from behind his seat and tucks her thin body under it then brushes her wet hair off of her face. Little girl you don’t look like a member  of the Black Sky or  old enough to be Leng Shuai’s girlfriend.  You look more like a High School girl…or a drowned kitten. haha..  He has a faint smile on his handsome face looking at LiMei’s disheveled appearance,then he leans on the hood of the car watching from a distance as the pilot drags the bodies into the plane. The rain has stopped and he lights a cigarette as he waits, when he sees the plane engulfed in flames he gets into the driver seat. As he pulls away the sounds of the explosion can be heard...good..very good.

    Now to see how to best use you little kitten to achieve my goal.

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